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A Piece of Art Pt. 04

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WARNING: This chapter includes the following “kinks”: futa x female, female muscle, FMG, growth, dick growth, expansion, size difference, muscle worship, mini-gts, height growth, hyper sizes, mind control, cum inflation, cock weightlifting, sexual workouts


Varvara’s heart was pounding in her chest when she sunk into Christina’s ocean of soft titflesh and rock-solid muscle. It was almost a life-changing experience in its own right just to see the redhead transform into this hulking amazon, but even more surreal to feel this perfect body with her own hands.

The blonde moaned when Christina lifted her a few inches higher for a quick rep, her arms bulging as she lifted the 230-pound bodybuilder with barely any effort.

“You look smaller from here, Varya. Maybe I should dial it down a notch? Always could shrink smaller if you insist,” the futa smirked.

Her green eyes pierced her trembling lover and she knew the answer long before Varvara worded her disapproval.

“I am just kidding,” Christina said and leaned in for a kiss.

Varvara was never a big fan of kissing, especially during one-night-stands. She reserved such romantic sentiments for actual partners, not just short flings to pass some time. This time it felt way different. Seeing Christina’s red lips going straight for hers in such a caring way was making her heart race with raging anticipation – a sensation she didn’t experience for quite some time.

Being just near the supernatural futa transcended arousal, it made the blonde bodybuilder feel sheltered, all her senses stimulated at once and even feel oddly like back home. Her doubts occasionally flared up just like when her mind had to process what Christina was able to do, but now the last layer of common sense holding her back shattered – Christina’s spell finally took fully hold of her.

The approximately 8ft amazon found no resistance when pushing herself into Varvara. She seemed to melt within Christina’s soft but determined touch and by following the redhead’s strong lead revealed that deep down she always wanted to feel submissive to someone who could match and eventually surpass her own physical prowess. She might have stood over 6ft herself, but it felt like she was nothing more than a child to the hulking futa wrapping her bulging arms around Varvara’s own powerful muscles – and she enjoyed it more than she could have even imagined.

The softness of Christina’s gargantuan boobs laying on top of her own bosom and pecs satisfied her desire for big curves, while everything else on Christina fuelled the blonde’s obsession with solid muscle. Her “clients” biceps and triceps felt harder than anything she ever felt when cherishing her own or anybody else’s muscles and seemed to rival solid metal at the very least.

Still, feeling and almost more impressively hearing the thunderous throbs of the futa’s monster of a cock made her almost re-evaluate on what’s the hardest part of Christina’s body was. Varvara rubbed her strong thighs around the constantly pulsating meatpole and flexed as hard she could to enjoy the most unlikely sensation she had ever heard of.

3 feet of cock trembled between her thighs, but even her biggest efforts couldn’t even challenge its marvellously rock-hard rigidity at all. Quite the opposite was the case even. As soon as Varvara thought that Christina’s cock had reached its ultimate and most outrageous size it started to thicken noticeably with its audible throbs getting louder and more arousing as well.

“Mmmmhhh…” Christina moaned appreciatively while toying with Varya’s tongue.

Her muffled voice was soon followed by the sound of skin stretching and muscles expanding as more of her body started to engulf and outgrow its drooling lover.

8 feet quickly turned into 9 feet and it almost seemed like this short burst was nothing more than a quick tease on what the right stimulation could do to the overgrown futa.

“Mmore… grow more…,” Varvara gasped as soon as she managed to get at least half an inch between her and Christina’s lips.

The futa purred, her lips teasingly lingering one last time on Varvara’s before putting a final smooch onto them.

“That’s entirely up to you, Varya,” Christina smirked.

She put her lover’s hands onto her bulging frame and grinned seductively when her tool throbbed loudly once more.

“How can I make you even bigger?”

“By doing things that gets you all wet and randy of course,” Christina chuckled.

“Even more… I doubt I can get even more horny,” Varvara muttered.

Christina’s grin widened even further and she leaned forward to whisper into the blonde’s ear.

“You wouldn’t even believe how much further we could take this,” she said huskily.

Varvara was left speechless for a moment, but couldn’t come up with anything to make her desperate wish become a blissful reality. Seeing the confusion in the Russian’s gaze, Christina leaned forward, her eyes fiery and her tongue canlı bahis sharp as she pushed the right metaphorical buttons to amp Varvara’s determination up by some notches.

“Just for the records: The last girl I was with, made me grow much, much more… and she was maybe half as big as you. So, it should be quite possible for someone of your… strong… will,” Christina mused.

Varvara’s mood instantly changed and she looked up to Christina with a gaze that could only be described as “provoked”. Someone like her didn’t settle for coming second, or being almost the best. She always expected herself to be the number one in anything she actively pursued and wanted to excel in. And she wanted nothing more in this moment, than to be the best fuck Christina ever had – and make her grow the biggest she had ever been.

“Who is she?” Varvara sternly asked.

“Grace. A cute little thing, an artist. She might have been the best lay I had in quite some time,” Christina grinned, triggering the competitive woman’s ego even further.

“How does it come, that you were just barely bigger than me, when she did such a good job?” she asked in a mocking tone.

“Sadly, this is just temporary …yet. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make most of it, don’t ya think?” Christina teased.

“So… you are telling me that she did better than me?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘better’, but she for sure knew how to … completely… let loose and enjoy it as much as possible,” Christina said with her characteristically angelic voice, but her words triggered the Russian unlike anything she ever heard.

“Fine… but could your ‘oh so amazing Grace’ also do this?!” Varya hissed and started to get on her knees.

Someone as gifted as her in the boob department was actually able to offer that throbbing piece of A-grade girlmeat the soft cushion it rightfully deserved.

Still, the Russian had to tightly push Christina’s dick all the way onto her sternum to make her seemingly dwindling ocean of titflesh wrap all the way around.

Varvara grinned triumphantly as the angrily pulsating veins started to push into her tits and vibrate within their tight embrace.

“Mmmh… she was not…” Christina cheekily grinned.

Inspired by this small “victory” Varvara started to move her rack up and down with the behemoth sending vibrations throughout her whole body. It almost seemed like Christina was also trying to massage her in a way only she could – by using just her dick.

“It’s been a long time since someone was able to do that, I gotta admit,” the futa gasped and gently thrusted her hips into her coach.

Christina slowly started to revel in that delicate sensation and Varvara, feeling at least as intrigued as the futa, was staring in awe at the virile monster emerging from between her tits.

Its shape, already inhumanly, obscenely meaty and mouth-watering was kickstarting Varvara’s size queen tendencies and she wondered what how it would feel to have it grow within her hefty bosom.

She grinned devilishly and leaned forward, her tongue prodding the eager vein pulsating right before her eyes and feeling her nostrils fill with its godlike scent.

The duo moaned in tandem when her lips made contact and the blonde started to feel another twitch from her now constantly leaking pussy.

“Looks like you were not wrong,” Varvara mused as even more arousal spiked within her.

“Told… mmmh… ya…” Christina said in a wavering voice as concluded with a throaty moan.

Her gargantuan tool throbbed as she widened her stance and the sound of her bloating testes started to rival the pounding war drum that was her dick.

The futa’s balls started to swell just outside Varvara’s sight, which was obstructed by her cock demanding every inch of it.

“How about that for a start! Now… fuck my tits!” Varya demanded and just barely managed not to beg for it.

“I like that attitude, Varya! Here… mmmh… we … go… ohhhh!”

The blonde was by no means a stranger to titfucks, as a matter of fact it was something she always enjoyed as the messy, blissful crescendo – seeing her lovers struggle to fight the desperate need to cum because of her gorgeous tits. Usually her biggest concern was that she would make them cum too early and missing out on their desperate fight to keep the surely divine sensation ongoing. Not this time though.

Christina more looked like she was only picking up steam and her cock determined to break Varya’s soft, plump seal around it at any moment. The bodybuilder moaned but kept on pushing her tits together to tame the beast throbbing with all its might. It was a strange sight to see her prodigious rack find its match by the futa’s overgrown tool and it was just getting rowdier with every slow thrust.

“Grow… make it grow… I want to feel it!” Varya muttered and started to lick feverishly again.

“Fuck… soo good”, Christina moaned above her.

3 feet of girlmeat looked willing to fulfil her wish bahis siteleri sooner rather than later. To Varvara’s absolute delight the rhythmic pulsations started to speed up and the veins thickened noticeably to fuel the surreal expansion.

The Russian drooled in orgasmic bliss when her struggle to keep Christina’s growing cock between her boobs quickly became increasingly futile. It swelled meatier and even more ravenous for many more inches of liberating girth to shatter its current record.

“Bigger! Yesss… Sooo big! Fuck!” Christina shouted and her thrusting turned frantic while Varvara just barely managed to keep her tits somewhat wrapped around the rising pole.

Christina’s desperate moans and shouts were music to Varvara’s ears and only turned her on even more, which turned out to be just another seemingly impossible milestone to break through.

A metaphor which felt fitting to the redhead’s body’s sudden development overall. Varvara moaned, her pussy trembling in constant orgasmic joy as one of her most alluringly well-endowed features started to look increasingly puny to the futa’s proudest possession.

“??, Christina! Don’t stop!” she demanded, unable to keep her fingers and tits around the growing member.

Once her attempt of holding on to the most glorious of titjobs started to look like nothing more than a comical act of misplaced defiance she put her eager hands to good use once more.

The brawny blonde caressed Christina’s swelling balls with one hand, fondling their sheer size and remarkable weight while she assaulted her clit with animalistic ferocity. It all started to resemble and sound like a fever dream to her: The heat rising within her, her blurry vision, Christina’s voice echoing through her gym and barely able to eclipse the sound of muscles and flesh stretching and bulging.

It was the perfect cocktail of orgasmic delight and willingness to somehow enhance it even further.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Varvara slurred in anger as she was about to come again and almost collapsed to the floor out of exhaustion.

She would never accept defeat like that. Passing out “just” because of how Christina made her touch herself and not even mounting that monstrous, throbbing beast proudly presented to her – unthinkable!

Still, her body couldn’t keep on going like she urged it to and she fell on her back while her feet trembled with her hand still buried between her drenched thighs. Varvara breathed heavily, much more than with the workout she would have gone through wouldn’t it have been for Christina deciding she needed some intense fun.

“You still holding on there?” Christina asked, equally out of breath as the blonde.

“Yeah… I think… I am fine… just need a quick break…”

“Same here. That was … not too bad. I like the results,” the futa mused and walked towards the wall of mirrors once more.

The giant redhead stood at eyelevel with the highest of Varvara’s gym machinery and even all the additional weight loaded onto them looked barely suited for someone of Christina’s mighty frame.

She took her time adoring her newly grown muscles, which were somehow added onto the already inhuman and still perfectly symmetrical and proportional brawn.

At over 10ft of height Varvara would have thought that at least some parts of her “client’s” body couldn’t possibly keep up with her insane height gain, but it turned out that the futa was not only growing taller, but proportionally more endowed.

Her hefty dick lazily swayed between her legs and far exceeded her kneecap, while her boobs did the impossible and eclipsed the medicine ball sized set of biceps peaking above her hulking shoulders. Nothing about Christina looked like it was not supposed to grace the supernatural, no, godlike, body the way it did.

“You… have gotten pretty big,” Varvara grinned from the drenched floor.

“In the best way possible. This is exciting. Having such strength, feels… mmh… nice,” Christina groaned and flexed once more and her back soared with growing muscle.

“Glad… I could help…”

“Well… to be totally honest. It was not exclusively your desire that made me grow this big.”

“How’s that?” Varvara muttered slightly angrily.

Christina looked at the blonde’s reflection and smiled before pointing towards the bathrooms.

She might have felt exhausted beyond anything she felt in a long time, but Varvara turned around, hastily unlike someone who almost blacked out a few moments ago. Just to be met with a sight she was not expecting, or to be more precise, a possibility she completely forgot about.

Kathy was sitting in the doorframe, both her hands buried into her gushing pussy and fixated on Christina grinning at her via the mirrors.

“Kathy? How … for how long…” Varvara muttered.

Kathy kept on staring at the overgrown futa and ignored her coaches’ words like she didn’t exist.

“She watched for quite some time. We got a little voyeur here,” bahis şirketleri Christina chuckled.

Varvara was getting up, but her legs felt shaky, still not enough to prevent her from attempting to go over to her client and urging her to leave her and Christina alone. No one would take this moment with the growing futa from her, she would make sure of that.

“No need to get rough, Varya. She won’t take part in our little session here if you don’t want to,” the redhead calmly said and turned around to face Varvara.

“What do you mean with that?”

“All it takes is for you to say that you want me all to yourself. That’s pretty much it,” the futa grinned.

“Yes… Just you and me and no one else!” Varvara demanded.

“So be it,” Christina winked and with a last fleeting gaze on Kathy mindlessly masturbating she lazily clapped her hands.

This time her magic showed immediate effect and when Varvara turned around to look at Kathy, she saw her behaving like she was in trance. She got up, her sex still twitching between her legs and a steady stream of her juices streaming down her thighs, but instead of giving into her obvious arousal she turned around, grabbed her pair of pants and slipped into them.

“Kathy?” Varvara insecurely asked at the strange change in behaviour.

Again, nothing came as a reply and the brunette girl continued to grab her gym bag and with a growing stain on her pants proceeded to walk towards the exit and didn’t even attempt to address either Varvara or Christina.

“What the hell was that?”, the stunned bodybuilder asked when Kathy left without any reaction at all.

“I made her leave. She won’t remember anything that happened, don’t ya worry,” Christina said.

“You can do that?”

“Is that really the most unlikely thing you have seen today?” the futa chirped and her grin widened again. “I am able to do a lot of things. And much, much more if you come back here and finish what you’ve started.”

“Like making your growth permanent?” Varvara asked as she walked up to the towering redhead.

“You’d need to do a REALLY good job then. No one ever managed to achieve that just on their own.”

“Then… I’ll be the first!” Varvara said with pure determination.

Her fingers immediately caressed the easily 50-inch member throbbing on eyelevel and smirked devilishly when she noticed how it immediately was leaking pre-cum.

“Maybe you will. I certainly wouldn’t mind,” Christina mused and almost motherly stroke Varya’s blonde ponytail.

Just taking in the scent and the heat radiating from the mighty fuckpole was intoxicating, but the Russian was well aware, that neither of them would be satisfied by her just adoring it. Her eyes travelled around the brawny body of her so called “client” who patiently awaited her next move. It needed to be something spectacular after all that boasting.

Varvara smirked when her sex-craving mind managed to come up with something surely no one else ever offered to the futa. A fantasy so unbelievably impossible and amazing that it must have come from the darkest depths of her perverted mind.

“Can you pick up a barbell, wide enough for your torso at least?”

“I would argue that I have outgrown them by now, don’t ya think?” Christina asked with a perked eyebrow.

“Just do it. Trust me… there is one more workout I got for you,” Varvara mused and looked in awe at Christina effortlessly lifting up 500 pounds worth of weights.

“See. Not much of a challenge anymore,” she said in a somewhat confused undertone.

“Not for your arms. But for your dick,” the blonde smirked.

The futa stared at her smaller “coach” and considered the offer for a few moments, before grinning in silent agreement. She widened her stance, pushed her hips forward and her cock rose above Varvara’s head.

The cold steel of the barbell prodded her veins and she already gasped with increasing approval. Then she slowly started to rest more of the bar on her member and felt the iron push into the throbbing beast.

“MMmmh… that… is indeed… quite nice. Ohh my…” Christina muttered when she felt the iron getting pulled deeper into her hulking mast.

Varvara as well joined the fun and added her own considerable weight to the cock workout session.

“I thought so. Now… fucking lift that weight and grow! After that you might be allowed to fuck your coach into oblivion! One!” the bodybuilder gasped and pulled herself up to lick the loudly pulsating behemoth during her own first pull-up – dictating the rhythm for Christina to thrust her mighty cock.

“As you … wish coach… mmmh… two,” Christina replied with a grin and did as she was told.

She thrusted forward, her cock bearing most of the enormous weight and sending shockwaves of pure ecstasy through her body when her girthy meat’s angrily pulsating veins rubbed into the adamant bar.

“Thrust harder, I want you to fucking lift that weight with your huge cock, Christina! Three!” Varya once more demanded.

Both moaned once more when she pulled herself up to tease the desperately engorged veins riddling the slowly growing member before they would be stimulated by the barbell once more.

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