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A Slave to Socks Ch. 10

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Lexi’s eyes grew wide as she found herself being flung into the outfit’s midsection. It wasn’t the force in which she felt that was shocking, Lexi was quite used to that already in the short amount of time the living clothing had been in her life. Rather, it was the act that was being done that caused her to take a step back mentally, and realize the situation she was in. This wasn’t Tasha commanding their slave around, it was this girl’s knee-high nike socks. Of course, Lexi knew of the promise she made: That she would obey all socks, but saying one thing and still expecting another, well, that was the human way of life, wasn’t it? It’s like promising your friend you’d go with them to that crappy movie, then coming up with an excuse not to at the last minute – something you said you do, but didn’t expect to do. But that really was the tip of the iceberg.

So Lexi licked, closing her eyes and letting herself fall into the moment placed before her. The following moan from those black panties cemented the idea that not only was she doing what was told, but she was doing it correctly. If the woman was to be honest with herself, that notion alone heightened the moment just a bit more. Sure, she’s rather those nike socks foot deep in to her mouth, but beggars can’t be choosers.

“Mmmm…that’s more like it.” Those black panties said in between their moaning, the clothing itself grinding more in to the face, pressing the black fabric up against that nose, causing it to flatten a bit form the pressure. “Make sure you lick all of the bitch’s mess up.”

“You shouldn’t stop there, girls.” The familiar voice of Tasha was heard, Lexi managing to see the red striped knee high socks just out of the corner of her eye. The tone of those socks had her a bit worried. Sexy though it sounded, the female voice sounded a bit upset as well. “Well, go on. Just fuck her like the piece of meat she is.” Lexi’s eyes grew a bit wide upon hearing that, having a desire to say something, but any attempt to pull away from those panties resulted in those latex gloves grabbing her hair tighter, keeping that head in place.

Assuming that the comment regarded them as well, those nike socks started to slide their toes down to those breasts, ready to start playing with them to begin making those nipples stand upright. Only inches away however, they were stopped by the knee socks that animated them. “Not you.”

“But you said..”

“Maybe later. Our pet was a bit more of a pain the last few moments. Hesitating on heeding our commands, and generally not putting faith in her Mistress.” Tasha then walked over to Lexi’s own animated clothing, silently directing them to go join the fun as well. Happily, the animated clothing moved in unison over to Lexi’s exposed ass, the body lowering down enough so that Lexi’s own underwear was pressing up against those smooth checks. “Go play with the other girl…show Lexi what she could of had if she just…listened a bit better.”

“And you?” Lexi’s anklets said, jumping off their pet’s body and walking over towards the frightened girl in the corner, the woman already pushing herself further in to the wall, as if trying to meld in to it to avoid any contact.

“We are gonna go get our pet that ‘A’ she deserves. She may have angered us, but that’s no excuse to be completely bitchy.” Tasha walked off, leaving the clothing to do with Lexi what they will, canlı bahis walking under the desks to reach the professor that was already feeling the affects of her own clothing betraying her.

“Ha! You hear that, socks?! You get sloppy seconds!” Those black panties said, rubbing in the verdict as the front of those stained underpants started to grow a bit of a bulge, Lexi finding herself moaning a bit in protest as she attempted to keep such out with her tongue, to little effect. Before long, the new member was long enough enough to press against the back of Lexi’s mouth, and push it away from the base of the underwear.

“Yea, shut the fuck up, and enjoy it while you can.” the knee highs responded, dropping down from Lexi’s neck to walk over to the other girl. Though the other girl gave a pathetic cry for them to go away, and even attempted to kick at the two pairs of socks, it was rather fruitless, as they proceeded to assert themselves on her body, the longer knee highs finding her neck while the anklets stayed around that exposed pussy, a few rubber tubes snaking their away around her limbs to keep them fastened to nearby desks.

“Oh we intended to.” Those black panties giggled softly as they started to thrust deep in to that mouth, the first sudden movement causing Lexi to gag a bit in response, her eyes watering from the girth and length that the underwear produced. “You are going to take the whole fucking thing, darling, before this is done.”

“She could, if she wanted.” A small giggle, as another voice was introduced to the fray. With the way that white T-shirt rested itself upon her back, the breasts formed at the chest felt pressing into her shoulder blades, and the small sleeves of the shirt moving up to brush against her left earlobe, Lexi had to assume this voice was personifying the shirt. “You remember your last boyfriend, right? Before you went full lesbo? The dude had a tiny dick, but man did he know how to use it.” Lexi moaned out again, attempting to dislodge herself from that massive cloth-cock in her mouth, but the latex gloves once again assured that she remained sucking it off. “And you nursed it all the way up to its release, didn’t you?” Another giggle, “Just because you are a lesbo now, doesn’t mean your clothes have to be. Honestly, I’d let his socks fondle my tits all day.”

Lexi wanted so hard to quiet her own shirt from revealing things she would love nothing more than to forget, but found herself once again choking on that cock as it was thrust in deeper after hearing the story, a lustful moan from the black panties again, as if the little reveal spurred them on even more to fuck that mouth completely.

Just as Lexi was getting used to the girth at her mouth, she felt yet another at her ass, her own underwear taking a page from the black’s playbook, and growing a girth larger than she could take, letting it rim that pert asshole for a while before thrusting its way inside, causing a moan of Lexi’s to turn in to a bit of a scream.

Within moments, Lexi found herself being fucked at both the mouth and the ass, her body being thrown back and forth with each thrust, causing her to take more of the black underwear’s cock when the white’s slammed its way inward, and visa versa when the black smashed its tip against the back of her throat. Every so often, she caught sight of the girl she originally licked the knee high bahis siteleri socks of, envying how she was being pistoned in that pussy by her own ankle socks, receiving the same treatment by the woman’s own knee highs to the mouth. Lexi didn’t have much time to focus on it though, as each of the outfit’s thrusting caused her to snap back to reality.

Though at first, it was a bit of a sudden shock to get used to, Lexi found her moans of protest to become that lustful want, eventually finding a rhythm with the two cocks fucking her, and working to suck off that thick girth that continued to invade her mouth. Lexi used her tongue to slather that soft cotton, letting it soak in to the fabric as it slapped in and out, her head bobbing to and fro to keep the rhythm, her breathing heavy and deep.

Every so often, Lexi found herself letting out a pain touched groan, as her white underwear at the backdoor pushed deeper than she was ever prepared for, leaving that hole stretched wide as that poly-cotton cock continued to ruin her asshole. Despite all this, the pussy, untouched by any animate clothing, began to drip its fluids on to the floor below her, her body becoming washed over with the stimulating feeling of nearing an orgasm.

“Is bigger, better, Lexi?” That T-shirt asked softly as it continued to rest over her back, the small sleeves still moving forward as if to embrace in a gentle hug. It was at this point that Lexi actually wished her Mistress socks had chosen a longer sleeved shirt with which to enjoy the embraces more. Though the idea was filed to memory, Lexi thought it best not to bring such up now, on account of Tasha’s anger with her.

Unable to answer the question, Lexi did her best to nod, though even that was lost in the moment as the woman was now vibrantly bobbing up and down on that cock in her mouth, sucking on it fervently, attempting to remove those stains placed there by the woman that once wore them. It was with the next thrust deep in to her mouth that Lexi was thrown into the throws of an orgasm, her body clenching and curling as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body, and spilled out of her pussy to a sticky mess on the ground. Even once finished however, Lexi wasn’t able to go completely limp, as both outfits of clothing got in a few more jabs before letting go, allowing Lexi to collapse on the cold tiled ground, and rolling over one her side.

Blue eyes looked lazily up at the girl who just got fucked by those two pairs of socks, noticing her face also went from fear to pure bless, having completed her own orgasm. With a smile on her face, she managed to slur the words “Good, no?”

“How was that…” she said in a bewildered tone before deciding not even to complete her sentence. Partly due to being tired, but also due to the girl’s own clothing coming back toward her while the socks moved away. In but a few minutes, the other woman was dressed back up in her own clothing, though her own knee highs remained with Lexi, forcing the sneakers to slip on to bare feet. About to ask for socks back, Lexi quickly interrupted. “They are staying with me. Like I said, I think they enjoyed me licking them. I plan to do more…if Mistress will let me.”

“Mistress?” The classmate responded quickly, rubbing her wrists the moment those rubber hoses let her go. Lexi’s face turned an embarrassing shade of red as she allowed her bahis şirketleri own clothes to slip on to her limp and sore body once again, wincing a bit as her own panties snuggled up against her still gaping asshole. She did just say that out loud, didn’t she? Still, Lexi found this embarrassment more for the fact that she had a Mistress, not for what they were. “They liked to be called Tasha. My red striped knee highs.”

“Your socks?” the girl responded quickly, followed by “You call your socks Mistress?”

“Don’t sound so shocked. You just witnessed what they can do to you..and let’s be honest, you loved every second of it too” This time it was the other woman’s turn to blush. “You’d give yourself to them as well, if you could. I mean, hell, just a second ago, you were begging for your own socks back.”


“And if you don’t keep what I told you to yourself, you might get more of it to come.” Lexi weakly brought up a forefinger to her lips, as if to mock being silent. “Our little secret, ok?” Then a little laugh, realizing something. “Though, truth be told, even if you did run around telling everyone just happened, who would believe you?”

The former classmate just nodded a few times, and very slowly got to her feet, halfway expecting her clothing to take over again. It was a reassuring glance from Lexi that told her that they were inanimate again, and she very quickly made her way to the classroom door, opening it up to peer out before quickly disappearing out of it.

“Lesson learned, pet?” The voice of Tasha was once again heard in her mind, and she lifted herself up off the floor to look for the red striped knee highs, seeing them make their way to her from a desk row away. The redhead nodded twice, but didn’t say anything. Curiosity had Lexi looking further up the classroom, to the desk where Mrs. Silverstone sat. She remained there, though her head resting on the desk, as she appeared sleep. The redhead could only guess what happened to the professor, and decided now was not the time to ask, or infer as to if she got that ‘A’ or not.

“Good. Like we said before, we can fuck you anywhere, at any time, and only those that we want to witness, will see. Forget that again, and we might just let everyone see.” Lexi smirked a bit at that threat, but dared not press the bluff now. It was true, what Tasha just said, but what Tasha didn’t want to admit was that while everyone could watch, that would lead to a great deal of trouble. Sure, they could silence the other girl from talking, but that was just one girl…silencing a crowd was going to be harder…and if people know..well…Lexi would have a padded room then.

“Did you have fun?” Tasha said while climbing in to that backpack again, Lexi found herself standing up due to the clothing’s will and not her own, taking that as a queue to grab the back, albiet gingerly, as her ass still was feeling the repercussions of the treatment. “Can I speak honestly, mistress?”

“So long as it doesn’t make us upset.”

“I loved it. I really did, but would rather you and my socks…or anyone else’s socks…at the helm.”

“Wow. Ok. So I meant nothing to you then?” That shirt responded in a hurt, sarcastic tone, making such anger known by rather agressively twisting those nipples, causing Lexi to hunch over a bit in pain.

“No, damnit. That’s not what I meant…I…” A heavy sigh, before regaining her composure, and heading out of the classroom. “Just…nevermind.” That frustrated sigh turning in to the smallest of smiles upon hearing a playful giggle from that T-shirt, followed by the rest of her clothing.

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