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A Mothers Visit Part 2

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A Mothers Visit Part 2
We sat in the lounge, Mum and Lisa on the sofa and me in my chair with my bulging boxers being the centre of attention and I was sure that during the pre-breakfast conversation Lisa and my Mother planned it all.
Lisa stood up and walked towards me asking me to stand, “Remember what I said” Mum said as she approached and getting on her knees in front of me reached out and pulled my boxers to the floor allowing my stiff cock to spring out and nearly hit her in the face, “Wow” said Mum as Lisa took hold of my cock and start to slowly wank me thinking that she could get me harder than I already was. She pulled the skin right back and spat on the head before taking the swollen purple head into her mouth with her tongue licking all around, slowly I saw my cock disappear until the gag reflex kicked in and she spluttered.
I looked across at my Mother who was watching intently, “Slowly Girl” she said as Lisa forced me into her again and this time I felt my cock slide down her throat and felt her tongue flicking my balls before withdrawing and going again and each time it seemed a little easier, she grabbed my arse and pulled me tight and at one point I though my balls were going in too, “Wow!” Mum said as she watched Lisa start to bob her head on my solid cock, more spit and a few hard thrusts from me and I had Mum now watching with her hand down her panties.
“Lay on the floor” she demanded in an assertive voice so Lisa pulled away and I laid on the floor on my back while Mum stood up and removed her panties and slowly lowered herself onto my face. I could smell the sweet aroma of her wet pussy and my tongue met with her hairy lips as contact was made forcing my tongue straight into her wet slit, my nose buried in her arse as I frantically sucked up her juices with my hands on her hips pulling her down.
“Mmm, fucking hell that’s good” she said as Lisa positioned herself at the other end and I felt myself sliding into her easily while my Mother rode my face. Mum and Lisa had their arms interlocked for balance and I could hear the sound of them kissing before both of them removed their tops so we were all now naked.
Memories came flooding back as I switched from pussy to arse with my tongue working overtime as she gyrated on my face and with Lisa building up a rhythm at the other end I thought I had died and gone to heaven and such was the frenzy that they both shuddered to orgasm at the same time and I could feel the wetness running down my balls as well as my chin.
“Lets swap” Mum güvenilir bahis said as she raised herself allowing me to breath again and Lisa then took her place gently lowering herself on my face, not as much hair and a different taste and she moaned loudly as my tongue got busy again licking up her juices and flicking between pussy and arse while she started to gyrate, Mum had taken her place and was lowering herself onto my cock which easily went into her wet hole, “OMG!” she cried as I went all in, the feeling was immense as she started to bounce while I tongue fucked Lisa and again it wasn’t long before the air turned blue as they both cum together and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last.
Lisa was happy with the attention I was giving her and Mum eased off before withdrawing and the next thing I know her mouth was everywhere as she knelt between my open legs and started to deep throat me sucking up her own juices from my throbbing cock and balls. She reached under my arse and started to probe around for my hole which was now wet from her juices that had dribbled down and as she forced her finger into my I nearly choked forcing Lisa to jump but I soon regained my composure and as Lisa watched her Nan expertly sucking my cock I felt her whole body shaking to another orgasm which I swallowed straight down.
It only took a few more minutes before I couldn’t last any longer and with Mums finger rammed as far up my arse as it would go and the weight of Lisa pushing down on my face my whole body went rigid as my cock pulsated and I filled my Mothers mouth with so much cum that even she couldn’t swallow quick enough and it started to dribble out, “Mmm!” she cried as excess cum landed on my belly which Lisa was happy to bend down and clean up.
That was probably one of the best orgasms I have ever had and Lisa pulled up and joined her Nan to make sure I was properly cleaned up even to the point of raising my legs and licking my arse, not that any cum got there but it felt good.
“Who wants coffee” Mum asked as she got up, boy she does look good naked with her small perky tits and bushy fanny and she had no shame about walking about naked, something that I had installed in Lisa from a very early age. Lisa nodded as she got up licking her lips and sitting back on the sofa watching as I rose from the floor to take my seat, my cock now soft.
“Awesome stories Dad” she said cheerfully, “I didn’t know you fucked Auntie Valerie, is that why we don’t see much of her now?” she asked and I had to türkçe bahis be honest and say that my Sister had moved on and put all that behind her which seemed the best explanation.
Lisa looked good naked too, small perky titties and a nice trimmed pussy and to top it all off she had the kind of bubble but that men would die for.
“Here you go” Mum said as she wandered back into the lounge with three cups of coffee on a tray putting it down on a side table.
“How was it Lisa?” Mum asked making a cock sucking gesture with her hands, “Was it better?” as Lisa looked up, “Yes Nan, once I got it down my throat it was fine” she said slightly embarrassed as she wasn’t used to being so open verbally but with Mum there it sort of goes with the territory, maybe I should have prewarned her.
We sat and drank our coffee and although we were all naked it seemed very comfortable and we talked about old times along with Lisa’s education and boyfriends, the mood was very light-hearted and with Mum asking the odd difficult question it was all handled quite well.
Time was getting on and Mum had a taxi coming so she went up to shower and pack her things we hugged at the door and made promises that it wont be so long next time, promises that were hardly unlikely to be kept and when I returned to Lisa in the lounge we both laughed at how open my Mother is. “Wow! Dad, I can’t believe she told all those stories” Lisa said concerned that it had upset me, “It’s OK babygirl” I told her reassuringly, “It was all bound to come out sooner or later” I told her as she walked over to me, sat on my lap putting her arms around me and gave me a big kiss, “I still love you Daddy” she said which made my cock twitch.
“Do you enjoy our special times together?” I asked her more for reassurance than anything else, “Oh yes Dad”, she said smiling, “It is special Dad and I want to please you and make you happy” she continued in a loving tone and gave me another kiss but this one was a bit longer and our tongues met.
Lisa put her legs over the arm of the chair and was laying across me, I could see her nipples hardening “Thank you babygirl, that means a lot to me” I said as she let out a soft moan as I rubbed her flat bare stomach.
I could feel my cock stiffening under her naked arse and my rubbing circle got bigger as I brushed her breasts and running down to her trimmed pubic hair, her head went back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed a bit of one to one attention.
My hands ran down her thighs and on the way up she opened her legs güvenilir bahis siteleri allowing me access to her sweet pussy, she moaned loudly as I rubber her clit with my finger and then as I inserted my finger into her I kept my thumb on her button, “OMG!” she cried as the feelings shot through her body while my cock was coming back to life she wriggled a bit as she felt it against her arse cheeks.
I pulled her had close and engaged in a deep passionate kiss with both our tongues searching out each other’s mouths, Lisa was such a good kisser and I had to re-adjust how she was sitting as my cock was throbbing, she lifted up slightly turning her body so she had her back to me and slowly lowered herself down onto my waiting cock, “Mmm” we both said simultaneously as my cock entered her wet hole and I immediately felt her cunt muscles tighten.
I held her under the arms with my hands cupping her breasts as I began lifting her up and down and with a slight wiggle from her the feelings were immense, her nipples were solid as we built up some momentum and I could feel Lisa’s body shake as she reached orgasm and felt her warm juices running down my balls, “Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me hard” she shouted as her breathing got heavier and I was going at it with all I have, she screamed out something as I felt my balls tighten and my cock pulsate, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” she shouted as she felt my hot cum filling her belly and I felt her muscles sucking every last drop out of me.
As she pulled up my cum was leaking out and like a good girl she is she got on her knees and started to lick up all the excess and then put my cock back in her mouth to suck every last drop out of me, this was so good that my cock started to come straight back to life and the more she sucked the harder it became until I was back to full erection. “Mmm” she said happily.
What followed was the best blow job I had ever had, it was like she was worshipping my cock and balls sucking and licking every inch while squeezing my balls and even trying to finger fuck me, she had improved her technique somewhat and even feeling comfortable deepthroating.
It lasted quite a while which certainly pleased Lisa, she took her time and was very intensive with her mouth. It was like she had learnt the signs of when I am about to cum as every time I had the feeling she would stop and change tac before bringing me to the brink again.
I knew that when I did cum I would come with some intensity and I wasn’t wrong, just as I was about to cum she gripped my cock to stem the flow and then marvelled at the speed it shot down her throat.
She absolutely loved it and couldn’t swallow fast enough and finished off by licking every last drop out of me before looking up as me and in a soft voice said, “I Love You Dad”, Priceless!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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