Mayıs 30, 2024

Lust and Money in San Diego

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Lust and Money in San Diego
Living in San Diego has it’s draw backs, but there also a whole lot of good things going for it, and for me, it’s about getting really excellent Mexican cocks to suck! So, you might rightly imagine that I’m no big fan of Donald Trump and his patiently racist rhetoric regarding Mexico and Mexican’s in general!

I absolutely LOVE sucking cocks, and for me, there’s nothing quite so nice as sucking some very macho Mexican guys cock (and taking that load of cum that I crave so very much)! The very thought of that makes me so horny! Living in San Diego, there’s always a ready supply of nice brown cocks for me to enjoy. I admit that I frequently take advantage of the migrant workers; looking to make a little extra cash on the side, and though all the Mexican guy’s I’ve sucked off indicated they were married (with wives and c***dren living in either Mexico, or further south in Nicaragua, etc. They’re not ‘gay’, but, I’ve been fortunate to know a lot of these guys who, as I said earlier, needed the extra cash to send back to their wives and families, and if they had to part with a load of unused cum, and to some gringo faggot like me, then it’s my very lucky day!

This all started when I ran a lawn mowing and landscaping business (in San Diego) ten years ago. I’ve since retired, but I now have a reputation around town for liking to suck Latino guy’s cocks! When I ran that lawn care business, one of the guys who worked for me (by the name of ‘Gomez’) would find me guys looking to make extra money, and who were willing to let a gringo guy suck their cock; and thanks to Gomez, he found me many a young, and lonely, and willing casino siteleri Mexican, or Nicaraguan, etc. stud and after a while, and thanks to Gomez, of course, I had my pick of over a hundred delicious cocks to suck!

I didn’t care that none of these guys were gay; and in fact, I actually preferred that they weren’t! For me, it was an ever greater thrill sucking a guys cock who was married! That, for me, was what made the whole thing that much more exciting…and rewarding!

I had quite a lot of repeaters, too! Over two thirds were, in fact, repeaters! They drop by around 6:00 in the evening, after a long day mowing and digging in rich gringos yards, and I have them come in, take a nice shower, give them a frosty cold Corona, or Don Equis, and after they’d had a chance to cool off and relax after the days work, I’d then go to work on their cocks!

I knew a little Spanish, but not much, but most of the guys I enjoyed has little, if any English language ability at all. I understood that. They were nearly all from very poor parts of Mexico and other places south of there. Most had been farm laborers back home; and none any much more than a eighth, or ninth grade education at most! They were all, without exception very hard working guys, and universally Catholic. So, for most of them, allowing me to suck their cocks (while paying them well for the opportunity, of course) was fraught with some reservation, not to mention a touch of guilt! But, the need for extra cash (there was never enough of that for them), is what primarily drove to come to my humble apartment to part with a load of their cum.

So, it was a win-win situation tipobet güvenilir mi for all involved!

I’m a good cocksucker. I’m not bragging. I’ve been told by many guys that I have a talent, a propensity, for knowing how to suck a guys cock just right; and I feel rather proud of this fact!

One thing I’ve learned from sucking so many of these guys cocks is that they are very proud of their cocks! I often use hand signs showing that I think they have a big cock, and they seem both a little embarrassed, but also proud of that!

Smiling, I’ll say something like: “MMM! Mucho hombre!” And give them a thumbs up sign indicating that I like their cock very much; and they seem pleased at that!

Flattery works well with macho-oriented men; so I’ve found.

But, no matter how ‘macho’ these guys insisted they were, and that they were not gay, each one of them gave up a load of cum with no reservations at all; or none that I could ascertain!

Swallowing their hot load, I’d slowly let their cock slip out of my mouth, and smiling big as I leaned back on my knees, I give them two thumbs up, and say: “Muchos gracias!!!” They’d nearly all smile in reply, usually a bit shyly, but also genuinely pleased that I’d enjoyed sucking them off—faggot though I was to them!

To them there was no doubt that this gringo was definitely a faggot (and they were not!), but it didn’t keep them from coming back for more (more money, of course, but also another blow job)! These were very hard working guys, lonely, far away from their wives and families, and in a country that regarded Mexicans, etc. as basically inferior to the gringos north of the perabet border! I didn’t see them as inferior (gringo that I am). In fact, I’d been born in Texas, I’d come to respect Mexicans as hard workers. I’d also had my very first cock sucking experience with a Mexican guy who had worked for my parents briefly!

I was under no illusions that these Mexican and Nicaraguan guys actually ‘liked’ me (though they ‘liked’ it when I sucked them off). Our two worlds had so much acrimony; so much shameful treatment by we gringos; so much economic and military interferences; that there was little hope of ever assuaging any of that! Nevertheless, each and every time that I knelt on my living room carpet, and sucked a Mexican guys cock, I was partly (I think) doing a kind of penance for all that (plus doing it simply because I loved sucking cock)!

For them…they were there, primarily, for the MONEY, and nothing else; and I knew that well enough. I didn’t expect anything from any of them like ‘love!’ I could never expect that! Their cum was what I was after the most! They’d go back to Mexico, or Nicaragua, or wherever they came from, and forget all about me, and what they had done with me. But that’s okay. I don’t mind. Not really. I’m used to living alone, with only the occasion luscious cock to suck, and a pair of eager balls to drain!

My reputation here locally is well known for being the ‘gringo-cocksucker-who-pays-well’, or words to that effect in Spanish! All of us do whatever it is we have to do to get through life, and this is my way of doing so; and I hope to do it for as LONG as I can! There are so many horny Latino guys around here (all straight as a string), but wouldn’t hesitate to let me suck them off (and for a little extra cash); so that’s exactly what I intend to do!

Donald Trump may hate Mexicans, and regard them as r****ts and murders, BUT I DO NOT!!! Not one little bit!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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