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2 Happy Cousins

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2 Happy Cousins
2 Happy Cousin

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Honestly; I do not remember the reason why there was such an outsized gathering of relatives arranged at our place. If I try my best to look back, it was surely no wedding occasion because there were very few ladies in the memory of mine for this gathering but mostly the k**s; I mean young touching adult age boys. We are 7 cousins that are all within the range of only 2 months apart from anyone else according to our dates of birth. Being the month of October; it was hot but not sweltering or sizzling hot weather. We lived in a huge house which was more like a ranch with many different portions and a lot of small separate rooms with bathroom facilities. All 7 of us cousins were enjoying it the best. Going to the farms and park lands area first thing in the morning after breakfast, then more often than not it was to the nearby canal for swimming, bathing and even one or two were the avid fishing pros; noon time rest almost till late in the afternoon and then the soccer or horse riding as the sports for the rest of the day till it was dark and we all came together for dinner and then mostly watching TV and a good night’s rest till next morning.

Andrew Anwar; one of the k**s of my father’s younger brother. He was the youngest of all 7 of us and as I said earlier the age difference amongst the 7 cousins was no more than 2 months or 3 months at the most. So when I say that Andy was the youngest; it does not mean, he was much behind any one of us but he surely was the weakest, the shortest and looked kind of sluggish and he was the most inactive for sure. He would not join us all; if not always but at least mostly, when we went for swimming, or even for evening sports where we either had to be in the minimum of clothes or sweating profusely and showing our skins. We were all very normal growing boys and I don’t think anybody was sizing up anybody else but I could bet some of my cousins were as much a gay or bisexual as I was and we were all at least watching everybody else whenever the opportunity presented itself; if we were not making an attempt or trying to mark anyone as a permanent boy for all of us. I do not want to sound like the parade leader of my own parade but the fact is that perhaps I had the largest cock among all of us and although each one looked growing up like a man, full of hormones but I was surely the horniest, most aroused and roused of all 7 and it mostly showed as well.

I can surely say; my mom knew something better and from the earlier age when she noticed me growing big between my thighs, she always insisted for me to wear the undershorts beneath the jeans or school pants and wanted my sexual equipment to feel loose and airy. She mostly did not allow me to wear the nationally branded tight under wears but I was to wear the home stitched undershorts that were long to about half of my thighs above my knees; made of thin fabric. My mom was decently good in making those undershorts for me and I liked them also because they were not only very comfortable but somehow looked sheik when she stitched them looking like having a pocket like pouch underneath to house my hefty meat balls and a long tube like pocket to insert my shaft to stay in there, calm and comfy. Needless to say that I wore these undershorts whenever I could; not only as an under wear garment but just as a shorts, the boys like to wear often. Whenever I wore this article, I produced such a large bulge in front of me that it not only amazed me but I could see most of the boys looking at my lump or the knot from the side of their eyes and even silently laughing or making the whispering remarks.

I remember we all had returned from our evening sports and game routine and were all sweating. The sun was almost setting and a touch of cooler air was blowing and this also as a routine, we were all on the roof top of this portion; where we were having our bedrooms or you may call them the sleeping arrangements. It needs not to be mentioned but still does not damage anything to spell out that most of us were either pairing in the bedrooms or occupying them as the sole single user. I was wearing my usual big bulge making shorts and everything looked normal or better if I said that I did not notice anything abnormal but some of my cousins did and I was the last to learn of it with the happening of the events. What I mean to say is that just as a normal routine, we were just horsing around, cutting jokes at each other; may be even teasing and joshing with Andy for not being a very active member of the group; not knowing that Andy was the master mind of a coming joke or a gag they had all arranged with their eye to eye discussion, suggestions and final approval and I was going to be the target.

Totally unsuspecting, I had my guards down; while they all only looked as if they were strolling around and trying to dry off the sweat, some of them came behind me, where I could not see them and some were in front of me. Andy was in front of me and I later observed that he was the leader of the pack that was in front of me and he was very closely standing to my body.

In a real coordinated and rapid way, they kind of whistled or may be someone clapped as a signal, ‘NOW’ and couple of the cousins behind me pulled down my shorts. Exact kaçak casino that neno second Andy sat on his feet; very close to my feet and pulled down the shorts from front and BOOM; my big, fat thick sex muscle and the heavy hanging balls were all in the open, naked for all to see except for the boys who were behind me. Everybody laughed, some Wow’ed and were flabbergasted looking at the huge size of my cock which was not hard at all but did look like as if I was supporting a big fat erection; perhaps unaware that I was the owner of a show’er cock which was at least as thick when limp and attained only about an inch or maximum two inches in its 8 inches’ length when fully grown and stiff. The most surprise for everybody was that I was cut and had the most beautifully carved head at the tip of my cock; while everybody else was uncut with funnels of foreskins everybody else had seen vaguely while swimming or changing after fishing trips other than the fact that nobody knew, what Andy carried in his hiding. The most laughter came when Andy pulled my shorts at the front; my serpent jumped out and hit Andy right smack on his face and lips and him startled and he fell back while everybody laughed. I was not at all amused or ashamed but embarrassed; for sure and pulled my shorts up but in a hurry. IN doing so, the waistband got tangled under my balls and it took me a few extra seconds to hide my cock back inside my shorts but not before giving everybody and Andy, in the front seat; a special show because with the waistband tangled under my balls it kind of pushed on the shaft to make it look even dangerous and destructive due to its shape, size and veins ridden built.

Being that this gathering was at my house; I had the room which was slightly more private, secluded and kind of isolated behind and little away from the other rooms. It was the same night. After dinner and watching some TV show, I was on my bed reading some sports report in a magazine; when I heard a knock and yelled that the door was open and my dear cousin Andy walked in. What a beauty, slim, smart and looking great as usual. Couple of years ago, I remembered seeing him; when he looked just like a budding boy but now fully grown boy. My teen cock jumped seeing him in my room at that time of the night and I had to use the magazine to hide the outline of my fast growing sex tool. We had never discussed nudity or sex except for what had taken place couple of hours ago this evening.

“Hi Najam”! Andy gave me an amazing smile. I am betting dollars to donuts that as I saw, he was checking my hairy, strong and impressive looking, long legs decorated with dark black hair as on my head and pubes if I did not trim or shave off my pubes. Not only that but he was checking all of my body. It made me almost breathless to see his cock hardening in his shorts and I had no choice but to look away from him but then quickly thinking something else; I took the magazine away from my lap, put my arms behind my neck and stretched myself; offering him to take a good look. He surely looked at the smelly sexy arm pits full of hair too. Without thinking I stripped off the T-shirt dropping it to the floor, showing Andy my acreage of hairless chest, small but tight nipples.

After a while he whispered; telling me that he had been very shy, never been with a girl or a boy, he had never even touched or kissed anyone except his mom and dad but some nights he has dreams about kissing and did not know what to do. He was really concerned but I assured him that I shall guard his secret and he did not need to worry at all. In answering my question, he told me quite nervously that some years back, his father told him that he should not touch his penis because he was too young for that. There was no doubt that my pretty cousin was a virgin; plus, he was not only a cherry, he had not even jerked himself for the pleasure of self-induced orgasm. O’ poor little boy; I thought, still lying in bed with fully erected, arching cock in my lap and under my shorts. I did not want to scare Andy and posed to be relaxing; telling him that may be it was time that he learned some plays. I could clearly see his slim body trembling with the mixed emotions of fear and eagerness reminding me of the days when some of my very close friends had started to play with my ever so big cock; being my teacher and showing me some tricks.

I learnt to find the pleasure spots and jerking myself as we kept sharing the fun activities. Later as they found the girlfriends; I missed those pleasures but never gave up on them. Suddenly his soft voice brought me out of my thoughts, “What should I do. Will you please show me”?

I remember the moment very vividly, asking him to lock the door behind him and come to me on the bed. He did exactly as he was told. I could see his cock moving, flexing in his shorts as he walked to me on the bed. Other than his penis; I could see much hesitance in his body and had to promise that I shall not do anything if he did not approve or like. Now trusting me and also feeling confident; Andy slowly climbed to lay next to me on the bed, looking up in my eyes.

I made my first move, telling him that as he had never kissed, why not start from there. I repeated myself to be keeping his secret and asked him not to be shy or casino oyna make me feel as if I was imposing myself on him. I could feel Andy cooperating as I moved in slowly with my hands stroking his face and silky cheeks, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him close to my sexy young naked chest. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pressed my lips to his soft and passive lips. Giving some time, as I sucked on them; his lips parted and began quivering in response to my touching his warm naked skin of the neck under his shirt. Then suddenly Andy kissed me back, an open mouth kiss. Oh’ Lord! That was the moment, my tongue flicked inside his sweet mouth and he gasped as my tongue went deep, making his passive body perk up and his tongue and mouth began to respond aggressively. He began reciprocating me by moving his body allowing his hormones to take over and dictate. I laughed in silence when he ground his pelvis against mine, rubbing our cocks. I was glad but I wanted more, I wanted all, I wanted it all wet. I broke the kiss and looked at his sweaty face, parted lips; gasping and extremely lusty and very happy blue eyes and told him to take it nice and easy for long and extended ecstatic pleasure to prolong.

Andy nodded in agreement and I could see that he was so overwhelmed to speak even a word. He enjoyed when I told him that nature knew that sex would not be as much fun if it were done with clothes on. With a big smile, he looked and slowly took off his shirt. I enjoyed to see his all delightful hairless skin but a tiny line of dark hair blow his belly button ran down to disappear in his shorts looking like a directional arrow saying ‘this way please’. I followed.

Andy was ready for whatever I did to him next. With my fingers grazed his smooth chest, I kissed him again but now moving my lips from his lips to his neck; unbuckled his belt quickly. With his fingers pressed in my naked back, I could feel him heaving for more. With extremely gentle touch, I stroked his belly and played in his treasure trail, while lowering my head and licking his both nipples one by one, applying wet sucking and tongue flicking pressure on them making them grow in my mouth for lip biting joy. He gasped with this new sensation spreading in his body and soul, making his hands to move in my hair like a comb. He even tried to remove my shorts but stopped.

Now; I unbuttoned his shorts, lowered his zipper to discover that he was plenty grown down there like all of us cousins. I gave a long, firm love stroke to his already hard dong; making him produce a groan of intensive pleasure. His cock popped up out of his brief and I held it in my strong hands making him growl loud. With my tongue roaming on his belly and nipples; I could feel his warm pre cum oozing out of his cock slit making me rub polish his shaft, especially the cock head. My beautiful boy cousin was eager and sexy. I did not delay and took his cock in my warm wet mouth; tonguing it up and down the hefty shaft, making his hips to arch and push it all in my mouth. My dear cousin loved it and it showed as he gripped my head and tugged my hair, loud calling my name repeatedly. His cock was in my throat and my nose was buried into his thick but silky pubes, inhaling the sexy musky smell. Andrew was continuously writhing with divine pleasure and wanting more. I could tell that Andy wanted to cum when I pulled back a bit but he pushed hard into my mouth. I was not a novice and wanted to see his skin, teach and train him to learn to be slow and prolonged when naked. I took his cock out of my mouth and before he could resist, eased his shorts and brief off his legs. There he was all naked, all mine. His slender body looked awesome and I told him that he looked really beautiful.

Now as I moved between his soft silky legs, the glossy growth of tiny hair on his slender legs felt great on my nipples while I sucked on his inner thighs. Moving a little further up between his lean legs, my head went to his suave balls sack affording me the chance to lick suck his balls into my yearning mouth making him growl and groan loud.

Gradually but deliberately I pulled Andy’s legs over my shoulders; raising his prized ass slightly off the bed. He panted of course being surprised and I did ask him, if he wanted me to stop; spilling his balls out of my mouth; repeating my promise that I shall not do anything, that he did not like or did not want me to do. Andrew’s whole body wheezed as he almost begged not to stop now and I smiled back to him assuring that I will not leave him half done. This time I had to be very tactful and select my words carefully as I said, “Andy, my boy; I hope you believe me that occasionally, when I ram my teen stiff cock in some boy’s holes; they utterly enjoy it and love it. I am adoring your naked body, your naked butt cheeks and of course your sweet tight hole but I will never do that to you unless you permit me to and understand that it may be a bit painful but I do not want to hurt you but wanna do it only for the ultimate bliss in our life”.

The magic words worked as I heard him allowing me to do whatever I wanted and he pulled himself up making use of his legs as a lever around my neck. I dived back in immediately stroking his attention cock and white butt cheeks with my hands and sucking canlı casino siteleri his balls in my mouth making him lost in the new sensation. Continuing to make love to his body and soul: I pulled the KY tube from the headboard and lubed up my prong. I made sure to move around his love valley and onto his cherry hole. He encouraged me, “Yes Najam, Yes Najam”! He sucked large amount of air as I slipped one of my lubed finger in his very tight ass hole. Although his body muscles were clenching but I knew he wanted it done and keeping myself busy with his cock and balls was the easy key for getting his whole hearted consent. Quickly I found his prostate and also inserted another finger in his boy hole. This was the decisive best reason for his consent as my fingers explored his prostate. His cock pushed into my throat and my fingers slammed deep in my cousin’s virgin ass, could anybody convince me of a better heavenly joy. In and out, I finger fucked him while he moved in my mouth all he could and then he shuddered and moaned different calling my name in ecstasy and shooting his sperm. In urgency, he did not care if he sprayed inside my mouth, on my face or directly in the air. I made sure to squeeze his balls and milk his wand to spill all he could. A lot of his juices was fallen on my hair which dripped on my face and tongue as I tilted my head.

I released his spent cock and balls, even pulled my fingers out of his honey pot; not knowing if he was still interested to continue our play. He was wet and covered in sweat when he suddenly opened his tight shut eyes and confessed of never had dreamed this way to feel this good and thanked me immensely and with enthusiasm. I thanked him too and leaned to kiss him back. As I pulled back, he looked at my huge bulge and large wet spot in my shorts. With a lightning speed, he wasted no time to get my shorts off while I raised my ass off the bed a little. He had absolutely no dithering as he jerked my teen cock. I was hot horny and dripping for Andrew. He took my hard cock in his mouth; gagging and choking with only couple of inches in his mouth but he kept plunging the spongy head as best as he could. He did the best justice he could do to my balls also cupping them in hands and kissing them vibrantly. I had to tell him that he was doing great. Then Andy slowed down a little but his fingers kept exploring my cock slit and tongue did slurp lap the pre cum that oozed out of there. My breathing almost stopped when he reminded me that I was saying something about ramming in boys and asked if he should turn over. He was extremely bold in his self. I did wonder if he was offering me his ass and moved a little to see in his eyes but discovered his cock was hard as steel once again and this of course had made him bold and needy for sex too.

There was no need for further approval. I reached and gently pulled him under me like a bitch on his knees and elbows and began gently stroking his back. Andy pushed his firm ass backwards against my pulsing cock and my greedy cock finding its way between his tight butt cheeks. Soon the tussle ensued. I could see and admire his crack and extremely tight knotted hole but even with KY lube I was unable to push my fat cock in his virgin cherry hole. Finally; I kissed and breathed warm air on his pinkish orifice to make it a bit nimble and also asked Andy to push out when I pushed in. The poor soul did not know that it was a true trap and pushing out by him would leave him all vulnerable. I told him that I did not want to hurt him but if I had to come to this and Andrew did not let me finish my sentence. Now with his ass hole being wet, pushed out and my steel wedge pushing in; it only took one hard slam and my balls were rubbing on his dilated new sized hole.

I could not believe the courage and bravery exhibited by Andy in spite of being torn open and the pain he was experiencing, that was obvious by the fluttering of his ass, shaking of his ass cheeks, shuddering of his thighs and more with my humongous width dilating his rim and he asked me to keep on making his ass happy. I was stunned as soon the pain was converted to a mix of pain and pleasure and then pure pleasure as he repeated to give it all to him moving his white ass towards my cock and biting the pillow under his head feeling the bliss of getting fucked.

With my strong and brutal thrusts, he had lost his position and now he was almost on his belly and I had pushed a pillow under his groin. With every jolt in his muscle canal his cock rubbed against the bed sheet. He was squeezing his muscles to defeat my cock and I had to play rough for plugging deeper in his ass again and again. His red; sweat laced face was buried in the pillow to muffle down his growls of pleasure asking me for harder and rougher go. I shoved faster and harder in and out of him and he matched my rhythm and pace; which made me hit my peak while Andy kept begging for more, harder, faster and raw fucking. Hearing the virgin boy’s cries, my juices sprayed inside him filling the farthest ends both of us did not know, existed. He also spilled his seed on the bed and we both collapsed for the night. Luckily, I woke up but did not know what time it was and dislodged Andy from my cock, making him moan of disappointment but glad that he could leave for his room but not before my words of honor to repeat the fucking play as many times and often as possible before the get together was over for us 2 happy cousins.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 3, 2019.

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