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A Growing Addiction

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Michael and Ashley walked out of the math building on their college campus, chatting as they usually did before parting ways for the day. Their chat consisted of how Ashley’s mom had gotten unpasteurized milk and how it was extremely fatty, meant to help calves bulk up.

“Did you try any?” he asked.

“Yea, it tasted weird.” she replied as they reached the point where their paths diverged, “See ya tomorrow, Michael!” she chirped.

“Yea, see you then.” he replied and watch her walk away. The lithe blonde girl was a little shorter than him a wore yoga pants and a brown crop top. “If you she’d drink more of that…” he thought continuing to his next class. The thought stayed with him all day, thinking about how she could plump up from all the fats in the milk and how much sexier she’d be for it. Her breasts bulging in that top and her belly pushing over the waist band with her ass and thighs filling the yoga pants, seams splitting all over. Michael grunted as he orgasmed in his dorm that night, it felt amazing, absolutely amazing.


The next morning in math, Michael actually arrived before Ashley and sat quietly waiting for her to arrive. Ashley arrived soon after, Michael’s eyes quickly darted to see what semi-revealing outfit she was wearing today. Instead, he saw how she was … softer. She just seemed softer all over her still relatively boney frame. She lit up when she saw Michael, a huge smile crossing her face as she sat next to him, she gave him a side hug.

“Good Morning!” she said.

“Uh, good morning?” he replied, confused as she was almost never this enthusiastic to see him. “You, uh, seem excited today.”

“Yea!” she chirped softly in the bustling classroom. “It’s always a nice day when I talk to you.” Ashley continued with a smile. Michael smiled and chuckled a little in response, then the professor walked in and class started. Michael kept noticing that Ashley was stealing glances at him, but she would quickly look back at the board or down at her notes. At the end of class, the two walked out as they normally did, thought Ashley walked closer to Michael than she normally did.

“You feeling alright?” Michael asked as they reached the spot where they usually part ways.

“Of course I am!” Ashley responded, happily tilting her head and twisting her body. She seemed even softer than before? Though now it’s bahis firmaları not overall, it’s more of curves forming. “C-can you walk me to my class?” she asked, taking a small step closer to him, was she blushing?

“Yea, sure.” he responded and the two walked towards her next class. Ashley moved to Michael’s side and put her arm around his. Michael felt that her breasts were certainly starting to fill in. They reached her classroom and Ashley surprised him with a hug before darting into the room. Michael shook his head and went to his own class: Biology.

Michael entered the classroom and sat in his seat, getting his binder out to take notes. He tried to get the thoughts of Ashley out of his head, it was just so weird. He looked up and saw Natalie walk in. She was a bit shorter than Michael, standing just below his shoulder. Her hips swayed and booty jiggled with each step of her pear shaped frame. This was good for Michael as it gave him something else to focus on. She came and sat next to him as usual, Michael’s eyes quickly darted down to look at her hips. Her hips were just on the cusp of being too wide for the chairs, if only she were a bit fatter, her hips would spill off the sides and her thighs would be so thick and her ass… Michael let out and orgasmic sigh as he finished in his dorm that night, which again was astronomically amazing, his orgasm seemed to last forever. Cleaning up took longer than normal… As he drifted to sleep, he wondered how tomorrow would be.


Michael pensively entered his math class, a semi dwelling in his shorts. Maybe yesterday had been a fluke? He hoped so, he hoped he had imagined it. He was wrong, however. Very Wrong. Ashley strutted in, far larger than yesterday. Her garment strained to hold her all in. Giant F cups almost overflowed her crop top, a pudgy belly was straining a pair of shorts that barely held her ass in, her thighs touched to the mid point. She sauntered over to her chair and overflowed it once seated.

“Good Morning, Michael.” she said alluringly.

“Ah, uhm, good morning…” Michael replied, trying not to stare. He leaned forward in his chair.

“It’s okay to look…” Ashley whispered, pressing her arms together ever so slightly, as well as leaning forward which let her breasts rest on the table. She placed a hand on his thigh and leaned over to him, “…even better kaçak iddaa to touch.” she moved her hand over and felt Michael’s erection straining against his short. “Seems like want to.” she smirked.

“Uh,” Michael blushed and stood, holding his book over his crotch. Ashley quickly followed behind him. Michael turned and went into a bathroom when he noticed Ashley was behind him. She didn’t enter, she was desperate for him, but not that desperate, yet. Michael sat on a toilet as his mind tried to comprehend that Ashley was even bigger than yesterday, probably twice as big. He opened his fly and pulled his dick out, thinking that a quick session would just make everything better. His thoughts immediately went to Ashley and Natalie, which quickly put him over the edge as he pumped and pumped and pumped his load into the toilet. “God that was a lot…” Michael said as he cleaned himself off and exited the bathroom. Ashley immediately grabbed him and started pulling him towards the dorms. Michael didn’t resist as he looked at her body. Her top was overflowing, her boobs barely contained in it, her pudgy belly burst from her shorts which barely contained her hips and ass, tearing in some places. Her whole body jiggled and jostled with each tantalizing step. Before he knew what was happening, they were at the dorms and as they entered.

“Hey, Michael!” Natalie called as she entered the foyer. She threw herself at Michael in a hug, stopping him and Ashley. Natalie’s ass was beyond huge. Michael had seen the skirt she was wearing before, it was supposed to reach her ankles, now it only reached just above her knees. Thick legs came down out of it and her hips were clearly huge. Her belly pressed over the waist band of the skirt and large breasts sat above her belly, braless. “Where are you two going?” she asked, nipples erect through her shirt.

“My dorm” Ashley responded in a huff.

“You mean our dorm?” Natalie smiled at Ashley mischievously. Michael’s erection pulsed against her soft belly. “Seems like he needs two girls, anyway.” she rubbed herself against him. It took a lot for Michael to control himself at the moment, the intense heat from his member was clearly evident to Natalie, who was now running her hands slowly down Michael’s chest.

“You’re right, our dorm.” Ashley reached between the two and grabbed Michael by the waist of his pants and pulled kaçak bahis him to the elevator, Natalie quickly followed. Once the door closed, Ashley started trying to fish Michael’s cock out of his pants and Natalie pulled his head down to hers to make out. A squirt of precum formed a dark spot on his pants as Ashley pulled his tool out. The door opened and Ashley led the other two to her dorm, closing the door behind her as they entered. They quickly were on her bed, the two girls kneeling on either side of Michael as he lay there, his cock proudly standing between them. Michael though it was bigger, but he didn’t know.

“Should we get right to it, or tease him some?” Ashley ran a finger around the tip.

“We should make him show us how to use it.” Natalie said as she gently ran her fingers up the shaft. Ashley just smiled at her and then Michael as she pulled her hand away, the two girls watched it pulse as Michael slowly wrapped a hand around it.

“It’s, uh, bigger than I remember…” Michael said as his hand took longer than he remembered to travel the length of his cock, his fingers didn’t reach all the way around like they used to. He stared at the two curvy women excitedly watching him. Natalie’s huge hips and Ashley’s huge tits quickly worked him to orgasm, “I’m -hah- about to-“

“Go for it, Daddy.” Ashley said as the two girls smushed Michael’s cock between them. It was all the stimulation and go ahead he needed, soon a rather large load of cum was nestled between the two girls.

Michael watch as immediately the two girls got even thicker, their assets ripping out of their clothes. Ashley’s breasts surged to L cups, destroying her top; her belly rested on her lap as her lower body destroyed her yoga pants, her feet disappearing beneath her large ass. Natalie’s ass burst free from her skirt as each thigh became thicker than her own waist; her belly and boobs made her shirt ride up, which was now the only clothing left on her. Michael could see the desire in their eyes, the pure lust, all aimed at him. His cock didn’t waiver as they tore his clothes off and started fucking him, both girls taking turns between making out with him, sucking him off and fucking themselves senseless on him.

By the end of it, the three lay completely exhausted on Ashley’s bed, which was barely able to hold all of them. Which they didn’t mind as they cuddled tightly in the bed. When they all awoke, Michael sat up, morning wood standing proudly in front of him.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Ashley asked pressing her boobs around it.

“Anyone I want.” Michael smirked.

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