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A Good Relationship Ch. 2

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I had been working away all week, when I got back home Friday night I read my mail then got my messages from the phone. There was one from my neighbour asking me to go over Saturday afternoon after two, I now knew his name “Howard Good”. I had not been able to make up my mind whether to go or not, but hearing his invitation I decided to go.

Saturday afternoon came, I had bathed, shaved my legs and pubic hair (as I always do) and dressed in black suspenders, black fishnet stockings, skimpy black panties, pink skirt, white blouse and white high heels. It was after two o’clock when I left my house and walked over to Howard’s, he had a long gravel drive, I was finding it hard to walk on in my high heels. Eventually I reached his door, the house looked magnificent from outside, I did not have to ring the bell as the door opened as I got to it. Howard greeted me warmly and complemented me on my choice of clothes.

He showed me into his living room, it was fantastic, huge armchairs and sofa’s, a luxurious carpet on the floor, huge paintings on the walls, it really was a palace. I sat on a sofa, howard sat in a large armchair opposite me, a long low coffee table between us. A bottle of red wine was on the table he asked me if I would like to try it, I nodded , he opened the bottle and poured us both a glass. That began a wonderful afternoon we sat and talk for hour’s, he told me about his business, how he spent months abroad working on big construction sites, and all the different counties he had been too. We had just about finished a second bottle of wine when he said he would like to show me around the house.

He should me the ground floor first, his office, dining room, kitchen, a big boardroom \ meeting room. Then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he said he would show me the upstairs, he motioned for me to go first, I started up, Howard followed a little way behind ,I glanced over my shoulder to see he was looking up under my skirt, he noticed me looking at him, he smiled at me then carried on look up my skirt. He showed me the eight bedrooms and the two bath \ shower rooms. He then said he was very interested in photography and that he had a studio in the attic \ penthouse. He led the way up the narrow stairway into a large room set out with lights camera tripods and numerous pieces of furniture.

He asked if he could take some photos of me, he said they would be for him only and that they would not leave the house. By now the wine was having it’s affect, so I said yes and asked him what sort of photographs did he want to take and where did he want me to be. He said he would like to take lots of different photos and that he wished he had his camera when he saw me in the wood last week. He had me sit in an armchair and he arranged the lights to his satisfaction then he took a couple of photos of me from different angles. Then he came over and said he would like to re-arrange me, did I mind, I shook my head and said to carry on , I was quite enjoying being a model. He told me to cross my legs, then he pulled my skirt up a little to show the top of my stockings. He then took some more photos.

He had me uncross my legs and part them slightly still showing my stocking tops. He took more photos again from all angles. With my legs a lot further apart this time, he took some photos looking straight up my skirt at my panties. He then wanted me to stand up and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bend over the back of the chair, patted my legs slightly and knelt down and took some photos up the back of my skirt. He told me not to move as he lifted my skirt up my back, then, taking hold of my panties at the waist, he tugged them up pulling them really tight, the back of them sliding into the crack of my ass. He said how sexy that looked and took a lot more photographs.

That was all the photos he wanted to take, he asked me if I would perform for him what he watched me doing in the wood while he filmed me with his video camera. I was feeling pretty sexy by now, but I said I had not brought a dildo or cream. Howard went over to a drawer in a desk in the corner opened the bottom one and pulled out a big black dildo and a jar of cream. He had me sit back down in the chair, he placed the dildo and cream by the side of me, picked up his camera, and told me to begin. The best thing to do, I thought, was to pretend that he was not there filming me. So ,I slowly ran my hands up my thighs sliding my skirt up over my stocking tops opening my legs as I did so. I began rubbing my balls and cock through my panties then with out getting up I wriggled my panties down and out from under me, I slid forward in the seat my ass was overhanging the edge a little, enough for me to begin fingering my hole. Taking some cream on my fingers I spread some around my hole and I soon had two fingers up me lubricating the entrance.

Howard was filming the action from quite close up as I poked three fingers up my hole as I was getting really excited now. I picked up Howard’s dildo smears on some cream, and wanking my cock with one güvenilir bahis şirketleri hand I began to press the dildo up against the entrance to my ass. With steady pressure it began to find its way in, it was bigger than mine I could feel it stretching wider than I had been before, just for a short while I felt a little pain then it slid in smoothly. I began sliding it in and out slowly at first, then gradually speeding up, wanking at the same time. I glanced up at Howard to see he was filming with one hand whilst the other had opened his zipper taken out his big cock and was now wanking furiously. I continued fucking my ass and wanking when suddenly Howard was above me trying to push his cock into my mouth. I opened my lips and the tip of his cock touched them, he pushed harder the wetness on the tip moistened my mouth as he pushed a little harder it forced my mouth to open wider to allow it further inside. Only half its length was in my mouth I was sucking it enjoying the taste and licking my tongue over its head.

Howard was obviously very excited too, for, with out warning he pulled his cock out and showered my face with his cum, some landed in my mouth, I enjoyed my first taste of another mans cum. His sperm was dripping of my chin as I tried to lick it up Howard was wiping his cock in a towel which he then passed to me so I could clean up. We both got dressed, he cleaned the dildo and placed it back in the drawer. I had just finished straightening my suspenders and pulled my skirt back down as Howard said we would go back downstairs. Back in the living room he put the video on that we had just recorded ,we finished drinking our wine as we watched it . Howard said it was quite good and that it would be nice to get someone else to record the video so he could have a lot of fun with me and we could watch it together afterwards. He asked me what I thought of his idea, I said it could be a lot of fun! I left soon afterwards, it was dark outside, I walked back up the gravel drive, thinking, this could be “A GOOD RELATIONSHIP”.

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