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A Few Wild Months 06

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The school summer break had just started so my teaching job meant that I now had six weeks off. I was having a leisurely soak in the bath when my phone bleeped with a text message. Gary was again away in Germany so I expected it to be from him but saw it was from Jason a young very fit black guy we had known on the swinging scene for some time. Jason certainly knew how to take advantage of my rather submissive sexual nature and he was very much one of my favourite singles on the swinging scene and Gary encouraged me to get together with Jason whenever I wanted. We exchanged a few flirty sexy messages Jason telling me he would love a repeat of the fun he’d had several weeks before with Gary, and me but when I explained that Gary was away Jason’s messages quickly changed in tone.

Next I received a picture message and I looked at a young blonde, her face covered in cum, with her mouth stretched around a thick black cock. Then I read the message below it.

“Jayne this can be you. You crave cum and my black cock. Fancy being a dirty slut this week and trying something new?”

I was intrigued as ever by Jason, he knew his way around the swinger’s club scene and certainly knew the buttons to touch with me so I texted back that I wanted to talk.

A few minutes later I took a deep breath as my phone rang and I saw it was Jason.

“Hey babe, are you ok? Been thinking about me then?”

“I often do Jason. I am intrigued by what you have in mind, tell me more?”

“I take it you want to get fucked by my black cock?”


“Say it then.”

“Jason, I want you to fuck me ok? But what else you got on mind?”

I hear him chuckle. “Yes, I want to fuck you too Jayne. But I thought you might want to try something different. I know this little club that that arranges afternoon Bukkake sessions. They are always looking for amateur women to join in and I know how much you love to see a man cum. You could have lots of men wanking and cumming over you Jayne.”

I thought about it for all of 30 seconds, “I’m game if you can arrange it.”

“Look the organiser Simon will need to talk to you to make sure that you are genuine and understood what you are letting yourself in for.”

We chatted for another few minutes and the said our goodbyes. That evening I received a call from Simon who explained what happened during the afternoon and that I wouldn’t be alone as there would be another experienced girl to share the work.

“Ok Simon I quite fancy this, but please confirm that there is no penetration and also how many men will there be?”

“No penetration but touching is permitted and we have a maximum of ten men. We tend to organise so it’s like a circle jerk, the guys will surround you and basically wank off over and on you. Does that appeal to you Jayne?”

My passion is to watch men wank and the thought of several men wanking and cumming on me made my pussy twitch and I quickly answered, “Yes Simon I do fancy that provided Jason stays to keep an eye on things and what shall I wear?”

“Jayne, I will also be there and the guys always mostly behave well so get here at 2pm on Tuesday and we start about 30 minutes later. Don’t wear anything too flash because you will be covered in spunk darling”

I texted Jason gave him my home address and told him it was on and that he was to pick me up. For a couple of days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally Tuesday arrived and I had a leisurely bath in the morning and had a couple of strong vodkas too, spent ages shaving my legs and pussy and then even longer on my make-up.

I was still in my dressing gown when Jason turned up for me. “Shit, Jason I’m sorry I didn’t realise it was that time already. I’m still not sure what to put on.”

“Don’t worry babe, it’s not far away and I’m a bit early. Put on some stockings and sexy underwear and just throw on a coat Jayne. You don’t want to ruin a nice dress because you are going to be covered in spunk later.”

I quickly pulled on some black hold-ups, a black matching bra and thong and stepped into some high heels. I found my cream knee length raincoat and was soon following Jason out to his ancient Volkswagen Golf.

“Hope it’s not too far Jason, will this thing make it there?” I said laughing.

“Fuck off Jayne. You’d better watch it or I’ll make you walk home covered in cum!”

His car went better than it looked and we cruised along a dual carriageway he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch.

“Now that I know your husband is away we can get together for some fun over the next few weeks.”

“I would like that Jason. Let’s get today over with and plan some time together.”

“I want to see exactly how far you will go for me Jayne.” He said firmly.

“I might really surprise you, I can’t wait!”

Jason knew what buttons to press to get me going and particularly took advantage of my submissive nature.

At 2pm we pulled up outside a very anonymous office unit on an industrial estate.

“Come on in Jayne canlı bahis şirketleri this is it.” Jason said holding my hand and leading me inside.

We went in through a side door straight into a small office and a man I guess was Simon was talking to an absolutely stunning very young black girl.

“Hi, you must be Jayne. I’m Simon and this is my favourite slut Shantelle.”

Immediately I felt uncomfortable around both Shantelle and Simon. She was a very petite black girl in her early 20’s, stunningly attractive and dressed in a low cut transparent dress that struggled to keep her disproportionately large chest under wraps and next to her I felt like the middle aged Mum of two that I am.

Simon was about 60, well over 6′ tall, very overweight, covered in tattoos and dressed in an old t-shirt and shorts and looked a bit of a slime ball.

“Hi, I’m Jayne and I feel very nervous.” I stuttered out.

“Don’t worry Jayne it will be fine and Shantelle will show you the ropes. I hope you haven’t bothered to wear much under your coat Jayne, get it off so we can a proper look at you?”

I hesitated for a moment and then Shantelle moved closer and gave me a quick cuddle. “You are sweet Jayne, don’t worry you are very sexy.”

I unbuttoned my coat and Jason took it off my shoulders and hung it on the door leaving me standing in just underwear, high heels and stockings.

“Very nice Jayne, the guys like the mature sluts.”

“I feel very conscious of my age and size next to you Shantelle. You are so lovely and probably young enough to be my daughter.”

“Just one more thing to double check you are up for it Jayne.” Simon said. He had a smile on his face stepped over to me and pulled down his shorts. He held onto his soft cock and motioned for me to kneel down. “Let’s see what you can do.”

I knelt on the carpet and took his cock in my mouth and began to suck and lick on it. I swirled my tongue around the end and then slowly ran my tongue along the length and felt him getting harder by the second. So I took just the head in my mouth and wanked him quickly with my hand until he was really hard.

Then a doorbell rang distracting us. “Fuck, Jayne you love to suck cock! I could have cum right down your throat then but the punters are here by the sounds of it.”

Simon pulled his shorts up and went through the office door into another part of the building leaving me with Jason and Shantelle.

“Sit down and relax for a bit Jayne, they won’t be ready for a while. The boys need to undress and shower and Simon will want their money before he tells us to come in.”

“There are some bottles of beer in the fridge and I have something to relax you Jayne,” Jason said opening the fridge.

He opened two bottles and handed one to each of us and then pulled a sachet from his pocket and took two white pills out. I looked very uncertainly at the tablets but Shantelle leaned over and gulped one down so I followed her lead. Jason then went into the other room and Shantelle and I chatted for about 15 minutes, she was a lovely intelligent girl and as I thought easily young enough to be my daughter. I was feeling relaxed now and happily told her about my teaching job and she told me she was a law student hoping to practice family law and that the money she earned doing this helped with her tuition fees.

“Simon does pay me well for this, but he is a fucking creep I knew he would make you suck him. He always fucks me before I get my money.”

As we talked she kept listening out for what was happening next door and when some music started to play loudly she stood and took of her dress. She was now naked except for a little red thong and she saw me staring at her incredible figure.

“It’s nearly time. Jayne. I’m a size 8 but had these enlarged to E, do you like them?”

“Your figure is incredible Shantelle!” I reached out gently squeezed. “They are lovely and so are you.”

She leaned into me and we kissed her tongue soon deep in my mouth. We kissed deeply our hands exploring each other and she reached behind me and unclipped my bra pulling it off. “It’ll be a shame to ruin this Jayne.”

The door opened and Simon walked in as she kissed my neck up to my ear, “It’s going to be pretty wild in there but how about we give the boys a little bit of a show to set things going Jayne?”

We pulled apart and I and nodded my agreement but then I noticed the leather leashes in Simon’s hand as he walked around behind us. “Very nice you two I can see you get along well. I thought it would be fun to lead you in as a couple of sex slaves.”

Without saying a word Shantelle tilted her head forward and Simon secured the collar around her neck and clipped the leash on the ‘D’ ring at the front. He moved behind me, pushed my head forward and did the same to me with an identical collar and leash and then took hold of us and led us towards the door.

Shantelle took hold of my hand, “Don’t worry Jayne, just relax and try and keep your eyes canlı kaçak iddaa open and your hands and mouth full and you’ll be ok.”

Simon led us down a short passageway, I felt very relaxed but a little unsteady on my feet from the effect of the pills and drink as Simon led us into the room. I quickly counted 10 men all either naked or with a towel around their waist standing in a large circle on a large blue plastic mattress in the middle of the room. It was a real mix of ages, colours and sizes, from a very young Asian guy, to a couple of black men through to a very overweight man in his sixties. I felt relieved to see Jason dressed and standing to the side of the room but all eyes were on me and Shantelle as we made our way onto the mattress and knelt down.

“Gentlemen, meet your ladies who are gagging for some cum. You know Shantelle and this is our new lady Jayne. So let’s get the party started.”

The music was very loud and the men were talking excitedly and as he shouted over the din he unclipped the leashes. It felt a little chaotic as the men moved in closer to us but Shantelle pulled me closer to her and stroked my bum gently. I moved a hand to her breasts and squeezed as she whispered, “Kiss me.”

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers and she stuck out her tongue and licked along my lips lightly, parting them and pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Shantelle kissed as well as she looked and we kissed and caressed each other for a couple of minutes. I felt sure the guys would be enjoying the spectacle of a gorgeous young black girl making out with a mature very pale skinned redhead.

She scratched her nails over my bum and moved her lips away from my mouth and gently kissed my neck. At that moment I opened my eyes at a cock being wanked just inches from my face and as Shantelle moved away from me the guys moved closer. Hands were all over my body, tweaking my boobs, stroking my bum and thighs. I glanced over at Jason who was standing grinning as he watched me. Five men were around me all with varying cock sizes and in different stages of erection. I took a cock in each hand and began wanking them as the young Asian guy grabbed hold of my head and stuck his cock straight into my mouth. He fucked my mouth gently for a while until I heard a deep voice say, “Fuck it I’m ready to cum.”

The Asian guy moved aside and a thick black cock suddenly thrust into my face.

“Where do you want it you dirty bitch?”

He was already aiming straight at my mouth but obviously wanted me to say it.

“Do it on my face. Please do it, I want you to cum on me.”

He obliged and shot his hot cum over my lips and chin holding my face against his cock with one hand while he wanked with the other. As the flow of cum eased I realised my hair was getting a soaking as the young Asian guy stood over me and tossed himself off onto my forehead. They both moved back and as I wiped the spunk from my eyes the old man moved forward. He might have been about sixty and overweight but his cock was huge and hard and he moved closer to my face.

“Jayne, come here.” Shantelle said pulling me round to face her.

I looked a little shocked at how her face and tits were glazed with spunk but guessed I looked pretty much the same.

“The old man is a right dirty sod. He can be very rough and will call you names, that’s his thing.” As she spoke I could see spunk in her mouth.

“I’m sure I’ll be ok thank you.”

She looked at me and then pushed my head back and gave me a deep creamy French kiss and I felt cum trickling off her tongue into my mouth. We kissed and then she moved to my neck and licked up the spunk running down to my tits.

“Fucking hell Simon, these two are proper dirty whores you got us this time,” the old man called out.

“Behave Jim. Don’t upset the girls or you’ll be out.” Simon answered.

“The old one’s ok aren’t you darling. Come here you old slut and suck this.”

I turned to Jim and opened my mouth wide as he gripped my hair firmly. I closed my lips firmly about half the way down his shaft and used my tongue on the head. He moaned out loud as I used my hand to wank him as well.

“You want to know what I am going to do with you, you filthy old whore?”

I opened my eyes and saw Simon standing close making sure I was ok but everyone else had stood back to watch and listen.

“I’m going to come all over your face now suck it you fucking old whore!” Jim snarled. “You dirty fucking slut, I’m gonna spunk all over you.”

I felt him holding gripping my hair to steady my movements and the he pressed forward until I could feel the bulbous head of his cock against the back of my throat.

“Now I’m going to show you how I like it,” Jim said. I tried to resist the urge to gag as he held my head still and pushed on further. I gagged out loud until I managed to move and adjust his cock to a more comfortable depth.

“Come on, take it all in you slut. Relax your throat the best whores can swallow canlı kaçak bahis every inch of me.”

I felt my eyes watering as his cock start pushing past the back of my throat. I kept my eyes on his as I became used to the depth he was in mouth. As he took total control of me I felt my pussy getting wet.

“That’s it, that’s how a good old whore sucks cock.””

I let Jim carry on feeling he was getting close but he came sooner that I thought and I coughed and spluttered as his cum filled my mouth. I couldn’t move away as he held my mouth down on his cock. As he pulled out I opened my mouth and the let the spunk and saliva drip down onto my chest as he wiped is cock over my face and in my hair. I watched Jim quickly dress and walk away not even looking back towards me.

“We need a breather,” Shantelle said.

I looked at her amazed at how covered in spunk she was. There were only three men left, other than Simon and Jason, so I realised she had been much busier than me.

“Can I have a towel please Simon?”

“No Jayne, not until they’re all done. We want to see you two properly glazed and then you can shower.” He answered laughing.

The three left were all young quite fit lads in their 20’s still sporting good hard-ons.

“Come here than Jamie I know what you want.” Shantelle spat a mix of cum and saliva into her cleavage then grabbed her boobs in her hands. “Come on Jamie you can fuck my tits.”

She lay on her back and Jamie straddled her tits and wet slapping sounds echoed round the room as he fucked her chest hard. The other two gave me their cocks and I alternated my mouth between them both as they wanked themselves off. Then out of the corner of my eye I could see Jamie unloading a huge amount of cum over Shantelle. She then moved up next to me and we kissed again just as the last two started to groan and they gave us double load of cum over our faces. We kissed and shared the cum much to the entertainment of the remaining guys. Clearly time was up now but the last three were very polite and thanked us as they dressed and then blew kisses as they left.

“Look at the state of you two you’re drowning in cum both of you.”

“Well I took at least five loads of cum and god knows how much you too Shantelle,” I said smiling at her. “Even covered in spunk you look lovely!”

“I don’t feel it Jayne. There were a couple managed it twice I think but you had to put up with dirty Jim. You should stop him coming here Simon.”

“Maybe Shantelle but he does pay a lot extra. Anyway go and get cleaned up and I’ll settle up with you Shantelle ok?”

Shantelle took me to the showers and we got into separate cubicles. I stayed under the water for a long while making sure all traces of cum were removed and when I got out Shantelle had gone. I listened carefully and heard the sounds of fucking so wandered naked back into the main room and saw Simon had her on her back, with her gorgeous legs spread apart fucking her really hard while Jason was standing watching intently next to them. Simon looked at me and grinned. “I need to get my rocks off Jayne and I am paying this dirty little bitch. Keep still Shantelle here it cums!”

He thrust into her, as she lay motionless under him. I looked at her face, which was completely expressionless I’m sure that she found this the worst bit of the day. I felt a little embarrassed so grabbed my coat and put it on and with a quick smile and wave to Shantelle headed for the door. My underwear was soaked in cum and I had no other clothes so was naked under my coat but signalled to Jason it was time to go. I felt very tired and relaxed as Jason drove me back home and dozed for most of the journey until Jason pulled into the driveway at home.

“Do you want to come in Jason?”

“I am coming in Jayne after all I have spent nearly two hours watching you sucking guys off and then Jason fucking that lovely little black girl so I need to cum babe.”

I smiled and got out of his car and Jason followed me through to the kitchen.

“This is a beautiful home you have. You two must be doing pretty good. Now where’s your bedroom Jayne, as we’re here I fancy doing in your own bed?”

I pulled my coat off and dropped it onto the dining table and took Jason’s hand and led him upstairs. I stood naked in my stiletto heels watching as he so quickly undressed and rolled a condom over his cock. He stepped forward and pushed his cock against me and I took a deep breath and pushed back against him.

“Need to be fucked do you Jayne?”

“I need you to fuck me right now.”

I had got so turned on through the afternoon that I needed to fuck as badly as Jason. His hand caressed my bare bum and I felt my pussy tingle. I closed my eyes and flinched as his cock pushed against my pussy.

“Get on the bed.”

I did as I was told and lay back legs open waiting. “Fuck me,” I murmured.

He got between my wide spread thighs, his cock nudged against my wet pussy, ready to fuck me. His hands gripped me and my legs spread wider as he entered me slowly pushing his cock in. I moved my hips as my pussy adjusted to his size as he kept pushing gently until he was in deep taking my breath away. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me hard making me gasp.

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