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A Birthday Love Feast

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Chapter One

This is a story that involves an extraordinary true-to-life woman and an extraordinary make-believe after-dinner birthday party. It’s a truth and fiction tale. It’s about a very special woman who receives a very special outpouring of love and lust – some of which actually happened to this real lady and some of which is a figment of my imagination.

This woman’s name is Judy and she’s beautiful, interesting, and a joy to be around. This month she reaches her 70th year, yet many women much younger than her would “die for” her shapely figure and firmness of skin. Casual acquaintances believe she’s in her early fifties. Judy appears younger because of her “fountain of youth” genes that she inherited; a commitment to a moderate regimen of regular diet and exercise, and inner qualities that radiate a zest for life. Her honesty and ready sense of humor add to her youthfulness and help make her altogether a fascinating woman. I’ve adored this single woman for thirty years, despite the fact that I’m married. In fact, she’s the love of my life – we have so much in common.

Within the context of this blended biographical and fairy-tale story, there are events and activities that Judy is involved in that may be unacceptable for many. But her lesbian life and my sexual fantasies aren’t shared to obtain acceptance from such people. These things I’ve written are to primarily help us remember some of the highlights of our life together that were so enjoyable – and to let her know how I want to further develop our sex life.

She and I have long believed placing restrictions on the where and how of lovemaking is wrong when people are fully committed to each other. Love is only partially fulfilled if a body and mind capable of giving aren’t freely shared. After all, they bring forth the most intimate of human experiences. The challenge before Judy was whether or not she would receive the fullness of the gift by giving herself in pleasure to more than one loved person at a time.


I met this lovely, supportive, and intelligent lady back in the spring of 1978 when she was 39 years old. I introduced myself to her at a business function just after we’d been promoted to senior level management positions. Before coming to the company she had been an actress in television and the theater, a banker of sorts, and president of a consumer affairs association. From that point on, we became friends. And then despite my marriage and her romantic involvement with another person we found ourselves sexually attracted to each other.

My marital situation is a subject for another time but her relationship is germane to this story. The truth is that her involvement was with a woman – a much older woman – and I didn’t know about Judy in that way for perhaps 15 years. As improbable as this appears it was plausible. We couldn’t see each other all that much socially, and never on weekends. I was committed to a dead marriage because of my children and strong religious convictions. And she created “Dan,” a fictitious boyfriend who stayed with her in Manhattan twice a week and with whom she visited on weekends in Connecticut. Our personal get-togethers were at after-hour dates in New York City and during free times at conventions and meetings.

Anyway, when she was 26 years old, Judy, now a lesbian for about seven years; fell in love with a strong, formerly married woman. Her name is Jean, and she was a successful designer and entrepreneur of clothing accessories and promotional items. Judy told me, soon after I learned about their relationship, that if Jean had been a man she would have married her.

Prior to the time Judy fell under the spell of girls and especially Jean, she flirted sexually, to a point, with boys in high school. She continued doing so off and on during her college years, even though she was very fearful of getting pregnant. Part of the reason for this phobia was that her mother used to say, “Don’t let them touch you down there, you’ll get pregnant.” However, a smitten boy back home during one of her college breaks got her excited and she threw caution to the winds. He went as far as inserting a piece of his manhood into her femaleness. But he withdrew it because he wanted to wait until they were married (which didn’t happen). That was as close as she got to consummated sex with men until she met me. In their place, she decided that girls were the best way to gratify her pressing sexual desires. Apparently, masturbation wasn’t the answer back then, and so as she started college she began to desire the sexual attention of females.

The come-on of Sandy, a girl student a couple of years older than Judy, triggered her very first full-fledged orgasm. When it happened it totally thrilled her. She was attending a school near Boston, Massachusetts. Their fling led to other lesbian sex for Judy with several different college girls she met as a summer camp counselor. Right after college, she met Lenore, an older woman, while on vacation with her current lover. Sparks flew and they carried on güvenilir bahis an affair with each other from one of the Caribbean islands.

Judy told me that she loved the orgasms she experienced from the passion and the touches of women’s lips, tongues, and fingers. Interestingly, she really didn’t like to return the favor, although, of course, she did – she felt obligated. For Judy, cunnilingus on others was seldom fulfilling, finding it distasteful at times. But she did so in response to what they gave her, particularly when they focused their passion on the gap and its surrounding folds located between her legs.

At the time she met Jean, a bi-sexual, she had recently moved to New York City from Ohio. Now a college graduate who found acting in college a delight, she began looking for acting work. She was in a deteriorating relationship with Peggy, a woman she met during her schooldays in Boston. Jean lived weekdays in the same Manhattan apartment building and on the same floor as they did. Judy found her attractive and said yes when Jean invited her to spend the evening in her apartment. Jean told her to change into something more comfortable and Judy returned in pajamas. They had sex that night, and the way Jean handled the lovemaking and herself hooked Judy. She decided soon after that this was the love partner for her.

Their somewhat unique lifetime partnership began after Judy broke up with Peggy and moved alone to a rented apartment in 1965. Jean and she didn’t live together, except for two nights a week in Manhattan at Judy’s place and weekends in Jean’s home up in Connecticut. And during vacations, of course. They kept that arrangement almost until Jean’s death in 1992. It was, in some ways, an open relationship. For years afterwards, Jean, the bi-sexual, occasionally bedded men or toyed with them; a few times with Judy watching. For a brief period early in the relationship she also saw different women. Judy didn’t really object, apparently believing Jean’s sexual needs with others didn’t weaken their bond. Eventually, Jean stopped playing around with other women – until Judy met me some 14 years later. She had to tell Jean about us, as you shall soon learn in this story. Though sympathetic to her attraction to a man, Jean, a well-known woman in New York City lesbian circles, disliked this turn of events and, in response, took the opportunity to again seek out sexual pleasure with other women. Again, Judy accepted this.

Judy was mesmerized by Jean. She told me that Jean was so good at getting her aroused. Over the years, they often made love three times a day and, best of all; Jean didn’t always require oral reciprocity. She only “mouthed” Jean when she asked for it or because Judy was in the mood and wanted to delight her in this way. Jean’s sexual technique was passionate and directing. After she brought Judy to an exciting climax, Judy would usually then induce Jean’s sexual pleasure by fingering and stroking and kissing her erogenous zones, which included focusing on her smallish breasts. Doing these things made Jean extremely wet, to the point that her love juices literally oozed out of her. Judy told me she once watched a man fondle Jean and soon saw a dark spot of wetness spreading in the crotch of her heavy woolen slacks!

I’ve asked Judy to be more specific and detailed in explaining what they did during sex. Because I’m curious by nature – and a man – I’d ask her to tell me, lick by lick and kiss by kiss, not only what she did with Jean but what she did with the other women she had. Judy says she really can’t remember many specifics. She said that in the days with the college girls, the Caribbean lady, and Jean, she was focused primarily on her own orgasms. Everything else was incidental – the means to the end. So much so, she doesn’t recall what they did or she did beyond generalities.

My knowledge of lesbian life tells me that women make love to each other virtually the same way men make love to women. Their passions are just as intense. All they lack is a cock and, if that bothers them, a hand dildo or strap-on can do the trick. Certainly, they use their fingers and lips similarly to arouse each other. However, women are usually more effective than men in pleasing their women partners, though I believe I’m an exception for reasons I can’t fully explain.

From what I’ve learned, Jean was the lead lover most often. In my imagination, I can see Judy and Jean in a bedroom in New York or Connecticut; each undressing themselves in preparation for sex. Knowing Jean’s proclivity, I visualize her wanting, at times, to undress young Judy. Jean’s appetite for her body was strong; perhaps slipping off Judy’s bra and panties increased her cravings.

Now and then, I’ve wondered what was in Jean’s head as she looked down on Judy each time they began to make love. I suppose they would have already been fondling and kissing each other, but now here was a much younger woman in all ripeness waiting to receive Jean’s hands and fingers and lips and tongue – maybe even a hand dildo. With türkçe bahis Judy eagerly awaiting her ministrations, Jean sees two breasts larger than her own, a fuller bush of pubic hair, and a small wiggly and parting crevice – all to ravish in any way she wished. I imagine she could hardly wait to take her, because she knows how responsive Judy always is to her caresses.

I’m sure Jean loved to savor Judy’s love spots no less than Judy loved them to be savored. My imagination tells me that, on occasion, perhaps they straddled over each other’s faces to intensify and gratify their sexual hunger. Or they loved in the “69” position so they could pleasure each other at the same time. Maybe they even rubbed their swelling cunts together in scissor-like fashion. All of this done as a means to add more sparkle to their love life. Whatever they did, I’m certain Judy loved the sensations caused by Jean’s passionate touches – and vice versa. From the little information Judy has told me about the specifics of their sex acts, clearly they treasured exploring and allowing, tasting and feeling, giving and taking, knowing that their way of lovemaking came without the possibility of pregnancy.

In my mind, I can see Jean and Judy entangled in ardor; hands and lips touching the other everywhere as they brought their arousal levels up to the boiling point. I imagine Judy enjoyed feeling Jean’s slender and naked body, especially when she lay under her in a sensual embrace. I can also see them side by side kissing, as their hands reached around and squeezed and probed each other’s cheeks and anus. I can visualize them pulling slightly away after a while to better reach each other’s breasts and wet and waiting cunt. And then I picture one of them going on her back to help bring the rituals of their erotic love to a climax – rites that gave them physical and emotional joy for so many years.

They were of kindred spirit, despite the 20 year age difference, and could practically read each other’s mind. They loved to make love and they loved to do other things together. They spent parts of every winter down in Palm Beach in a condo they jointly purchased from Judy’s parents, who had moved up the road on Ocean Boulevard to a larger place. Good times abounded for them as they also traveled abroad and occasionally socialized in the lesbian community at restaurants and parties. They also enjoyed staying at home, whether in Manhattan or Greenwich. Judy recalled that once, late in their relationship, they were sitting in Jean’s country house having dinner in the dining room. Judy happened to look up at Jean and saw blatant lust in her eyes. Without saying a word, both stopped eating and went into the bedroom. They threw off their clothes; got in bed naked with Judy on her back and Jean at her side. After a few preliminaries, Jean moved down on her stomach to Judy’s wetness and began the finale of female arousal and orgasmic pleasure. Judy’s lust for Jean followed and was soon satisfied.

After Jean died at age 72, Judy’s sexual interest in women ended. Our relationship probably helped change her orientation, but she also said that her attraction to females would have been over long before I met her if Jean hadn’t been in her life. Despite the 30 plus years spent in the lesbian world, she always liked looking discreetly at a man’s crotch to see if his “unit” (her word for male genitals) caused a bulge in his pants – she still does. Jean understood this fixation and in a way encouraged her. Once, she brought Judy into a situation where they sat in a gay man’s living room watching him masturbate. Another time, Jean invited her to a threesome with a straight man – Jean’s gynecologist – but after Judy got into bed nude she changed her mind. Such recreational sex with a relative stranger – particularly a man – didn’t really appeal to her. But taking on the role of a voyeur as Jean dealt with her men on occasion was another matter – this she enjoyed.

Judy was 52 years old when she lost Jean – a time when I was struggling with guilt about our relationship, so she was alone. But despite our separation, Judy wasn’t willing to go looking for a man; he would somehow have to appear and make the moves. Since she wasn’t traveling in heterosexual circles it was a challenge. She told me after we got back together that she tried forgetting about me by allowing a long-time casual male friend to put her to bed. He entered her, but before he could ejaculate she stopped him. She decided while underneath him that he wasn’t making it happen, and this was the whole point of the exercise.

At the time of our reunion, Judy also admitted to me that “Dan” wasn’t real. She said, “Since Jean’s death, there’s no need for this charade of mine to continue. Besides, I want to be honest with you about my past sexuality.” Frankly, I wasn’t totally surprised by her confession. Before we broke up, I had been watching her move around her apartment without any clothes on. I remember asking her if she did the same in front of her boyfriend “Dan.” Her answer caused me to wonder. güvenilir bahis siteleri She replied, “He hates when I walk around like this.” I don’t think there is a healthy-minded man in this world that wouldn’t enjoy looking at a pretty and naked woman going to and fro in front of him.

I was glad that “Dan” didn’t exist. Looking back, I realize her admission changed the tilt of our relationship from lust for her body and love for who she was to loving her first. Sex actually became better because love was now paramount.

Chapter Two

I’m getting ahead of the story, so we go back to when we met. Our on agains and off agains, and now, happily, on again love story started in the summer of 1978. She agreed to have dinner with me (my job gave me the freedom to stay in the city after business hours). As we were returning to her apartment in a cab, I leaned over and kissed her; her lips were like “steel.” After a very pleasant evening, I was surprised at such resistance to a social kiss. Unfortunately, I caused one of her gold earrings to fall off without our knowledge. It wasn’t a very auspicious beginning.

However, despite that incident, we liked each other and began to have cocktail and dinner dates. Now goodnight kisses became more pleasant. After several months, I started prolonging them. Besides the enjoyment of lingering kisses, it gave me opportunity to feel the sides of her perfectly endowed breasts with my hands as they pressed fully against my chest. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was a marvelous feeling. Eventually, our hellos became sensual too. In fact, they became even more sensual. When she’d open her apartment door to let me in, we’d embrace. As we kissed, Judy would move against my body so that both of us could feel each other’s “charms.” Absolutely enchanting!

Her sweater girl looks, public modesty, underlining sexuality, and sophistication are some more of the compelling reasons why I found Judy so attractive. Adding further to the mix is her love of elegance and awareness of things going on in business and politics. All of her attributes and qualities captivated me, and ratcheted up my libido to heights not known before.

Incidentally, in the art of girl-watching I focus on women over 30 years of age. I’m primarily a breast and leg man, appreciating the look of well-proportioned breasts and nicely turned ankles of a nicely dressed lady. Since Judy belongs in this category, I love to walk with her. She holds my arm and I feel the fullness of a breast as we do. It always makes me aware of her undeniable femininity. As a girl-watcher, I also check out the derriere of a woman to see if its contour is showing through her clothes. Love that too. With discretion, I frequently pat Judy there, primarily because she has never routinely worn a panty girdle and I love its softness. This gesture not only stimulates me; it’s a sign of affection, telling Judy that in this way I’m indicating she’s my woman, and so I have the absolute right.

In late 1979, at a company function away from New York, the friendly relationship being developed went way beyond social “petting.” It happened when we were part of a group of people who gathered in the hotel bar after our meetings. We had a lot to drink, so when the party ended and it was late, I offered to escort Judy to her room. She accepted, and we left with several people saying goodnight to us. In the elevator on our way, I kissed her and then eased my tongue into her mouth; she returned the compliment.

Upon arriving, she offered me a night cap. I accepted, and we sat for a few minutes. I got up to leave, and then I couldn’t help myself. She was wearing a sweater over her skirt. I lifted the sweater and unclasped her bra strap in almost one motion. Two of the loveliest breasts I ever saw came into view. They were at least a 34C size, full and round and firm, with beautiful little pink nipples in the midst of lightly tinted areolas. I kissed them and seem to remember that she moaned and I began to get hard. We went no further because I worried about staying too long. I thought it possible that some of the people from the party would be still around and see me leaving her room much later than a simple good night at the door would normally take. That’s my head; sometimes it causes bumps on the road of our lovemaking.

Why she found me attractive when she loved a woman I don’t know. Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time. She didn’t seem bi-sexual (whatever that means), though I guess it’s not possible to have continuing sex with a woman and a man simultaneously and not be so defined. All I know is that she’s strictly a man’s girl now. In fact, I sense that Judy, to some extent, regrets her lesbian past. Fortunately, she doesn’t dwell on it.

I can’t fully explain our mutual attraction. Sure, sex plays a big part – it does to this day. But, over time, we became the best of friends. We know much of what makes each of us happy. She’s familiar with my thinking and – as a sexually minded woman – with every part of my body. I know her everyday spirit very well too, and the sizes and shapes of her anatomy that go way beyond her breast, waist, and hip measurements. We like and love each other, just as husbands and wives often do.

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