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8:10 to San Francisco Pt. 04: Trust is a Bitch

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I wake, groggy as fuck, as I try to move in this bourgeois king size bed. I recognize the hotel room. Somehow, I made it back here last night. I try to roll over and I’m immediately struck by what a mess I am. My legs are sore. I reach down with my hand and touch the lips of my pussy and it’s beyond sensitive. I’m afraid to touch my asshole.

I feel the starched sheet being pulled off me. It is my loving husband. He has been waiting for me to wake so he can clean my abused body with his tongue. I don’t know if this will be possible, but I need a little tenderness on my body right now. I roll over on my back and gently spread my legs.

“Gentle, my adoring husband,” I say still half asleep. He starts by gently kissing my thighs, then slowly moves to open me up with his tongue.

“I’ve never seen you this sensitive before, my beautiful Wife,” Marty offers in his docile way, “Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, I had a good time,” I say as I try to remember, “I was at this college party. I was with Ryan and his friend Mike. And there were a lot of strippers there, and sex, and then I just kind of joined in.”

“Was it mostly with Ryan, my love?” Marty says at his meekest, “Is this Ryan’s seed, I’m tasting in your delicious pussy?”

“Ryan’s, his friend Mike, others,” I offer in a matter of fact way, trying to recall, “Once it started, it was hard to keep track. So many men wanted to fuck me. Wanted me to suck them off. Oh wait… I didn’t have sex with Ryan’s friend Mike, I just sucked him, then he fucked my ass.”

“That all sounds pretty incredible, Mistress, I wish I could have been there for you,” Marty says as he licks crusty’s from stomach and chest.

“It was. I came so many times, It was kind of freaky, I couldn’t calm down. I had no idea what would happen next. It was a pretty aggressive crowd of boys. I mean, once it got going there was no turning back. I felt wonderfully trashy.” I confess the powerlessness of the situation, “Come up here and kiss me, my darling husband, I have missed my best friend.”

My husband shuffles up and we share an intimate moment, “I know we had this pact that I would first introduce you to anyone I planned to fuck, but this was a once-in-a-life time opportunity. Certainly, a pussy-boy husband can appreciate that.” As we kiss, I reach down and check his panties for the butt plug, then I remember that it was with me last night. “Do I have cock-breath, Marty?”

“Cock and cum breath, my beautiful wife,” Marty smiles, “Do you have cum in your ass? Would you like your slave-husband to lick it out?”

I reach back and tickle my asshole with my finger. I feel my passage, still loose, with cum and lube oozing out, “My dear cum-sucking whore of a husband, I don’t think I could handle it. I would like you to draw me a bath instead.”

“Do you think I could just look at your beautiful, puffy butthole, my loving wife?” my Marty asks.

Before I sit in the tub I spread my ass for my pussy-boy’s edification and even that is too painful. Marty washes me lovingly from outside the tub, a constant erection the symbol of his devotion. The rest of the day is about recovery. My poor Marty, I had promised him I would fuck his ass with my strap-on this morning, but the morning has come and went, and his wants are still far down on my list of priorities.

Around three p.m. I send him out on an errand, “I want you to go to a sex novelty store on Sixth Avenue. They do enemas, get a good one. Then buy a cock cage. Once you get it, I want you to wear it back to the hotel. I can’t have you walking around with a hardon. What if Ryan comes over tonight? He might think it a little insolent.”

That will keep him busy for a couple hours, I think. Around five p.m. I get a text from Ryan.

Ryan: “What are you doing tonight?”

Me: “I don’t know. I think I proved I am ‘Ryan’s cock whore,’ so I guess it is up to you.”

Ryan: “I have to say, I was impressed by your lack of modesty last night. When I finally fucked your ass last night, surrounded by people, that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had.”

Me: “Me too. Why don’t you come to my hotel and we’ll top it?”

Ryan: “What about your husband? I really don’t want him begging to suck my cock.”

Me: “What if I tie him to a chair, gag his mouth, and put his small dick in a cage?”

Ryan: “Sounds like we have a deal. I don’t want to hear any excuses about how sore you are from last night when I give you my big, hard cock.”

Me: “We have an extra ball gag, if I start to scream, you’ll just have to put it in my hungry mouth. See you around 9 pm. Room 412.”

Marty returns around six. He is very excited about the new method of chastity. I have to say it looks wonderful, shiny chrome with his hairless flesh sticking through. güvenilir bahis This merits a special reward.

“It looks wonderful, darling, but I think we need to test it out,” I say as I bend him over a table, “I want to make sure that that thing will keep you from cumming.”

Marty looks excited as I put on a rubber glove and lube up three fingers. I explore his hole and then work one finger in at a time. I’m always awestruck of how much he gets into it, what a huge anal slut I have for a husband! I grab the cage with my free hand and test its limitations.

“Remember, this is about you not cumming,” I warn, “I want to see how much you can strain against that cage and not climax.”

“Thank you, my darling wife. Thank you for fucking my pussy and denying my undeserving cock.” Marty moans as I stroke the inside of his channel and his g-spot.

“My pleasure, it’s been a while since I fucked your pussy, hasn’t it? You know, we could do it more if I didn’t have to worry about you dribbling your cum everywhere. You have to be special, good tonight. Ryan is going to come over here in a few hours to give me his big cock. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Wonderful, my beautiful wife. Can I hold your hand while he fucks your sore pussy?” Marty whimpers as I add a third finger in his ass.

“No. Ryan doesn’t want you drooling all over his cock, so I’m going to tie you to that chair over there. Do you have a problem with that?” I ask with a devilish grin as I cut off his pleasure and take my hand out, and leave him gaping, “Reach back with both hands and keep your ass spread. And I will be back with a treat for your pussy.” Before walking away, give two slaps to his waxed, bleached asshole.

“When my love, when will you be back?” Marty whines. I do not answer him.

I go the bathroom to start myself a shower. I yell in from the other room, “If you think you can handle it, before I tie you to the chair, we’ll put the remote vibrator in your ass. That way, whenever I can, I’ll give you a fun little jolt of pleasure, tonight. But it will be our little secret.” I know this is playing with fire. Ryan can be a little jealous. He may not like me playing with my husband’s ass, when I should be focusing on worshiping his cock.

After I shower, I come into the bedroom nude with the towel draped over my shoulders. I see Marty in the same position holding his ass opened, “Such a good boy…Did you hold it open like a good little anal whore? If I come over there and you’re not gaping?… there will be hell to pay.” I come closer, push my thumb into his hole and whisper in his ear, “No lube.” His body contracts around thumb as he’s stunned by its abruptness.

Around eight I set up the room. I place a hard chair near the bed. I help Marty prepare, first, a lubed vibrator, then I pull his satiny light blue panties up over the cock cage. I tie his legs to the legs of the chair and his arms to the armrests. I then let Marty watch me get ready.

I do my hair and makeup. I decide to go naked except for my fuck me pumps and my silk robe. With the trauma my pussy and ass suffered last night, I have no idea how I am going to have any sex tonight. I’m hoping if I worship Ryan’s cock and asshole with my mouth for a couple hours that will suffice until I get back on my feet. When I think I’m ready, I sit on my husband’s lap, tilt his head back, tell him I love him, and then spit in his mouth. I put the gag on as tight as it will go, I think Ryan will appreciate that. No distraction as I bring him to climax with my tongue in his ass.

Twenty minutes later my sore pussy is about to burst into flames, I am so hot. There is a knock on the door, it is Mike, Ryan’s big friend. I am more than a little confused. “Where’s Ryan?”

“Oh, he’ll be along. I brought Tequila!” Mike announces as lets himself into the room, “Do you have any glasses?”

“Over there, wait, where’s Ryan? What’s going on?” I ask, more than a little pissed off and disappointed.

“Oh, he got held up. He told me he would send you a text,” Mike replies as if he hasn’t a care in the world.

I check my phone, sure enough there is a message: “Patricia, my slutty little adulteress, I will be along shortly, I need to make a stop. I’m counting on you to make my best friend comfortable until I arrive… He really liked the blowjob you gave him last night. He couldn’t stop talking about it, today. So, suck his cock!”

I’m more than a little floored and disappointed. Mike hands me a shot of tequila. It is a triple. We clink glasses and I swallow it all in three gulps. Mike makes this leap that we have this friendship, this rapport that just doesn’t exist. Part of me finds his manner repelling.

“So, that is your husband over there. I like his blue panties,” says Mike amused türkçe bahis at the novelty. “Ryan told me that your husband is like your slave and loves it when you treat him like your bitch.”

“He loves to make me happy, be submissive, and sexual denial is a big part of that.” I reluctantly share as I look at my strapped down husband as his worried eyes find me.

“So he would do anything you asked?” Mike says, fascinated by the Dom/sub relationship, “Like, after I fucked you he would eat the cum from your pussy.”

“Or we could just cut out the middle man, and you could just jack off straight into his mouth,” I say as I begin to feel the tequila, “Dude, Mike, in all honesty, I would only pimp my husband out to people I like.”

“Well, hotness and skills aside, I don’t know if I like you, either. Now, are you going to keep Ryan happy and suck my cock before he gets here?” Mike says as he stands next to my confined husband. He then reaches into his pants and pulls out his swelling cock, “Take off your robe I want to see your body.”

I drop the robe and kneel, solemnly, as if I’m about to say the Lord’s Prayer. Mike feels the need to try and humiliate me, “You crazy, fucked up bitch. How did you get so good at sex, was it your gym teacher?”

I start off strictly mechanical, trying to focus on the why and not the who. For the love of two sexy men, my husband and my boyfriend. Mike’s cock is too thick to deep throat, but he insists, I swallow only getting four inches in before gagging. Mike assumes that because I’m good at sex I like it rough. When I can, I take long licks down the left side of his pole while I look deeply into my loving husband’s eyes.

“Oh, my darling husband, it is so big. I wish you could help me with it.” I say as if I’m moving a dresser. I start sucking his cock with determination, using my hands, my tongue, everything, to make him shoot his load. I look at Marty. I can’t tell whether he thinks this is hot or cruel, or both. I can sense Mike is getting close. I grab his ass with both hands and look up at him, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” He is only too happy to oblige. He strokes the base of his cock into my open, waiting mouth.

With a mouthful of cum, I stand up and then sit in my husband’s lap. I undo the ball gag to share the contents of my mouth. Without warning, I jump up and run across the room. I had forgotten the vibrator in Marty’s ass. I grab the remote-control, put it on full speed and then throw it towards the bed. I settle down back in my adoring husbands lap, put my head above his head, and spill the cum from my mouth into his.

I hold my slave’s face and we share a long passionate kiss, pushing our tongues into each other’s mouths, sharing the Neanderthal’s discharge. From sitting on Marty’s lap and feeling the vibrations radiating through his lap, I have a revelation. Ryan wanted me to blow Mike, I blew him. Now, Mike has no reason for being here. He can either leave or help me fuck my meek husband. I untie his wrists and his legs and lead him over to the bed. It is hard for him to walk with a five-inch vibrator in his ass.

My darling husband crawls up on the bed on all fours. I reach behind him and pull his panties down to his knees. I work the vibrator from Marty’s ass and cover most of it in lube. Mike doesn’t know whether to go or stay, so he does another shot of tequila with his dick out. With my left hand on Marty’s ass for leverage, I slowly work the vibrating tool in and out of his hot hole. My darling husband moans and pushes back.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck yourself with this cock,” I encourage as I look at drunk Mike in a trance while stroking his growing cock, “such a greedy little ass my whore has. Has your pussy missed my cock?” I consider putting on my strap-on, but I sense my husband is about to graduate to the real thing.

“Thank you, my Mistress, my darling wife. Is your slut’s pussy tight enough for you?” Marty says as he grabs the sheets in front of him for resistance.

“Look at Mike stroking his thick cock,” I do my best to give my husband what he has been longing for these many weeks, months, “We wouldn’t be very good hosts if we ignored an erection like that, would we?”

Marty answers by closing his eyes and opening his mouth wide as I pummel his ass. Mike brings his hard cock over to my slave’s mouth. This is the first time another man has offered my husband his cock and I’m more than a little excited for him. With Marty needing his hands for support, he does everything with his mouth. Suck the head, licking the length, sucking the root by his balls. I can’t help but egg him on, “Oh yeah, show your Mistress what a good little cock sucker you can be. If Mike doesn’t say this is the best blowjob ever, you’ll never get another cock to suck. I promise you.” güvenilir bahis siteleri

My husband redoubles his efforts. Mike stares down at Marty’s cock-sucking lips pampering his meat. I try to take this to the next level, “Mike, have you ever fucked a slave’s ass before? This whore can’t get enough things put in his ass.”

Without a word Mike moves around to my end of the bed. I lube up Mike’s tool, look in eyes guardedly, and then pull the vibrator out of my husband’s ass. Marty tries to stick his ass out like a pro.

“My, someone can’t wait to have his ass split open by a thick, hard cock,” I playfully torment. I hold my husband’s ass open with both hands as Mike slowly pushes into his rectum. I am overwhelmed by the solemn event, it could hardly be improved upon.

My husband whimpers with delight, “Oh god. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it.”

“Shut the fuck up, my adoring husband. You’re not telling us anything new. All the best whores are anal whores,” I reprimand, slap his ass and shove my fingers into his mouth. Mike is encouraged by my manipulation and starts to drive harder into his ass. I can tell my husband is in raw ecstasy. I lay down next to him and pull on his cock cage, “I want to see my slave cum. I want to see my darling husband cum from having his ass fucked.”

“Can I, can I have the cage removed, Mistress?” Marty manages to ask with his ass high in the air and his face in the sheets.

“No, I don’t want you erect. I want you to orgasm through the pleasure in your ass. only. Do you think can do that, do that for your Mistress,” I say caringly as I grab both his nipples.

“I think so, Mistress. I think I am close,” Marty says through labored breath.

“I know you can. I am going to help,” I wrap my hand around his package and milk the balls and cock together. Mike is grunting, trying to ride my husband’s ass through the mattress. I feel this is working. I notice my own nipples are hard, and for a moment I consider how all this is affecting me. I slide my free hand into the crack of Mike’s hairy ass and deeply stroke his cleft.

Marty’s caged cock is pinned against the mattress, so I take his hand and look in his eyes, “Don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel it, my fucking slave? The big cock pounding your little pussy? Cum for me. Cum for me. Cum for your beautiful wife.”

Mike cums first, grunting and slamming his length into my husband’s abused ass. Marty humps the bed and releases into the sheets. His ass twitches and contracts, followed by spasms up his spine. I cuddle my darling husband as Mike slowly withdraws his cock. I stroke Marty’s forehead and tell him how proud I am, “Good boy, Good boy. What a big cock to have for your first time. You were such a good little whore. You have such a talented little pussy, I’m so proud.”

Mike is fully dressed, seems to be ready to leave, and is searching the room for something. He finds his half-drunk bottle of tequila. I stand up and show him to the door. He wants to confide, “If you run into Ryan, don’t tell him about me fucking your husband and anything else along those lines, ok?”

“Ryan, where the fuck is Ryan? Wasn’t he supposed to be here like an hour ago?” my heart sinks, as I begin to fear the worst.

“Yeah, he had no intention of coming over tonight. He just said he was, so his best friend could get another piece,” Mike says not so gallantly, as he takes his free hand and grabs my sensitive pussy and squeezes, “He wanted me to tell you he will find his own way back to Seattle… Admittedly, It wasn’t a very nice thing to do.”

I am thunderstruck at being set up so completely. I really thought he liked me. I ask Mike, “Is there anything else?”

“Oh yeah, he wanted you to have this back,” Mike says as he reaches into his coat pocket and hands me the glass butt plug I had displayed at the party, the same plug Marty had used the day prior.

“You keep it. It seems to have brought you more luck than me,” I say, still bruised at being the butt of a joke.

Mike takes it and quickly leaves with his tequila. No so long, no thank you. I meander over to the bed and cuddle up to my husband, who is still lying on his stomach, still lying in his own cum. I stroke his spine tenderly, lovingly. Perhaps the most tender I have been with my husband in a year. I dip my middle finger into his stretched asshole and coat it in Mike’s cum. I bring my finger up to my husband’s mouth, and he sucks on it in a wonderfully submissive way.

“Did you enjoy that? Your first real dick. I have to say, it was really hot watching you, watching you get off,” I ask, with most formality on hold.

“Yes, thank you so much. That was incredible. Do you realize I came twice in the past week? People will say you spoil me.” Marty says while I kiss him his lips, “Do you think you’ll see Ryan back in Seattle?”

I hook two fingers into his slick cavity and pull my cuckold husband closer. I want to ask him what he thinks about the situation, about Ryan, but I have forgotten how.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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