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3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 2

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Over the next 2 weeks, Erin stayed with Jason. She was able to get some of her things, and would get the rest when she found another place. Randy wanted nothing to do with her. Of course, staying with Jason and his black roommate Mike meant a hell of a lot more sex!

A couple of things about Erin, though: One, more sex didn’t mean she had enough sex. Two, she seemed to have an aura about her that let every guy she met know that she was easy. When she became single…when Randy took that ring off her finger – the guys at college were on her like never before. She only had so much willpower!

One particular guy, Bill, had always come on strong with her. When he noticed no more ring on her finger he was overbearing! He was good looking – skinny, about 5’11 155 pounds, short brown hair. He was young, though. 18 years old (she was 19).

On this day, he had a long conversation with her and was able to convince her to go to his place for lunch. She was really dressed down, but to him she looked incredible. She was wearing tight black spandex shorts and a white T-shirt. Her ass looked amazing in them, and her tiny feet looked very pretty in her black sandals with chestnut nail polish.

Erin drove, and Bill was looking her up and down for the entire trip. Her sexy, smooth legs, her creamy white skin, her beautiful face, her dazzling smile. He wanted her bad. She was turned on, which was nothing new, but to have this much attention from someone always set tingles running through her crotch.

They picked up some fast food and brought it to his place which he shared with a roommate. The roommate was gone for the day. They sat down in front of the TV with their food and talked, not really watching it. The sexual chemistry between them had never really been there before, but throw Erin in a room with any guy, it seemed, and the chemistry will make itself. They were both done their lunch, but neither wanted to head back to class. Neither really had much to say, either. They were sitting side by side on the couch, in close proximity.

Bill broke the awkward silence when their eyes met and he leaned forward. She didn’t move away when his lips met hers and they kissed, softly. She was unsure if she wanted to kiss him, but didn’t know if she did NOT want it either. In the meantime, they were kissing.

He slid his hand around her side, adjusting on the couch as he tried slipping a tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue access. Their kissing grew passionate, as the tingles in her crotch increased. She sent her own tongue into his mouth, her hands sliding up his chest and around his neck.

He slid his hand down the side of her leg, past her shorts to her bare skin, all the way down to her knee. He then slid his hand back up her body, this time working towards the front, over her shirt. As his hand cupped her breast, his tongue mingled with hers. He squeezed her soft breast through her T-shirt, and she sighed into his mouth. Their lips were smacking loudly as the kissing grew in passion. His hand finally left her breast and slid down between her legs.

Erin parted her legs slightly, accommodating him. Bill’s fingers trailed up the inside of her thigh, teasing over her crotch over the spandex. “Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth, as his hand began to rub her horny pussy over her clothes. Her own small hand slipped down to his lap, and she canlı bahis rubbed the obvious bulge there.

He slid his hand up to the top of her shorts, and she let him slide his hand into them, and into her panties. He could feel the curls of her pubic hair run through his fingers. When his fingers hit the moisture of her slit, she moaned into his mouth again. She was all his.

Her expert fingers undid the button in his shorts and pulled down the zipper. Her hand dove into his underwear and grabbed his hard cock. It felt average in size, nothing to write home about. But in her condition, any cock would do. She had been spoiled the last little while with Jason’s big cock, and his roommate’s as well.

She stroked his shaft and was satisfied to hear him moan into her mouth. He slid his fingers down her sopping wet slit until he felt the intense heat of the entrance to her treasure. He dipped a finger inside, sliding it into her warmth to the second knuckle.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, breaking the kiss for a moment. Her wet pussy gripped his finger, tightly, and he could feel her fingers squeeze his penis a little harder. He slid his digit in and out of her needy hole a few times as his tongue explored her mouth. He ran his finger slowly up the lips of her cunt until he reached the tiny button of her clitoris. He tickled it a little, just teasing her, and she sucked in her breath.

Her fist began to stroke him a little more roughly as he really got her hot. She began to subtly writhe her pussy against his hand as she grew hotter and hotter. He suddenly pulled his hand out of her panties, leaving her wanting more. He grabbed the sides of her spandex shorts and began to tug downward. Erin raised her ass off the couch and allowed him to slide her shorts down her legs. She pulled each of her small feet out of them one by one.

The panties she wore were quite skimpy. They were white with little pink dots, Bill noted. They resumed kissing, his hand sliding up her smooth, soft thigh. She sent her tongue far into his mouth, dying for him to touch her where she needed it most. She felt his hand on her pussy through the thin cotton of her panties, and she sighed into his mouth. He could clearly feel her swollen pussy lips through the wet material. His fingers nudged them aside, and they began to gently tease up and down her moist slit.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned, pleasure firing up her body from her crotch. Once again, he dipped a finger into her steamy hole. As he kissed her, he began to fuck her with his index finger, sliding it in and out of her slowly. A few more minutes of this, and she couldn’t get any hotter. He broke the kiss.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?” he asked.

“Sure!” she said, smiling. She was still convinced that she wouldn’t fuck him, but thought she could use some nice oral. They stood up and headed for his room. He caught a quick glance of her sexy ass as she walked, barely covered by the triangle of her panties, before he took the lead and headed into his room.

He backed her up towards the bed and they fell on it, kissing. She opened her legs and he got between them, and they began to grind against one another as they kissed passionately. Without breaking the kiss, he reached down in between them and began to rub her cunt over her panties.

This drove her absolutely crazy, and it showed in her kiss. She was moaning, tongue darting bahis siteleri far into his mouth, hands all over his back and ass. He broke the kiss, and began to kiss down her neck and quickly down her chest over her shirt.

Heart pounding, Erin slid her tiny feet up the bed, opening herself up completely to him, desperately needing some attention downstairs. Bill skipped over the panty area and kissed the smooth inside of her right thigh. He then kissed her left one, and continued to alternate, each kiss bringing him closer to her treasure. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal, he knew how turned on she was. He kissed her panties right over the lips of her cunt.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, a tingle of pleasure shooting up her spine. Without further ado, Bill grabbed the thin sides of her underwear and pulled. Erin eagerly raised her ass up off the bed and he easily slid the dainty things down her short, sexy legs and off.

She rested her feet flat on the bed, legs wide open, showing him her wonderful treasure. Perfectly trimmed, the brown curls of her pubic hair framed the quivering lips of her pussy. She looking at him almost pleadingly, chest heaving.

Not wasting any more time, he bent between her sexy legs and kissed her naked pussy for the first time. She gasped, the buzzing in her cunt increased. His tongue snaked out and he licked her ever slowly, beginning at the bottom of her slit and working his way up to the top. He slid his hands under her ass, holding her cheeks as his tongue slithered into her hole. He had an exceptionally long tongue, and he knew she would like it.

“Ohhhhh God…” she moaned. What was he doing? His tongue slid into her pussy over two inches, tasting her delicious juices. She had never felt anything like this before! Was that his tongue? It went so deep! The sensation of a tongue wiggling around inside her pussy had her gasping with delight. She was squirming underneath him, rubbing her pussy in his face. He hadn’t even touched her clit yet and he was getting her off!

Using his entire tongue, he licked the top half of her slit rapidly, finishing at her sensitive button each time. She moaned, her small hands reaching between her legs and holding his head. He was incredible at this! She could feel an orgasm well up inside her.

He continued to eat her pussy, sucking her lips into his mouth as he pushed down his shorts and underwear, unleashing his 6 inch cock. He began to stroke it as he went down on her. Bill began to circle her clit with his tongue, sliding a finger far into her pussy at the same time.

“UNHHH!” she groaned, cumming. Her eyes winced shut, she squeezed her legs together around his head as her orgasm took over.

“Ohhhh fuck!” she cried as the intense part of the orgasm ended. She gasped for breath as he gave her pussy one more lick. He thought about going to his nightstand and grabbing a condom, but decided to wait. He wanted to make sure he had her, and to stop the momentum for even a moment could be costly.

He crawled up the bed towards her, hard dick swinging back and forth. Her heart was pounding as she watched him approach, eyes trailing down to his manhood. A wave of desire shot through her pussy at the sight of it. It was at that point she knew that she was getting fucked.

Pants around his knees, he lay on top of her, lips finding hers. They kissed deeply as he grinded the shaft bahis şirketleri of his cock against her needy slit. She was so hot down there, it would be so easy for him to just bring his hips back and slide inside her. Their kiss grew more frantic, turning each other on even more with the sensation of their crotches rubbing against one another.

Now is when he should reach over and grab the rubber. But this felt too good. Their lips were smacking loudly, her slick, wet pussy continued to be stimulated by his long penis. He was dying to slip it in her. He needed that condom. Erin struck him as the type of girl who gets around – even though she just ended a 2 year relationship.

Her tongue slipped far into his mouth and her tiny hand reached down their bodies, reached under her leg and grabbed his cock. He raised his hips up a little, allowing her to run his rock hard member down her sopping wet slit. So much for a condom!

When she got it to her entrance, she let it go and put her arms around his neck, looking at him with desire. He couldn’t stop himself, he pushed forward. Her hot pussy slowly sucked him inside, and he continued to push forward. He entered her in one long stroke, his cock sheathed in her cunt.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed as another new man slid into her. He moaned, completely engulfed in her warmth. Erin ran her tiny feet up and down his legs as he began to slowly slide in and out of her. It felt so good to have a new penis inside her. Not that she didn’t like the big cocks she was getting with Mike and Jason, it was just nice to get an average sized dick in her again – a bit of a break so to speak.

She raised her feet up into the air as her school mate picked up the pace. He held himself up on his arms, looking down below her shirt at where his cock disappeared into her bush over and over. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her were getting louder and higher pitched as the feelings grew more intense. His penis continued to glide in and out of her wet cunt.

Her hands grabbed his ass and she could feel the muscles clench every time he thrust into her. She could feel an orgasm approach, and her moaning turned into whining, and then nothing at all.

“OHHHHHHHH!!” she moaned, releasing everything at once as she came. She was gasping for breath, her heart was pounding, her hands clawed at his back and ass.

He continued to jackhammer in and out of her eager hole, increasing the pace even further as the moaning girl tried to recover beneath him.

The sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy so quickly extended her orgasm, and she loved every second of it. Her hands tried desperately to hang onto his thrusting ass, but his movement was just to fast. Bill was losing it. This small, beautiful woman moved so well beneath him, touching his entire body with her hands and feet, that he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted. He thrust into her a few more times before feeling that familiar sensation in his balls. He slid his entire pole into her cunt, holding it there.

“Ohhh…” she gasped, feeling so good. He moaned, cock jerking inside her. A thick stream of cum sprayed off the back of her pussy. Another load of cum fired out the end of his dick and into her hungry womb.

His lips found hers and she kissed him as still more of his ejaculate dripped into her vagina. Finally, the last of his semen trickled into her pussy. He stayed inside her, soft, for a few minutes, kissing her. He pulled out of her wet cunt and lay beside her.

The two of them made it for their last class of the day.

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