Nisan 24, 2024

10E Ch. 04

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You lean into him and kiss him hard and wet on his mouth. Knowing that the taste of his cum is still in your mouth you make certain to run your tongue deep in his mouth. You pull back and look directly into his confident dark eyes and say, “This mouth doesn’t have to earn anything”.

Before he can react or respond you stand, “I need to find the little girls’ room.” Moving with slow, deliberate strides, with just enough hip to keep his and every other man’s eyes on you, you head for the bathroom. “Stay in control,” you say to yourself, knowing too well that this is slowly becoming harder and harder to do.

The door to the plush marble and granite bathroom opens. You wait while another woman exits. The two of you briefly make eye contact. The look she gives makes you wonder what she is thinking. You know the look. It’s the one you’ve given some of your daughter’s acquaintances at school. “Those girls” – the ones you will not let her hang out with. The sluts. You head straight to the counter and as the door closes you grab the vanity for support. You are flush with desire and emotions.

You look at yourself in the mirror. Smoothing the front of your skirt and adjusting your blouse, your hands run canlı bahis şirketleri across your body. You realize just how damn good you look. You lean into the vanity to look at your eyes. You feel the hard edge against your overly-stimulated aching cunt. It dawns on you that you still haven’t had a good orgasm and that prick has. You arch your back slightly, pressing yourself into the edge. God that feels sooo good. You back away and hike your skirt to adjust your thigh high stockings. You can see yourself in the mirror, the sexy underwear having as much of an effect on you as a man it seems. Unable to resist, your hand moves to your pussy. You begin to rub yourself through the fabric. Closing your eyes you imagine Mr. James rubbing you there. Your hand quickens. Your cunt is soaking. Your clit is rock hard as you slide the thong to one side. You bite down on your bottom lip feeling the orgasm build.

You hear the outer door to the bathroom open. You gasp and stumble backwards into the handicap stall, quickly closing the door. Your heart is racing in your chest. You rest your flushed face aganst the cold steel of the door. Your heart starts to calm. Turning around with your back on the door, you canlı kaçak iddaa breathe deeply. Your hand moves to slide the lock when there is a sudden pressure against the stall door separating the door from the hinge, making it impossible for you to lock the stall.

“Heeeyyyy, this is taken!” you blurt out. The door is pushed harder. “This isn’t funny!” You push back, your heels sliding on the floor. The door is about a third of the way open. You open your mouth getting ready to scream. “HE…!” You go mute. A masculine hand covers your mouth. Your heart jumps. His other hand wraps around your waist and pulls you tight to him, the deep low toned, assertive voice of Mr. James says, “Don’t turn around.”

Scared…mind racing, you bite him on the palm. He relinquishes his grip on your mouth but quickly counteracts by grasping a handful of hair. You gasp as he jerks your head back. His lips against your ear, “Dont do that again, bitch!”. Your legs grow weak. “You gonna behave yourself?” You whimper and nod your head. “Not a sound!” he commands. Butterflies in your stomach.

He releases his grip and you can hear the latch slide on the door. You start to turn around. “DON’T turnaround” he barks. canlı kaçak bahis You turn back and lower your head. His hand firmly in your back guiding you towards the sink.”What is happening to me?” you think to yourself. A distinctive tingle begins pulsing through your body. He pushes you forward, your hands grip the edge of the sink as he pulls your skirt up. “Nice ass,” he says and gives you a firm slap on your left cheek. “Thank your , Mr. James,” you reply without thinking. “Alright, this is about…”. You feel your thong split your swollen lips as he jerks it up. Your teeth dig into your bottom lip as you feel your wetness as the fabric cinches your clit. You gasp aloud as the pain sears your aching cunt.

The fabric tears sending a pre orgasmic wave through your body as the pain releases your engourged nub. Goose bumps dance across your skin as you hear his pants and belt hit the floor. Looking up you can see him in the mirror. He takes the head of his cock and begins to run it up and down the length of your sodden slit. Teasing you. Revelling in the silky wetness of your lips. You push back trying to take his thickness inside you. He smacks you hard on the ass. You retreat. He slowly moves the head of his cock against your clit. You feel the opening of his penis tease you. Your body tenses. Half whimpering and half moaning you cum as the sweet fluids release from your body. Your fingers gripped tightly on the sides of the sink.

To be continued

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