Şubat 5, 2023

Your Cheating Husband

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Anal Dildo

The first time your husband came inside me was less than six months after he married you. You were out of town for work, sitting in your hotel room, deep in your Pinterest while your husband’s married cock was deep inside my pussy. The fact that he was married and you were unsuspecting made it all so much hotter as we grinded into each other in your bed sheets. We’ve done it so many times, your cats know me.

He was once briefly my boyfriend, and for that I’m so thankful, because I didn’t know how much more I’d enjoy fucking him once he became someone else’s husband. I love that he fucks me with his wedding band on, touching me all over, squeezing my tits, fingering me and getting pussy juice all over it. He loves to bury his tongue deep in my wet cunt and explore it, and I grab the rails of the bed frame, the same ones you do, and grind my pussy on his face so he can get in there deep. He thinks he’s so good at it, and he is, like when he switched it up and pulled that ring off and placed it around my clit, gently pressing it as he licked up and down, over and over until I screamed. He leaped up on top of me and covered my mouth. I was aroused all over my body, down to my fingertips. He pulled my face to his and kissed me.

“Call me a slut,” I moaned. His tongue lingered inside my mouth, probing mine. He didn’t ask why.

“You’re a slut, and I’m going to pound your slut pussy,” he whispered deeply into me, his rock hard cock jabbing me roughly as it worked its way home.

Married men were not supposed to think about, or supposed eryaman otele gelen escort go near, and definitely not supposed to bury their cocks inside any woman but their own. I was single and allowed to fuck whoever I wanted, and I did. Just the night before I fucked another hot married guy with a condom on, but I let him ejaculate on my stomach. There was so much, a pool of it. I dipped a couple fingers in and massaged my clit. He looked intrigued and aroused as he watched me masturbating with his cum. He reached out and soaked his fingers in the pool and carefully traced line after line down to my clit, rubbing it slowly, then fingering me, staring deep into my eyes, fingers held inside as my pussy squeezed and released them. It was building an amazing sexual connection. I was squeezing my tits, rubbing some of the cum into them, feeling so turned on all over. Finally he cupped his hands and dragged the cum over my smooth shaved mound so it ran down over my lips and into my spread open pussy. He pushed three, then four fingers in deep, slowly working his whole fist in, staring into my eyes, telling me how sexy I was as he pushed his cum deep into me, plugging my pussy so it could drain through my cervix. I orgasmed, writhing there in ecstacy, cumming on his fist and watching him gently stroke his big fat erection.

His sperm was still swimming deep in my body as your husband licked my pussy. Your husband tasted that sperm; it was only a few hours later, and he’d gone wild, like he couldn’t get enough, like he was sincan escort trying to suck it out of me. Being called a slut in your bed felt like being outed, and like being crowned. Your husband’s cock was balls deep inside me now, thrusting in long, erotic strokes, building our connection. It felt so good. I held him and moaned so loud.

Shhh shhh shhh,” he whispered, afraid the neighbors would hear, but I didn’t care at all. I moaned and pulsed and grinded under him, working that dick right back. His ring bounced along the sheet and he picked it up and slid it back on his finger. I pulled his left hand to my wide open mouth, tongue out all the way. He inserted his middle three fingers and pressed them down on my tongue as he continued working his cock deep, in and out. Having the wedding band that you’d slipped on his finger go into my mouth made me cum. He pumped me deeper, faster, harder, non stop, ring finger in my mouth, eyes inside mine, making me his dirty wet slut. My pussy clamped tight on his cock and this time he moaned and yelled. He pulled his hand out and held my face. I was cumming and smiling and he climaxed, his hot sperm pumping into me right against my cervix. Millions of sperm that were going to swim up into me for days, coating me, trying to impregnate me, competing with that other married man’s sperm.

He let his cock pulse and fully drain his balls into me, then pulled out. I pulled his ring off him to play with it while went to the bathroom. There was a huge wet spot under me, soaking in through elvankent escort the sheets. I lifted the fitted sheet; no mattress protector underneath. My pussy spasmed more as I thought about my juices embedding into the mattress, my pheromones becoming part of your marital bed. Would he ever be able to fuck you here without thinking about me? I slipped his ring inside my throbbing, used cunt and put your pillow between my legs. I let his cheating sperm run out of me into it, soaking into your dreams. I fished out the ring, put it on my chest and laid back in a freshly fucked glow.

He came back into bed, picked up the ring and put his arms around me and pulled me close.

“Hey,” he said in a low voice, “how’d you like that married cock, you slut?” he said directly into my ear, squeezing my tits, obviously enjoying calling me a slut and trying to please me with it. Little did he know. He put his ring back on, which aroused me every time.

I put my hand to his forearm and weakly tried to push it and wiggle away. I knew that any naked struggling gets him so horny. He grabbed me tight, jailing me in his arms, the hand on my tit squeezing and playing with it. He never could get enough of my big round tits. His cock was stiffening up again quickly. I knew we were going to go another round in your soaking wet sheets. I wonder if he even changed them before you got home.

“I love taking that married dick pounding, it’s so hot, ugh… it makes my pussy feel crazy,” I said, answering his question.

He leaned in and kissed me, tenderly.

“I love fucking you so much. I can’t stop… I need to be inside you, I love being inside you…” he said passionately, his knees sliding between mine, penetrating me once again while you were away, your chatty texts from your cold hotel bed unanswered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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