Şubat 9, 2023

Annabel’s Awakening

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Annabel King checked herself out in the badly lit, cracked mirror in the ladies’ toilets of the bar her friends had brought her to. She hastily reapplied her dark red lipstick, feeling the effects of four Mojitos, she plumped up her breasts in her red vest. Brushing her black hair out of her face, she observed her figure and felt inadequate, she wished her hips were more rounded and that her breasts were bigger. She blinked her green eyes as she pouted at herself, wondering if she should try and take a flattering selfie.

“All I’m saying is, you should give it a try… People aren’t meeting in bars anymore, it’s all done on apps,” her friend shouted to her from a toilet cubicle.

“Sienna, you know I’m not comfortable with it,” Annabel argued back. A flush came from the cubicle and her friend appeared in the doorway.

“Look at me Anna,” Sienna said as she lifted Annabel’s chin, “Honey you need to get some action.”

“I’m happy with my life the way it is, thank you very much.”

“Oh yeah? Because I saw you looking at Jason’s Facebook profile while you sat moping at the table.”

“I was not moping, my feet hurt.”

“Yeah whatever… Come on, I wanna dance.” Sienna dragged her out of the toilets and onto the dancefloor.

Annabel didn’t really dance, she just watched Sienna whirling around the dancefloor. Her friend attracted the attention of almost every single male in the bar, Annabel could see why. Sienna had zero inhibitions when she was drunk, she would flit about clubs and bars, charming everyone around her. Annabel on the other hand, she was usually sat down somewhere waiting for Sienna to do her thing. A few men had approached her, always with the same lines.

“Hey gorgeous, you here alone?”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Pretty girls shouldn’t be by themselves.”

Annabel always brushed them off with some excuse, she found men approaching women in bars creepy. She’d go back to sipping her cocktail and waiting for Sienna to get tired, before she would head home with a pizza. She looked out to Sienna on the dancefloor again, it took her a few minutes, but she spotted her friends head of brown curls, attached to the bald head of a man. Rolling her eyes at her friend’s display she turned back to her drink,

“Holy shit,” Annabel jumped, “you scared me.”

While she’d been staring at Sienna a man had seated himself in her booth, he was incredibly good looking, his short blonde hair carefully coifed. He was staring at her with Hazel eyes, a smile dancing on his full lips, set on a wonderfully square jaw that was covered in close cut facial hair. She wondered if he had got the wrong table and she prepared her rejection response, I’m sorry you seem nice but I’m here with someone.

“I’m sorry… you seem nice but- “

“I hate these places, don’t you?” he cut her off. Annabel shrugged, she didn’t hate bars and clubs, but she could think of better places to be, places that didn’t smell of stale alcohol and too much perfume.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude… it’s just all the other booths are,” he jerked a thumb to the rest of the seating area, “you know… occupied.”

The rest of the booths were taken up by amorous couples, seemingly unaware of their surroundings anymore, lost in each other. Annabel felt a pang of loneliness, she hadn’t been with anyone in five years and yet she always rejected any attention she got.

“I’m Marcus by the way.”

“It’s nice to meet you Marcus, I’m Anna.”

“Can I buy you a drink Anna?”

“Okay yeah… a drink would be great.”

“I’ll be right back,” Marcus winked at her as he walked to the bar.

That didn’t go quite how she was expecting, this was the first man she hadn’t rejected since Jason. She hadn’t handled the break-up very well at all and if it wasn’t for Sienna, she’d still be sat on her sofa wearing stained pyjamas, eating too much ice cream and scrolling through endless pictures of Jason enjoying his new Annabel free life. At the thought of her ex, she unlocked her phone to see his dumb face staring back at her. In the picture he had his arm around a woman, Annabel wondered if they were dating.

“Your ex?” Marcus said as he placed a drink down in front of her. Annabel quickly locked her phone, no point in lying.

“Sometimes I hope that I’ll look, and he’ll be miserable, I’m not hung up on him or anything… it would just be nice if he weren’t so damn happy in every photo he posts.”

“Bad break-up? Yeeeaahhh I’ve been there, they seem to move on so fast while we get left behind huh?”

Marcus surprised her with his response. His eyes were soulful as he looked at her and she knew that he understood exactly how she felt, Annabel was completely disarmed, it had been so easy to dismiss the advances of other men in the past, but Marcus had her hooked.

Marcus raised up his glass, “To our exes, may they forever stub their toes.”

Annabel snorted a laugh and raised her glass to meet his, the glasses clinked together eryaman escort bayan and some of her cocktail spilled onto the table, “Oops,” Annabel laughed.

She was suddenly having a great time, her phone was away in her bag, just herself and Marcus oblivious to the world moving around them, like all the other couples in the booths. She was so engrossed in conversation that she didn’t notice that Sienna had made her way back over, her friend stood at the table with a knowing look on her face.

“Sienna, this is Marcus, he’s been keeping me company,” Annabel said.

“Yes, I can see that Anna,” she turned to face Marcus, “Hi Marcus, lovely to meet you. I’m afraid I’m going to have to whisk Anna away now.”

Annabel made an exaggerated sad face at her friend, “I think I’ll stay for a bit.”

“You sure?” Sienna asked, with a look that conveyed her concern, “It’s 2am.”

“I’m sure, I’ll be fine,” Annabel convinced her friend.

“Ok, well you make sure you text me when you get home ok? Behave you two,” Sienna gave them both a wink and left the bar.

Annabel and Marcus spent another hour drinking and chatting before calling it a night. She learned that he was a dentist, that explained the perfect smile, and he played guitar in his spare time, she told him about her crappy office job and that she wished she could play an instrument. He’d told her that he’d teach her, she’d told him that maybe she’d let him. As they were leaving, he placed a hand on the small of her back as he let her through the door before him and her skin tingled at the contact. She was filled with a giddiness that made her stomach flip, they strolled towards the taxi rank, and he slipped his hand in hers, they were slightly rough. Electricity flowed between them, and Annabel’s heart raced, the air was cool, but she could feel the heat from his body. Marcus bowed his head, so his lips were at her ear.

“I want to make you scream,” he whispered before planting a kiss on her neck.

Annabel felt something she hadn’t in a while, like tiny explosions beneath her skin where his lips had been. Her whole body responded to it, she felt her nipples stiffen and her core ached. She had never slept with someone the same night as meeting them before and she had a feeling that was about to change. She tightened her grip on his hand to let him know she enjoyed what he was doing, and he responded by kissing her on the neck again, the heat of his breath and the smell of his aftershave were all she could focus on, her head was spinning with pleasure. They were alone on the street while they waited for a taxi to arrive and Marcus took full advantage of this as he slipped a hand up her body until he reached her breast, he gave a low growl in her ear as he traced a finger over her nipple.

Annabel couldn’t take any more and she spun around in his arms until she was facing him, his gaze was intense. She stood on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his, at the same time she ran a hand over his arousal in his jeans. He drew in breath sharply against her mouth and took her lips in his own, his kiss was hard and greedy, and his tongue rolled around her mouth with ease. Annabel tasted alcohol as he explored deeper in her mouth, she matched his rhythm and continued caressing his erection.

“Do you two need a taxi or what?” came an amused voice from behind them.

Annabel and Marcus chuckled against each other, “Erm, yes… sorry one moment,” Marcus told the driver.

“Are you coming back to mine?” Marcus asked her.

“Do we get to carry on with what we were just doing?” Annabel replied playfully.

“If that’s what you’d like, then sure.”

“Then yes, we can go back to yours,” Annabel beamed.

Marcus opened the door for Annabel and waited for her to be seated before he walked round to the other side and got in himself.

“Henshaw Road please,” Marcus told the driver.

Annabel knew Henshaw Road, it was the area she dubbed ‘the posh part’. She could easily fit her tiny flat in one of those houses four times over, she was suddenly nervous. Her palms grew sweaty as the realisation hit her, she was going to the house of a man she’d just met, sex was extremely likely. Every body hang up she’d ever had was rearing its ugly head, she suddenly couldn’t remember if she’d shaved her legs.

“Hey, are you ok?” Marcus asked her, Annabel saw concern in his face.

“I just need some water, that’s all.”

“We’re nearly here, I’ll get you a drink when we get in.”

The taxi pulled into Henshaw Road and Marcus pointed out his house to the driver. They continued up a driveway and Annabel’s jaw dropped, in front of them stood a huge three storey house. It was all lit up outside, great glass windows went from floor to ceiling at the front. Marcus paid the driver and walked around to Annabel’s door to let her out, she hadn’t been treated like this in forever. He held out his arm for her to link hers through for the short walk to the huge porch, ankara escort he must have a whole team of gardeners working here, it was pristine.

She stopped to admire his flowers, “Oh wow, Larkspur… I love Larkspur.”

“You like flowers yeah?”

“Absolutely, I don’t have a garden where I live… I always wanted a huge space filled with flowers.”

“You’re going to love the back garden then.” Marcus gave another stellar smile and his eyes lit up.

Annabel allowed herself to be led away from the beautiful front garden and into Marcus’s house, he fumbled with his keys a little before he got the door open. Inside the house took her breath away, the hall was the full height of the house with a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the middle. She hesitated at the entrance and Marcus turned around to see what the problem was, Annabel gestured to her high heeled shoes and then to his solid oak floors.

“Ah, yes… better take those off,” he gave a warm smile, “kitchen is this way.”

Annabel slipped her shoes off, her feet thanked her instantly and she gave a small sigh of relief as she stepped across the smooth wood. She followed behind at a slower pace than Marcus, stopping to look at photographs on the wall, there were one’s of Marcus fishing and a rather formal one of him in a suit and bowtie. Another looked like a family gathering, everyone had great smiles, a celebration frozen in time. She assumed he’d hired an interior designer, because he didn’t look like the type of guy to go shopping for vases and sculptures, one piece in particular caught her eye because it looked like a couple entwined in the throes of passion, she would have to ask him about it.

Finally, she caught him up in the kitchen, he’d already got her a glass of water which she drank gratefully. His kitchen was as modern as you could get right now, long stainless steel counters topped with wood, shelves that held rows of glassware. She wondered how nice it must be to eat breakfast here with the sunlight flooding in through the back windows, Marcus sat and watched her as she took everything in.

“Are you ready to see the garden?” he asked her.

“Yes!” Annabel exclaimed, seeming a little overexcited.

He slid open a door at the end of the kitchen, a cool air flowed in, and Annabel could smell the flowers before she saw them. Marcus let her out first and she marvelled at the sight, more Larkspur, Lavender, Primrose. She enjoyed the sensation of the grass on her feet as she wondered about the flower beds, Dahlia, Crocus, Hyacinth.

“This is beautiful Marcus,” she called.

“You are beautiful,” he answered from right behind her.

Annabel jumped a little, not realising he’d approached her. She relaxed as he slid his hands down her body reaching her thighs and then trailing them back up to her shoulders, he turned her round to face him and didn’t hesitate in kissing her. His lips were less devouring this time, like he wanted to relish the kiss. He pulled her tight against him and she felt his erection grow against her, hardening as the kiss deepened. She bit his lower lip gently and he returned the favour, his tongue delved into her mouth as he stroked his fingers between her thighs. Annabel broke away and lifted her vest over her head, she hadn’t worn a bra tonight and started to feel exposed. Marcus looked at her like she was unwrapping a gift he’d been waiting for, and he fell to his knees and took the milky white flesh of her breast in his mouth, massaging her nipple with his tongue and lips. He sucked lightly and she moaned in response, with a free hand he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down. He held her hands as she stepped out of them and then kissed his way down her body until he reached her mound. He hovered there for a moment before placing butterfly light kisses over her underwear, she gasped in bliss at the sensation building inside her. She needed more and bucked her hips towards his face, in response he pulled down her thong to expose her lips, taking a second to appreciate the sight of her naked body in the moonlight. Placing his hands on her hips possessively and pulling her towards him again, he trailed his tongue upwards between her lips making her terrible and her breaths came quick and short.

Marcus looked up at her and grinned, a wicked look in his eye as her pressed his lips against her clitoris and gave a gentle suck. Annabel looked down at him, his nose nestled in the small tuft of hair at the top of her lips, he caught her eyes and slipped two fingers into her. As he drew them out and plunged them back in slowly in time with the kisses on her clit, she reached for the back of his head and tangled her fingers in his hair as she felt the warmth of an orgasm building. He rolled his tongue on her clit now and increased the speed with his fingers and Annabel let herself slip over the edge, falling into a void where nothing but her and her moans existed. She writhed against his face as her core pulsated until she sincan escort bayan was spent and her legs buckled beneath her, Marcus caught her and carried her back into the house.

“Where are we going?” Annabel asked him.

“I thought we could get in the shower,” he replied as he ascended the stairs with her naked in his arms.

They reached the bathroom, which was more like a wet room with a shower hanging from the ceiling over grey slate tiles. Marcus put her down and she stood awkwardly, aware of her nakedness, she didn’t feel awkward for long as Marcus turned on the water and began to strip. He definitely spent a lot of time working out, his tall and chiselled muscular frame was lightly tanned and Annabel couldn’t help but stare. He started to take off his pants and Annabel helped him, his arousal was clear, and she removed his boxer shorts to free it. Taking his length in her hand, she stroked his shaft slowly before kissing the head of his erection and working her mouth down over his cock. She looked up at him as she slid her lips up and down on him and he looked back at her like a man possessed, she gently massaged his balls in her hand, the gliding of her mouth intensified.

“Ohhh wow…” Marcus shouted as he threw his head back. He stopped her abruptly, “I don’t want to cum yet.”

He helped her up from the floor and moved under the water with her, the water was soothing on Annabel’s skin. He kissed her fiercely as the warm water rained down on their faces and running down their bodies in rivulets washing away the night from their bodies. Marcus hooked his arms under Annabel’s thighs and lifted her up until her legs were wrapped around his waist, he tasted her lips again, his manhood pressing at her entrance. Annabel wiggled against him in anticipation, she ached for him to be inside her, he lost all resolve and allowed Annabel to slide down onto his length. He bounced her up and down with ease, grunting and moaning with each thrust that he made into her soft pussy.

Marcus didn’t get go of Annabel even as he got down on his knees, she took the opportunity to push him backwards so she was on top of him and started to grind slowly. Her clit rubbed against his skin as she made slow circular movements, the familiar sensation began building inside her again. Marcus reached up to massage her breasts, rolling her nipples in his fingers and Annabel moaned in appreciation. Her rhythm got faster as the pleasure deepened, her body tingled as she climbed higher and higher until she peaked and dived off into a sea of bliss, the wave of delight radiated out from her centre, and she gave a satisfied moan.

Marcus didn’t give her chance to rest as he took her hips in his hands and guided her to rock back and forth, “Fuck I’m gonna cum,” he exclaimed as he surged upwards, his cock pulsating inside of her as he quivered beneath her.

They both collapsed on the floor of the shower, basking in the glow until their breathing slowed. When they had finally recovered, they both showered together, Marcus gave Annabel a robe to wear. All she could think about was food and apparently Marcus felt the same, he took her back to the kitchen to make an omelette. They finally collapsed into Marcus’s queen sized bed as the sun was rising, Annabel sank into the soft blue sheets and the last thing she remembered was Marcus’s arm holding her close.

Annabel woke up to bright sunlight and an empty bed, she moved her head and gave a groan at the pain. Reaching out instinctively for her phone, she remembered that her bag was in the kitchen, and she unenthusiastically got out of bed. His house looked a lot different in the daytime, lots of light flooded in through the huge windows and lit up the ample hallway. The scent of bacon cooking lured her in the direction of the kitchen, and she found Marcus gleefully humming as he busied himself with breakfast.

“Good morning,” he said, turning to her with a bright smile.

“Good morning,” she returned the smile, “you’re cooking breakfast?”

“Bacon and eggs, coffee is available too… would you like some?”

“Oh God, yes please,” Annabel’s stomach growled in anticipation.

She rummaged through her bag for her phone while she waited, surprisingly it hadn’t died in the night. Unlocking her screen, she saw that it was 10am, she wondered what time Marcus had woken up. She saw the 19 missed calls next, then the 23 text messages, she’d forgotten to message Sienna, she typed out and apology.

Hey! I’m soooo sorry that I forgot to message you. I got home fine and then I was super tired, and I forgot to charge my phone. Hope you weren’t too worried xx

About 30 seconds after sending the message, her phone started to vibrate in her hand, it was Sienna.

“Hey- “

“Don’t you ‘hey’ me, I was so worried about you, you always message when you get home… I thought that Marcus guy had abducted you.” Sienna cut her off and was talking so loudly that Marcus turned around to grin at being labelled a kidnapper.

“Nooo, of course not, he made sure I got in a taxi and that was it,” Annabel lied, she wasn’t sure how her friend would respond to her going home with a stranger.

“Breakfast is ready,” Marcus cut in. Annabel shot him am angry look.

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