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When Fantasies Become Reality

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Double Penetration

This might be the reality

Adam and I enter the club through the high wooden gate, cross the paved patio and step up to the reception area. The man behind the counter smiles at me as I approach the counter, but says nothing to indicate that this is not my first time here.

There are many clubs in London, but this one is my favourite. Being on the outskirts of the city, it is more spacious than others I’ve been to closer to the city center; it is clean, friendly, relaxed and, above all, fun. I like fun.

Adam and I have discussed our visit here for a few weeks. Though he has not been here, he is not new to swinger’s clubs, and is well aware of what we may or may not get up to.

“What if I’m just not in the mood for sex after you’ve travelled over half of Europe to get here?” I asked.

I admit to him that in the past months, I’ve not had many truly enjoyable experiences. Let’s be honest. I’ve had none. I wonder if I’ve reached an age where sex has become a past experience, time to leave the fun for the younger generations.

He reassures me, over and again, that we are out for a good time, and if all that entails is flirty chat in the hot tubs with others, that’s all it will be.

Once we have paid our entrance fee and exchanged our clothing for towels, we head to the hot tub and climb in.

A middle aged couple and two single men are already there, and we tread carefully to avoid stepping on outstretched feet as we join them in the deliciously hot bubbling water.

Chat in the hot tub is, as it usually is, almost ridiculously mundane as the six of us exchange names and talk about where we are from, how long we’ve been a couple, the usual small talk of strangers.

The assumption that we are a married couple makes us both smile. We have met only once before, though have been chatting online for six months.

I relax into the hot water, breathe deeply and settle in. When I open my eyes, i find that Adam has brought me a plastic cup of wine. I sip it slowly, startle at its sweetness, then decide I like it. It is not a cheap dessert wine, it is strong and smooth, fruity and delicious. I don’t know how to describe wine well, so I refrain from saying anything other than that I love it.

Others bakırköy escort join us in the tub, some leave, conversation continues and I slowly find my skin wrinkling in the water. The main house has opened up, and Adam and I decide to tour the club so he can see all it has to offer.

Private rooms, rooms with half doors to allow viewing while barring entrance to the unwanted, rooms with open doors and, in one area, a huge round bed in the middle of a room filled with comfortable chairs and sofas. We refill our glasses and sit on a sofa.

My towel slips slightly as I sit down, baring one breast, and I leave it like that a while. Two young men sitting nearby look up and smile, then move closer.

Again, chat is so everyday that I smile at the incongruity of sitting half naked among three men while discussing the weather.

Nick and George have been here before, they come most Monday evenings, they say, but rarely meet anyone while here. They are best friends who happen to enjoy most things together, Nick says, looking me straight in the eyes.

I am not shy, but direct eye contact makes me feel that way at times, and I find myself blushing. I get the impression they are not referring to quality time together in a hot tub. My towel, which I had long ago pulled up around me tightly, slips again. I let it fall to my waist.

Adam takes this to mean that I might be interested in more than chat, and he is not wrong. I tingle as he gently squeezes my nipples, turn and kiss him, moan as he clamps him fingers hard.

I look over at the young men beside us, they are leaning forward as one, their well muscled bodies tense and ready to stand. I look them both in the eye again and smile. They take it as the invitation it is and stand up to walk the few paces between us.

I look past them for the first time in a while and notice that the room has filled up. Where we four were the only ones only minutes ago, it seemed, there are now at least ten more people in the room, mostly men, and mostly staring in our direction.

Adam nuzzles my neck and whispers softly, so only I can hear.

“Would you like to find a room with these two?”

Tingling in my abdomen blossoms into hard bakırköy eve gelen escort throbbing at the thought, and I nod.

Nick sits beside me on the sofa and George kneels in front of me. I close my eyes again and feel hands gently tugging my towel down, fingers gently running down my sides, and warm breath on my chest.

“Bite me,” I say. “Harder,” I say and gasp at the sudden pain.

I open my eyes to find several men standing around us. I stand up, towel around me again.

“Let’s find a room,” I say, and, without looking back, head to the largest one, the one with a window for onlookers to have room to see what’s going on.

I lie down on the thin vinyl covered mattress, towel under me, naked, surrounded by three men.

Nick’s blond head is the first to approach me, he leans over me and again runs his fingers lightly from shoulder to hip. George’s longer dark hair tickles my skin as he alternately licks and bites my nipples again. Adam sits back to watch.

George continues to caress me with his lips, and I feel Nick spread my legs and then pause as he slides on a condom. His cock enters me slowly, almost hesitantly, but soon my hips are rocking up to meet his and I feel a burning sensation that builds til I am gasping. As my moans subside, George moves back and, without a word, I feel both of their hands urging me to sit up, turn over, kneel down on all fours.

Nick takes my place lying down, I lie over him, and George kneels behind me. I feel both of their cocks inside me, the soft dampness in my pussy and the painful burning in my ass. They move together, not wildly, not gently, in a rhythm that makes me cum again, hard.

We collapse in a heap of bodies, I am sandwiched between them, sweat making us sticky. Their skin feels hot on mine.

We all kneel on the bed together and they enclose me in a hug between them, two kisses on my cheeks, a smile, and they go.

Adam and I lie on the mattress, my head on his shoulder, arm and one leg thrown over his body.

He asks if I’m enjoying myself, and I admit I am.

There is a knock at the door. I had forgotten we were in a viewing room, and am surprised to see many faces bakırköy grup yapan escort at the window.

“Mind if I join you?” the man at the door asks, and I nod, wave him in.

His arrival is marked by what seems to be a mass entrance of men into the room. One by one several more ask if they can also come in, and apparently my nods are taken as a general invitation.

The men don’t take their time, and suddenly I find two cocks in my hands, and the first man’s face next to mine as he thrusts deeply into me. I reach down to make sure he has a condom on, and relax to find he does.

The cocks in my hands are very different in size; I am not at all confident in my ability to give a hand job, so simply slowly move my hands up and down.

The man on me is tender and gentle, moving slowly and smiling as he glides in and out. He cums quickly, and moves away.

Another takes his place; this man pumps furiously, hard, as if running a race. No finesse, and again comes quickly.

The two men at my sides have taken cocks in hand and are wanking furiously.

They both come on my chest; I am shocked at how hot it feels.

Adam is lying above me on the huge mattress. I shift to make sure he can see all that is going on.

I am surprised at how quiet they all are, surprised that my gasps and groans as each new man takes his place are so clearly audible in the room that is still full of onlookers.

The last man spreads my legs as wide as they can go and uses his hand—hard. The pain jolts me, I half sit up to stare at him as he wiggles his fingers deeper and deeper inside me, and can only laugh in wonder at the sensations they cause.

There are still quite a few men around the bed. I catch the eye of one, and wave him nearer.

“I don’t want sex,” he says, and I tell him he’s free to simply cum on me if he wants. This begins a new wave of men onto the bed, and I find myself surrounded by a least five more, cocks in hands.

I wish I had a toy with me to entertain them all, but they seem to be enjoying themselves as is.

I am hit with stream after stream of cum, chest, arms, legs, face.

Finally, it ends, and most leave the room. Two stay to sit on the bed and talk with us a while.

I count the condoms I have left and realize seven have been used. I am not sure how many simply came on me.

So much for not being sure I wanted to have sex.

My legs are jelly as I stand up and Adam puts his arm around me to lead me out.

“You were brilliant,” he says and hugs me close for a very long time.

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