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When the Cat’s Away… Ch. 12

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Copyright © July 2020 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work.

This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author, other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes


: All sexually active characters in this story are over 18.


: This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.

: Thank you so much to a fellow story lover, Renate, for the inspiration behind this tale. I do hope she enjoys it and relates to my interpretation of her ideas.

Foreword : This is a twelfth chapter in the “When the cat’s away . . . ” series. Although there is a little recap at the start, you may want to read the earlier chapters to get up to speed with the story so far.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Claudia Leber was happily married, actually she still is happily married. Steffen was the love of her life, a giant of a man in all respects. For all Claudia was petite, Steffen was huge, in stature and in endowment. What’s more, when Steffen decided he wanted something he usually got it, and whether she wanted to or not Claudia always came to enjoy it. The only problem though was that Steffen travelled. It wasn’t just a little travelling. Steffen would go often and be away for weeks. Claudia though, the doting wife, just got on with life, disappointed yet waiting in anticipation for his return.

It was on one such occasion that a casual invite to a Friday night drink introduced Claudia to Natalia, or Naty to her friends. It was just a chance encounter, or at least Claudia imagined it was just a chance encounter. It was though an encounter full of surprise, temptation, passion and, ultimately, satisfaction. Naty, the boss’ wife, had touched all the right buttons and that chance encounter had become a night of wanton lesbian lust.

For days afterwards, Claudia had been trying hard to convince herself that it shouldn’t have happened and wouldn’t happen again. Before long though it had happened twice more, once with a strap-on at the same hotel and then that day in the office. Okay, so that day hadn’t exactly been a day of wanton lesbian lust, but it had been just as exciting and probably had much more of an impact on Claudia’s life. She got the exposure that Naty had promised, and with it came a new role in the business and a sumptuous black leather collar.

She was no longer Claudia Leber, Accounts Controller.

She was now Claudia Leber, Mistress Natalia’s secret little slut.

The first day in her new role had shown Claudia the ropes—tied down to a chair—along with the paddle and a clear picture of her standing in the family, or rather her kneeling. Claudia had been punished, degraded, and pleasured, all in a day. Still though it hadn’t put her off. The only thing which might have done was the thought of losing Steffen. A night in a hotel, cumming hard pressed up against the glass window, told her that passions still ran strong between them.

Now she had a weekend with Gemma to look forward to. It was a so-called bonding weekend for the two of them. It had been quite eventful already. A shopping trip with Gemma had brought more exposure, this time in public. More importantly though, that trip came with a realisation of what it was that kept Claudia coming back for more. It wasn’t the exposure, although that was exciting. What kept her coming back was her love of being controlled. Claudia had to admit it; she liked the dominant ones, and this dominant one had bound her to a bench and left her there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Don’t fucking go anywhere,” I screamed as my body went into spasm for a third time.

Where the fuck had Gemma gone?

Teasing me to the edge without relief was bad enough, but leaving me here strapped down to a fucking table, with a fucking huge plug up my ass, and a fucking vibrator playing its tune against the metal base, was too much. I tried as hard as I could to pull my ass away from the tormentor, but my bindings just held me tight.

There was a sort of irony about my predicament. Oh, how I had begged her to let me cum. Now though, I could barely take any more. If I were to beg again it would be for Gemma to make it stop.

‘Don’t go anywhere, will you, slut.’ Those were her parting words. It was Gemma who had heard the knock, and it was Gemma who had decided to investigate, leaving me restrained and vulnerable. It was Gemma who, as an afterthought, flicked the switch on the remote and set that fucking vibrator onto full power once more.

To start with, as elation flooded my body for a first time, the thought was one of relief. This time my Mistress was going to let me cum, to let me feel bakırköy masöz escort the orgasm I so desperately craved, to let me quench the fires which ravaged my aching sex.

“Yes,” I moaned, between panted breaths, as that first feeling of pleasure rippled through my body.

Stronger and stronger, those ripples soon became waves and with them my moans intensified as I got closer and closer to the edge. This time, unlike the many times before, Gemma was not going to deny me my fulfilment.

My breathing was now laboured, quick gasps of air between almost constant moans as the pleasure inside continued to intensify. What had she done to me? I’d had many a huge orgasm in the past, but this one was so much bigger. It was like all the climaxes she had denied me had come together in this one moment, intent on pushing me over the edge. It was like—

I screamed, a high-pitched piercing scream as a flood of euphoria consumed my body. It was like liquid ecstasy running through my veins. I stiffened on top of the table, muscles going into spasm, as I rode the wave, longer and higher than ever before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Your delivery, Miss,” came a young, nervous voice.

He hadn’t been nervous in the shop earlier that day, but standing there staring at the dominantly dressed Gemma, the sales assistant felt decidedly uncomfortable. Even wearing those full black panties—Gemma must have put them back on sometime between leaving Claudia and answering the door—the whole leather ensemble had his heart pounding.

“Thank you so much. Colin, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss. I think you’ll find everything you asked for is in the bag. Thank you for your custom. I’d better be getting off n—”

At that moment, a high-pitched wail reached the doorway.

“What was that?”

“Oh, that… yes, I nearly forgot about my little pet. I left her enjoying that plug. You know, the one you said conducted so well. I guess she found out for herself how good it was.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what you said. See how it conducts. Well, I left her with the plug and a powerful vibrator. Seems it conducts very well, so I can only say thank you for the recommendation. You must know your stuff very well, Colin. I guess one of the perks of the job must be getting to test the merchandise.”

There was an embarrassed rosiness in his cheeks.

“I’m so happy. You always worry when making a recommendation, but I did think it was just the thing for your little pet,” Colin responded, smiling, trying to deflect her suggestion of trying out the goods.

“Oh yes, fits her perfectly. I had her put it in at the restaurant and she hasn’t moaned a bit until just now.”

“At the restaurant?”

“Sure. I told you my little pet needed to get a bit more confident in exposing herself, so where better. You should have been there. I had her take her panties off at the table, then sent her to the toilets to slip the plug in. It was such fun, listening to her protests then watching her obey my every word.”

“And now you’ve left her to her own devices?”

“Oh, don’t be silly. Do you think I’d really leave my little pet to her own devices? That’d be no fun, would it?”

There was another moan coming from somewhere within, this time a low almost pained sound.

“I did tell you she’d be tied up in her work by the time you came around.”

Another moan disturbed the peace.

“You tied her up?”

“Well, sort of. Why don’t you see for yourself? I’m sure she’d like to thank you in person, and…”

Yet another pained moan came out from within. The little pet had already cum twice, and by now the continued torment was punishing her oversensitive sex. It took her full restraint not to call out for her Mistress, but the little pet feared the consequences if she did so.

“…I might need a little help getting her down. Does she sound a little weary to you?”

“I guess so, but what do you mean getting her down?”

“You’ll see. Come now Colin, don’t be shy… she certainly isn’t, as you can tell.”

With that, the door shut and the two of them followed the ever-increasing sound of moaning, towards the playroom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’d never had children, but if I had I would have expected childbirth to be just like this. I lay there, my breath coming in short pants between pained moans. Where the fuck was she, and when was she coming back?

The first orgasm was such a relief, my body filled with pleasure as every nerve ending joined in the celebration. That seemed like such a distant memory. The second—even that one was now paling into insignificance—had come from nowhere, building in intensity before erupting in a body-shaking crescendo. Body shaking? That was a laugh. Bound to this fucking table, and yes I use fucking in a derogatory way rather than to suggest the table was somewhere to be fucked upon, the only things I could shake were bakırköy otele gelen escort hands, feet and head.

Now though, I could feel it once more, the slow build, muscles cramping with increasing repetition as my body conceded for a third time. Oh yes, for sure, this was what it was like. I moaned once more as another wave ran through my aching sex. I had begged her to let me cum, and now I would gladly beg her to make it stop, to pull that damn vibrator away from my ass, to…

I concentrated hard, listening into the distance. Was that the click of heels on marble floor, only just audible above the hum of this incessant toy? I wanted to call out to her, but all that left my mouth was another low guttural moan, and then nothing. In my mind I could still hear the hum, in my ass I could still feel the tingle, but the only sound was a most familiar voice.

“You see, Colin, I told you she was having too much fun with that little plug. Just listen to her, the way she moans, the way she is panting now. Can you imagine how much fun she’s had?”

I was so trying to listen to her every word, but my mind was still tormented with the intensity of my orgasms. I heard ‘moaned’, I heard ‘panting’, ‘plug’ also, and maybe… I tried to fight at my bindings… ‘Colin’. I was sure she had said ‘Colin’. Who the hell was Colin, and why was he part of our conversation?

Panic set in. Was there somebody else in the room? I couldn’t be seen like this, bound atop a table, panting from exertion, my pussy a sodden mess. Or was she just teasing me? Having me think there was another when it was just the two of us.

If only I could turn my head around and see for myself. I heard her heels on the floor, felt her hand run over my back, and then saw her in all her dominating glory. Gemma knelt, her face level with mine, a smile on her lips. I looked up, but it was too much energy to smile back. She gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“I could hear you all the way from the front door. Did you cum my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied between panted breaths. “Twice, Mistress.”

“And did my little pet, like the way her plug got her all excited?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And did she like my little table, the feeling of being bound, of being unable to move, of just having to submit to every torment.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, what, Mistress?”

“Yes Mistress. I liked the plug stuck up my ass… I liked the way it vibrated inside… I liked being bound to your fucking table, unable to do anything but cum for you.”

My mind was confused. Why had she taken to calling me her little pet rather than her slut? The question ran over and over in my mind, as Gemma started to release my bindings. I could feel the ache in my arms and legs, now free from their constraints.

“And what would my little pet have to say for herself?”

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for letting me cum for you.”

And then I was free, the last bindings coming loose across my back. I simply lay there, still in position, trying to summon the energy to pull myself up.

“Oh, I think it’s Colin here that you have to thank, not me. It was Colin who suggested the plug, and a very good suggestion it was. Now, why don’t you climb down and say thank you in person.”

Climb down? That gave the idea of something elegant, a sense of controlled descent. Well, yes, I did make it down, but with muscles aching all over it was far from elegant. I stood there, stretching, trying to relieve the stiffness which ran through my body. I was so set on my own relief that I barely registered that we were not alone

“Now, what do you have to say to Colin?”

Colin? That must have been the third time she had mentioned his name. Then the penny dropped. I spun around, and there he was, standing in the doorway, smiling back at me. Colin, as Gemma had called him, was the young sales assistant from the sex shop. Now the ‘little pet’ made sense.

Suddenly I felt warm all over, a warmth fuelled by embarrassment rather than excitement, as I realised just what a view I had been giving him. Bound to the top of the table with my ass pointed towards the doorway, legs bent at the knees and slightly splayed, it was obvious that little would have been left to the imagination. How long had he been standing there? I guess it didn’t matter anymore. He’d seen my tits when I tried the corset on earlier in the day, and now he’d seen my dripping snatch. The only thing he hadn’t seen was my puckered rosebud, and that was only because it was hidden behind a large silver butt plug.

“Thank you, Colin,” I replied, smiling at the young lad.

“Oh Claudia, my little pet, I think you can do much better than that. When I said you needed to thank Colin, I had something quite different in mind. I think you understand, don’t you slut.”

Slut? Oh yes, Mistress, I understood slut alright. But I am your slut… yours, and Mistress Natalia’s. Was she bakırköy rus escort saying she wanted me to be Colin’s slut?

“So, slut, I’m sure you can find a proper way to say thank you. One which our guest won’t forget in a long time. He did go out of his way to bring your corset over, so the least you can do is make it worth his while. Now, kneel and, like a good slut, say thank you to our guest.”

The old Claudia might have argued the point. Why should I kneel to attention in front of a total stranger? Even more so, why should I be offering myself to him, especially with aches all over my petite body? Despite all the reasons not to, I found myself sinking to the floor. In my mind I wasn’t doing it for him, it was Gemma I was aiming to please. Oh yes, my mind told me this was so wrong, and that I was degrading myself, but my heart… my heart simply pounded at the idea of pleasing my Mistress.

I knelt there, knees splayed slightly and feet under my pert ass. I crossed my hands behind my back, which in turn pushed my tiny tits forward. Slowly I lifted my head and smiled up at the young shop assistant. I was about to take the initiative, to suggest just how I could thank Colin, when I suddenly remembered my position. It wasn’t down to me and what I wanted. I would do as I was told, as I was ordered, as I was commanded, and I would be happy to follow. I turned back to Gemma.

“Mistress, please tell me how you would like me to say thank you?”

“See what a good slut she is, Colin? How she always wants to please. Now, what do you think, Colin?”

“Er… I… I…”

There was a nervous embarrassment in Colin’s voice. He’d been so confident both in the shop and here at the apartment, unphased by my nakedness, but the moment he was asked what he wanted… well, it was like the cat had got his tongue, like he was unable to be decisive, like he… he… he hadn’t done any of this before.

Had I been right? How had I summed him up earlier in the day? Oh yes… the lad was nice enough, but nothing more than a college kid, and it would have been surprising if he’d gone any further than watching the odd porn flick. Now I really wondered. Was that the reason for his hesitation? My heart skipped a beat. There was something so exciting at thinking I could be his first. I guess I would never know, but deep inside I so hoped it was the case.

I glanced up at Colin and then back at Gemma.

“Mistress, do you think Colin would like to feel my mouth around his cock. You enjoyed my mouth on your pussy. Maybe Colin would enjoy my mouth too?”

“What do you think, Colin? Would you like that sweet little mouth around your manly cock? Would you like to feel her tongue tease your sensitive head before she sinks down on your long shaft? Would you like to feel her tight little throat caress your helmet as she takes you deep inside? You would, Colin, wouldn’t you?”

I glanced back at the young lad, first at the obvious bulge in his trousers, and then up at his young face.

“Y… yes… that would be very nice,” he responded, a smile replacing the nervous look from moments before.

I smiled back at him. He was just so sweet, and if this was his first time then I was going to make sure he enjoyed it. I just needed… just needed permiss—

“Go on then, don’t keep out guest waiting. My little slut won’t mind if I take a seat and watch, will she?”

“No, Mistress. I would enjoy being watched by my Mistress.”

“That’s a good slut. Now, why are you still kneeling there?”

My heart was racing, fuelled on by the excitement of pleasing the young Colin and the thought of having my own private audience. Oh yes, there was now an added incentive to put on a show. I heard the squelch of soft cushions somewhere behind me.

A quick glance back confirmed what I suspected. There was Gemma, slumped down into a large leather armchair. I couldn’t help but stare up between her splayed legs, my eyes drawn up from the top of her leather boots, along her pale bare thighs, before latching on to her panty clad sex. Memories of eating my Mistress out flooded through my mind as I imagined her removing the panties and calling me over.

Gemma didn’t say anything, but her wink and subtle nod of the head told me I had more important matters to deal with. I turned back to Colin, satisfied in my mind that it would only be a matter of time before I was servicing my Mistress once more.

There was something so sexy about a slow yet deliberate unclothing, and that’s just what I was about to do. I shuffled around a little, making sure not to block the view from my audience, then lifted my hands to his shirt. ‘Mmmm,’ I thought to myself feeling a firm yet skinny stomach inside. ‘Not quite a six pack, but he kept himself fit nonetheless.’ A couple of gentle tugs and the shirt tail eased out from his waistband.

I ran my hands over his washboard stomach, reaching up as high as I could inside his untucked shirt. My attention turned to the buttons, opening them slowly from bottom to top until his shirt hung open. Once more I ran my hands seductively across his skinny torso, teasing his warm skin with gentle kisses as I went. In my kneeling position I could get as far as his chest, but I knew better than to stand until permission had been granted. If I couldn’t go higher, then I would just have to go lower.

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