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Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 02

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read them already, Viva Las Vegas — Chapters 1 & 2 and Viva Newark are prequels to this story. All other stories with Viva Woodbridge titles are related to this one, but aren’t technically prequels or sequels. So, if the first few paragraphs of this story sound familiar, just stick with it and you’ll understand what I mean.


Early in my career, my first forays into business travel had me thinking that it wasn’t something to look forward to or to get too excited about. After hooking up with a couple of female coworkers on separate business trips to Las Vegas, I started to rethink that position. Of course, I didn’t always travel with horny female coworkers, so it took some time and some experience to really start getting the most out of business travel. I was extremely careful when traveling with female colleagues to determine by whatever means possible if they were, in fact, horny before even indirectly suggesting any sort of dalliance. I was much more concerned with an accusation of sexual harassment than I was with being shot down. I was actually quite a bit more at ease when traveling alone because I’d typically have a wider variety of potential partners to choose from and there was little risk of any details making it back to the home office.

Recently I was sent to Woodbridge, New Jersey for some company sanctioned training which took place in the same hotel where everyone from out of town would be staying. Although I’d been to Woodbridge before, I’d never been to this particular hotel and wasn’t the least bit dismayed to see that it was in a very commercial area with few, if any, entertainment options outside of the hotel itself in the immediate area. To me, this meant that we would be essentially within the walls of that hotel for at least two, and possibly three, nights which could raise the potential for an encounter with another bored guest; I wouldn’t even be so choosy as to only consider fellow training attendees.

The first thing I did as the conference room filled on the first morning of our training was to take a good look around, see who else was looking around and decide who to start chatting up during the first break. It didn’t take long since there were only ten women to the thirty or so men in attendance; of those ten, I don’t think there was a single one who I’d be forced to turn down if she was to proposition me. I did, however, see a few who I’d be much more thrilled about getting naked with and focused my efforts on them. The first was a tall, strawberry blonde named Jenn, who was not only big in stature but had an impressive rack and a big, round ass. Meredith was thin, with mousy brown hair and a plain face, but a nice set of tits and a sweet ass that she’d squeezed into a snug skirt. Erika was a brunette with very blue eyes, a decent figure and impressive tits, as well. Dana’s tits weren’t exceptionally large, but looked perky in her sweater set and her ass was pretty nice. Stephanie had a cute smile and was also brunette like Erika and Dana, but it was hard to get a real sense of her figure in what she was wearing. Finally, there was Sun, who was a painfully cute and extremely petite Chinese woman who I’d actually worked with before, remotely between Denver and New York City, but had never met in person.

I made certain that I interacted with each of them during breaks and at lunch and was feeling some good vibes from a few of them but, by the end of the day, I still hadn’t determined who the most likely candidate would be. After the day’s training was over, all of the participants were invited to a dinner in the hotel where one of the corporate executives would be doing a brief presentation. The dinner was a buffet and I found myself in line between Meredith and Erika, who I was aware had been sitting together for the training. What I wasn’t aware of at that moment was that I was being set up. We were in conversation as we headed from the buffet toward a table and I was a little surprised that they sat on either side of me rather than beside each other. When they both leaned in simultaneously, I thought to chat with each other, I realized what was going on when I felt each of them place a hand on my upper thigh.

Rather than chatting with each other, they had leaned in to let me know that they intended to join me in my room after the dinner was over so that we could work off the meal together. I don’t think avcılar grup yapan escort there was anything in the world that could have pleased me more. Successfully identifying and scoring with a horny chick at an event like this is one thing, but having two of them proposition me was unprecedented. I think we managed to make it through the meal without any indiscretion regarding our plans for the remainder of the evening, but my thigh did get several visits from both of their hands under the tablecloth. Once the presentation was finally over, we still had to be discreet about slipping off so as not to set any tongues to wagging. It felt like it took forever, but we eventually found ourselves on the elevator and heading to my room.

The two of them were in agreement that I needed to be naked first, so they started to unbutton my shirt and open my jeans. They got me down to just my briefs, which were seriously tented out, then both got down on their knees to expose my cock. When it sprung out and stood rigid before me, they both briefly caressed it before standing again and having me lay in the middle of the bed. I could not believe that these two had just met that morning for the first time because they started making out and fondling each other’s tits standing at the foot of the bed. Meredith was wearing a thick turtleneck sweater with her snug skirt and Erika was soon raising that over her head. Beneath it, she was wearing a very sexy, low-cut bra that barely contained her sumptuous tits. Erika ran her hands over Meredith’s tits again as Meredith started to raise Erika’s v-neck sweater over her head. Erika’s bra wasn’t as sexy as Meredith’s but it wasn’t any less arousing to see it, which I’m sure Meredith agreed with as she ran her hands over it.

Erika’s hands soon crept around to the back of Meredith’s skirt, unfastened and unzipped it, then started to work it down over her hips. I could tell immediately that Meredith was wearing a thong as soon as the sides came into view but no back; I think Erika realized as she pushed Meredith’s skirt down and encountered the bare flesh of her ass. As the skirt dropped to Meredith’s ankles, Erika’s hands were running all over the smooth exposed flesh. Meredith kicked her skirt aside and dropped her hands from Erika’s tits to the front of her slacks and began to open them. When Erika’s slacks dropped, I was pleased to see a pair of bikini panties, even though I knew she wouldn’t be wearing them for much longer. They made out again as each reached behind the other to unfasten her bra, then they stepped apart to each slide the other’s bra down her arms.

Both of their tits were just outstanding. Meredith’s sloped down to torpedo-like points while Erika’s were more round and full; I knew I’d be fucking both sets before I headed back home on Sunday. They both caressed each other’s bare tits then decided that they were being selfish and turned to face me, giving me an excellent view of both of their tits. I had them turn so that I could also admire their asses before they stripped off their panties, but had them face me again when they did so I could watch their tits swinging as they bent over. Meredith’s mousy brown bush was trimmed to a strip for her thong panties but Erika’s dark brown bush, though trim, was more substantial. They turned again to show me their bare asses, which were both exceptional, then turned back and crawled up onto the bed, their tits swinging again.

To my relief, they stopped near my cock and Erika engulfed it in her hot mouth while Meredith fondled my balls and watched. I couldn’t help but moan after getting so worked up watching them undressing. After a few passes of her mouth, Erika shared with Meredith, whose mouth was equally hot as it moved up and down my tool. I knew it wasn’t going to take very long before I was spewing, but also suspected that, with these two hotties, my recovery time would also be exceedingly brief. They were alternating, each taking a few passes up and down my cock before the other one took over, and I was relishing every time either mouth was wrapped around my tool. Of course I was also admiring their asses sticking up in the air and their dangling tits when I could see them. I was well on my way to cumming when they paused and decided that Meredith would finish me off while Erika moved up to ride my face.

Since I had propped myself up on pillows to watch them undressing and blowing me, I had to slide down so that I was flat on my back. Meredith repositioned herself and Erika straddled my face while I watched her tits bouncing above me before my attention was drawn to her trim, dark brown bush. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and jutted out my tongue to run up her slit, which was dripping with pungent nectar. She moaned as I lapped up her juices but, when I started licking her clit, she let out a more animalistic sound. I slipped a finger into her at about the same moment and slowly slid it in and out while I licked and sucked her clit. Her pussy was dripping avcılar masöz escort and so hot that I couldn’t wait to slip my cock into it. In the meantime, Meredith was doing an admirable job of bringing on my orgasm with her oral skills.

I couldn’t see her, but I could feel Meredith’s hand pumping the base of my shaft as her lips slid up and down it. When she’d pause to tongue my balls, she’d run her hand up and down the full length until she engulfed it in her mouth again. I only felt one of her hands and wondered if the other wasn’t between her legs, stroking her pussy. After all of the anticipation through dinner, having them undress me and watching them both undress and start to blow me, it was no surprise that my orgasm was imminent in no time at all. While I was licking Erika’s clit and fingering her, my cock began to swell as the level of pleasure continued to build thanks to Meredith’s talented mouth. I let out a moan as I started to spurt into Meredith’s mouth while she continued to pump and suck my cock until I was spent.

I could feel Meredith moving around on the bed once she let my cock fall limply against my leg, but I was devouring Erika’s pussy with renewed vigor so I wasn’t focused on what she was doing. Erika was starting to get louder while humping her pussy toward my face, so my goal of getting her to cum was nearly realized. When if felt like Meredith was straddling me right behind Erika, I glanced up to see Meredith’s hands cupping Erika’s tits and, it looked like, Meredith kissing Erika’s neck. This, of course, helped push Erika along even faster and her pussy seemed to be flooding with additional juices which helped me to slide a second finger into her, eliciting another animalistic moan. She was humping faster and moaning more continuously as I continued to lick and suck her clit while now sliding two fingers in and out of her. It wasn’t much longer before she started to shake as she came.

When she stopped shaking and let out a long sigh, I slipped my fingers out of her and into my own mouth while she moved off of me. Meredith was indeed immediately behind her, but she didn’t move off. After the two of them made out some more and fondled each other’s tits, Meredith moved up over my face as I admired her tits until her pussy drew my attention. As with Erika, my hands went right to her ass as I started to lap at her juicy pussy, immediately noting a subtle difference in their respective flavors. I could feel Erika repositioning herself and eventually felt her tongue on my balls and my spent cock, which tried valiantly to instantly revive. While enjoying that feeling, I started using my own tongue on Meredith’s clit and slipped a finger up into her.

Meredith’s pussy felt just a bit more snug than Erika’s had but was equally wet and hot. My cock was reacting well to Erika’s oral stimulation, which was great because I was really looking forward to slipping my cock into both of them. In the meantime, I was enjoying the taste of Meredith’s clit as I licked and sucked it while she moaned and humped against my face, her orgasm building fairly quickly. I didn’t necessarily want her cumming too quickly, and not just because I wasn’t ready to fuck either of them yet, so I used my experience to draw out her pleasure while Erika continued to revive my cock. Meredith didn’t seem to mind that I was intent on building her orgasm slowly and seemed to be relishing the pleasure that she was experiencing. I could feel my cock growing stiffer again the longer Erika worked on it and the longer I worked on Meredith.

Erika must have decided that I’d become stiff enough, even though I could tell that I wasn’t fully rigid. Of course, as wet and slippery as she’d been while I’d been eating her, I’d guess that she felt confident that I’d easily slip into her. She’d gotten to her knees and straddled me, guiding my semi-rigid cock to her pussy and successfully lowering herself onto it. I had to moan as I felt her hot, wet pussy engulf my cock, which continued to grow as she slowly humped it. At that moment, my focus went from providing pleasure to Meredith to getting her to cum. I adjusted what I was doing with my finger and tongue and how quickly I was doing it as she started to moan louder and hump my face faster.

The harder my cock grew, the faster Erika was riding me. I couldn’t wait to get a look at her, and her tits, bouncing up and down and my cock disappearing into her dark brown bush, but it didn’t seem like it would be too much longer. With my renewed zeal, Meredith was quickly on the verge of cumming and was moaning very loudly. I don’t know if Erika ever put her hands on Meredith’s tits or kissed her neck as Meredith had done to her, but either way Meredith soon started to tremble as she came while I continued to tongue her clit and finger her pussy. When she’d finished, she climbed off my face and I got a good look at Erika riding me. Her eyes were shut but she had a look of concentration on her face and her tits were bouncing nicely. Meredith avcılar otele gelen escort lay next to me, also watching Erika riding me as she caught her breath. When Erika realized that Meredith was out of the way, she leaned forward, supporting herself on an arm on each side of my head, and started riding me even harder. Her tits were swinging like crazy right in front of my face, so I took them in my hands and started to lick her large, pink areolas and thick, hard nipples.

Erika was moaning louder as she rode me and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that she was already on the verge of cumming again. Her pussy was feeling even hotter and more slippery with each passing moment, which I would never have even thought possible. Had it not been for Meredith being right beside me, I’d have been content to fuck Erika and play with her luscious titties for the rest of the night. Instead, I enjoyed them as she continued to ride me until she seemed to go into slow motion and an intense shudder passed through her, followed by a second. She opened her eyes and let out a sigh once she’d finished cumming, then started to climb off me as she asked Meredith if she was ready to take over. I started to get up, though, because I had another idea for fucking Meredith. I had Erika sit propped up against the pillows as I had been then had Meredith get on all-fours. They both seemed very enthusiastic about this position.

Meredith lowered her head between Erika’s thighs as I got behind Meredith and massaged her sweet ass before guiding my cock into her pussy. Taking her by the hips, I slowly slid into her until my hips were touching her ass. She moaned as she ate Erika’s pussy and Erika ran her fingers through Meredith’s mousy brown hair. I continued to hold her by the hips as I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her hot, slippery pussy but, once I got a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands around to fondle her swinging tits. Erika had her eyes closed but a big smile was on her face as she encouraged Meredith’s pussy eating. I was admiring Erika’s big titties as I fondled Meredith’s while relishing the opportunity to do both. I was also relishing the feel of Meredith’s pussy as I slowly slid my tool in and out of her.

We were all moaning at various intervals, though the soft, sporadic moaning was becoming louder and more frequent. As Meredith’s pussy started to feel hotter and wetter, much as Erika’s had just prior to her cumming, I straightened up and took her by the hips again so I could fuck her harder and get her to cum again. She was pushing back against my incoming thrusts as she continued to eat Erika’s pussy, and I considered reaching around to stroke her clit, but decided that she seemed to be coming along just fine and I didn’t want to rush an orgasm if she was enjoying the build-up. As her pussy continued to feel better and better the closer she got to cumming, I was starting to feel a build-up of my own. Since there was no chance that I’d be cumming before she did, I had time to consider how I wanted to blow my next load.

When Meredith raised her head from Erika’s pussy and let out a plaintive moan, I could feel her body trembling as she came. I kept fucking her, still enjoying the feel of her pussy and the continued build of my own orgasm, but when she seemed to have finished and lowered her head again to resume eating Erika’s pussy, I slipped out of her hot pussy. I took a few minutes to lavish some attention on her sweet ass, kissing and nibbling it while also running my tongue over her anus a few times. My cock was still throbbing, though, so I soon moved on to fondle her dangling tits, followed by Erika’s tits before bringing my cock to Erika’s mouth. Despite appearing to be very near an orgasm of her own, she hungrily sucked my cock into her mouth, gripping my ass cheeks as I straddled her head.

She sucked my cock so enthusiastically that I could immediately feel my orgasm quickly building again. Since my first load had gone down Meredith’s throat, it seemed only fair that Erika get my second. When she paused to let out a moan due to her own pleasure, she would still stroke my cock then tongue my balls before starting to suck me off again. I could feel my cock beginning to swell even more as the level of pleasure continued to build until I felt as though there was no blood going to my brain at all. Finally, with a groan, I began to spurt into her mouth. She swallowed my load and continued to suck my cock until I was completely spent and moved away to lie beside her. With her full attention on her own pleasure, she started moaning louder as she humped her pussy toward Meredith’s face.

I was getting my first real good look at Meredith going to town on Erika’s pussy and was not surprised that the blood was already trying to flow back to my spent member. Meredith had a finger pumping in and out of Erika’s pussy while she was licking and sucking Erika’s clit and, even though I’d already experienced Meredith’s oral talents, I was suddenly anxious to have her tongue on my cock again. Erika was writhing wildly, her eyes now closed and her mouth open in a big smile to let out her loud moans. Without taking my eyes off of Meredith, I reached over to gently caress Erika’s hard nipples as she got closer and closer to cumming. I doubt that is what sent her over the edge, but it was just moments later that Erika started to shake as she came.

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