Temmuz 17, 2024

Visions of Utopia

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This story features a number of different sexual practices, in particular partner sharing, open marriage, girl-on-girl sex, virginity and deflowering, anal sex, vague hints of possible incest, and sex in general. If any of these things offend you, I won’t mind if you stop reading now and find another story that is more suited to your needs. Thank you.


You won’t ever have heard of our community – as far as I know, it has never been written about before, a deliberate decision on our parts. Whispers about us do leak out from time to time and journalists will arrive here in search of the scoop about “The town where everyone swaps their wives”. Were it to get out, we would be swamped by the prurient and by those who relish our ideas on sexual freedom without sharing our values, and suffer the distaste and disapproval of a lot of hidebound people. Those are things we want to avoid at all costs.

That may help you to understand why we prefer to keep ourselves to ourselves and I hope you will forgive me if I give you no clues as to where you might find us. I might even throw in a few red herrings along the way, just to confuse you, such as my mention of ‘Utopia’. Sir Thomas More coined that name back in 1516, by the way – it was the title of his book about a fictional island in the Atlantic and its religious, social and political customs. It derives from Greek words meaning ‘not-place’ or ‘no place’. I bet that doesn’t help you work out where we are.

Most of our members – in total there are several hundred – were born and brought up around here and the community has always been a part of their lives and their parents’ before them. Others went away and have since come back. Very occasionally, we might invite others to join us but only when we have got to know them very well indeed.

If you’re thinking ‘strange cult’, you’d be wrong; for a start, most of us aren’t particularly religious at all. A commune? No, and there is certainly no communal ownership of property here. Nor is ‘free love’ an idea we associate with ourselves. We are simply a group of people who choose to live our lives a bit differently to most other people. Some might argue that the only real difference in our community is that we practice open marriage but that would be a mistaken view. What we practice is openness of love, marriage and life.

While most members of our community do have a special partner, they do not feel constrained to limit sex to that one partner. Instead, they will offer and receive it in any way they find pleasurable. Despite this, traditional family life still predominates – although we actively support those who choose polygamy. In fact, divorce here is almost unknown – there is no point in it. Married couples expect and encourage their partners to have encounters outside the marriage. It is common to hear a wife, for example, say to her husband: ‘Isn’t she a pretty girl? I really think you should ask if you can fuck her’ or even ‘I’m going to ask her if you can fuck her’.

When the husband (in this instance – the openness works in both directions) returns from the encounter, the wife will want to know not just about the physical sex – though she will want to hear every detail of that – but a lot more besides. She will want to share in what the husband particularly enjoyed about sex with the girl, and what he did to the girl that she enjoyed. She will also want to hear about the emotional aspects of the encounter; what the husband liked about her as an individual and how they related. The fact that the two of them have had a relationship is as important as the sex itself.

You will gather from this that jealousy is almost non-existent in our community. We have created an environment in which it has lost its meaning. It is expected that deep, loving relationships will develop outside the marriage but they are not a threat. Polyamory has become the norm, recognising that very few couples – even those that are very well-matched – can be entirely self-sufficient, sexually and emotionally. And, besides, there is a great deal we can learn even from people with whom we are not particularly compatible and who we certainly wouldn’t consider as a long-term mate. A sexual encounter with such people can be very rewarding.

But enough of my philosophising, except to say that to understand us fully, you must start – like us – with the basic premise that the sexual act is to be enjoyed and should be freed of the guilt, inhibitions, and petty restrictions that we allow ourselves to impose upon it. That, however, can only come through knowledge.

Passage 2

An important principle of the community is that while sex itself may be a natural instinct, there is much that needs to be taught and learned if it is to fulfil its greatest potential. At the same time, we understand the importance of teaching people how to build strong and lasting relationships in all their aspects, free from the hang-ups of modern society. As avcılar elit escort an Elder of our community – a position defined by status rather than age, I hasten to add – I am one of those who carry out this teaching, which begins when a young person has passed their 18th birthday.

To introduce myself, I am Sebastian – curtailed to Seb if you knew me well. Now in my mid-40s, I was fortunate to inherit sufficient wealth to allow me to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle without the need to earn a living. I still have to work, of course, but the work I do is related to the management of the estate that formed a large part of my family inheritance. Our community also benefits from that inheritance through a trust that the estate supports.

Passage 3

Ellie Hatchett had not long turned 18 and it was time for the next phase of her learning about adult life to begin. Her parents, Jenny and Richard, had chosen me as the Elder who would take her through this important stage of her life and they’d come to my home to discuss what this would involve.

I knew Ellie to be an extremely attractive young girl with a pretty oval face, rich blue eyes, and shoulder-length flaxen hair, which she tended to wear pulled back behind her head in one style or another, depending on the time she had available to do it. She was slim but with just enough bust and curves to avoid being thought of as boyish. It was clear that she was going to be much in demand within the community. When you saw her beside her mother there was no mistaking their relationship. The only real difference was that her mother had gained a pound or two over the years but that made her look no less attractive than the daughter.

Jenny and Richard sat down beside each other on the sofa. I went over to the fireplace and pressed a button beside the mantelpiece, sounding a bell in the distance, before taking one of the armchairs. The summons brought my maid Sarah into the room – one of the privileges of being an Elder was being able to choose a personal maid from among the community’s young women and, being unmarried, I had decided to take advantage of that privilege.

Passage 4

Sarah’s story was unusual. Her father had died in a car crash when she was in her teens. She had always been close to her father; she was very much his baby girl – though not in a sexual way, of course – and they adored each other. She never behaved as if her father was wrapped round her little finger; it was simply that he gave her everything she might possibly have wanted without her even having to ask. Sometimes his overflowing generosity embarrassed her. When she wanted to go on a school trip she was more than happy to do like the other girls and get a Saturday job to help pay for it, but her father wouldn’t hear of it. That gave her the undeserved reputation at school of being thoroughly spoiled, creating a rift between her and her friends, and starting a tendency for her to become something of a loner.

It also created a rift between Sarah and her mother, who increasingly found herself in the role of bad guy, the one who said ‘no’ and then found herself overruled. To be fair to Sarah, she never regarded her mother as the bad guy. The idea existed only in her mother’s head, but that was enough.

A couple of years after Sarah’s father died and just after Sarah went off to university, her mother met another man and remarried. She moved into her new husband’s house, a place which Sarah could never regard as home and in which she didn’t feel comfortable. It’s not that she was made to feel unwelcome; it simply didn’t work. University vacations were mostly spent travelling alone or she found summer jobs abroad.

When she finally graduated, Sarah found herself at a loose end. A girl she’d known at university suggested that she stay with her as there was a temporary job available in her father’s company. What she didn’t know back then was that the girl and her parents were members of our community. In time, the possibility of her joining was raised and she decided to accept.

Sarah was, of course, a few years older than most girls when she joined the community and her parents weren’t there to guide her. I was asked to be her mentor and we became close. There was never any question of my being a substitute for her father, nor any suggestion that our relationship, as it developed, was one of incest by proxy. She is simply more at ease with older people.

A few months later we decided that she should become my maid. Sarah is in no way subservient – our community isn’t Stepford and Sarah is certainly no Stepford wife – but the role suits her perfectly. Growing up, she’d had everything she wanted but losing it, when her father died, made her realise how fortunate she’d been. It’s as if becoming a maid has offered her the opportunity to give something back by helping other young women as they approach one of the most important times avcılar escort in the lives. And, as you will see, it has also allowed her to discover her bisexual side.

Passage 5

When Sarah entered the room in response to my summons she was dressed in a uniform of long skirt and a low-cut waistcoat, both in dark red. Beneath the waistcoat, her sheer white blouse left her breasts and nipples clearly visible. The skirt was slit up the sides and as she moved across the room it opened to reveal her legs. After pouring drinks for everyone, she stood behind my chair, ready to be of further service.

Although Jenny and Richard were broadly aware of what would be involved in their daughter’s coming of age preparation and ceremony, they had been married and were in their early thirties by the time they joined the community and neither had experienced it for themselves. I therefore began by explaining the various stages that Ellie would go through. They listened intently to what I had to say.

I explained that the essence of a young person’s coming of age was that it involved an intense period of learning – learning about the act of sex itself, learning about their own sexuality and that of others, learning about their bodies and other people’s, and, above all, learning about relationships between people. Linking this period of learning to the young person’s first sexual experience gave it focus and meaning. The coming of age represented not just the opening of her body but the opening of her mind too – that she should not only be penetrated by a penis but by new thinking too.

During this period, the young person had to keep a diary to record everything they experienced, physically and emotionally. We saw this as a vital learning mechanism. Each evening, they had to discuss the day’s entry with their mentoring Elder and this would lead to much questioning and discussion. That is partly why we placed so much importance on the intense period of learning. Expecting a young person to maintain such a diary over many months – or longer – would have been a forlorn hope.

The first stage of Ellie’s coming of age learning would be to prepare her for her first full sexual experience. That would take place at her ceremony, at which she would give up her virginity. After that she would return for a further period of learning known as her ‘enlightenment’, which would also involve encounters with other men and couples. In the meantime, Jenny and Richard had to consider who should initiate her into womanhood and where and in whose presence it was to take place.

I should explain that parents in this situation face a range of choices. Some choose a close family friend, while others leave it to the Elder who is mentoring their initiate daughter. It’s been known for particularly well-endowed men to be picked with the object of making the occasion memorable for the girl though, generally speaking, something less demanding tends to be thought more appropriate. It would be foolish, of course, to imagine that relatives are not involved in some girls’ ceremonies. An uncle by marriage does not raise any problems, nor, since the girls are all over 18, does a step-father but there are other possibilities too, especially if the man who had brought the girl up was not her natural father.

I suggested Jenny and Richard might want to take time before coming to a final decision. I cautioned them, though, that they should not discuss the matter with Ellie. Until the very moment of her initial penetration, she was not allowed to know the identity of the first man who would enter her body and fill her with his sperm. It may seem odd, but the idea was – on this one occasion – to focus attention on the act itself and not on the person carrying it out.

Indeed, some families preferred that the man’s identity should always remain a secret – that their daughters should never know who had been the first to take them, leaving them to wonder which of many it might have been. The general rule was that the initiate was penetrated only once during the ceremony but other participants, especially the parents, might make themselves available to guests.

That left the question as to where the ceremony should take place. Some parents preferred that the ceremony be private, others that their daughter be taken for the first time in full view of family and close friends, while some of the more exhibitionist members of the community had been known to arrange elaborate open spectacles. Occasionally – and this particularly applied where twin daughters were involved or where there was only a year’s difference in age between two daughters – a joint ceremony might be held. The simultaneous penetration of twins or sisters has always raised a lot of interest.

Jenny and Richard agreed that these were all things they would need to discuss and they would let me know what they decided.

‘We’ve always taught Ellie to be proud avcılar eve gelen escort of her body from a young age. She knows that, at home or with close family friends, it’s quite normal for everyone to be naked’, Jenny explained when I’d finished. ‘We’ve brought her up to understand that sex is something perfectly natural that her parents indulge in, both with each other and others, and that it’s not something to be ashamed of and hidden away behind closed doors.’

That, I told them, was an excellent start.

I also confirmed with Jenny and Richard that Ellie was on the pill. The rules of the community are that any penis that enters a girl during her initiation and subsequent enlightenment has to be uncovered so that she experiences the full sensations of the man’s ejaculation inside her. Members of the community undergo regular medical checks and this avoids the problem of STIs.

Passage 6

Richard turned to me. ‘Presumably you’ll be having sex with Ellie as part of her enlightenment once she’s given up her virginity.’

I nodded to confirm his assumption.

‘In that case’, he continued, ‘since Ellie and Jenny are so much alike, perhaps you’d like a foretaste of what you’ll be enjoying before long.’

Jenny turned towards me and smiled.

‘I should like that very much indeed’, I replied.

Richard reached around and started to unbutton his wife’s blouse, revealing a lacy white bra beneath. He slipped the blouse off her arms and told her to stand up so that he could unzip her skirt and let it fall down her legs, revealing panties that matched her bra. Apart from her panties, her legs were bare.

‘Slip your shoes off’, Richard instructed her.

Jenny did so and stepped out of the skirt. Richard unfastened the catch of her bra and, as the straps fell from her shoulders, he reached around, easing it from her breasts so that it fell to the floor. The breasts were small – I guessed at a 34B, conical and pointed outwards, tipped with dark brown areola and surmounted by beautiful nipples that were visibly hardening as Richard took them between his fingers.

‘I hope you like smaller breasts.’

‘Oh I do’, I confirmed.

Jenny leaned her head backwards so that Richard could kiss her fully on the mouth. They continued the kiss as he reached down to her waist and began to slide her panties down, revealing the start of a bush of dark brown pubic hair.

Richard beckoned me over and indicated for me to complete the task. I knelt beside Jenny and slid the panties the rest of the way down her legs and lifted each of her feet in turn to free them. I had no sooner done that than the sound of a groan made me look up. Richard had parted her labia with one of his hands and his fingers were probing her slit, just inches in front of my face. I watched intently as he removed his fingers from her cunt. They glistened with the juices of her arousal.

Jenny’s inner labia protruded from her slit and Richard used his fingers of one hand to hold them apart so that her sex was revealed to me in its entirety. She had a long clit hood which Richard was teasing and stretching with his other hand, so that the clit head became increasingly engorged and exposed. As Jenny began to moan softly, I leaned forward and placed the tip of my tongue on her clit and started to delight it. At the same time I felt for her open cunt, inserting first one finger into the rapidly moistening entrance and then a second. She felt incredibly, excitingly tight. I could sense her adjusting herself to accommodate the exploring fingers, allowing me to work them ever more deeply into her.

Richard reached round from behind her, placing his arms beneath hers to support her as he sensed that her legs might be about to give way. By doing so, his hands were left free to attend to her breasts and nipples and her neck and ear lobes were exposed to his kisses. The combined attentions of my mouth and fingers and his swiftly had her approaching an orgasm and she began to scream and shake with pleasure.

As the sensations began to subside the two of us gently released her.

‘I don’t know about you’, said Richard, ‘but I like a woman to cum first, then she can concentrate on me. It makes for a much more satisfying fuck, especially if she tightens up.’

I took Jenny’s hand and guided her across the room to a chaise longue that stood against the far wall, sitting her down on its edge. I stood in front of her, removing my shirt, leaving her to unfasten my trouser belt and undo the zip. She plunged her hand into the opening and took hold of my now very hard cock through my shorts. It took only a few seconds for me to be completely free of my clothes and to feel her mouth closing round my cock. It felt wonderful but I was aware that I was extremely aroused and was unlikely to be able to resist the attentions of her warm moist mouth for very long. I wanted to experience her tight cunt around me.

I started to press on her shoulders to lay her back on the chaise when Richard intervened to say that he would prefer me to take her on all fours from behind, so that he could watch my cock entering her. Jenny turned over and knelt down, grasping the edges of the chaise with her hands and resting her forehead on its surface.

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