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Video Vixens (Beeline 50176)

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Video Vixens (Beeline 50176)

Video Vixens By Iris Licht


Rusty couldn’t believe he had someone of Montana’s luscious quality
undulating beneath him. The gorgeous brunette drew her legs around his
hair-rough thighs and shivered. The office sofa wasn’t designed for this
kind of activity, but they managed.

The would-be porn stud pushed his heavy cock bulb into Montana’s soft,
wet flesh. Her cunt lips suctioned his rotund crown, then drew him into
her warm, willing body. She sighed, overwhelmed with joy, and slammed her
hips upward to capture all of him she could.

Rusty had what it takes in size, of that Montana was certain. But did
he have stamina?

“Fuck me, baby,” the brunette wailed, deciding to test the young man’s
carnal capabilities. “Fuck me and make me cum!”

And that was Rusty’s goal precisely, and he proved he could over and
over and over again!


Montana Wildwood studied the players on the set and recalled her days
being on the opposite side of the camera. She was relieved not to be
beneath the blinding arc lights, conscious of staying on mark and
remembering her lines. There generally wasn’t much of a script–given the
lack of story content in porn video–but she nevertheless made a conscious
effort to memorize dialogue.

The girl was absolutely gorgeous. Montana was pleased to have landed
someone of such fabulous allure. Blonde, blue-eyed and stirring, she
materialized in her office just prior to the casting of this current
production. Her tits were eye-catching, with ripe nipples standing at
attention. The girl, whose name was Crystal Stewart, confessed a secret
desire to appear in erotic films. She had seen her first with her
boyfriend, who adamantly insisted she possessed the required talent and
drove her to Hollywood to seek her fortune.

Montana was intrigued with the girl’s candor when it came to nudity and
performing on camera. Several of her predecessors had qualms about baring
all and having sex with people they didn’t know apart from the posters
advertising previous Wildwood Productions hanging on the walls. Crystal
appeared to love every minute the spotlight was centered upon her. Her
blue eyes sparkled with rapture when she was panned. Her full, sensual
lips parted and moved to whispered phrases that made a spectator’s
temperature climb.

Montana couldn’t remember being as eager. Girls featured in porn were
quick to dye their hair blonde to score points with producers. Montana
didn’t succumb to that trick. She kept her shoulder-length brunette hair
natural, enjoying the way it whipped freely about, and which framed a
stunning face with high cheekbones, cat’s green eyes and a pouting mouth.
At thirty-three, Montana could easily subtract five years from her age
without being challenged. Her long, slinky, eye-popping figure was yet
another major attraction. Men gave her second glances when she entered a
room–generally to either take in those incredible legs (her slim thighs
and shapely calves were to die for) or to check out her g****fruit-sized
tits (they rivaled Crystal’s in the T-shirt Stretching Contest). Montana,
who was stacked well, invited stares from the crew throughout taping; she
attributed their interest to her tiny waist and mouth-watering buns.

Montana had enjoyed a lucrative run as a porn star. She ground out
several money making videos during her first year in the business that
catapulted her to unimagined fame. After earning a reputation for being
one of the industry’s hottest (and valued) stars, Montana found herself in
the enviable position of dictating the terms for each new project. She
tended to enjoy the work because of its stimulating environment. It gave
her tremendous exposure, and cast her opposite some of the most desirable
men in the universe (at least, in her opinion).

Although the movies for which she was contracted were handsomely
mounted, Montana yearned to emboss them with her personal stamp. She had
her own concept of what was “hot,” and wanted to be in charge of assembling
those components for any product released under her label. Prudently, she
funneled her own money (with some financing from backers who put their
total trust in Montana) into a venture that brought her critical success.
Magazines reviewing her videos complimented her on their inventiveness,
claiming she stretched the erotic mind as never before. Women wrote,
informing her of their satisfaction with her videos, which restored the
sizzle in their bedrooms.

Crystal Stewart, her latest creation, would sell cassettes in the
millions by the time she was done marketing them. Crystal’s fresh,
entrancing beauty was a definite plus for her product line. When she was
on camera, the crew became deeply involved in her invigorating presence.
If the men taping the action didn’t get a hard-on, Montana concluded they
weren’t doing their jobs; she wanted every heart-stopping second captured
at its best angle. That’s what separated her output from the rest.

The rustle of sheets and the soft purrs Crystal issued drifted from the
set. Montana sat in her director’s chair, presiding over the scene. Her
green eyes flashed with interest as Crystal’s sensuous body lengthened and
curved while toying with the large dildo she retrieved from the night
stand. Though basically a prop to enthrall viewers, the plastic cock helped
Crystal inject excitement in her every sob, her every jerk during its

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, trailing the head over her big,
delicious-looking tits. She traced her nipples with infinite care, causing
them to spring upward after several lingering strokes. Crystal didn’t
merely pursue her fleshy stubs–she lent the impression that each step
taken was a precursor to a major event. What she actually intended to do
with the dildo kept the viewer in suspense from the manner she handled it.

Montana attempted to detach herself from Crystal’s exhibition and
maintain a professional eye, but found herself getting drawn into the
situation. Nearly every cell in her body was awakened by the girl’s
performance. Crystal was exceptional, she told herself repeatedly, gazing
at those surging tits as she melodiously exhaled. The blonde hair fanned
across the pillow enclosed a face in exquisite agony. Crystal’s eyes
glittered with dawning joy as she navigated the instrument of pleasure.
One could tell nothing furnished her greater excitement than a stiff cock.

In the background thumping rock music played, enhancing her explosive
display and seducing onlookers into a receptive mood.

Montana u*********sly wet her lips with her tongue and felt a pang of
hunger at Crystal’s writhing. That sassy girl got her thirsty for sex.
Montana had always enjoyed intimacy with a woman. Rather than spoil her
for a man, it had the opposite effect. A woman, in Montana’s estimation,
was an appetizer; the man her main course.

She considered the gentle placement of those hands and the invitation
they wrought. She pictured Crystal clutching her head while steering
Montana to the heat source between her legs. Montana thought about sucking
her pussy later, as she had during Crystal’s steamy audition, yet reserved
that impulse. Her hectic schedule ruled out that possibility. Operating a
studio constantly ran interference with her social agenda. If she wasn’t
supervising taping, then she was embroiled in meetings that lasted most the
day, battling with her accountants, or screening new applicants (which
didn’t always evolve into sex). Montana was involved in her field to the
exclusion of a normal existence.

Crystal temporarily took Montana away from the bustle as she drifted
into the exotic tapestry she wove. She squelched the urge to slip a finger
into her panties and give herself a relief-affording jiggle. Montana wore
a miniskirt that would have facilitated such a maneuver, but refrained from
indulging that weakness. Her crew was similarly expected to weather the
storm of desire the actors unleashed until taping was complete. Jerking
off was expressly prohibited.

The dildo was brought down, one delectable inch at a time, until it
skimmed her navel and bordered the silken curls of her pussy. The camera
directed considerable attention to that area. After several hushed
moments, Crystal slid it into her cunt lips. The blunt end divided her
sluiced flesh, revealing its pink flaps.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Crystal wept as she sank the fake cock into her juicy
crevice. Her eyes closed; when they reopened, they gleamed. She seemed
remotely aware of her surroundings, having entered a world that defied
accurate description. Pushing the dildo into herself, she arched back and
related the charge through a flurry of gasps. Her lips twisted as she
delved further and further into her cunt.

Montana assessed Crystal’s lank, flowing thighs. She recalled that
first time when they were wrapped about her head as she ate Crystal. They
were in her office, having gone over the stipulations of her contract, when
Crystal opted to clinch the deal with sex. She lifted her skirt,
disclosing those golden wisps that profiled her snatch, then took Montana’s
hand and placed it over that heated moisture. Crystal’s interview began on
a diligent note; after the girl demonstrated an overt wildness, it promptly
switched into a decadent affair. Montana held nothing back; the girl
summoned her appetite, and received nothing short of its full-flamed
intensity. She tongue-fucked Crystal until the girl spasmed in her face
twice, then strapped on a dildo and proceeded to fill her pussy with heavy
rubber. Crystal got off on everything she did, begging her for more. The
girl was tireless, insatiable, testing the boundaries even Montana
prescribed for herself.

Montana was suspicious of Crystal’s boyfriend, Peter. He insisted upon
his inclusion in each taping, explaining that he represented Crystal’s
well-being. Montana didn’t buy his story for a second; she recognized his
delighted glow when Amber Lake arrived for her scenes. Peter salivated
over every nubile inch she unfurled. He would have given his right ball to
change places with any one of the actors and fuck her.

Montana observed him sitting over in the corner. His intermittent
glances at the suite of dressing rooms was all the proof she required.
Amber would appear next in a pulse-raising three-way.

Unlike Peter, Montana could wait. Amber was one of her more
temperamental people, who raged over the smallest things. Montana could
not do without Amber; Crystal, a newcomer, wasn’t as large a draw as
someone of Amber’s caliber. She was forced to placate the volatile actress
and cater to her whims. If Amber favored a glass of Dom Perignon before
taping, along with a tray of Russian caviar and crackers, Montana had
little choice but to supply her those extravagances. A personal masseuse
was tossed into the deal as well (Amber complained of muscle aches after
long, grueling scenes), to the tune of five thousand per month. Montana
subscribed to a limousine service for her as well, transporting Amber from
her Hollywood Hills home and delivering her to the doorstep of Wildwood
Productions. If Amber happened to see a friend or two on the way, she
whisked them along for a ride, stopped for dinner at a top LA restaurant,
then charged it to the studio (business discussion, Amber reconciled).
Once again, Montana picked up the tab.

Amber’s name (in addition to her trademark tits) on the front of a video
translated into big bucks for Montana’s studio. The reigning sex goddess
of the porn industry, Amber had achieved bankable status. Chancing a
confrontation over Amber’s mercurial moods was not something Montana wished
to do.

Montana much preferred sweet Crystal, who endlessly provoked her
creative staff. After she put her in front of the camera, Crystal might
copy Amber’s demands–but by then, she hoped Amber Lake was in retirement.
She adamantly hoped Crystal would emerge Wildwood’s latest sensation.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Crystal recaptured her awareness as she expertly
manipulated the dildo. She plunged it whole into her cunt, then sawed back
and forth through slick pussy lips until it glistened with her juices.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh yes! Ohhhhhhh!”

Once again, Montana felt drawn into the whirlpool of excitement. The
rapture Crystal conveyed influenced her. Montana’s nipples rebelliously
bulged through her outfit. Her clit twitched nervously while she studied
the young actress’s feverish gyrations. Crystal’s moans and shrieks
pierced her composure. It became increasingly difficult for Montana to
play bystander to Crystal’s meteoric spectacle.

Rising from her director’s chair, she surveyed the others and saw that
her physical and emotional turbulence went unnoticed. Montana had more
than enough duties to attend to than her own sexual fulfillment.
Wordlessly, she sauntered from the room, hoping to shake the jolting
disturbances that raced through her body.

* * *

Crystal was vaguely aware the boss of Wild-wood Productions had made her
exit. When taped, every fiber of her being was honed to perfect focus.
Crystal wanted the world to see her excitement simmer, then explode. Her
salary and future were based on how many tapes her name could sell. If she
couldn’t compel someone to masturbate or make a grab for their spouse while
playing one of her videos, then she hadn’t properly done her job. Turning
people on was quite a chore. Crystal had to consult her imagination for
new and exciting ways to bring sexual instinct to the surface. Placing her
finger on the correct hot spot proved more than a formidable task. She had
to empty her mind of all else and concentrate on total eroticism;
projecting that for the camera lens was an involved and intense process.

The one person who survived her purge of distraction was Pete, her
boyfriend. He inspired her arousal and kept it on constant flame. All she
needed to do was occupy herself with pictures of him– naked, sweating,
horny–and her titillation was complete.

The dildo became an extension of Pete’s cock. She opened her legs to
snare it, reaching for that manly mass with her drenched cunt. Her sob
echoed through the set as that solid object plunged into her moist pussy.
She pumped herself with it, twisting her body exotically, receiving
pleasure. In her mind, Pete was fucking her brains out. His hard cock
jerked through her hot squish, crammed to the balls. She sustained this
illusion, bucking and wailing for five uninterrupted minutes, her
sweltering ordeal recorded for the thrill-seeking public.

Crystal leveraged her excitement by putting a finger to her clit for a
rousing jiggle. The dildo never left her hand, piloting through her
succulent recesses. Fast and furiously, her digit traveled. Wet sounds
washed from her pussy. Her cunt lips puckered for the lunging sex toy,
catching and bunching over its artificial plane.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, fucking herself with the fake cock.
Her pussy sucked and slithered over it, making one hungry grasp after
another. Her snapping finger put her stimulation into perspective. A hot,
sweeping jitteriness mounted from within.

Crystal almost yelled out for Pete, but managed to keep her motivate
secret. Nobody–not even her boyfriend–knew what sequence of thoughts
propelled her. Some might have believed her narcissistic, being watched
was a powerful stimulant; that, she had been told, fueled the performances
of others in her field.

Pete would make her happy after she wrapped the scene. Her dressing
room would be used to answer the smoldering needs the dildo awakened.
Crystal’s craving for flesh and blood precluded her from attaining
artificial fulfillment. Her satisfaction wasn’t validated by synthetic
devices. After Pete’s pants dropped, she’d have the real food source for
her cunt. His stiff cock would excite her pussy in a way no dildo could.

Oh, God, she was doing this for him, she remembered, close to orgasm.
She bared her exhilarated flesh and permitted herself to be filmed because
of Pete. His thirst for fame and power in the industry drove him; she was
an agent of that aspiration. Ultimately, she didn’t care about the money
or her positioning. Pete’s elation was solely what mattered. She devoted
herself to him and his vision in total. Her love for the man overruled the
drooling mouths and piercing eyes that surrounded her. Pete taught her how
to mentally erase them in order to instill the perpetual sizzle in her

Pete did everything for her. He was her professional consultant,
manager, public relations person, confidante and lover. Crystal functioned
exclusively on his instruction, and obeyed him without question. Her
seduction of Montana Wildwood was perpetrated by Pete; he directed Crystal
to appeal to the woman’s hidden inclinations to facilitate her employment.
He told her exactly how to go about it so that Montana was hers to command.

Crystal had followed his every suggestion to the letter, and discovered
that sex between two women was deliciously special. She deliberately
avoided apprising him of how deeply she enjoyed her private session with
Montana. The head of Wildwood Productions had legendary sexual powers.
Her pure, serpentine tongue left an unforgettable impression. Crystal came
a half dozen times before Montana lifted her mouth from her ravaged cunt.
The joy had been so plentiful she almost didn’t have the energy to
reciprocate–yet did. Crystal fucked Montana with her tongue until every
syllable she spoke was slurred, splintered and finally silenced. Montana’s
drippings were sugar-coated, her snatch lips traced with honey. Crystal
took generous servings of her pussy, rubbing her mouth all over that
glossy, pink flesh. Voraciously she ate Montana, flicking over her swollen
clit while her screams escalated. When she spasmed in her face at length,
Montana was lethargic but grateful. She gave Crystal a final sample of her
oral expertise–and another energy-sapping orgasm–before awarding her a
two-year contract.

Crystal squeezed the dildo into her cunt and shivered. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Wet rubber penetrated her snatch. Her chin went up and her lips spread
thickly as electricity shot through her nervous system. The burrowing
instrument was snared by clinging mush. In and out she dragged the fake
cock, elevating her pleasure. The urge was unstoppable. Deliriously, she
fucked herself. Ohhhhhhhh. It felt so good, reminding her of how Pete’s
cock felt when encased in her soaked warmth. Of course, the throbbing was
a missing element, but she would have that soon.

Her finger rotated her clit to burning satisfaction. It pulsed savagely
at her expert manipulation. Her hips snapped wildly as a direct result of
that orchestration. Juice poured from her crevice, streaming over her
velvety thighs.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! She was wide-open, ready for some real cock. Pete’s
cunt-filling member ruled her immediate thoughts. Considering its hard,
splitting quality, her excitement jumped another notch.

Her ass slapped the sheets, her heart pounding, her breath broken by a
loud gulp. The fever was uncontrollable. A hot flush colored her ecstatic
features, sweat coursing from each pore. In the heat of the moment, only
the dildo and Pete existed; the room whirled around her during that
fantasy. The camera crew and the blistering lights faded from sight.

Crystal’s eyes rolled up into their sockets at the peak of her agitation
before she went numb. The dildo abruptly dropped from her hand and her
finger bolted from her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried. “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The director motioned for them to “cut.” The area buzzed with activity,
repositioning equipment, testing lighting, reviewing script changes. Most
were oblivious to the girl whose perceptions slowly returned to normal.

Pete sat the edge of the bed, studying Crystal’s reclamation. Beyond
doubt, she was gorgeous–a true babe. He dabbed her forehead with a towel.
Her eyelids blinked several times before they steadied.

“You were terrific,” he remarked when he knew she could hear him. “You
gave me a hard-on.”

She glimpsed him for the proof. Mmmmmmm. Pete’s crotch was deliciously
swollen. His cock bulged widely under her lengthening stare. “Is that for

His grin remained fixed. “Sure is.”

“Let’s go take care of it,” she murmured, eager for his hungry slide
into her pussy.

Pete glanced at the door as though expecting to see Amber emerge on the
scene. The voluptuous actress cast her spell on him. Although he was
enthusiastic about doing Crystal, Amber floated through his mind. He
couldn’t help but dwell over that beautiful face venting him a uncivil
look, tacitly demanding he pound her into submission. Amber made no secret
about her enjoyment of sex, and imparted that message through every gig.

Naturally, Amber wasn’t nearly prepared to tape. Her late arrivals on
the set were not only expected, but tolerated. Amber could afford to be
nonchalant; she was principally the breadwinner for Wildwood, and crowed
about it endlessly.

Pete wondered if he could manage her. A girl that raked in the dough
required expert representation. Whoever was currently navigating her
career couldn’t do her nearly the justice that he could. Pete figured he
could renegotiate the terms of her contract that would make her the highest
paid entertainer in porn.

Of course, Amber wasn’t stupid. He believed her economically shrewd.
To entrust someone with her career and permit him to take control of her
financial affairs would take more than genius. That person had to back his
claim with the required attitude and bedroom athletics. Sex was an
effective bargaining tool. Amber wouldn’t respect anyone without balls; in
that department, Pete had it made.

He never heard a single complaint from Crystal. She took all she could

Amber could be persuaded–and he was just the guy to do it.


The telephone rang several times in Amber’s room before the recorder
switched on. “Sorry, I can’t pick up the phone right now. I’m probably
fucking somebody. At the sound of the tone, you know what to do.”

Although Amber Lake’s standard message sounded a bit far-fetched, she
was brutally accurate. Her legs reached high and around her stud of the
moment, Buddy Bang–affectionately known as “B.B.” by those familiar with
the industry. Buddy happened to be one of Amber’s favorite fuck partners.
She’d made several movies with him and never failed to get stirred up over
his lean, smooth body and boyish features attached to eleven inches of
unrelenting pleasure. B.B.’s light brown hair was nearly as long as hers,
except he chose to put his in a pony tail, as was the convention of most
young male porn stars.

Amber was everything you would expect from an actress of adult films:
wickedly impertinent, busty, eye-catching and loud. Brunette curls framed
a stunning face with dark, flashing eyes. Her full, sensual lips were
wildly expressive, mouthing lewd phrases while broaching an entirely tame
subject. Amber was a highly skilled individual who not only brought men to
their knees, but made them glad they were there. She didn’t intimidate
nearly as much as she caused people to think nasty. Her in-your-face,
let-it-hang-out style was adopted by most performers in the business. She
was shamelessly sexy.

On her back, she gazed up at her fancied co-star and let him fill her
pussy with his enormous cock. Some women might have flinched when B.B.
crammed that monster into them, but Amber did nothing of the sort. She
welcomed its tight, cunt-squashing fit. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She loved
fucking B.B., whether it was on the set or in the privacy of her own home.
They didn’t always work on the same projects together, but when she could
designate him as her leading man, she did so without hesitation.

At twenty-five, B.B. looked years younger. B.B. resembled a beach bum
who flunked out of school, pilfered favors from anyone he could, and was
corrupted by the likes of porn stars such as Amber Lake. His image amused
Amber, as she had known B.B. to be one of the most intelligent and
disciplined actors of her acquaintance. Not only had B.B. graduated from
college, but when he wasn’t working, he avidly read John Keats, Thomas
Hardy and James Joyce, among others. He savored literary perfection and
claimed those writers fueled his imagination by giving him focus.

At the moment, scholarly enrichment wasn’t on B.B.’s mind as he slammed
into Amber. He made her sweat profusely as he pumped her steadily with his
big cock. B.B. had an energetic rhythm that automatically accelerated
Amber’s pulse. Keen to the voluptuous brunette’s preference for a nice,
stiff fuck, B.B. delivered. His sharp, penetrating thrusts caused her
water bed to violently rock in conjunction with Amber’s spirited cries.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” she murmured, listening to her squishy sounds when his
dick slipped in and out of her wet pussy. “Fuck me. Harder. Yes.” His
balls loudly slapped her ass, their thud a stimulant.

B.B. knelt between Amber’s spread legs, letting them lock about him.
She writhed splendidly on her back, flicking her tongue and sending him
scorched looks. She sucked his cock right into her snatch, molding her
cuntal walls over his throbbing bulk. Amber gave his enlarged member a
loving squeeze before permitting it to roll backward. Her pussy choked off
every ticklish spot in his thing. B.B. threw his head back, then plunged
with abandon into her drenched depths. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Being smothered by
Amber’s cunt was an absolute treat. She had a knack for attuning herself
to her partner’s vibrations, then shifting into fast gear. It took
everything B.B. had just to catch up with her once she got going. Those
fiery hips of hers were untamable; not even his furious slams into her
pussy brought correction.

He managed to glance at where they were connected. Her juicy cunt lips
puckered his thick stem. He saw his pulsing mass push until their pubes
met, then experienced her awesome compression. His mouth dropped open.
Sweat poured from his brow and trickled onto her bounding tits. Christ,
she was hot. Amber was so fucking gorgeous, he couldn’t take his eyes off
her. He enjoyed being buried between those shapely legs, in her satin
heat–whether or not he was paid for the effort. He stuck his whole cock
into her again and again, regaled by her lyrical cries, to reap that

He jammed his cock into her, swift and unsparing. Amber’s soft moan
aroused him. Her pussy was a moving target he loved to shaft. Oh, yeah,
he thought. It was so great to occupy.

Amber didn’t like staying in the same position for more than a few
minutes; furthermore, having B.B. pound her shoulder blades into the
mattress precluded her from gaining control. She didn’t mind being briefly
dominated, but Amber was far too vivacious to accept an extensively passive
role. Gripping B.B., Amber urged him to rotate their arrangement so that
he was on the bottom. Her brunette curls bounced upon her arrival on his
lap, which she regarded as a hot seat of excitement. His cock wasn’t
displaced an inch during the transition, completely submerged in her soaked
cunt. B.B.’s pony tail lashed her face when flipping over; Amber, however,
was too deeply aroused to let its sting register.

After submitting to B.B.’s powerful thrusts, Amber relished the
opportunity to reciprocate. She engaged his swollen member with a snap of
her hips, nearly causing him to bend in her pussy. She jerked back and
forth, breathlessly riding him. Her big tits bobbed in his face, the
distended nipples silently demanding his lick.

B.B. didn’t have to be asked twice. He grabbed one with his lips, then
vented a suck guaranteed to inflict dizziness. In addition, he throttled
its stubby end with his tongue until she gasped for air.

“Jesus,” she murmured when bubbles formed around his mouth, then saliva
seeped onto her scorched flesh. Reacting from that prickling rush, she
pushed down with her cunt until his dick filled her to capacity.

B.B. wasn’t about to let her solely be the aggressor. He speared
through juicy flesh, driving into her narrow channel. Amber wailed as he
opened her cunt with each stroke. His hard dick sliding up and down her
tightly wrapped pussy afforded her a potent charge. He cupped her
buttocks, his long fingers branching over her quivering flesh, and pumped
her nonstop before she had a chance to respond.

When Amber finally reclaimed her composure, she gave B.B. a fucking he
wouldn’t soon forget. Pinning his broad shoulders with her hands, she
galloped wildly, slapping his groin without care, riding him until his mind
was purged of every detail but that acutely clenching cunt. Her tits
thrashed about as she humped him, similar to two fleshy boulders on a
collision course. Her slick pussy lips kissed the base of his cock, their
pecks soft and sloppy.

“Fuck me, baby,” B.B. moaned, giving himself over to the assault Amber
furnished. He didn’t even attempt to return her fury. Amber was the
licensed operator–she’d steer their course.

Amber scooped her battering tits together after their frantic activity
and aligned her nipples for B.B.’s visual enjoyment. Those fleshy stubs
forming one, delectable prong, were inserted into his mouth.

“Suck them,” she fervently ordered, stuffing his face. “Suck them
hard.” Her command carried a curt edge, brooking no defiance. She watched,
then felt, B.B. execute her instruction. His pull on her delicate,
inflamed nubs earned a tormented cry. “Oh, yeah. Keep doing that.”
Showing her delight, she repeatedly slammed herself over his solid dick
until the air was plucked from his lungs.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” B.B. muttered, vibrating over each nub he condensed.
Amber bombarded his nervous system with a continual procession of pelvis
slaps intended to make him explode. If it weren’t for his extensive
training to retard that impulse, he would have sent a jet stream of hot cum
to the furthest reaches of her pussy. Her cunt walls closed on him,
pinching the taut skin of his cock in their surging clasp.

While B.B. delayed orgasm, Amber readily embraced it. Women were
permitted to spasm as many times as they wished during taping, while the
men preserved their splattering moment for the grand finale. B.B. had
conditioned himself to resist prematurely spurting, even while Amber ground
herself on him with crazed severity. A man of lesser qualification
wouldn’t have lasted more than five minutes in bed with Amber; the sheer
authority between her legs would have neutralized their staying power.

B.B. groaned as Amber squeezed him into her pussy. His erect cock
strained within its soft, pulsing walls. She did an excellent job at
robbing him of air. Her fine, husky style was intact during a private, and
well-recorded, session. That velvety cunt smothered him in a warm, juicy
hug. Ahhhhh! He spread his muscular thighs wide, wishing to savor its
unobstructed glide up and down his throbbing shaft, from his bloated crown
to his compact balls.

Amber’s glutted expression reigned supreme. She smashed herself down on
B.B., promoting his hoarse intake. Oh, yes, she loved sitting on cock. It
gave her a sense of domination, controlling one’s pleasure, steering one’s
course. Nothing paralleled manipulation. Fewer things in life gave her a
higher degree of satisfaction.

She gazed down at that boyish face, searching for a clue that disclosed
his true years. B.B. concealed his age via that untainted look he honed
to perfection. When you connected a young kisser to a giant cock, it made
for a startling combination. What delighted the patrons of porn video even
more was B.B.’s expert operation of machinery. When viewers saw that power
tool in action, pounding the likes of her and other gorgeous women into
submission, they clamored for more.

Amber loved fucking B.B.’s big dick. It reached far into her tender
cunt, expanding her lips to maximum flexibility. Her hefty clit rolled
right over his manly bulk, sending a barrage of potent sparks through her
entire body. His balls were a slapping affirmation of that joy.

She listened to the slick noises her pussy made during her ride at full
speed. B.B.’s cock got sucked into her soaked pussy with ferocious
momentum, then was given a howling clamp to validate her hunger. B.B.’s
guttural moan reverberated, along with those wet sounds. All of it
heightened her gratification.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Amber uttered, deliriously. “Fuck me. Deeper.
Harder. Oh, yeah.”

B.B. wordlessly answered her call, providing a tall, solid cock to
stand in her thumping snatch. She greased his shaft with her copious love
sap. Her hot, squeezing lips applied their lustful stamp.

“Take it,” B.B. grunted. “Oh, yeah. Get it. Get the whole thing.”
Through a film of sweat, he studied those bashing tits, receiving a shower
of moisture when they smacked together. Rivulets streamed from those
large, heaving boobs. Her nipples glistened with perspiration.

She worked that hard, pulsating mass, pumping her ass cheeks until he
was fully sheathed. B.B. provided her satisfying friction. She rubbed
his dick with her pussy, affording herself a tingly massage. She snapped
up every last bit with her cunt. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Amber enjoyed the way
that big, solid monster moved through her pussy, lending her the stiffness
essential for a fast orgasm.

His handsome face was marred with lines of agony as her pussy gobbled
him up. The sheer tightness was more than he could reasonably digest. Her
drenched plumbing was another contributor–sucking him to her wet confines.
She emphatically tugged the taut skin of his cock, jarring his senses. Oh,
yeah–it felt so good to fuck him.

She pummelled B.B. with hot squish for several minutes before electing
to alter their position. A shapely leg was swung over his smooth thigh
without detaching her cunt. Turning, she traded his sweltering expression
for her own fever-bright expression on the opposite wall’s mirror.

B.B.’s knees slid up while he anchored himself in bed. Amber gazed at
his thick cock curving up into her pussy. That stretched, stout dick left
no room for want. The fat stem palpitated. She caressed it and his balls,
purring with delight. Ohhhhhhhhhh. It pleased her to see him planted

B.B., shifting into a more active mode, began hammering cock into her.
His first reflex was to let Amber feel mobility in her sluiced cunthole.
She moaned from its explosive punch. He stabbed into her snatch with
cunt-splitting strokes, opening her up to gain the furthest access to her
slick channel.

Amber arched her back, whipping her dark mane back at B.B. His hands
swooped over her swollen nipples, raking them with his fingers. Her stiff
peaks popped through, radiating a current that surged through her entire

Amber’s pupils slid upward and her lips broadened with glistening awe as
B.B.’s huge member sliced through her tight pussy. She willed herself into
a bottleneck, veering against his cock’s skin with slippery joy. Oxygen
was rapidly processed during that lush, sliding activity.

Ohhhhhhhh! His upstanding member came right up to receive those juicy
lips. She instantly sank down on him, squeezing his cock with wrapped
muscle. He throbbed wildly in her clutches.

“That feels great, baby,” B.B. muttered after Amber massaged him to his
utter satisfaction. A moment later, his head rolled to one side and his
mouth dropped open after being agitated by its relentless stroking. A
drawn out gasp came from deep in his throat. He jerked, unable to shake
the enjoyment that gripped him.

She scooped up his balls and fondled them. Her touch was exquisite–the
ideal mix of feline curiosity and lush contentment. Her exploration
expanded to include a sweep of his firm thighs. Amber adored the male
architecture–particularly when swelled to maximum size. She could easily
spend hours playing with an erect cock, from its plump bulb to its
condensed sack, and not get bored. She gingerly handled those balls, alert
to their content. How B.B. managed to replenish their supply after a
productive day in front of the camera boggled her mind. A man like B.B.
had to constantly stretch his erotic imagination to keep functioning.
Rarely had she seen him too fatigued to perform; with B.B., all one had to
do was push a button and he fucked.

She caressed his delicate section of his well-oiled machine before
pulling every inch into her hungry cunt. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Her hot pussy
filled with studly cock. Every nook and cranny was occupied with his
pulsating bulk.

“Fuck me, baby,” she crooned. “Fuck me.”

B.B. availed himself of her silky planes. Her flesh was a treat to the
senses: whispery soft with the scent of strawberries. Amber bathed in a
variety of soaps that made each coupling luscious. He never knew what
exotic perfumed smell she would carry next.
She rocked with abandon on his lap, enjoying his noisy slide into her
nectar-rich pussy. His balls continued to smack her inner thighs while her
juicy lips puckered his cock. He stuck himself as far as he could into her

vibrating channel, reaping its tingly benefit.

“Oh, yeah. Like that,” she moaned. B.B. slammed into her with all he
had. After Amber cried out, he grunted, “Want more?”

“Yeah. Fuck me.”

B.B. obliged her plea with tormenting repetition. He speared through
hot, dripping tissue, giving it one wild smack after another.

They were both getting close to total depletion. B.B. wanted their
pleasure to culminate doggie-style. Fucking on his back was acceptable,
but didn’t lend the proper leverage he had while on his knees. He liked
finishing off his women in that position.

Gripping Amber’s mound, he flipped her over without displacing his cock.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. He was in there good. She landed on her knees with a sigh.
His view of that mouth-watering ass made him swallow roughly. He cupped
those tasty buns, then gave them a hungry pinch. He withdrew just enough
to see his dick protrude from that succulent pink crevice. Amber must have
known he savored that glimpse, for she gifted him with a glorious squeeze.
His shaft kaçak casino twitched eagerly in her crushing hug. B.B. moaned, then
encompassed her sumptuous ass with tremendous hands and proceeded to pump
her hard.

Amber whimpered as B.B. fucked her. His groin bounced off her
curvaceous flesh, effecting a staccato rhythm. His pony tail thumped his
backside as he riddled her pliant flesh with gratifying thrusts.

“Oh, yeah,” B.B. croaked, in control of her bucking ass. His base
ground securely to her pink, furrowed rim, deriving the utmost
satisfaction. His fingertips dug into her flesh to both savor her velvety
textures and position her for maximum penetration. Ahhhhhhhh. She was so
wonderfully malleable he couldn’t squeeze her enough. He thoroughly reamed
her pussy with his bone-solid cock.

Amber’s dark hair flew over her shoulder. She vented him a steamy look
that begged him to continue. Her eyes did a zing, her lips a gaping pout.
She silently implored him to saw through those juicy flaps and bring his
cock home. At the heat of the moment, she abruptly hurled herself back for
impalement. Her facial cast and echoing sigh was of supreme bliss once the
connection was complete.

B.B. ran his dick in and out of her luscious floodgate, dragging that
heart-shaped rump to his hungry body. As each inch of his excited shaft
was consumed by her ravenous hole, his Adam’s apple convulsively twitched.
Those juicy cunt lips closed around his cock. He twisted himself in their
sappy embrace, gasping with joy. He stabbed into her again and again so
those gratifying sensations would repeat. His chin tilted high and his
eyes closed at the height of his indulgence. Her warm, wet pussy
stimulated him. His senses raged at her soft, clasping fit.

B.B. grabbed her butt and pulled it to him so that their bodies were in
alignment. He wanted to be fully encased in her hot, prickling squish.
The loud, slick noises that emerged from her cunt illustrated her degree of
excitement as well.

Amber smiled. B.B. gave her a lasting thrill. No matter how long they
fucked, the ecstasy was resurgent. His noisy smacks at her butt reiterated
his compensation. She loved having him buried to the hilt, submerging his
rock-hard thing in her snatch, then its blazing progression to every
starved corner.

B.B. watched his dick sink into her wet, split pussy. It looked so
good, scrutinizing those soaked flaps rolling up and over his cock. The
sublime comfort they brought was even better. He howled with delight as he
pumped that receptive hole, responding enthusiastically to its clamp.
Amber wiggled beneath his grope, as though taunting him. He slammed into
her squirming cunt, subjecting her to the non-negotiable hardness of his
horny cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Amber moaned, feeling the brunt of his excitement.

He didn’t allow her to recover for a moment. His savage thrusts shook
her very foundation. Amber wasn’t permitted to come up for air. He
pounded her into submission, one wild stroke after another. His intent was
to fuck her brains out and at the rate his stiff cock traveled through her
trembling cunt, he succeeded.

“Harder!” she imperatively cried. “Harder!”

B.B. showed no mercy. His quick, deep jabs elevated her to the desired
level. Amber’s brain whirred at the influx of stimulation. She couldn’t
begin to digest the torrent that swept her body.

She clawed the sheets, trying to achieve balance, but failed. B.B.’s
striking groin nearly caused her to fall flat on her face. Her nipples
sk**ded over the cool sheets, sending a trail of sparks to her molten core.

B.B. didn’t stop for a second. He continued to rivet her cunt. His
objective was plain: make Amber cum.

“Jesus,” she sobbed, unable to feign orgasm if only to have him reduce
his shattering lunge. When B.B. fucked her, there was no faking it. Her
pleasure was genuine. He addressed that remote throbbing sensation with
his cunt-probing thrust. “Oh, baby, yes. Don’t stop. More.”

His heavy balls thumped against her ass, immune to the dull ache of his
rhythm. He listened to her cunt disengage, then moistly reattach itself to
his dick when he withdrew, then powered his way back in. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
The urge to cum was so great, he clenched his teeth.

Soon, baby, he thought deliriously–soon!

Amber’s temperature rose to fever level as he fucked her pussy. She was
beyond giddy from its constant shift in direction. That big, manly cock
drove into her as though it belonged in the very center of her throbbing
snatch; its vibrant pulsations kept her fiercely excited.

In the midst of this frantic activity, B.B. tossed his trump card on
the table: he placed his huge thumb over her clit and effected a
nerve-seizing rub. Amber’s entire air supply compressed from her lungs.
She slammed against B.B.’s impressive pecs and shivered.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, sweat pouring from her face.

B.B. didn’t let her throaty response dissuade him. His cock jerked
through her soaked tissue, forcing her breathless acknowledgment. His
stroking digit was merely an additional excitant.

Amber loved the way he jiggled her. B.B. sure hit the spot.
Ohhhhhhhh! She emptied her mind of all but that electrifying tip and the
magic it rendered. His big thing moving through her sopping passage
accounted for the balance of her fulfillment.

“You like that, baby?” he whispered raggedly in her ear. “You know it’s
going to make you cum.”

His words fell on deaf ears. Amber was already driven beyond the point
of no return. She sensed orgasm building inside her for some time–now she
was at the peak of arousal. B.B. fingered her nonstop until she began

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out, buckling on her knees. Stars flashed
before her eyes. The slippage B.B. pounded into her burned intensely upon
impact. “I’m cumming! Oh, honey, I’m cumming! Yeah!”

B.B. was glad to hear it. He had delayed his eruption far too long.
While Amber contracted around his throbbing member, he sank into her cunt
one final time before losing it. The collision was more than either of
them could handle. Even in her tightly wrapped pussy, his cock jerked
violently while emitting its hot goo.

Christ! It was such a treat, cumming inside Amber’s snatch. B.B. was
accustomed to yanking out and spurting her writhing backside; to shoot his
cum into her cunt elevated his satisfaction.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” he grunted, oblivious to all else but that
uninterrupted flow. “Oh, yeah.”

Amber’s lips curved as she felt the sticky accumulation. B.B. squirted
heavily, pumping her full. The second he pulled out, cum would seep from
her saturated hole.

She bunched her tits together, shivering, tweaking every ounce of
leftover excitement. Her nipples received each pinch, each flick with a
burst of joy.

At length, B.B. detached himself from Amber’s inundated cunt. As
expected, jism streamed from the aggravated crevice in dense profusion.
Cum ran down her inner thighs. Despite his active taping schedule, B.B.
managed to flood her.

Just as Amber let out an elated quiver, the phone clattered in the
background. When her answering machine switched on, she listened.

“Hi, Amber. This is Pete–Crystal’s agent. Can you please call me at
your earlier convenience. I have something important to discuss with you
that will be advantageous to us both.”

Amber frowned. Wasn’t he ever going to give up? She had done her level
best to elude him, yet he kept bothering her. Obviously, “no” was
unacceptable–in any way she said it.

Pete’s intentions were transparent to Amber. She was keen to his plan
of enlisting her as a client. Judging from the manner in which he handled
Crystal, Amber wanted no part of his management style. Domination was very
much his game.

B.B.’s sweltering expression informed her that he hadn’t caught her
latest message. B.B. was similarly cautious of placing his business
affairs in the control of someone like Pete. The probability of being
stolen blind ran high.

After B.B. left, Amber intended to release each and all of Pete’s
requests. She had no desire to associate herself with someone of his
malign character.

One didn’t survive in this kind of business by being pathetically


Montana Wildwood took a break from reviewing some of the footage shot
earlier in the day by treating herself to some Chablis. Initially she
meant to pour half a glass, but given the events that developed that
afternoon, one just shy of the rim was filled.

Pete, Crystal’s boyfriend/manager, had insisted upon a private meeting
in which he dictated certain terms Montana had no intention of honoring.
He wanted the option of developing projects for Crystal to star. He wanted
to launch her on an all-expenses-paid promotional tour that would generate
enthusiasm for her future videos. He also wanted script approval–prior to
Crystal’s first blush.

Pete wanted a number of things that would never get a single nod.
Though strongly feeling Crystal would receive delicious hype for Wildwood
productions, Montana would not permit herself to be ordered about by an
amateur. Montana maintained professional standards and ran her
organization by her own code–exempt of outsider input. Crystal was slated
for maximum exposure, though not with the breakneck speed Pete wished.
Montana simply did not have the kind of operating capitol Pete imagined;
even if she did, she would not tolerate his demands.

She took a healthy gulp of her drink, then sighed. If only she could
rid herself of the emotion attached to each project. Montana, by nature,
was a sensitive creature. She might seem tough, even callous by some, but
those who truly understood her saw the fragile woman she was. After the
poisonous darts were thrown and invectives hurled, Montana was stripped of
her armor. She hid behind a harsh, inflexible image to ward off unwanted

As a matter of practice, she distanced herself from those in her employ.
Montana had no desire to create friendships that would consume her
emotional energies. It was best to stay a loner and conserve her stamina
for the longevity of her business. The problem she faced was that those
that populated her company were highly desirable individuals who brought
temptation at every turn. She taught herself the art of discipline in
moderating her indulgence.

Alone late at her studio, she was given the opportunity to think
clearly–without the interruption of the phone, people barging into her
office while attempting to hold a meeting or other unpleasant distractions.
Preserving her sanity was key.

These days, Montana recognized her shortage of patience. Her
assistants, alert to the amount of stress she was under, implied a vacation
was in order. Montana, a work horse, rejected their suggestion. The
aggregate hours she spent at the studio didn’t explain her fatigue–what
did, she came to realize, was her lack of a social life. Montana did not
have a romantic interest in which to place her focus.

Montana once had a regular lover–Robert, a magazine photographer. She
had met him in her early days, prior to making her first video. On a
sexual level, they burned up the sheets. Robert was deliciously
insatiable. The problem, however, stemmed from her busy schedule at the
inception of Wildwood Productions. Montana eventually found herself in
increasing demand–much to Robert’s chagrin. Her inability to spend
quality time with him led to the demise of that relationship.

Next came Mark, a bronzed stud, who ruled her everyday thoughts for six
consecutive months. Mark was such a good fuck, she could hardly wait to
wrap things up for the day so she could hop in the sack with him for an
all-nighter. He ran a profitable restaurant business that made him a
millionaire. Their mutual lust swiftly cooled after he relocated to New
York to launch an East Coast location. Both suffered from the transition
of sex on a nightly basis to occasional weekends and sought new partners.
Mark had no problem in finding a replacement; Montana didn’t bother. She
decided to invest those energies into a more worthwhile pursuit: enlarging
her fortunes.

Neglecting her personal life had been judged regrettable particularly on
nights such as these, when Montana felt utterly alone. She would preferred
to be enveloped in a pair of masculine arms, lazing in bed, with a bottle
of champagne and a hormone-provoking video playing on the TV. Those lush
moments spent with men like Robert and Mark weren’t forgotten; she
periodically took them off the shelf and gave them a dusting.

Strangely, the only person of late who touched a nerve was Crystal.
Certainly Montana wasn’t about to migrate to that kind of relationship
after admitting failure with a straight arrangement. Men would always
raise her pulse, get her pussy moist; women, however, were like a box of
chocolates she kept tucked away for a secret thrill.

Having Pete in the picture soured Montana’s appetite for Crystal. She
wasn’t liable to indulge herself if she had to deal with him. Montana
would prefer to have no one than tackle that kind of scenario.

A knock sounded at her door, reverting Montana’s thoughts to the
presence. She frowned. With the exception of the security guard, she
hadn’t expected to be bothered. “Yes?” she asked, unable to censor the
irritation from her voice.

A tall, lean guy with dark hair, a mustache and the beginnings of a
beard entered her office. The white tank top he wore revealed a developed
chest loaded with dark curls and biceps pumped up in size. His jeans were
worn at the crotch, drawing immediate attention to the heft of his cock.
“Miss Wildwood?”

Montana had never seen him before. Usually she wasn’t kind to
strangers, but struck by his virile presence, she employed a less grating
tone. “Yes, I’m Miss Wildwood. What can I do for you?”

“I’m Rusty Peters. You scheduled me for an audition this evening.”

Montana searched her memory banks. She couldn’t recall having jotted
that item on her agenda. “Are you confident it was tonight?”

He nodded. “This note was prepared by your secretary.”

Montana scanned it for authenticity. Yes, it was Paula’s handwriting.
She glanced up to digest those incredible hazel eyes. Rusty Peters was
indisputably a hunk. The male actors she hired tended to have a direct
impact on the senses–Rusty was no exception. His thick dark hair was
pulled back into a small pony tail, framing rugged features. He possessed
a masculine quality she didn’t often encounter.

“Since you appear to have me at a disadvantage, Rusty,” Montana huskily
said, “why don’t I pour you a drink so we can talk? I prefer a relaxed
atmosphere to conduct an interview.”

A grin split his tanned face. He affected a swagger that nearly
mesmerized Montana. He lowered himself into a spot at the far end of her
sofa and accepted her terms without questions. Montana poured him a glass
of champagne, letting the neckline of her blouse dip as she handed it to
him. The look they exchanged was best described as “electric.” She
actually felt a current flow between them.

“Tell me something of your background, Rusty,” Montana began with.
“What led you to Wildwood Productions?”

“Well,” he said, appearing to choose his words carefully, “I’m an
automotive mechanic and have always had an appetite for pornography. I
attended showings of various movies on a regular basis and feel I can
improve upon the action currently produced.”

Montana grinned. Rusty couldn’t be any older than twenty-one. How
could someone of his inexperienced years make such an outrageous statement?
“You honestly believe you have something worthwhile to offer my audience?”

“That’s what the girls tell me,” he proudly mentioned.

Montana spotted the southern twang in his voice now that he spoke more
freely. Apparently she was talking with a man of absolute aplomb. “Did
you just arrive in LA?”

“I’ve been here almost two weeks.”

“Have you tried to secure any other kind of employment?”

He shook his head. “I figure I can make it big in porn. I’ve got what
it takes.” He tossed her a wink. “I’ve curled more toes and hit more high
notes in the women I’ve bunked down with than you can shake a stick at.”

Hmmmmm, his confidence level was right up there, she noted. “Do you
have a problem performing in front of people?”

“Performing?” His brow went up.

“Maintaining an erection?”

“Hell, no,” he chuckled. “I’ve been at parties where a whole bunch of
us have switched partners. The girls like when they end up with me.
Sometimes I’ve worked on two at once.”

Montana felt his qualifications limited, but it was to Rusty’s merit
that he approached her in a susceptible mood. She took a prolonged sip of
her champagne, letting the bubbles snap against her tongue before slurring,
“Let’s have a look at you. Remove your clothes.”

A grin radiated from his face. Rusty couldn’t have been more pleased to
drop his duds. “Yes, ma’am.”

Montana studied him with an expert eye as the top button of his jeans
was popped, then his fly unzipped. White briefs arrested an interesting
shape. While he wasn’t the least hard, Montana could tell Rusty had the
equipment he boasted. The flaccid shaft showed promise. After the jeans
fell from his hair-rough, muscled thighs and his tank top was yanked off
his heavily matted chest, she examined him more closely. Rusty was a
handsome b**st who, with a little refinement, would add value to some of
her video cassette sleeves.

“Very nice,” she complimented, slowly crossing her shapely legs. She
indicated his briefs. “Now let’s see the rest of you.”

“With pleasure, ma’am,” Rusty said, excitement filling his voice. He
shoved his thumbs beneath the elastic rim, then pulled it over his narrow
hips. His cock wasn’t even semi-erect, but caused Montana to lick her
lips. He was familiar with her absorbed look–women very likely gazed at
him in that raw fashion.

Montana nurtured a strong jump of lust upon viewing him. Desire
throbbed within her pussy. There was something wonderfully depraved about
studying a naked man while fully dressed.

“Do I pass muster?” he asked, grinning.

“Initially,” she mused. “I put all applicants through a series of
tests. Looking good is merely the initial phase. Achievement is rated

Her comment puzzled him. “I don’t understand.”

“Step over here,” she said softly. “I need to test your responses.”

Rusty obeyed. He stopped in front of where she sat. Montana made no
motion to rise. Her eyes were fixed to his mystified expression. After
letting several unspoken minutes pass, she trailed her fingertips over his
flat stomach. Rusty lurched back and shivered as she skimmed through the
abundance of hair that covered his flesh.

“Don’t be afraid to react to what I’m doing,” she remarked in a whisper.
“I’m measuring every wince, every gasp.”

He nodded, then shut his eyes. She could see he was attempting to
mentally discard all diversion so that his responses were pure.

Montana streamed through the vast forest of his chest until she located
his nipple. Rusty didn’t appear seasoned at having it manipulated. He
flinched. Montana wasn’t at all thrown. She fully concentrated on
stripping his nervous system to the bare wire.

“Do you like when a woman touches you?” she inquired.


“Do you generally take control of the situation, or is it

“I like calling the shots.”

“If you’re going to work in my videos, you’ll have to revise your

He nodded, recording that pearl of wisdom.

She fluttered through the muscular definition of his upper torso until
she found his other nipple. He jerked upon her discovery. Slowly, she
rubbed it. After several moments of her heated acquaintance, she observed
a twitch of life in his cock.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

His Adam’s apple rippled. “Yes. It feels nice.”

“Did you know men are highly responsive to that area?”

With his eyes still shut, he shook his head.

Montana sighed. “You have so much to learn.”

Rusty’s eyes shot open. “Will you teach me?”

She perceived his distraught look as a threat of rejection. “Possibly.
My schedule doesn’t always permit me that luxury, however.”

“I’m a fast learner,” he vouched. “I’m open to suggestion.”

His flight of tension ended the animation in his dick. He hung limply
before her, more shrunken than ever.

“There’s no need to panic,” she said, her tone soothing. “I’m not
kicking you out.”

He regained his composure with a cleansing breath. Her silent, swirling
endorsement restored his confidence. The fact he could manage his emotions
was in his favor.

Montana released his nipple and traveled south. Her curiosity with his
cock could not be disregarded. She loved seeing men at the height of
virility. Nothing pleased her more than a healthy-looking erection.

Her clasp of his soft member did not inhibit. Montana was accomplished
at handling men of varying temperaments. She exhibited a feathery caress
that could only stir, then inflame the senses.

She nudged the head with her thumb as the rest of her fingers roused
him. His cock remained soft. She suspected fear lingered at the seat of
his passion. Reserving comment, she proceeded with her stimulating
massage. Her silky murmurs served as encouragement.

Gradually, Rusty lowered his guard. His aspiration to be a porn star
had been foremost in his mind. Returning to the garage where he worked
long, dutiful hours painted a bleak future. He had no desire to consign
himself to manual labor for the rest of his life. The promise of big bucks
and pussy drew him to Hollywood; losing sight of that dream depressed him.

Rusty focused on the bewitching grope of his last girlfriend. Her mere
gaze sent fire through his veins. Pawing her malleable body gave him an
instant hard-on. Keeping that monster down was more a trick than bringing
it to a stand. Rusty operated his machinery to great effect. Sticking his
cock into moist, receptive pussy was definitely his game. He loved all
that flushed, female eagerness fighting against him, prepared to handle
every pounding inch he dealt.

Montana Wildwood’s vivid grope reinstated his focus. Following her lead
was a simple exercise. In Rusty’s experience, he initiated sex. Women
were under his supervision, their session totally orchestrated by him. He
had to alter that practice if he planned on accepting the challenge of her
tickling fingers.

Rusty envisioned himself on the television screen, ogled by lust-hungry
women who would have sold their souls for a night in his bed. He pictured
their fingers delving between their legs, masturbating to his flickering

Montana’s lips curved as she felt Rusty grow. He lengthened and
fattened in her clasp as she administered a mildly invigorating stroke.
His swell to manhood caused her to whistle softly. Whew! Rusty’s claim of
being enormous wasn’t exaggerated. She forecasted Amber Lake’s eye-popping
expression of fucking something so phenomenal. He sprouted to an amazing
twelve inches, with a two-and-a-half inch diameter. The guy must have left
his former conquests weak after an intense session, she presumed. Getting
pumped by that power tool had to result in at least one crippling orgasm.

Rusty endured her examination stationary, close-tongued and solemn.
Montana’s transport might have been perceptible, but he wasn’t about to
make the same mistake twice by leaping to conclusions. Montana Wildwood
probably inspected every porn star she employed to assure herself they were
properly equipped.

He inwardly admitted, however, that her fingers carried powerful
amperage. Her gentle, stimulating approach rocked his very foundation and
had him nearly jumping out of his skin. Whew! He thought her wildly
attractive and he wished he’d seen more of her movies. He would have
enjoyed seeing her naked, baring her hot pussy and handling a team of

She enclosed the base of his cock, then soared to the top. When her
thumb touched the jutting rim of his bulb, she applied pressure. The slit
opened and a small bead of cum emerged. Without preliminary, she lowered
her tongue and lapped it clean.

Rusty, unprepared for that maneuver, gasped, then shuddered. Montana’s
slurp was deftly executed and gratifying. A line of bubbles were left
after slashing that bloated crown. His heart raced at the prospect of
being subjected to intimate analysis of a greater extent. He fully
expected Montana to sample the merchandise before buying, but hadn’t
predicted his furious response.

Montana glanced up at him, checking his fever-rich appearance. Rusty’s
lips were parted to facilitate his hoarse breathing. She had taken him by
surprise–of that, she was certain.

Sitting on the chair while he swayed before her supplied her an edge.
He was forced to call upon his inner reserves to prevail.

He throbbed strongly in her grip. She massaged him thoroughly, letting
his powers build. Obtaining that tiny specimen didn’t begin to satisfy the
intrigue he instilled. She wanted to learn even more about Rusty Peters,
planning to tweak his sexual potential.

While his dick jerked through her fist, she scooped up his balls with
her spare hand. He trembled in her clutches, as though afraid of the
wanton fury she might unleash in him. Montana didn’t seem the least
troubled by such an occurrence. She proceeded to turn up the heat, one
degree at a time.

Up and down she kneaded his tall-standing shaft, traveling his vast
length. His bulbous head rested above her curled fingers, straining from
her exertions. He was so rigid, and Montana wanted him completely stiff.
She searched for his palpitations, combing every inch of his cock until
they were blazingly apparent.

After a few minutes of her arousing massage, Rusty could no longer keep
mute. He moaned in frustration, shutting his eyes and giving himself over
to the fire she kindled. His chin rose and his fists clenched.

Montana did not wish to torment him. Unfastening herself from his
ferociously beating cock, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Her large,
ripe tits sprang forth in billowy profusion. She lifted those fleshy
globes with both hands until the nipples pointed at him.

Rusty peered down at her, swallowing with difficulty. Those pink stubs
were in close proximity. He braced himself for their scalding contact.
Montana furnished ample stimulation, causing his dick to persist upright on
its own. He watched those swollen nuggets reach for his elongated shaft,
then gulped as they seared him.

“Jesus,” he groaned at their charged impact.

Montana sobbed, too. Rusty’s hard-on was piping hot. Feeling solid
male flesh with her skin afforded her a magnificent assault. Without
thinking beyond her individual pleasure, she separated those velvety mounds
and surrounded his pulsating cock. Using her hands, she smothered him with
her big tits.

Rusty’s meter flew to the extreme side of the scale. Montana sheltered
him with those giant knockers of hers, then effected a hypnotic rub. He
watched, then felt, that silky skin move around his throbbing member. He
bit his bottom lip and fought off the urge to instantly cum. His dick was
tugged so sweetly, he could barely resist the impulse. Solely because
Rusty had mastered his desire, he did not instantaneously erupt. Below the
surface of his carefully checked stimulus, his lust threatened to boil
over. He quivered in her succulent embrace, stretching the limitations of
his discipline like never before.

Rusty had occasionally fucked a pair of tits, but never of the variety
that currently wrapped him; Montana’s were exceptional–they defied
description. He choked back the urge to shoot inside the sizzling tent she
formed. Averting his gaze from those enlarged nipples was another
disturbing factor. He salivated over their inflamed appearance.

Montana was delirious as she caught, then dragged, his vibrating cock
with her tits. Drops of perspiration materialized on her jutting globes,
streaming into her cleavage. His slide into her bosomy fold was simplified
through her salty lubrication.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. It felt good, cushioning him. She seized, then pulled,
the skin of his cock with each horny stroke. Her intent was to milk him,
then have him splatter her with hot cum. She could scarcely wait until his
manly fluid sprayed her. Judging from the weight of his balls, Rusty had
stored up much of his excitement for this private audition.

She kept his cock buried between her tits, providing him blinding
friction. His pupils bore a remote, glassy quality as though she had
consigned him to another world. His breathing became ragged, his stomach
muscles twitching. His manly oils mixed with her sweat to form a unique
scent. She rushed him along, hungering for his flaming splash of jism.

“Come on, baby,” she murmured, steering him to that bursting point. His
dick was ripe for eruption. “It’s okay. Yeah, it’s okay. Ohhhhhhhhhh.
Do it. Go ahead. Oh, yeah.”

Rusty couldn’t regulate his heated whims. Under Montana’s spell, he
went temporarily insane. The urge to spew dominated his thoughts. Excited
to that steep plane, he abided by his own rules. The spunk bubbled and
churned in his balls, begging for release.

Unable to control himself, he yanked himself out of Montana’s tent
arrangement, grabbed the back of her head and thrust himself into her
mouth. His bloated crown no sooner sank between her lips when he exploded.
Whether or not he stuck to Montana’s original blueprint was irrelevant–he
functioned solely on carnal precedence.

It didn’t matter that Montana was a prospective employer, or that she
had the power to enable him with a future; at that moment, she was a woman
who drove him over the edge and who would serve a purpose in collecting his
spent passion. She had tampered with his savage sexuality–she could pay
the price.

“Arrrgghhhhh,” he howled, discharging himself in her face. Her mouth
proved an efficient receptacle; Montana reflexively gulped his load.
“Arrggghhhhhh! Uggghhhhhhhh! Oh, yeah!” He jerked himself frantically
between her lips, rotating her head with his iron-like fingers to snag
every globule from his spurting cock.

Swallowing his torrent was not exactly Montana’s aim, but she was
impressed by his aggressive manner. Montana didn’t always gracefully
surrender the reigns, but Rusty was an exception. She admired his fierce,
masculine style. Not many challenged her authority, but he had. It was
always those last, heart-pounding moments before impending climax that
Montana valued; observing how one’s behavior changed–getting more
aggressive or more passive–prompted her interest. Rusty’s latch on the
back of her head brooked no defiance; he needed for her to drink his hot,
creamy excitement. For raising his lust, she had no choice but to eat what
he pumped into her mouth. His gall thrilled her.

At first, she didn’t make it easy for him. Montana tried jerking away,
but Rusty wrenched her head and stabbed into her astonished mouth. He
fucked her face for several spasming moments before easing his grip.

Men of Rusty’s variety simply didn’t happen along with much consistency.
The conglomeration of shyness, sheer power and blatant innocence–
supplemented by rugged looks and “killer” equipment–amazed her.

The fact Rusty preferred having his cum swallowed rather than showering
her tits made a favorable impression. His pleasure was heightened by the
knowledge of her absorbing his jism.

Montana pumped his shaft with her lips, then sucked its creamy remnants
from the traumatized slit. Mmmmmmmmm. Rusty had a rich, satisfying
flavor. She rinsed the insides of her cheeks with its dense consistency
before downing the last of it.

Eventually, she detached her lips and marveled at his still-erect cock.
He may have entirely emptied himself, but orgasm didn’t appear to make a
single dent in his size. Swollen to delicious capacity, he was prepared to
further serve her. The young man, if nothing else, possessed durability.

Rusty’s test progressed on automatic pilot. Montana yearned to see how
effectively he operated after that first, awkward spasm. Her wet pussy
ached to kiss that huge cock.

Rusty was completely in his element. The dewy-eyed look he received
from Montana reassured that he was on the right track. The way her body
stretched along the sofa, her slinky legs opening, her dark hair fanned
across the pillow, framing her sensual eyes and lips beckoning him–all
contributed to his newfound cockiness.

He slipped a hand under her skirt to find damp panties. Montana twisted
from frustration as he smoothed over that wet, fragrant area. His large,
club-like thumb accounted for a major section, tracing the drenched
material with engrossment.

Montana shivered, enjoying his pleasurable exploration. It had been
months since she’d been fucked–it would feel so good to have a stiff cock
inside her.

Montana was smart to have worn underwear with snaps, if only to
facilitate speedy penetration. Although she’d had no idea she would have
sex before the day ended, that type of lingerie made her feel sexy. An
inspired mood boosted her creativity.

Rusty unhooked the snaps, one per excruciating second, until her sodden
ringlets were in evidence. Panting resulted. If he hadn’t just shot his
load, he was afraid he would have at that very second. Discovering her
saturated mound would have abruptly consummated his pounding excitement.
He prudently avoided direct, prolonged contact with that area, if only to
seal off that hot, jittery feeling.

Clenching his teeth and expelling stagnant air that had gotten trapped
in his lungs, Rusty climbed onto her appealing body, then settled over it.
His enlarged cock heatedly rested over her velvety stomach.

Montana’s large, exposed tits became his next focal point. They still
protruded from her open top, the nipples blatantly erect. He stared at her
rosy and tall nub, then flicked it playfully with his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Montana sobbed, threading her fingers into his dark hair
and drew his head securely down.

She arched back when his lips seized her pronounced nugget. Resplendent
joy radiated from her tit as Rusty hungrily nursed it. His limber tip
worked in concert with his puckering mouth. He sucked on her until her
chin went high and her breath came up short.

Montana rotated her nipples, switching to the next for his anxious
purchase. Rusty hungrily gathered it, then vented his excellent pull. She
anticipated the insertion of that massive, blunt cockhead shadowed by his
considerable length. A thrill of unexpected strength fueled her veins.
Her cunt instantly tightened with excitement. Ohhhhhh. His dick was going
to spear her like none other.

With her mind centered on that ecstasy-giving appendage, she blindly
searched for it. When her fingers curled around that thick, pulsating
mass, she quivered. It seemed larger and more throbbing than ever. Her
fist ran up and down the shaft with vigorous bubbling impatience.

“Go easy, baby,” he mentioned, loving her eagerness.

She couldn’t help but fondle his towering erection. Montana had given
short shrift to her personal needs; now that she had someone of Rusty’s
potential at her sexual disposal, she was anxious for that barrage of
fireworks. She squeezed and nuzzled that big, throbbing cock as though she
were a horny virgin about to receive the fucking of her life.

Rusty thought Montana gorgeous. Her beautiful, curvaceous body nearly
stole his breath. He couldn’t believe he had someone of her luscious
quality undulating beneath him.

Once again, her fingers mindlessly combed through his hair until the
band that held his brief pony tail was dislodged. His long, dark hair
became disheveled from her frivolous pursuit. She gazed at his roguish
features, then swept through the thick matting that lined his chest. She
felt as though she was with a barbarian, given his total disarray.

Although he had made an effort to leave it be, his hand floated over her
furry bush. He parted those ample, juicy lips with his thumb, then sank it
home. Montana gasped as his sizable digit became submerged. He fucked her
with it for several suspended moments until her pleasure was nearly pushed
over the line.

Montana drew her legs around his hair-rough thighs and shivered.
Arranging herself on a sofa in her office that wasn’t designed for this
sort of activity required skill, but she managed.

Rusty peered at her unfurling pussy, her slit succulently moist.
Rubbing his hand over her mound, he thrilled at the warmth and softness of
her cunt lips, then inserted a finger into her drenched hole.

Within seconds of driving his digit between her legs, Montana felt like
cumming. As he finger-fucked her, Montana’s head rolled from side to side.
Controlling that wildly careening sensation was more a challenge than she
thought. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Her eyes closed and lashes fluttered

Rusty slowly stroked his finger in and out of her wanting pussy,
affording her an intense thrill.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” she wept as his finger pushed into her juicy crevice.
Although it felt good, she yearned for him to get on top and fuck her with
the real thing.

Rusty read the message on her contorted face. Taking his pulsing member
in hand, he began steering it to her slick orifice. He knew, without
having previous knowledge of Montana, that he was about to have the best
sex of his life. His cock vibrated hungrily in his grip. He pushed the
heavy bulb into her soft, wet flesh. Her cunt lips suctioned his rotund
crown, then drew him into her warm, palpitating body. He groaned loudly as
her hot slippage engulfed his penetrating shaft.

“Oh, yeah,” Montana moaned, feeling that monster split her. She threw
back her head, overwhelmed with joy, then slammed her hips upward to
capture all of him she could. She snatched up his driving member by
frantically jerking her body. He sank into her thumping enclosure, her
pink rim embracing his solid base. She continued to buck and writhe until
he was entirely planted between her simmering legs. Although immersed, she
could feel his pulsations thrive. His excitement stirred her immeasurably.

Once again, Rusty became a slave to his own desires. He casino oyna forgot he was
auditioning for a role in one of Montana Wildwood’s movies and began
treating the woman he impaled as a piece of ass. He reared back, then
plunged into her hot, ready body. His cock sliced through moist, female
pulp and derived complete satisfaction. He shut his eyes, blocking
reality, and lived for the moment.

Montana wailed in ecstasy. Rusty did everything to make orgasm churn in
her recklessly clutching cunthole. She was on fire, enjoying his rapturous
submersion. His dick plowed into her snatch, stroking her lubricated
passage until she could not neglect the mounting joy. He summoned her
unrestrained lust and brought it to the forefront. Whether she cared to
show him her untamed side, it sprang forward nonetheless.

He gave her exactly what she subconsciously craved. Those countless
nights of yearning were bid farewell by each hammering thrust.
Ohhhhhhhhhh. Rusty opened her portal of carnality with cell-bursting fury.
Having his cock buried between her legs was like being subjected to a
battering ram. The pleasure, however, was deliciously relative.

She lowered her hands to his ass to keep his hips steady. She slammed
her pussy to the stem of his cock, gave him a shattering embrace, then
glided down his rigid length. She repeated this measure several times
before Rusty took possession of her hips and pounded her to breathless

“Fuck me,” she sobbed, taking him whole. Her cunt shook as she crammed
every bit of his monster into it. Her eyes rolled up at impact. “Fuck me
good. Drive it into me! Move that sweet cock!”

His balls slapped the insides of her thighs as he fulfilled her wish.
Sweat coursed from his brow, his expression feral as he intensely pumped
her. Montana was too aroused to feel anything but pleasure, even when his
big thing hammered her snatch.

Rusty grunted as his entire body quaked around her hugging cunt. She
worked her pussy over his rock-hard dick, stroking him to weakness. Her
soaked walls caressed him. His cock twitched inside her, nearly meeting
her womb, then sliding back. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He fucked through the
blockage she created by willing herself tight, then gave it a second thrust
to establish his fuck power. His massive girth pinned back her pussy lips
as he gored her with his big dick. She gasped at every cunt-spreading
lunge he took.

Montana’s large, cresting tits were unattended during the initial phase
of penetration. Rusty was quick to reclaim them. He fondled them to their
mutual delight, running his fingers over the erect nipples while disbursing
electricity. He kneaded those fleshy globes, letting them sponge some of
the turbulence that ricocheted through his body.

Rusty’s feverish massage wildly stimulated Montana. She increased the
fury attached to her abandoned thrusts. Those wet, sloppy noises of cunt
slipping around cock elevated in pitch. She forced his dick deeper into
her grasping channel. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. His mouth dropped open and eyes
glistened as he continued to stroke her agitated tits. While affording her
a boobs a pleasurable squeeze, he maintained the pounding pressure of his

Montana’s legs curved around his muscular thighs and she anchored her
heels to his flexing ass cheeks. She bent her body and treated herself to
several pleasing moments of his mastery. Having all that youth and muscle
trapped between her legs, letting it service her starved pussy, was almost
more than she could bear. Montana was glad Rusty was many years her
junior–he hadn’t yet reached his sexual prime. She would have him under
contract for a long time.

After Rusty succeeded in nailing her ass to the sofa cushion, he lowered
his mouth to hers and engaged her with some exciting tongue play. When his
cheeks brushed hers, his beard and mustache scratched her soft skin. She
was oblivious to the irritation, too consumed to let something that
inconsequential bother her. Her tongue entered his mouth and challenged
his spirited tip. He darted at her, then eventually surrendered to her
mesmerizing influence. Soon, her lips engulfed his tongue and sucked it
into her mouth. His resulting moan thrilled her.

A moment later, their mouths broke free and they availed themselves of
air. Montana demonstrated no need for respite. Clinging fiercely to his
man’s body, she drove her hot pussy around his thrusting cock as she neared
orgasm. Perhaps she could have delayed her explosion, but Rusty had so
intoxicated her that she wanted to cum. Besides, she had denied herself
this delectation for an eternity, it seemed; she deserved its depleting

“Yeah, baby,” Rusty muttered, recognizing that telltale look on her
face. “Go for it. Take my cock and cum.”

With her tits crammed in his hands, their bodies slapping noisily
together, Montana’s climax built in ferocity. Her pussy itched and burned
around his spearing cock until she was left numb.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” she shivered beneath him. “Ohhhhhhhh! I’m cumming!
I’m cumming! Oh, yes! Oh, baby.”

Montana’s orgasm wasn’t over in a flash. One fragmenting release
followed another–a chain reaction of pleasure. She squealed with joy as
she convulsed around his thrusting member, unable to stop herself. Her
juices circled his dick in abundant release, filling her pussy with
cunt-sticky moisture.

Rusty delayed his orgasm as long as possible, conscious of Montana’s
rocketing splendor. At length, it was impossible to keep the floodgate to
his boiling jism closed a second longer. He grit his teeth and felt his
hot lava pour into her contracting snatch.

“Arrrgghhhhh!” he howled, burying his spurting cock into her cunt so
that it would capture his spew. “Arrgghhhhhhhh! Uggghhhhhhhhh! Oh, yeah!
Oh, baby. Feels so good! Arrrgghhhhhhhh!”

Montana smiled as he squirt. She felt the warm collection of his fluid
in her pussy. She caught his savage expression as he emptied himself
between her legs and knew more than ever she wanted to make him a fixture
in her life. Sharing him with the various actresses in her employ wouldn’t
be easy; she wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the enjoyment they
received from him.

She would make him a star. Yes, Rusty Peters would be the next male to
relish vast popularity. He and Crystal Stewart would make Wildwood
Productions the most fashionable studio in the industry.


Crystal Stewart watched Amber Lake on her television screen with
distinct loathing. If Pete hadn’t insisted upon inspecting the porn star’s
recent video release, she would have rejected his request. Pete’s
unshakable interest in Amber disturbed her. Alert to his preoccupation
with representing her, Crystal knew her options were limited to either
tolerating it or disassociating herself from him completely. Since the
latter wasn’t feasible–at least, from the standpoint of her heart–this
mandatory viewing was reluctantly granted.

“Look at her go,” Pete indicated, molding his man’s body to hers. His
large hand rested firmly on her hip while he thumbed her shapely ass cheek.

They had just finished making love when Pete proposed they take a gander
at Amber’s new video. Crystal, shivering from the sensations that bubbled
through her, merely nodded when she realized that he intend on playing it,
regardless of her decision. Their splendid aftermath was interrupted by
Amber’s soft mewls and snapping hips.

Crystal wondered if Pete would desert her if Amber ordered it. She
expected the celebrated vixen would set those kinds of conditions, given
her dark reputation. Currently, Amber was at the top of her game; she
could call the shots as long as she earned the studio money. If supply
were to outweigh demand, Amber would find herself scrambling for whatever
morsels were thrown her.

Someday, perhaps soon, Crystal would succeed her. She would take
Amber’s place at the throne, and would never relinquish it–at least, not
until her appearance could not sustain its novel, exciting quality. She
had seen many porn stars climb to their pinnacle, then suffer a fast
descent. Crystal theorized they were no longer the rage because of poor
representation. In that, she felt Pete essentially possessed the talent of
rejuvenation. He could keep her popularity alive with his genius. She
placed total belief in his abilities.

Enduring Amber’s arsenal of tricks onscreen was the least she could do
to humor him. She could feign interest–she was an actress, by trade.

Pete, enthralled, studied Amber’s gasping expression. He couldn’t
remove his eyes from her sensual mouth, nor her glittering eyes. Amber had
spurned his every phone message. She evaded him not only at the studio,
but adamantly refused to take his calls. He could not establish contact,
no matter how desperately he tried.

The bitch angered him. He wanted to bring her to her knees, and admit
her mistake of ignoring him. In exchange for doing so, he would propel her
to the top. He would triple his commissions and command respect from the

Peering into those flashing pupils of hers, he fantasized about the
moment she submitted to him. Her surrender would inevitably take place.
Her neglect of him stemmed from the unknown. She had nothing to compare
him to–nothing that would provide accurate measurement. In addition to
being her agent, he would be her choice of lover. He would fuck her
senselessly, until there was no line between fantasy and the real world.
Once he seized the proper moment of her vulnerability, he would make her
his slave.

In the meantime, Crystal served his needs nicely. He stroked her
velvet-soft flesh and marveled at her sumptuous ass. Her curvaceous body
excited him. He knew, even at the point of their introduction, that
Crystal would be a star. She had the necessary charisma, the sort of
beauty that left a lasting impression and haunted people in their most
erotic dreams.

He dipped his hand at her golden mound. Those soft, exquisite curls
circled his probing digits. Crystal emitted a sigh as he roamed her pussy.
He located her clit without looking. Spending hours in her bed furnished
him an unforgettable map of her body. He knew of her every erogenous zone,
her infinite hot buttons that, when pressed, unleashed a flood a veritable

Crystal moaned. Ecstasy consumed her. Pete’s touch seared her nervous
system. She was addicted to his beguiling caress, her pores drinking each
swirl as though they could never obtain their fill.

In response to his physical inquisition, she stroked his hairy forearm,
streaming through its roughness in search of his skin. Her trail ended at
his hand, where she passed over his knuckles, then took possession of that
bearlike paw. She showed him where she wished to be stimulated,
automatically spreading her thighs. Traces of his spent cum were found on
her cunt lips, along with a hardy flow of her aroused juices. She guided
his fingertips along her drenched crevice, moistening them as they went.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she sighed, luxuriating in manual stimulation. The same
conclusion wasn’t derived when she jiggled herself. Pete exhibited a
coarse, lumbering style that invariably exhilarated her. If she longed for
delicacy, she would have chosen a woman to consummate that want. Since
Crystal’s orientation was basically straight, sex with Pete was extremely

The strength in his grope redoubled. Pete knew precisely what sequence
expedited orgasm and seemed headed in that direction. Crystal squirmed
heatedly, massaging him with her buns; in doing so, she felt his cock
elongate. That huge, virile specimen growing along the crack of her ass
had pulled out of her pussy not less than twenty minutes earlier and was
already hungry for more. His urgent thrusts had driven her insane with

Crystal wondered if her lush nudity was the reason behind his rapid
recovery, or Amber’s panting expression. Pete never admitted to his
fixation for the porn star, but Crystal strongly suspected it. She wasn’t
inclined to spoil an otherwise delicious evening with him, so she shelved
those disturbing thoughts without further speculation.

With vigorous determination, she wriggled against Pete. His hard-on
throbbed against her butt, his pubes affording her a tickle. She assisted
with his graze of her pussy, letting his fingers gravitate to the slick
flaps before delving into her flowery pink succulence. A deep, throaty sob
emerged from her throat as she jerked against his roaming digits.

Pete smirked. Crystal’s snatch pulsated in his hand. Having fucked
that soft, squishy orifice shortly before, he recalled its fulfilling
clench. Crystal had willed herself so delightfully tight, he thought he
was going to lose it after several cunt-spreading strokes. Pete managed to
defer that impelling force until the last possible moment, and well after
Crystal had spasmed.

Her sweet ass was on close watch; the way it swelled, and shook, and
felt drew his immediate attention. He gave her butt a passionate squeeze,
enjoying her squeal. Crystal was observant of what he liked to hear. She
made fascinating sounds that guaranteed his utter arousal.

He longed for moans of a more guttural variety; to secure that, the sex
had to be wild.

He removed his hand from her pussy and slipped it between her thighs.
The warm, sleek flesh was a treat to probe. As he lifted her leg, her head
pitched toward his shoulder. He saw her anticipation mount. Pete wasn’t
sure if Crystal was attuned to his frequency, but probably felt that
whatever he proposed, it would give them immense satisfaction.

With Crystal’s lovely legs parted, Pete had access to her juicy center.
He dipped his cockhead to her moist entrance, gasping at the puckering kiss
her cunt lips dispensed. If he exerted even the slightest pressure, her
snatch would have anxiously absorbed him. He relished the idea of being
engulfed in that hot squish once again, yet thirsted for a different

Crystal awaited insertion. Pete’s round of stimulation spawned an
appetite for that hard, cunt-filling cock. She trembled in his arms,
oozing with desire. She wanted that throbbing mass embedded, shifting
through layers of tender pulp.

Pete’s strategy unfolded in breathless profusion. He cupped her tit,
thumbing the nipple to burgeoning size. That elevated nub was flicked and
toyed with until her senses were frayed. After training his thumb on it
for several interminable moments, the pressure between her legs became
unbearable. Having her cunt lips expand about his thick cock, gobbling it
to the very base, was central to her inner greed.

Pete altered the destination of his pulsating erection in that next
pounding moment. Having sufficiently lubricated his bulging crown, he
brought it to her asshole. Crystal, startled by his substitution, expelled
the air from her lungs as he bored into her spongy rump.

“Oh, Pete,” she moaned, ill-equipped to received his tremendous bulk in
that cramped passage. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

He pushed himself between those mouthwatering cheeks, gritting his
teeth. A warm, glowing perception spread through him as he drove into her
butt–a warmth that was contagious and gratifying. Her anal walls closed
around his dick, heightening that susceptibility. He sank into her ass,
wanting to occupy it to its fullest.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” he muttered. His stiff cock went deep, and he
continued to bury himself until his balls strained around her quivering
anus. “Oh, baby, you’re so fucking tight. I love it. I love being inside
your ass.”

Crystal was too lightheaded to answer him. She hadn’t expected rear
delivery of his big thing, but wasn’t unhappy with its placement. Pete had
fucked her ass before, and got Crystal off. She wasn’t nearly as
comfortable in this position due to his size, but conducted her enjoyment
as though it were their traditional position.

She closed her eyes, then streamed her hand over her pussy. Her clit
burned against her fingers. She rubbed herself slowly, distracting herself
from the distance his cock gained within her butt. Ohhhhhhh. Pete began
shifting back and forth, digging into her asshole with each successive
thrust. The width of his member precluded complete dismissal. She
couldn’t ignore its cumbersome activity. His measurement across split her
in half, canceling her concentration in total.

Crystal writhed around his heavy engorgement. Her voluptuous body
quaked as he pumped it. After taking that throbbing monster into the pit
of her bowels for several uninterrupted moments, she became intoxicated.
The churning pressure building inside her asshole was converted into
pulsating joy.

Her gratification intensified as Pete stroked her gripping butt cheeks.
His towering shaft went further into her cushiony recesses with each
willful thrust. After several sweat-drenched moments, every bit of his
rigid cock surged through her ass.

Crystal sobbed as he fucked her butt. She wasn’t at the verge of
climax, but received pleasure from head to toes, from nipple to anus, as he
plowed her puckering rump. His cock slid through her buttocks with
relative ease, yet utilized urgent force to get to her very bottom.

Pete’s eyes rolled up in their sockets as he jolted her luscious body
with his heat-seeking groin. Their flesh slapped together in a flight of
abandon. He essentially covered those eye-popping curves with his man’s
body, oblivious to everything but the satisfaction he received by sticking
himself whole into her ass.

His balls were shaken by his carnal disturbance. The cum he injected
into Crystal’s wet pussy wasn’t his sole supply; he felt more generating in
his loins, preparing to gush into her rippling clutches. He was powerfully
stimulated by the hot, grabbing fit of her asshole and the soft whimpers
that spilled from Crystal’s lips. He fucked her harder, overtaken by that
lusty sensation. Ahhhhhh. She excited him so strongly, he knew he would
end up flooding her bowels. Her ass would be inundated with his load.

“Feel good, baby?” he whispered into her ear.

“Yeah,” she answered without hesitation. Her husky voice was fractured
by irregular breathing as he stuck his cock as deeply as he could into her
squirming buttocks. “Oh, yeah, Pete, fuck me. Fuck my sweet ass.”

He kneaded her flesh, from her swollen tits to her splayed thighs,
availing himself to her luscious feel. She was so incredibly soft, so
pleasingly receptive to the demands of his body that he couldn’t resist
from growling with lust. He drove himself whole into that widening hole.

His repeated strokes furnished her a giddy kind of joy. Blindly, she
sought out her other hot points. Her fingertips skimmed the pulsing pink
flesh between her legs. She inserted a digit into her cunt and jiggled
madly. A rush of tingles inspired her. She rubbed her clit with a free
finger, letting ecstasy flow through every vessel. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Her
love button burned beneath her frantic touch.

Pete gasped loudly as he rammed her heated rear. He seized her buttocks
and pumped it nonstop, welcoming the building transport. No section of her
asshole escaped his thrusting cock. The enlarged head kissed the gate of
her bowels after plunging to the bottom of her ass. Prying apart the warm
barriers of her rectum physically elated him. He dug into her butt,
stroking it soundly with his dick. His wildly pistoning hips and thrusting
cock showed her who was master.

Crystal’s fingertips sk**ded over her horny clit. Her quotient of bliss
far outdistanced that of the agony she endured. Except for the bunching of
his shaft prior to its forceful push into her anus, Crystal consigned the
ache of Pete’s cock to her remotest regions. She was far too consumed with
the splendor of her jiggling. Pete forwarded her contentment by massaging
her nipples during his sightless fury. He endeavored to leverage his
puncturing thrusts by clutching her tits, yet discovered that during their
frenzied exchange, he received scorching imprints of her stiff peaks when

Crystal had so aroused herself with her intent digit that orgasm was
imperative. She advanced to the line of shattering reality, prepared for
those sapping contractions. Her breath quickened and her stomach churned
as her release approach. Her clit sizzled under her rapid-fire execution.

“Oh, yes,” Crystal wailed, consumed by the heat. “Oh, yes. It feels so
good. Go, baby. Go.”

Pete muttered something unintelligible. She attributed the sound
dropout to the roar of blood in her ears. The euphoria she experienced was
impossible to digest. She spasmed loudly, clenching Pete’s impaling cock
with her rectum and squeezing it deliriously. She ignored his anguished
groan as she crushed him. Orgasm caused the loss of control. Crystal
could do little more than submit to its intensity.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” she wept, thrashing beneath him. “Ohhhhhhh! Oh, God!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!”

Pete held fast to her buckling ass, pounding his cock home. Her quaking
orgasm didn’t have the capacity to dislodge him. He fucked through her
compressed hole, filling her ass with his hard dick. His balls slapped her
butt several more times before the urge to expel hot cum took purchase.

“Gonna cum in your ass, baby,” he gasped, working his shaft through her
traumatized chute. “Oh, yeah. Here it comes, baby. Here it comes–”

Crystal listened to his howl as he creamed in her buttocks. His dick
jerked ferociously as it squirt. She collapsed against the sheets,
surrendering to its immense outpour. Since she could not stop it from
streaming into her bowels, she lay there enjoying.

“Uugghhhhhhhhhh!” he grunted, shafting her ass and siphoning her
thoroughly with his sex juice. “Ugggghhhhhhhhh! Ugggghhhhhhhhhh! Oh,
yeah. Ugghhhhhhhhh.”

Crystal waited until his ragged exhalations subsided and he shrank in
her butt. She savored their afterglow. Being sheltered by Pete’s brawny
arms made a powerful statement, in her estimation. Whether or not he
frequently said it, she knew his love for her thrived.

Bearing that in mind, she drifted off into pleasant slumber.

* * *

Morning leveled its ugly face much too soon. Crystal flinched at the
brilliance of the sun’s rays as they filtered through her mini blinds. She
cursed her failure to draw them the previous night. The moon’s glow had
lent romance to her evening with Pete, precluding that motion. She loved
having that wonderfully eerie light seep through the plastic slats.

Crystal rose from her bed, retaining the bubble of the night’s sex. No
matter how late the hour their feverish couplings took them, Crystal awoke
renewed. Her body hummed with delight.

She gazed adoringly at Pete. He was a magnificent study of satyrism.
Stretched on his back, his muscled thighs thrown apart and arms d****d
protectively, he resembled an a****l poised for attack. His peaceful
features gave the impression of him blinking in an instant and assuming a
ferocious look.

Crystal wasn’t going to disturb his rest. Pete worked diligently to
keep her career on track. He was entitled to his share of shut eye. She
left the bedroom quietly. Now that she was up, she was anxious to get on
with her day.

The first order was to shower. Crystal abhorred being dirty. She took
several showers a day, just to feel fresh.

A while later, after Crystal entered her kitchen and saw the telephone,
she bit her bottom lip. She had avoided talking with her sister, Sharon,
for several weeks. Their lack of conversation was largely attributable to
their delicate relationship. To date, Crystal hadn’t mentioned a word
about her new video career. Sharon had no knowledge of her role at
Wildwood Productions. Crystal had fabricated a story about picking up
modeling work while in Los Angeles. Sharon, having no cause to challenge
her sister, accepted her version at face value. Crystal didn’t have a clue
how to break the ice and disclose the truth. Sharon was a purebred
housewife; to be told her younger sister fucked and sucked before a camera
would not only appall her, but send shock waves through the wire.

No, the truth was a regrettable affair. Crystal thought it best to
maintain the pretense of a budding prototype than subject her sister to
torrid fact.

Should she give Sharon a ring? They certainly had enough catch-up to
do. Crystal longed for voices of the past. Sharon was her last link to her
origins. She had no other family. Their parents had perished in an auto
accident while they were teenagers. After being raised by various aunts
and uncles, they went their own way.

Without permitting herself extensive time to consider her decision,
Crystal snatched up the receiver and dialed the number. She and Sharon had
their differences–what sisters didn’t–yet her wanting to share recent
experiences overcame that obstacle.

Sharon answered on the third ring. She lectured Crystal on beginning a
phone conversation almost winded. It was more desirable to launch dialogue
loosened, rather than annoy the caller with gasps and sighs. “Hello?”

“Hi, Sharon, it’s Crystal.”

“Oh, hi.” Her tone lacked warmth. Sharon had a long memory–comparable
to an elephant. If someone snubbed her, she added that person’s name to a
list and it could only be deleted after an inexorable amount of time.

“It’s been a while, eh?” Crystal injected cheer.

“I suppose.”

“Oh, come on, Sharon. Get off it. Sorry I’ve not kept in touch. I’ve
been busy getting my career on its feet.”

Sharon relented. “How is Hollywood? Rubbing elbows with any stars?”

Crystal deliberately omitted the kind of rubbing she was doing. “I
guess. You never know who you’re around half the time. People don’t
exactly identify themselves. Most hide behind sunglasses, or dress grubby
just to escape prying eyes.” She cleared her throat. The purpose of her
call wasn’t to boast about her environment–she wanted news of home. She
yearned for scraps about her two little nieces, or Sharon’s husband, Bob.
“How’s everything?”

“About the same. If we’re not running Janie to ballet lessons, we’re
carting Pammy to Girl Scouts. Being a parent today is comparable to being
recruited as a chauffeur. Juggling two schedules like that is so
stressful. One moment we’re at school, or on the soccer field, or even at
piano lessons. Sometimes, I get so confused where I have to be, it’s not
funny. I suppose that’s why God created Daily Planners.” She took a moment
to collect her thoughts. “Oh, and we have a new dog–a Dalmatian.”

“How nice.”

“The girls insisted upon giving him–Nicholas–to Bob for Christmas.
Nicholas was derived from St. Nick. Cute, eh? Hell, you know the
repercussions of bringing another pet into the house–they become an
extension of Mom’s duties, not Dad’s. I get to walk that b**st twice a
day, in addition to feeding and bathing it. Thank God I get up at the
crack of dawn. I’ve already washed and waxed the floor, done the laundry
and ironed half my clothes. If I’m lucky, I might be able to slip in a
chapter or two of that new Danielle Steele book before I’m off and running

Domesticity sure sounded swell to Crystal. She would have loved
settling down and forgetting about achieving notorious repute as a porn
star. She could honestly care less if she made another video. Having Pete
by her side was of greater importance. She couldn’t picture him buying
into the concept of the white frame house with the picket fence, but given
time, Pete would invariably wish for those simple, wholesome values.

The lengths Crystal went to for love were incredible.

Crystal’s rumination was interrupted by a harsh cry at the end of the
line. “Owwwwwwwww! My dog just bit me! Bad dog, Nicholas! Mommy doesn’t
like that! Sit or lay down!” The receiver was muffled for a moment, then
Sharon’s voice returned. “Christ! I’ve thought about renaming the little
bastard. Nicodemas or Nostrodamus is far more suitable to his character.”

“Maybe I ought to go,” Crystal hedged.

“I’ll be fine. He didn’t break skin–just a surface cut. I suppose I
shouldn’t give him my old pairs of slippers to munch on. The stupid a****l
forgets which ones are his, and whether or not my feet happen to be inside
them. Oh, well. Tell me about Pete. Has he found employment, too?”

Crystal held her breath. “He’s been involved in a job search.”

“Hmmmmmmm. Seems he’s been searching for his niche since you’ve known
him. Frankly, honey, I don’t know why you bother. He’s a loser. He may
be cute, but he’ll never bring home the bacon.”

Crystal yearned to tell her sister about the fabulous contract Pete
negotiated for her with Wildwood Productions, but that meant divulging her

“You’ve got him all wrong, Sharon. Pete’s a wonderful provider. He’s
taken on several part-time jobs, if only to make ends meet. As a matter of
fact–” Her eyes shifted to the door, where Pete emerged. The sleepy look
on his face was rapidly fading as he took inventory of her naked body bent
against the counter. She waved, but when he didn’t return her greeting and
instead rambled over to her, she knew exactly what he wanted.

“What kind of jobs?” Sharon sneered. “Pizza delivery?”

“You’re not being fair.” Normally, Crystal’s defense would have been
more thorough, but Pete’s inquisitive touch disabled her emotions. Crystal
shivered in anticipation of what he was attempting to do. He grazed her
bare butt while caressing her trim thighs. God, she had to halt him from
going farther–she didn’t want to shock her sister. “He has done some
messengering, but for a lawyer. He’s even done some process serving with

Sharon snickered. “Does he have a clue what he’s doing? I mean, Pete
doesn’t strike me as being exceptionally bright. His brains, from my
recollection, don’t exist in his head.”

Pete’s thumb ran along the crack of her ass, savoring every naked inch.
She was synchronized to his horny vibrations, perceiving them through his
touch. Helplessly, she pushed his hand away, only to have it reinstated.
“You’re certainly not one to extend credit.”

“Can you blame me? He’s dragged you to the opposite side of the country
to seek fame and fortune. That ambition seems old to me. Nobody makes it
just like that. You need education and experience to cut it in today’s

Both of Pete’s hands were on her ass. He was spreading her cunt lips
apart. Oh, no! Crystal fretted. He couldn’t possibly–God! Oh, Jesus!
His tongue slurped at her pussy. A jolt of passion dashed through her like
lightening. Again she tried to push his face away, but to no avail. He
let out another lash, covering her soft folds with saliva. Her entire body
shook with pleasure. She clamped her hand over the receiver, praying
Sharon hadn’t heard her moan. “Pete, stop, please. It’s my sister.”

His only answer was an audible lick that sent her reeling. She grasped
the edge of the counter. Her grip on it was tenacious, calling upon it for
support. How could he impose himself on her during a family discussion?
It didn’t seem to faze him that he was their current topic. When Pete
wanted to fuck, the surrounding universe evaporated.

Crystal slowly took her hand away from the receiver, distrusting her
voice. His tip pushed into her pussy, leaving her dizzy. His expert laps
made her hot and juicy. She could not control the moisture that oozed from
her cunt. “I won’t permit you to malign his character, Sharon. He’s a
good man. He cares about me.”

“Crystal, is something wrong? You sound odd.”

Jesus! It was Pete’s hot tongue that strained her voice. “No.” She
covered the receiver again. “Will you please stop!”

“I can’t. Your pussy tastes so good,” he muttered.

Crystal was about to displace his head when he attacked her clit. Fast,
furious licks made her mouth drop open and excited gasps sound. “Ohhh!
Oh, Christ. Ohhhhhhhh.”

“Crystal?” Sharon repeated, attempting to recapture her attention.
“What’s happened?

Pete was fraught with excitement. Crystal’s sweet fragrance thrilled
him–a powerful stimulant that wouldn’t subside. He stuck his tongue into
her cunthole, feeling the flow of her husky juices. He wiggled it as best
he could, drawing her breath in the interim. Her soft, succulent confines
remained secure. He tried spreading her apart, but her swollen lips defied
him. Instead of forging ahead, he sucked her pink flesh. Crystal barely
choked back her cries. He woke up with a taste for pussy and found exactly
that in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry, Sharon,” Crystal spoke into the phone. “I thought somebody
was at the door. We frequently get sales people, pushing all sorts of
products.” With the last ounce of strength she possessed, she propelled
Pete from her. She stifled a gasp as he withdrew his tongue. God!
Another several licks, and he would have made her cum. “Well, I suppose I
should let you go. You sound like you have quite a busy day planned.”

“It’s my normal routine. Hey, Bob’s got vacation coming and mentioned
our purchasing plane tickets. Do you think you can take some time off if
we’re out your way? You know, show us the sights, let us see where you

Crystal froze. Declaring her true profession would result in a major
rift. Sharon would not understand, no matter how meticulous of an
explanation she was handed. “I don’t know, Sharon. I just got my job.
It’s too early to be requesting days off.” Pete was behind her again,
nibbling on her ear lobe. She reached back to push him away, but quickly
realized he had no intention of cooperating. Her hands grazed his
flatboard stomach and pubes. She had also felt his warm, pulsating dick.
Pete had a raging hard-on! “I mean,” she stammered, trying to maintain
continuity, “I just started working there. Making any sort of demands
might receive an unfavorable response.”

Sharon sighed. “I certainly wouldn’t want to put you in jeopardy.”

Crystal was really beginning to worry. Pete was positioning himself
behind her. His erect cock was just inches from her cunt. Was the man
insane? Did he think he could enter her while she was talking with her
sister? Pushing had no effect, so she resorting to using her nails. She
dug into his flesh, hoping to repel him. If anything, her action appeared
to incite his lust. The healthy beat of his cock against her ass was

“Well,” Sharon concluded, “we might just fly out there anyway and do
Disneyland, Universal Studios–you know, all those tourist traps. We could
at least get together for dinner.”

Crystal didn’t know how to effectively express her opposition without
seeming rude. Sharon would uncover the nature of her business. “I would
prefer having you here when it was more convenient. There won’t be a gap
in my schedule for months.” Pete’s swollen head was being fit into her
sodden cunt lips. She gritted her teeth, making a last ditch effort to
avert penetration. He was going to take her, doggie-fashion unless she
stopped him. Damn his excellent cunt-lapping. He’d gotten her so wet, he
could easily slide into her.

“Jesus, Crystal, if you don’t want to see us–”

“I do.” Oh, God, Pete was beginning to sink his cock into her. Her
pussy widened to absorb him. Crystal clenched the receiver, shaking. It
felt good–too good.

“Yeah,” Pete muttered softly from behind, fucking through her soft
folds. He drove forward, impaling her with his hard dick. Crystal could do
little else but muffle her aroused sob. “Oh, yeah, so wet, so hot.”

“Is someone there?” Sharon asked. “Pete, perhaps?”

“As a matter of fact, he just woke up and is getting ready for work.”
Crystal sighed at her mindless implication. “I’ve got to jump off. I was
about to fix breakfast, anyway.”

“I’m sure that was on your agenda,” Sharon gibed.

Crystal worried that she wasn’t exactly convincing. Her motive seemed
more and more transparent. “Look, Sharon, I’d really love to have you and
your family over. Let’s discuss it further later in the week. I’ll check
with my boss and see if there isn’t something I can do.”

There was a pause. During that time, Pete took to actively pumping
Crystal. His cock stroked her inflamed pussy. She could barely stand on
her feet, slumping over the counter. The phone hung precipitously in her
grasp. She nearly dropped it, ecstasized by Pete’s plunging dick. It made
moist, puckering sounds as it slipped into her snatch. Crystal closed her
eyes, suspending the moment. Despite her paranoia, Pete managed to provide
her satisfaction. She noticed how absently she pushed back to receive his
solid cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. It felt so good.

“I’ll be in and out, but do call,” Sharon glacially spoke.

“I promise,” Crystal murmured. The phone practically felt from
Crystal’s hand. She let out a sweet moan. “Jesus, Pete, couldn’t you

“No, I just had to fuck you.”

“That was my sister, if you even care.”

Pete was far too involved in shoving himself inside Crystal’s warm pussy
to consider her remark. Whether it was the excitement of her tight snatch
fitting around his big dick or her small body submitting to his larger,
more commanding one, he was unsure. In either event, he liked the
sensation of being crammed into her hot cunt. She rubbed so sweetly, the
walls of her pussy catching his cock and coating him with juice. He pushed
himself as far as he could, then pulled all but his cunt-slicked head out
of her pussy. “Sorry, baby. Didn’t mean to push myself on you. It’s just
that your ass looked so good the moment I walked in. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I love

Waves of satisfaction engulfed Crystal. Pete’s cock delighted her,
causing bursts of joy. She bit her lip, unable to respond.

“Want me to stop?” he asked, sinking into her cunt again and again. The
juicy slap of his groin to her butt punctuated his query.

“I … I,” she fought for control. Her brain refused to function in a
defense mode. It wanted what her body craved. Pete was feeding her the
very thing she needed all along. She moaned, savoring it in her cunt. He
was hard, pulsating.

Pete awaited some sign from Crystal that told him to stop. When none
came, he grinned. “No,” he muttered, pumping her. “You don’t want me to
pull out. It feels too good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” Crystal whimpered.

“Sure it does. Not one of those studs at canlı casino siteleri Wild-wood can match my talent.
I know how to make it even better. Can’t I?” He fucked her harder,
watching her respond to him. Crystal’s imperative slam of her butt
reassured him. She definitely wanted more. Gladly, he supplied it in the
form of fierce, satisfying strokes. He slid his dick in and out of her
warm, grabbing pussy. Crystal was a sweet fuck. Giving it to her, nice
and stiff, was like a fantasy come true. There was something intensely
pleasing about fucking her doggie. The position lent itself to sexual
urgency. He was smug, hammering himself into her hot squish, watching her
grovel. She was crouched against the kitchen counter, withstanding the

“Ohhhhh!” Crystal gasped, writhing. “Ohhhhh.”

“Yeah, it does feel good, so fucking good.” Thrusting into that wet,
wanting pussy ensured his enslavement of her. Crystal needed him. She was
addicted to the kind of sex he readily provided. She could never hold out
on him. Pete shook his head, plunging his cock into the steamy confines of
her cunt. Her moan told him how hungry she was for his cock.

He induced her to slide further up the counter, then stooped from
behind. Her buttocks were extended, her cunt lips awaiting his furious
push. He clasped her waist, then drove himself in. Ahhhhhhhh! He was
completely wrapped in her pussy, squeezing through the narrow chamber. He
rocked back and forth, thrusting into her cunt.

Crystal arched her back, swooning from it all. “God, your dick feels
like a rock. Fuck me, baby. That’s it, fuck me with all you’ve got.”

“With pleasure.”

Crystal sobbed at the wallop she took. Pete was getting rough, but it
didn’t matter. She was totally aroused. “Ohhhhhhh, stroke me with that
big dick. Give it to me, baby, give it to me, ohhhhhhhh!”

“You like my cock?” he muttered. “Do you like what it does to you?”

“Mmmmmm, I want it all.”

“Yeah,” he echoed, fitting himself into the warm, rubbing channel. “All
of it, inside your tight pussy.”

She was intoxicated by the heat they generated. Crystal submerged
herself into the thick of it, lunging forward and in reverse on her
haunches, letting her cunt consume him. He penetrated her wonderfully
deep. She experienced an electrical charge from head to foot, having him
fill her. They were possessed by a hunger that could only be satisfied by

Her cries implored him to fuck her that much harder. Pete felt his
pleasure mount, escalating to a higher level. “I’m getting close, baby,”
he grunted, “so close.”

Crystal whimpered from his frantic pumping. “Don’t stop, baby, keep
going.” Her eyes rolled heavenward, just as the contractions hit.

Pete grinned through the outpouring sweat, working his cock into that
convulsing pussy. He would do whatever was necessary to keep Crystal on
his leash. “Cum for me, baby. Cum hard around my dick.”


Pete let her climax for several unstoppable minutes before he shot into
her. Hot cum jetted into her pussy, fired from his spurting cock. “Yeah.
Oh, yeah, baby. It’s so fucking good.”

Crystal was his property today–Amber, his tomorrow.


“Oh, baby,” Amber Lake wailed, feeling B.B.’s hard shaft enter her
snatch. She closed her eyes, her mouth dropping open. Her toes curled as
she fed more into her cock-seeking cunt. “Oh, honey–I love how big you

B.B. lay back, letting her drive his shaft. Jesus, she was soaked!
Her pussy gorged itself with dick, swallowing everything he pushed into
that sopping hole. Her erect nipples, cushioned by her huge tits, jabbed
his chest. Her sweet thighs locked about him, her juicy snatch sliding at
him could cause him to cream fast. B.B. called upon inner resources to
spurn that inclination. Cumming was something B.B. generally controlled.
He had learned shortly after he made his first movie to spasm on cue.

Montana Wildwood sat in her director’s chair while the cameras whirred.
She devoted minimal attention to the ensuing action; it was her seated
companion who dominated her central thoughts. She invited Rusty to a
taping session, if only to furnish an example of the services required of
him. Rusty’s adamant avowal of joining the ranks of B.B. and others in
her employ necessitated this observation. She certainly didn’t want to
spring any surprises, nor did she wish to misrepresent her industry. Porn
was exhausting work. It obligated one to stretch the erotic imagination
and to search for an original approach to the same material, day after day.
Separating what was “hot,” from what was “hotter” was a depleting chore.
Montana’s company did their level best to project that distinction. The
quality of her product rivaled that of her competition. Montana might not
have “deep pockets,” but she knew how to budget herself. Her videos were
among the best available.

The scene they were shooting was well underway and would be inserted in
the final cut of her current undertaking. Most of Crystal’s scenes were
“in the can,” while Amber’s were almost complete. After today, they would
wrap things.

Rusty could scarcely take his eyes off the unfolding action. Amber
snared his concentration. Her sexy body made the set sizzle. Her hair
whipped over her shoulder as she frantically humped B.B. Not one man in
the studio presiding over the scene could keep from getting hard. Montana
spotted a number of erections sported.

She was curious about Rusty’s impression of Amber. Did he want her? He
definitely bore a hungry expression. If that feral look could be
transferred to the screen, she’d create a new porn sensation. Rusty’s
behavior definitely needed to be captured on tape. She shivered at the
thought of watching him, over and over again, giving pleasure to her stable
of sluts. His face alone would score with her female customers.

Would Rusty make a successful transition? Would baring all before the
camera inhibit him? An occasional newcomer sometimes used the services of
a “buffer”–a woman who helped bring a man with sexual powers on the wane
back to full erection. Could Rusty do it?

Montana, gazing at the bulge in his pants, received the bulk of her
answers. The massive outline ended her argument. Perhaps putting him to
the test was her only option.

She reverted to the unraveling episode. Amber’s innate sense of
theatrics were on flamboyant display. Not only was her famed luminary
capable of chewing up the scenery, but every person in it.

Amber’s hand cupped B.B.’s ass during her hoarse encouragements. B.B.
gulped air as he looked up at the sexual glimmer in her dark eyes, which
was enhanced by her periodic scratching. She raked her nails into his
buttocks, then pushed forward with her pussy. “Yes, more,” she begged.
“Ohhhhhhh! Give me more of it. Slide your big cock into me.”

“Sure, baby,” he muttered, thrusting into that slick heat. “You want
the whole thing, it’s yours.”

“Oh, yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhh! I want you to fuck me with it.”

Not only did the script call for it, but every cell in B.B.’s body
demanded that thrill. He lowered his engorged shaft into her willing
snatch. He was going to deep stroke her pussy and make his cock slick with

“Ohhhhhh! Drive it into my drenched pussy,” she cried, immersing her
nails into his butt. “Come on, baby, come on, ohhhhhhhhh!” She opened her
pussy to him, yearning for it to be filled with his hard, throbbing meat.
Whether or not her excitement was recorded on tape, Amber listened to the
beat of her hormones; B.B. had a talent for keeping them at high flame.

B.B. couldn’t resist covering one of her stiff nipples with his mouth.
He sucked it hard. Amber writhed, lost in the sensation it granted. Her
tit was soft, sweet. Mmmmmmmmm. He groped the other. It practically
melted in his hands. He pushed, sending the last of his cock into her hot
tunnel. Enveloped in her satiny flesh, his every cell vibrated. He
strained to keep his dick submerged in her juicy cunt. Its tightness
scorched him. Yeah. He wanted to cum that instant, but fought the
impulse. Instead, he began rocking back and forth, giving her a taste of
how sweet his cock felt.

When two porn stars were on center stage, they did their best to
neutralize their surroundings. The cameras, the lights and film crew did
not revolve in their world when they congregated for fast-paced action.

“Jesus,” Amber gasped, clasping herself about him. “Fuck me, stud, fuck
me, stroke me with your cock–ohhhhhhhh!”

“Feels so good to be inside your pussy,” he said. He took a moment to
bring her knees up and over his powerful shoulders. He wanted to get in
deep. Amber, aroused by the several seconds of intense pumping, gladly
complied. He looked down into her sex-hungry eyes, then lowered himself
onto her aroused body. They were closer than before. He felt her warm
breath, heard her excited little whimpers, that much better. “Baby, I’m
gonna fuck you so good. I want it to last all night.”

“Yes, yes!” she cried at his penetrating thrust. He went in much
farther, sliding through her juicy snatch. She elevated her thighs,
yielding her flesh in the effort to take more of his plunging cock. Her
moist cunt devoured every inch it was fed, smearing her abundant juices as
he forced himself through her sweet pressure. She reached around his
hammering buttocks, exploring its flexing contours. His balls filled her
hand, then the moist wedge of cock that slithered behind, then re-emerged
from, her sopping cunt lips. Her fingers swirled about the hair and
moisture, then clawed when B.B. took an extended drop into her pussy. The
ache of carrying him at length in her narrow passage made her moan
feverishly. She writhed, enjoying the pleasure. “Fuck me, fuck me, baby,
fuck me.”

B.B. pistoned his hips up and down, working more and more of his large
cock between her cunt lips.

“All of you,” Amber whispered into his ear. “I want to feel your whole
dick inside me.”

Amber got her wish. B.B. kissed her fiercely, demandingly, cramming
his tongue to the back of her mouth as he powered his cock full-length into
the pit of her snatch. He slammed down into her, his shaft pulsing inside
her pussy. His balls rested in the crevice of her tight ass cheeks as he
swiftly moved in and out of her pussy.

The experience of that thrilling motion inside her body created a furor
that only mounted in pleasure. B.B. pumped his hips to work his cock deep
into her cunt.

Amber squeezed B.B.’s body tightly to her own. She could feel his heart
pounding in his chest. His excitement was total. B.B. propelled himself
into his character. He knew how to transcend the barriers of make-believe
to inject the proper fervor into the situation they portrayed. It was
hardly simple; acting, regardless of its platform in the industry, required
tapping one’s creative source to its fullest.

“Push it into me,” Amber urged. She kissed B.B.’s cheek, holding him
securely to her shivering body. Nothing could compare to the stir of his
dick tugging at her pussy lips, filling her seething cunt. She ground her
snatch to his driving cock, gritting her teeth as it sank into her.
“Ohhhhhhh, fuck me with that big thing.”

B.B. kissed Amber hard, covering her mouth with his own, silencing her
loud screams of passion. He stuffed his tongue into her mouth and drove
his cock with jack hammer force into her clutching pussy. When he reached
full insertion and his balls slapped her quivering ass cheeks, the total
pleasure of fucking her was too much even for a man with the control and
will power B.B. maintained.

Montana surveyed Rusty with a scrupulous eye. He seemed ready to jump
out of his seat, he looked so horny. The front of his jeans were swollen,
bulging with his ripe cock. If Amber had that monster stuck into her, she
could well imagine the hype her latest video would generate.

An idea dawned on Montana during the feverish coupling of her stars.
Why not recruit Rusty at this very moment?

“Phil, stop the tape,” she advised, motioning to the camera man.


Montana didn’t let the confusion prevent her from carrying out her plan.
“B.B., Amber–relax for a minute.”

B.B. couldn’t completely halt himself–his stimulation was too far
gone. He managed to shift into a slower mode, pumping his partner at a less
frantic rate.

Amber sobbed, still receiving that large, bone-solid cock. Her pussy
was tender after having gotten fucked repeatedly by his excited thing.

Montana didn’t let any of these factors influence her decision. She
eagerly turned to Rusty. “Chuck those clothes, baby. You’re about to make
your debut.”

Rusty did a double take. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I want a nice, hot three-way. It’ll be perfect to
showcase your talents.”

Rusty didn’t look altogether “cool” about sharing a woman with a man.
His lack of sophistication supplied that answer. Montana doubted he’d
encountered many such circumstances during his formative years in Michigan.

He had admitted to three-ways with women when first acquainted. If he
had the confidence of pleasing two babes simultaneously, then planting him
in a scenario where he gets half of one should be vastly entertaining.
With Rusty, she expected magic–pure and simple.

“You’ll be fine,” she offered a wink of encouragement. “Just be
yourself. The rest will come easy. You’re a natural.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he perfunctorily said, stripping on command.

Rusty didn’t call for the assistance of a “buffer.” The erection that
popped from confinement drew stares and whispers from the crew. How he
organized that enormous member in his tight pants mystified. Montana’s
lips parted and were moistened by her tongue as she ogled his fiercely
masculine body. Wow! She had fucked him again the night before in the
privacy of her home, yet each time she set her eyes on him, his nudity
rocked her very foundation. He was an exceptional specimen–a Greek god.
Staring at him more than a few minutes got her wet. Montana envied Amber,
yet felt relieved she’d had first dibs.

Rusty joined B.B. and Amber on the large water bed. He approached them
without reservation, without discomfiture. Settling his knees close to
Amber’s plucked expression, he waited. B.B. pushed his cock into her
snatch to prolong their stimulation during the shuffle. His dick made
faint, juicy sounds as it entered her pussy.

Amber moaned, raking B.B.’s back with her nails, overtaken by his steady
rhythm. She eventually included Rusty in her sweeping gape. Her initial
glance at his cock broke the spell of B.B.’s thrusting monstrosity. Her
cheeks smacked with pink, her lips thickened, her eyes glazed over. Amber
definitely saw something she wanted.

B.B. accommodated her. He flipped her body so that she sat on him.
Amber whimpered as she settled her sumptuous butt in his lap. Ohhhhhhhhh.
She felt his cock move through her ravaged pussy. His fat stem was wedged
between her wide-spread lips. B.B.’s strong, steady throb excited her
immeasurably. His upright dick pulsed madly, standing high in her cunt.

B.B. swallowed roughly, his well-defined chest expanding as he took
air. His tortured expression told her that delaying his orgasm exacted its
toll on him. Being in her cunt definitely sapped his strength.

Both B.B. and Amber knew the secret behind protracting a scene was to
redirectionalize one’s thoughts. If they were at the juncture of getting
off and the director wished for them to alter position, their brains had to
do a “freeze-frame” so they could rearrange their bodies. Only at his
signal were they permitted to charge into that last, heart-pounding

Amber’s fascination with Rusty took form. She reached for that
mouth-watering cock, wanting to enclose him in her fist. Her fingers
curled about that burgeoned shaft, then stroked.

“Oh, yeah,” Rusty whispered heavily, kissing her along her neck.
“Squeeze me hard, jerk me. Yeah, like that. Uhhhhhhhhh.” He closed the
distance between them, thrusting his hips.

Amber wanted to do more. Her lips fluttered over his mouth, her cheeks
bulging with his tongue as she moaned. His swollen cock shifted in her
grip. She made him pant as she manipulated him to his satisfaction.

Simultaneously, Amber stirred on B.B.’s lap. She began to pitch,
indulging herself in some gratifying friction. B.B.’s embedded dick ground
through her drenched pussy, tugging at her slippery walls. She felt his
big balls under her ass.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” B.B. muttered. “Fuck it. Fuck that thing.”

“Mmmmmm,” Amber moaned into Rusty’s mouth, pumping him with her fist.
Her small hand fought to contain his broad, pulsating shaft. Heatedly, she
brushed him.

Montana’s throat went dry as she saw Amber’s smooth tanned thighs mesh
with B.B.’s muscular ones. Her groin met his powerful flesh with intense

When Rusty began massaging Amber’s ass, sprinkling jolts of pleasure
streamed through her. She hadn’t such a potent reaction, but progressed to
the interval. B.B. took the initiative, enclosing one of her butt cheeks
and exerting tantalizing force. He was definitely strong, his touch
bringing excitement.

“Ohhhhhh,” Amber moaned, urgency accentuating her tone. Montana wasn’t
surprised how fiercely she became aroused. Rusty bore that effect.
Amber’s pussy was drenched, tightening around B.B.

A tickle of pleasure made Montana’s clit twitch. Before her, Rusty’s
balls bulged from beneath Amber’s masturbating grip. His dickhead looked
an angry red–a sign of impending explosion. Suddenly, he broke away from
Amber, scrambling for oxygen. His scorched expression and rippling Adam’s
apple had Montana assuming he was about to cum.

Amber took swift action. Her lips widened before hurtling toward Rusty.
In a hungry gulp, she took him into her mouth. More than half his shaft
was consumed.

“God,” he said hoarsely. His fingers spanned the circumference of her
head, then rocked her to him. His mouth dropped open as Amber sucked on
him. “Give me some tongue. Oh, baby, wet it down. Lick my cock, get the
balls, too. Make them moist with your hot spit. Ahhhhhhhhh. Take it down
your throat, baby. Let’s see how much you can swallow.”

Montana grew woozy as Rusty thrust his head back and emitted a fierce
groan. Working his hips forward, he fucked Amber’s face. Her fingertips
dug into his buttocks while she orally absorbed him. Montana was
mesmerized, watching Amber dig into his flesh and hearing her whimper as
she fed on his cock.

“Mmmmmm.” She devoured his cock in juicy increments, expanding her jaw
to accept the overflow of meat. His full shaft disappeared beyond her
gaping lips. Montana saw the flash of tongue as Amber worked him into her
mouth. She seemed provoked by the challenge of fitting his huge cock into
her moist orifice. Rusty’s lock on her head appeared unnecessary; Amber
wanted very much to blow him. The magnitude of her willingness may have
surprised him.

B.B. got tremendously horny from the show they provided. His hands
clamped Amber’s waist to facilitate each and every sizzling thrust. He
enjoyed the show and put his reaction on spectacle. He fucked Amber in the
manner prescribed, narrowing her recovery period.

Amber’s clit prickled his attention. He slid his thumb over her love
button and rubbed. Electric currents crackled from his initial flick. He
deepened his contact with her inflamed dot, honing it rigid. Amber moaned
as juice spurted from her pussy. She nearly swooned, almost slowing to a
complete halt. She buckled beneath B.B.’s grip on her cunt, allowing him
to do as he wished. They were heading toward that point of no return.

As B.B. proceeded to finger her, inserting a persistent digit through
her sodden cunt lips, her decision to give him what he wanted was in full
force. She shivered as he explored the dimensions of her pussy, moaning at
his inspired pinpoints of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she groaned, her mouth stuffed with Rusty. She squealed
around his embedded cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Montana watched Amber swallow Rusty. Her lips whirled over him, rinsing
his dick with glistening saliva. Montana heard the wet smacking sounds as
she mouthed him, then saw the flicker of tongue catch his protruding

“Ahhhhh, suck it, baby, suck it!” Rusty urged. He pulled her to him,
sinking his hard dick into her sighing face. “Suck that thing. Make me
cum with those hot lips of yours. Yeah, do me right, baby. Press down and
suck hard. Ahhhhhhhh, suck tight, take me deep, soften me up with that
tongue. Lick it. Lick that cock. Oh, yeah, baby, you’ve got it. Try to
take my meat down your throat all the way. I know you can do it, baby.
Yeah, yeah, I love the way you suck me.”

Montana shook her head in wonder. Rusty certainly had the jargon down
pat. He spoke from his soul, unearthing words he felt deep in his balls.
Naturally, Amber’s expert mouth worked them out of him. She had a knack
for transforming men into seething b**sts.

B.B. slammed himself up into Amber’s cunt. She took the hit, moaning.
He intensified her pleasure with furious jiggling. Watching Rusty get his
cock sucked inflamed B.B. His dick was hard, throbbing–ready to burst.

Rusty had seen B.B.’s cock go into Amber’s pussy and yearned for similar
satisfaction. He wanted to be buried inside Amber–anywhere– as long as
he could thrust into that warm, receptive flesh.

He eased himself from her sucking lips, his dick dripping with her
bubbly saliva. God! It took every ounce of will power to separate.

Amber stared at his displaced cock. She wanted to suck him to orgasm,
yet was denied. “Bring that back here, baby. Let me finish.”

“You will–from the rear.”

Amber’s flesh was soaked. A profusion of sweat streamed down her sexy
body while she humped B.B. Rusty saw opportunity arise from her pumping
butt cheeks. A distant sector of his brain flagged the deed he was about
to transact. Rusty functioned solely on pure impulse. He couldn’t begin
to harness the energy that roared through him.

Montana was astounded by Rusty’s predisposition. He accepted no
instruction from her director. Rusty inherently knew what was required of
him, and executed those responsibilities faultlessly.

Montana recognized that when Amber was through with Rusty, she would
want him. A hot, burning hunger seized her. She was insane with lust,
driven by an unquenchable thirst for Rusty. Montana had learned that once
one had him, she became incurably addicted.

Rusty knelt behind Amber, kneading her buttocks. Her soft, malleable
flesh received the urgent stroke of her iron fingertips. After massaging
her to his satisfaction, he wove his thumbs toward her rectum.

Amber was on his same wavelength. Knowing where his cock was about to
be shoved caused her cunt to tighten about B.B. She squeezed his dick with
her pussy, clamping his plump base. Ohhhhhh. Double penetration turned
her on like nothing else.

Rusty inserted a finger into her anus, then speared through warm,
clutching tissue. B.B.’s submerged thing put a major dent in the barrier
of her asshole. Rusty knew this would burden him as far as sending his
whole cock into her ass, but felt confident he could work himself into that
cramped chasm.

Amber’s moist oils would facilitate his entrance. If she hadn’t been
fucking B.B. for the better part of a half hour, easy access might not
have been available. As it was, Amber was more than ready to receive him.

The camera lens bore no impact to Rusty, nor would it hinder the
performance he was about to give. He disregarded all else as he steered
his bloated head to Amber’s butt hole. His dick pulsed wildly as he slid
along her luscious crack, then dug into her orifice. He leaned forward,
adjusting his thick cock below the gorgeous curves of Amber’s ass.

Montana saw Amber’s features ignite as Rusty urgently penetrated her.
He seemed to savor every inch he fit into her quivering ass. Inch upon
inch of his towering manhood plunged with rectum-opening power.

“Oh, God!” Amber yelped, overcome by his burial.

“Jesus,” B.B. whistled, ill-equipped to deal with that conflicting
force. Rusty hogged quite a bit of room, crushing B.B.

“Oh, yeah, babe,” Rusty moaned, oblivious to their diverse reactions.
“Nice, tight ass! So warm and snug inside.” He gasped as she enclosed him,
then began pumping her. He slid up and down that agonizing chute, aware
B.B. was on the other side. For the moment, it didn’t matter. Rusty
sawed through the opposition, giving it his all. He felt entitled to his
piece of ass and took greedy possession of it.

Amber whimpered and writhed as his slick body functioned to keep his
cock installed. She wasn’t about to stay in position and let both men fuck
her. She bucked and shook as he plunged his cock. Rusty saddled her ass
cheeks with his hands and rode her bronco-style, while B.B. savored the
tour she gave with minimal movement.

“Fuck me!” Amber panted. “Oh, yes, fuck me!”

Her chants stirred B.B., who slid up the length of her cunt. In the
fever of excitement, he toyed with her stiff nipples. They pointed
delectably at the ceiling, looking incredibly delicious.

The rigid prick pressing into her told Amber he was highly excited. She
fucked B.B. hard, too, giving him a taste of her hungry pussy. She humped
him fast, then took Rusty’s slide into her ass with a guttural moan.
Pleasing two men was a trip! Amber loved every hip-pistoning, cock-sinking
second. She jerked madly in their embrace, giving each side a thrill. The
pressure between her legs was overwhelming. If she stopped for even a
moment, she knew they would immobilize her with their feverish stabs.

“Yeah,” Amber called to them. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, studs. I want
you both.”

“Come on,” B.B. whispered hoarsely, ramming her from underneath. “Let
me into that sweet pussy.”

His cheeks were red, his eyes glazed, his face mired with sweat. The
strong beat of his cock registered near explosion. She galloped more
heatedly, letting him shift through the tightness of her cunt. Rusty was
in her deep–there was no shaking him out.

Rusty pumped her powerfully. Amber’s tits landed on B.B.’s chest.
After pummeling him senselessly for a few minutes, an idea popped. She
scooped them up and pushed her nipples at his mouth. She purred as he
sucked them, one at a time. “Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh!” she whimpered, enjoying
it. He slurped her nipple, vibrating his tongue against it. His
concentrated effort made it stiff. Only after she writhed and moaned
feverishly did he focus on the other. He kneaded it gently, but firmly.
He flicked his tongue up around the nipple, then sucked deeply.

“Mmmmmmm,” B.B. grunted, between licks and kisses.

“Yes,” she blurted. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

“I love your tits, baby” he mentioned. “They’re incredibly soft and
huge. I love the way they feel in my hands.”

She thrust her boobs in his face. “Go ahead, suck them.”

He dove himself into her cleavage, availing himself of her bouncy flesh.
He fondled it, enjoying the firmness and her receptivity. He mouthed her
tits, puckering them, scooping them up with his hands and compressing them
until the nipples touched. When both were together, he attempted to fit
them into his mouth. He lapped the enlarged nuggets, listening to Amber’s
increased pitch. He had her undulating, craving more. Gladly, he supplied

Amber bit her lip as Rusty pumped her ass. It was difficult to switch
between the sensations she received from the front and those in her rear.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. She cradled B.B.’s head, guiding him to areas that elicited
the most satisfaction. Her fingers wove into his long hair, tugging him in
various directions. She swallowed roughly, stricken of air as her nipples
got sucked. “You make them so hard, they ache.”

“Yeah,” he muttered before squeezing one back into his mouth. They were
like rocks. The nipple swelled beneath his furious lashing. His limber
tongue didn’t let up its pace, sending her into oblivion. “Mmmmmmm,” he
glommed on both of them, enjoying his feast. He made her flesh moist,
detecting the tremors as he increased his suck.

B.B. did not forget the thud of Rusty’s cock from the opposite side.
The constant pumping action he effected constricted Amber’s cunthole far
and wide. His whole dick got crushed, yet he prevailed. Jesus. That guy
was undermining his concentration big time.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Amber sobbed, receiving the brunt of Rusty’s ass-wrenching
thrusts. “Oh, God, ohhhhhh.”

Rusty meant business. Splitting Amber’s backside got him horny beyond
compare. He pumped her ass, swinging his hips with unwavering fire.
Immune to the slimmer area B.B. left after planting his cock, Rusty buried
his entire thing in her butt. His balls slapped her cheeks when flagging
full penetration.

His thrusts were so severe, Amber’s tit eventually popped from B.B.’s
mouth. Montana could see the reflection of anguish in B.B. Her star
appeared paralyzed by the onslaught of Rusty’s force.

Amber’s eyes curved upward as his pumping intensified. B.B.’s disabled
cock strained against one wall while Rusty’s rivet-mad dick plunged into
her. She had no option but to uncontrollably squeeze B.B. She could hear
his ragged exhalations as her cunt pulsed around him, closing off
circulation. B.B.’s boyish expression was mired with lines of distress.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she sobbed, trembling from Rusty’s strokes. Seeing what
she did to B.B. and experiencing Rusty’s untiring vim, she breathlessly
surrendered to the moment. B.B.’s contortions were a blur.

Montana shook her head. She had inflicted a maniac on her two stars.
Rusty made short work of them both, grinding them to a pulp. She gripped
the arms of the director’s chair, quivering. Rusty was a sexual hellion.

Rusty saw B.B. faltering from below as he rammed Amber’s backside. He
prevented the established star from fucking back with his incessant
pounding. As much as Rusty wanted to ease off, he couldn’t. He was at the
apex of pleasure and about to explode. Virtually nothing could prevent
that from happening. It felt too fucking good sawing through Amber’s butt.

“Christ,” B.B. gasped, his eyes shut, his mouth hanging open. He
pulled air into his lungs, helplessly pinned to his back. Rusty’s
battering hampered him from assuming a more brisk role. Amber’s pussy was
like a moist clamp, aggravated by Rusty’s sharp whack. The assault lasted,
without reprieve. B.B.’s realization was fractured, then totally
fragmented. Rusty’s lashing force made him numb. “Oh, fuck.”

Rusty wanted to fuck Amber’s pussy as much as he was fucking her ass,
but couldn’t stop powering his dick up her backside. He plunged into her
hot rear, gripping her rounded hips and dragging them to his hammering
pelvis. He heatedly pumped her bottom, indifferent to B.B.’s embedded

As her sphincter loosened around his madly driving stem, Amber sensed
orgasm building inside her. The friction of B.B. in her cunt precipitated
that lavish uproar.

Rusty fucked her ass with the same hurtling speed B.B. employed on her
pussy just moments before. Both men extended Amber unimagined bliss. She
reveled in the ecstasy they jointly provided.

The soft tissues of Amber’s butt powerfully stimulated Rusty. Her
expanded rectum stroked his cock like a gripping fist. B.B.’s planted
member made that hole a tighter fit. Rusty’s impulses heated up, the cum
churning in his balls.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned in her ear. “Are you ready?”

Amber gazed at B.B., who was in a different world. The distant look in
his eyes enlightened her to his mental frame. Pleasure swelled inside her,
reaching to her every hot point. “Yeah, oh, yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Amber
was gasping, suffocating from the contractions that assaulted her flesh.
Her head lobbed, her chin coming up. Her lips widened to let out a final
gasp before heaven took her. She wasn’t prepared for the power an orgasm
these men vented. She shook savagely against B.B.’s beaten frame, letting
the sensations spiral in a maddening rush. She came around his thrusting,
cunt-stretching, pleasure-giving cock while Rusty thoroughly pumped her
buttocks. “Ohhhhhhh.”

Rusty lasted only seconds while she moaned and contracted around his
hard dick, then flew out of her cunt and splattered her flexing ass cheeks.
“Uggghhhhhhh! Uggghhhhhhhh! Uggghhhhhhhh!”

With Rusty removed, B.B. received the full benefit of Amber’s clutching
snatch alone. He slipped out of her pussy just seconds before exploding.
His cum shot all over her stomach.

“Arrrgghhhhhhhhh!” he howled, spurting.

Montana’s knuckles turned white from gripping the arms of her chair.
Her pussy throbbed with hunger, staring at the three of them convulsing.
Rusty definitely elevated this segment, lending his unique a****l charisma.

Amber pulled B.B.’s lips to her mouth and sucked on his tongue, curling
hers around him, and silenced his hoarse cries. The thick bolts of cum
gushed onto her skin. Even as B.B. came, he continued to jerk his cock,
allowing her body to milk the jism from his balls.

Rusty nuzzled Amber’s nape while stroking her blazing hard nipples. He
wove over those screaming buds, feeding them electrical currents.

Amber squirmed on the bed, bouncing under the onslaught of lean male
flesh slamming all around her. Cum oozed onto her skin, leaving her
thirsty for more. Her asshole stung, yet she longed to have Rusty trapped
in there once again. She could have taped this portion multiple times, if
only to receive another dose of him.

“Jesus,” B.B. muttered before dropping his head leadenly on the pillow.
His massive chest was heaving as he fought to claim his breath.

“Cut!” the director motioned, then ran over to Amber, who looked dazed.
She put two fingers in front of her eyes. “How many?”

A silly smile curved her lips. She couldn’t answer.

Montana exhaled firmly. Wow! She looked to Rusty, who made a swift
recovery and sat on the edge of the bed. He didn’t take nearly as much
time as the others to recuperate.

She hoped that scene hadn’t totally depleted him. She wanted him in her
office to put out the fire he started in her pussy. Together, they would
celebrate the making of a new porn star.


Amber pulled into the driveway of Crystal’s place and lifted her
sunglasses; after scrutinizing the building for several moments, she let
them fall back into place and whistled. What a dump! She couldn’t believe
she permitted herself to be talked into a “girl talk” at this location.

She slammed the door to her Mercedes and activated the alarm. It
wouldn’t surprise her if someone tried to tamper with her lock, or at the
very least, steal her hub caps.

Under normal circumstances, Amber would have rejected Crystal’s plea for
intimate conversation. Amber didn’t own patience the way others did.
Amber wasn’t, by nature, a generous person, but after catching some of the
scenes featuring Crystal, her opinion of the girl underwent conversion.
Crystal was damned sexy, she enthused–a delicious tart. Those
bedroom-blue eyes sparkling at her, disabling her every objection. She
thought of those thick, sensual lips fastened to her pussy and got wet.

What distance would Crystal go for a favor? Would she eat her pussy?
Amber bet the farm on it. She wouldn’t mind a little time put in between
her legs, receiving that hot, spirited tongue that gobbled up several
well-hung members of Montana’s stud pen. Amber loved being licked by a
woman–particularly one who was a virtual expert.

Her concern about the neighborhood evaporated. If anything happened to
her car, she would charge it to the studio. Montana would gladly pay;
after all, she was her number one draw.

Crystal must have spotted her from the window, for when Amber mounted
the stairs, the front door glided open. That blonde firecracker stood
there, decked out in a teddy. Crystal exhibited no shame in baring her
appetizing curves for the pedestrians who happened by. If they obtained a
quick thrill, it was free advertisement for Montana.

“Glad you could stop by,” Crystal mentioned huskily. “I hope you didn’t
get lost.”

“Not a chance. I did my time in this neck of the woods, before I went
up ladder.” She warmed to Crystal’s seductive presence as she made her
approach. The girl sent her luscious vibrations. Amber wallowed in them
for a moment before climbing that final step. “You will, too.”

“You really think I’ve got a chance?” she gushed, unable to conceal her

Amber deliberately brushed Crystal with her tits. “Count on it, doll.”

Amber made a swift assessment. Crystal was definitely “on.” If the girl
wasn’t her slave in the next five minutes, she would be surprised. She
understood the flicker of her eyes, the sly check of her tits and the
swerve of her hip. Amber was only too aware of how she was built. She
transformed men into lusty droolers–couldn’t the same apply to someone
sweet like Crystal?

It wasn’t as though Crystal had never had a pussy in her mouth. She’d
seen her go down on one of the other actresses and thought the footage
taped was of the hottest available. That tongue of hers didn’t want to
stop. The actress had clawed the ceiling, deranged by those slurps.

Amber had taken measures to ensure her meeting with Crystal was not
restricted to “talk.” The high cut of her leather miniskirt furnished a
tasty view of her thighs. A pair of spike heels lent her calves shape.
Amber had a set of legs that were nothing less than spectacular: long,
sleek, fever-giving. The top buttons of her blouse were undone, giving her
tits more swing. When she examined herself in the mirror prior to her
departure, she was rocked by her reflection. Mmmmm. By definition, she
was a sexual creature of the first order.

If Crystal wanted her advice, she’d pay dearly for it.

“Would you care for a drink?” Crystal offered after Amber deposited her
gorgeous ass on her sofa.

Amber engaged her with a sassy look. “Sure. I need to cool off. Throw
in an extra ice cube.

Crystal didn’t perceive humor in her comment. Their eyes locked for a
moment before she retreated into the kitchen. Amber glanced around and
frowned. She sincerely hoped she planned on moving after she got a few
more paychecks from Montana. This place was the pits! From the cheap
wallpapers to the cardboard furniture, she could barely stomach it.
Something needed to be done to improve the picture she saw.

Crystal returned with a chilled glass of Chablis. Amber supposed that
was the best she had to o

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