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Uni with Sandra, part 8

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Uni with Sandra, part 8
My name is Danni, I’m 27. This is the eighth story based on my diaries and memories from when I was a teenager.

Sandra and I shared a house with another two girls in our first year at university. My earlier stories were about my introduction to girl on girl sex and progression to three-way, four-way and then to five-way sessions when Fiona joined our group.

I’ve written about the first two five-way sessions we had. We had two more before the end of out first year. The third was a similar arrangement to the second. For the fourth, we drew lots to see which of us would direct proceedings. My boyfriend Martin won.

He decided we should start with the three of us girls stripping naked and lying side by side masturbating. After five minutes of that he wanted us to lie on the floor in a triangle so that I could lick Fiona’s pussy, she could lick Sandra’s and Sandra could lick mine, I liked that bit. His next request was for Sandra and me to do sixty-nine while Fi fucked herself with a dildo.

Martin enjoyed himself getting us to obey his instructions. His next idea was for me to take the dildo from Fi’s vagina and lick her pussy juice of it. Then I was instructed to fuck myself with it while Fi and Sandra did sixty-nine, only for a couple of minutes, then he wanted Sandra to take it out of me and lick it clean again and shove it in her own pussy while Fi and I did sixty-nine.

In time the boys joined in of course, he wanted us three girls to kneel in a line then he and Pete stood in front of Fi and Sandra and held their cocks out to be sucked. After a minute they moved along one so that Sandra and I each sucked a cock while Fi watched. Another minute, and it was Sandra’s turn to watch Fi and I sucking cock.

He liked that so his next idea was similar, he and Pete lay on their backs on the floor and two of us straddled them and squatted down, lowering our pussies onto their cocks. Then, as before we swapped, so that both boys had their cocks in all three pussies. I loved sliding my pussy up and down on Pete’s cock then doing the same with Martin.

For Martin’s finale he got us all to get in a line. Fi lay on her back with a cushion under her bum while he got on top of her to fuck her. At the same, Sandra straddled her, with her back to Martin, so Fi could lick her pussy, I was in a similar position to Fi, on my back, also with a cushion, but having my pussy licked by Sandra. Pete straddled me and fucked my mouth.

Pete was the first to reach a climax, grunting as he pumped each jet of cum into my mouth. When he was finished he climbed off and sat on the floor. I swallowed the mouthful of cum. I think Martin and Sandra had orgasms at pretty much the same time, Sandra was crying “Yes, yes, yes…” and Martin had stopped thrusting and held still, breathing fast, his cock fully embedded in Fi’s pussy. Sandra rolled onto the floor and Martin pulled back and sat on his heels.

I quickly got up and whispered to Fi “Did you cum?” She hadn’t so I got her to climb on top of me in a sixty-nine. As soon as she straddled me, cum and pussy juice ran from her vagina into my mouth and I drank it down. She was licking my pussy so beautifully and I could feel the wonderful tingling spreading though my body. I licked her clitoris firmly and rapidly, desperate to make her cum. My climax arrived first, I had to stop licking her for a while as my body shook with pleasure. I finally regained control and resumed licking her. She changed position a little and was soon squeaking “I’m cumming.” Girl juice ran from her vagina and I was able to catch most of it in my mouth and drink it. We lay together for a while, gently licking each other.

That was our last five-way of the year.

In the summer holidays that followed, Sandra went to Portugal for two weeks with her parents. They invited me to go with them as they had a third bedroom in their villa. I only had to pay for my flights. Within hours of arriving at our villa, Sandra’s parents went to the supermarket and Sandra and I had sex by the pool while they were gone!

The third day was very sunny, Sandra and I went to the beach. It was quite hot and we didn’t stay too long. Walking back to our villa we met a couple we’d seen a couple of times before. They were just going into their villa, a few hundred metres from ours. We chatted for a while then they said they were going to have some cold drinks and invited us to join them. They were about early forties, called David and Barbara.

We sat in the shade on sun-loungers around the pool for about 20 minutes, chatting and drinking long cool drinks. Sandra and I were both wearing bikinis, I had my sarong wrapped under my arms and tucked into my bikini top and Sandra had hers around her waist. I saw Barbara whisper to David, he looked a little surprised but then nodded. Next it was Sandra and me getting a surprise when güvenilir bahis Barbara said “Sandra, I’ll give you 50 euros if you take your bikini off!”

Sandra looked stunned for a moment then looked at me as if to get my opinion. “Up to you.” I said. “OK.” Sandra replied and stood up. Barbara rummaged about in her bag and held out the banknotes for Sandra. Sandra took the money and put it in her bag. She stood up again and slowly untied her sarong and dropped it onto the sun-lounger. Next, she removed her bikini top and dropped it on top of the sarong. She stroked her breasts for a few seconds then turned her back on us. She slowly peeled her bikini bottom down to expose her lovely bum, pushed it down almost to her knees then let it fall to the floor with a little wiggle. She stepped out of the briefs, turned to face us and posed full frontal with her hands on her hips.

All three of us were just sitting admiring Sandra’s beautiful body. Barbara said “You have a lovely figure Sandra.” then “How about you Danni? Would you like 50 euros too?” I don’t know why I was so surprised but I couldn’t speak for a few seconds. Sandra had sat down on the lounger, naked, and was looking at me, nodding her head slightly as if she wanted me to agree, so I did.

I unwrapped my sarong and let it fall to the sides of the lounger. Barbara came over to me and handed me the cash then sat close to watch. I removed my top and ran my hands over my boobs and tweaked the nipples a little. David had also moved in for a closer look. I lay back on the sun-lounger and lifted my bum to pull down the bottom half. I pulled my knees up to slide it up my thighs, over my knees and off my feet then I put my feet on the floor either side of the lounger to expose my vulva to the appreciative audience.

Barbara said “You’ve got a lovely body Danni, and a great looking pussy!”. There was a moment of silence then Sandra added “It tastes good too!” I felt suddenly embarrassed and covered my vulva with my hands. Barbara’s eyes lit up, “Oh, right, so you two…?” “Yes, we do.” Sandra confirmed. “…But that’s wonderful.” Barbara seemed to be unsure what to say, she looked to David for help. “I’d…love to see that. You’re…welcome to go inside if you’d prefer.” I considered the idea for a moment but then told her I’d prefer to go back to our own villa. She then said she’d give us another 100 euros to stay there and give a good show. At that point Sandra said she’d do it so I agreed. We picked up our clothes and bags and went inside. As we walked, Barbara handed me 100 euros and David showed us upstairs to the main bedroom.

Sandra climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her feet flat on the bed, knees up. I climbed up beside her on my hands and knees and softly kissed her. David and Barbara pulled up chairs for a grandstand view. After some tender kissing on Sandra’s lips, I moved down to her neck and shoulder then to her breast. Slowly, I homed in on her nipple, kissing lightly then licking then sucking on it. As I moved across to her other nipple I turned around a little so that my own breast brushed her face. She sought my nipple with her lips. Her hand found my other breast and she caressed and squeezed it, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb.

I didn’t look at the audience, I simply concentrated on Sandra . Slowly I moved down, kissing her tummy. As I moved down further, Sandra’s knees parted and I lowered myself onto my elbows. Sandra had been gently rubbing her clit but now moved her hands aside and I gently kissed all around her mound. As I moved down I positioned my knees each side of her shoulders so that my pussy was above her face. I spread my knees to get closer to her mouth. She put her arms around my waist and ran her hands back around my buttocks. I felt her lips brushing my open pussy, then kissing deeper and deeper, then I sighed loudly as I felt her tongue sliding into me.

Supporting myself on my elbows, I bridged my hands over her hips and pulled her pussy lips apart. I love the smell of her and immediately started licking her clit. I was aware of Barbara moving around to see as much of the action as possible. After licking and sucking her pussy for some time, I moved my hands under her thighs. I slid one finger into her vagina then after a few seconds added another. I continued licking her clit while pushing two fingers inside her. All this time, Sandra was kissing, sucking and licking me.

After several minutes she asked if she could go on top. I rolled off her and lay on my back. She climbed on top of me and positioned her vulva over my mouth and supported herself on straight arms. I put my feet flat on the bed then parted my knees. Sandra lowered herself onto her elbows and burrowed her tongue into my pussy. We carried on licking each other for maybe 10 minutes, then I could hear her breathing türkçe bahis getting heavier and she was moaning and panting. When she got close to orgasm she kept encouraging me “Yes, yes, right there, don’t stop! don’t stop!” Then her climax struck, she seemed to tense every muscle as she groaned in pleasure. When her orgasm had subsided a little she rolled off me onto the bed, limp. I waited for her to recover so that I could have my turn.

“That was wonderful.” said Barbara, then David delivered another surprise. “It would fulfil Barbara’s fantasy if she could join you. I’ll give you another 100 if you include her and give her pleasure like that!” I looked to Sandra but she was still recovering. I was still really horny so I agreed. I sat up and turned to sit on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. Sandra then sat up and declared that we would do our best to fulfil Barbara’s fantasy but wouldn’t accept any more money. I was happy to agree. She later explained that she thought that was a step too far and made her feel like a prostitute.

Barbara looked at my open pussy. I spread my lips with my fingers and asked “Would you like to taste it?” “Oh, I would.” she answered, and dropped to her knees on the rug in front of me and moved her face towards my vulva. She hesitated just a second then started licking me. She put her tongue in me and licked up to my clit. She used her tongue and lips on me and it felt great, just what I wanted. I pulled a pillow behind my back and lay back, pulling my knees up and spreading them.

Barbara was wearing a loose shirt and elasticated skirt over a one-piece swimming costume. Sandra climbed off the bed and walked round and knelt down behind her and helped her out of the shirt then slid the shoulder straps of the costume down her arms. Barbara stopped licking me for a few seconds while she pulled her arms free then resumed. Sandra pulled the costume down to waist level, revealing quite a nice pair of boobs, then reached around her and started to caress her breasts. I encouraged her to keep licking me, telling her how good it felt. After a few minutes she stopped and sat back on her heels, “I love licking your pussy, it tastes so good.”

Sandra asked Barbara to stand up and then pulled her skirt and swimming costume down to her ankles. Barbara stepped out of her clothes, we then got her to get up on the bed and lie on her back, legs spread, feet together. I climbed on top of her, positioning my pussy over her face in a sixty-nine fashion just as I had with Sandra. I supported myself on my elbows and reached under her thighs to pull her pussy lips apart a little. I licked my fingers and she gasped as I started rubbing her clit. I felt her hands fondling my buttocks. I spread my knees a little wider to get my vulva closer to her mouth and she slid her tongue into my vagina. She licked my clit and sucked it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it then went back to licking around my vagina again. “That feels so good.” I said.

I lowered my head and pulled her pussy lips apart gently and slipped one finger into her vagina. She almost screamed as I started licking and sucking her clit. “Oh my God.” she whispered “that feels amazing.” Then she went back to licking me. She licked from my clit all the way to my vagina and even licked my anus for a while, which actually felt good.

Sandra was to one side, playing with Barbara’s tits, David was pacing around the bed trying to see everything. After five minutes or so, we changed around, Sandra lay on her back and Barbara took the on-top position. They both set to work licking each other’s pussy. I got round behind Barbara, thoroughly wetted a couple of fingers in my mouth then slipped them into her vagina. She groaned loudly. With Sandra licking her clit and me fingering her, she was clearly enjoying the experience and urged us not to stop.

After a while, we did stop though to change positions again. I got Barbara to lie on her back with her legs apart and I got in position with my right thigh over her left and her right thigh over my left. With my torso more or less upright I lowered my vulva onto hers. We were both quite wet and with this scissor action we soon had our clits rubbing together. I’d done this many times with Sandra and Fiona. It felt just as good with Barbara. Our pussies were quite wet and we had no problem keeping them well lubricated. Gradually, the pleasure increased and Barbara lay back, mouth open, breathing very heavily. Her gasps and groans got steadily louder.

After more than five minutes she got close to orgasm and managed to whisper “I’m cumming.” several times between gasps for breath. Then her climax hit her and she seemed to go rigid and hold her breath for five seconds or more. Finally she relaxed, collapsed back onto the bed and started to breath again. That’s when I stopped grinding güvenilir bahis siteleri my pussy into her. I too had been close to orgasm but didn’t quite get there.

Sandra spoke softly to Barbara “Do you think we should do something for David too?” “What do you have in mind?” “Well, would you like to watch me sucking David’s cock?” “Oh yes, that sound’s wonderful.”

David was standing near the bed and had heard the conversation. He didn’t move as Sandra walked the few paces to him and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. By this time Barbara and I had disentangled and were sitting on the edge of the bed watching. Sandra slowly pulled David’s shorts to the floor. His cock was almost fully erect and Sandra leaned in and gently licked the tip. Each time her tongue touched it, it twitched and rose a little higher. She grabbed it to keep it still then wrapped her lips around his knob and sucked on it rhythmically.

David was clearly having a great time, Barbara and I watched for a minute or two then I whispered to Barbara “Would you like to watch David fucking me?” “I would indeed.” “You tell him then.” I lay back and pulled my knees up again. Barbara summoned “Come over here David, Danni wants you to fuck her!” Sandra released him, turned and knee walked over to me and stuck her tongue in me. David came and stood close by.

After a minute, Sandra moved away to let David move in. I said to David “I want you to lick me first.” He paused then knelt down in front of me. I held my pussy lips open and he set to work, giving me a good licking. I did have to give him a little guidance from time to time. When I was happy with his efforts I told him I was ready to be fucked. He stood up and stepped closer. As soon as he was close enough, Barbara grabbed his cock and guided it into my vagina. He slid it into me easily but slowly then pulled it almost fully out before sliding it into me again. Barbara watched for a while then licked her fingers and began to rub my clit while David continued to fuck me, making me groan loudly with pleasure.

Sandra had remained kneeling close to the action and now reached for David’s cock. As she circled her fingers around it, David slid out of me and Sandra pulled his cock into her mouth. Barbara’s jaw dropped, “Oh that looks so good.” Sandra sucked for several seconds then slipped the cock back into me and he continued fucking me. Barbara dropped onto her knees opposite Sandra. “I’d love to try that.” she decided and took hold of David’s cock. He obliged, withdrew from me and allowed Barbara to suck on it. “That’s wonderful.” David encouraged, so Barbara kept going for a while.

I still needed an orgasm and began rubbing myself firmly. Sandra climbed up beside me and straddled me in sixty-nine fashion, supporting herself on straight arms each side of my waist and positioning her pussy just an inch above my mouth. I took the hint and eased her down a little so I could get my tongue into her comfortably. As I licked her clit and ran my tongue along her slit I felt David’s cock pushing into me again. I was really enjoying the multiple pleasure of Barbara rubbing my clit, David’s cock in my pussy and Sandra’s pussy juice on my tongue. Finally, I could feel the intense pleasure building and stopped licking pussy to announce “I’m cumming, please don’t stop.” My whole body pulsed and shuddered as I reached the climax. David pulled out of me and I just lay still for a while.

I lay there panting heavily then I heard Sandra say “Would you like to fuck me too?” He decided he would and climbed onto the bed behind Sandra, one knee each side of my head. As his cock hovered over my face I took the chance to grab it in my mouth. I loved the taste of my own pussy juice on it and sucked on it for maybe ten seconds. Then he pulled it out and guided it into Sandra’s vagina. She groaned loudly then dropped down onto her elbows and started very gently kissing and licking my pussy. I could see Barbara nearby, watching her husband fucking Sandra but mostly I was watching the action two inches above my head. Small drops of pussy juice collected on Sandra’s clit and I managed to get my tongue in there and slurp it up.

After half a minute, David was clearly close to a climax. Sandra said “You can cum in me if you want.”, I added “Or you can cum in my mouth!” That was enough to send him over the top, he thrust deep into Sandra then pulled out and dropped his knob into my mouth and immediately shot three or four jets of cum onto my tongue. Sandra quickly turned round and got her face in close with her mouth open. David obliged, lifting his cock into her mouth so she could have the last drops of cum. I opened my mouth to show off the cum, moving it around with my tongue, then closed it again momentarily so that I could swallow. Sandra kept sucking his cock for another half minute until it started to soften and she finally released it.

“That…” said David staggering down off the bed “…was absolutely incredible. You girls are wonderful.” Barbara came round to David and kissed him passionately. She said finally “Thank you so much, that was lovely.”

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