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Very Close Friends Ch. 03

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After a good night’s sleep, we enjoyed breakfast on the lanai and talked about what vacations we hoped to take over the next year. While Steve and Pam wanted to spend some time skiing, we planned all of our vacation time in places with a warmer climate. We of us talked of going on a cruise and possibly some other long weekends together.

Pam said “Let’s get breakfast cleaned up and get some sun.”

As Steve and I got up to help, Pam told us to leave the cleaning to the girls, because we’ll just get in the way. So we stayed clear of the ladies and speculated on what we thought about the upcoming football season.

Before we knew it, we heard Pam say “What the hell are y’all doing, you going to join us” as she and Kim walked past us naked towards the pool. I stood there and watched their asses as they walked towards the pool. Seeing their naked bodies was enough motivation to inspire us to follow them to the pool.

Our ladies didn’t waste any time, dove into the pool and swam a couple of laps. When they were finished they swam to the edge of the pool and asked us why we were still dressed.

Steve said “I like Mike, but I don’t want to stand around BSing with him naked.”

Pam said “Get your clothes off so we can see your cocks and get in the pool.”

We complied and jumped in.

After a few minutes of swimming and playing with our spouses, Pam exclaimed “Oh my God Steve! Didn’t you get enough last night? He’s got a boner.”

Kim and I laughed.

Steve said “Seeing the two of you naked and your body rubbing on me got to me.”

As Pam climbed out of the pool, she said “put that thing away.”

Kim and I got out of the pool and dried off. Kim took my flaccid cock in her hand, tugged on it a few times and said “I guess you had enough last night”

I said “Well I was alright until you touched it.” I now had a semi-erection.

Steve got out of the pool still sporting wood. As he dried off Pam made some comments about his “Richard” swinging as he was drying off.

Steve asked Pam bakırköy üniversiteli escort to take care of him, as he was horny for her.

Pam said “I just want to get some sun, not get some dick.”

I was now at about full staff, as Pam saw me and said “Great, now we have two of them.”

I said “Steve and I are in a predicament and we need one or both of you to take care of us.”

Kim said “We just want to get a tan.”

Steve said “Come on, which one of you can make us cum the quickest? Please just take care of us.”

I said “I have an idea.” I lay out my plan to get Steve and off. My idea was to have a contest to see if Kim or Pam could make us cum first. I suggested that the ladies sit in the bar chairs with their legs over the arms. Since the chairs were the perfect height for us to make easy entry into their pussies. Steve and I would take turns fucking them until we came. I added that we would each take 15 stokes, pull out and swap ladies. We would keep going until we came. If one us cums before the other, we would continue with the 15 strokes and swap until the other cums.

Steve said “Great! I just need to get into some pussy.”

Kim suggested that the ladies control the pace of the strokes so there isn’t an advantage.

Pam asked “So if this is a contest, what do we get out of it?”

Steve said “We’ll leave you alone so you can tan.”

Pam said “Whoop-de-fuckin-do. Let’s get this thing going.”

We all agreed to the plan and we moved to the bar chairs. Kim and Pam took their seats and hung their legs over the chair arms. Steve and I stood in front of our wives, staring eagerly at their legs wide open and their slightly parted vulvas. We gently stroked our hard cocks.

Pam said “Let’s put those things to work, we gotta tan.”

Kim said “The first two rounds will be slow and we’ll go from there.”

We moved up to our wives, held our cocks in our hands with them pointed at their targets.

Kim said “Put them in us.”

With bakırköy bdsm escort that, Steve and I entered our wives pussies and slowly ran our cocks in and out of them. Kim and Pam slowly counted the strokes. Both of them looked so hot and dirty in those chairs giving themselves to us.

After our first 15 strokes, we moved over to the other wife. We stood in front of each others wife and guided our cocks into them. As I entered Pam I noticed she felt slightly wetter than Kim. We both completed our 15 strokes and swapped again. This went on several times and the ladies adjusted our paces from slow to moderate to fast and in different combinations. As Steve and I fucked our wives, they were getting into it, as evident by their moans and groans.

As I was taking my turn with Pam, I looked to down to watch my cock slide in out of her pussy. That sight of her lips were spread apart accepting my cock and her clit was peeking out was so dam hot. I looked over at Kim. Her eyes were closed like she was really enjoying Steve’s cock. She looked incredible in that exposed position with Steve between her legs fucking her and her large breasts bouncing with each of his strokes.

We swapped again and as I entered Kim, she was much wetter than she was before. She was really getting into this. Steve was starting to moan as he fucked his wife. The 15 strokes were up and time to swap.

Steve hurried to move into Kim’s pussy.

Pam called for a slow pace.

I looked over at Kim and Steve. He was fucking her hard and fast. Kim was whimpering as he plowed her womanhood. Her breasts were really rocking now. Apparently he was ready to cum. He started grunting as he was probably on his 25th stoke. I was going at it nice and slow in his wife as we watched. As Steve kept up his pace, he said here it comes and his strokes became slower and more deliberate as he came into my wife’s pussy. Pam was rubbing her clit as she watched her husband and my wife as I fucked her.

After bakırköy elit escort Steve finished cumming, he pulled out of Kim. His cock was covered with cum.

Someone said it was probably time to swap. I pulled out of Pam and stood in front of Kim and looked at her. She was sweaty and her pussy looked like a sweet mess. Her lips were gaping from Steve’s girth and her entire slit was wet with their juices. As I positioned myself for entry, Steve’s cum was starting run from her pussy down to her asshole. I stopped the flow of cum by plugging her pussy with my dick. The feel of her loose pussy that was full of Steve’s cum felt unbelievable. It was so slick and warm. I felt myself wanting to cum and fought to control it. At probably my 14th stroke I stopped so I wouldn’t cum. It was a fight that I partially won. I came in her a little, as I can stop my ejaculation in its early stages. I pulled out of her and moved to Pam.

My cock was glistening with Steve and Kim’s juices. As I entered Pam, I told that I was giving her the juices from three of us. I didn’t waste any time and fucked her fast and hard, as my only purpose was to cum. In about six strokes I was emptying my balls into her pussy. I didn’t know what was going on around me; my only focus was the feeling of my cock exploding in her hot pussy.

After I came, I stepped back from Pam and lay on the ground to catch my breath. As I lay there, I felt something warm dripping on my stomach. I opened my eyes and it was Pam standing over me squeezing the cum from her pussy down on me. She then squatted over me and rubbed her soaked pussy back and forth on my cock. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and said thanks for the fuck.

We then cleaned up and spent the day lying in the sun and swimming. Before long it was time for us to go home and get ready for the work week. We exchanged good-byes and headed home.

On the way home Kim asked me where I got the idea for the fucking her and Pam.

I told her that is was a version of a fantasy I had where she and another woman lay side by side on a bed and I would fuck both of them. I fantasized about fucking one moving to the other and so on.

She said “Um, so you kind of lived your fantasy, but I got another dick to.”

I said “Yep, but I’d still like to live out my fantasy where my dick owned the two pussies.”

Kim said “Ya never know what might happen.”

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