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Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 03

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From the dark corner where I was standing my corner, she looked like a ‘Plain Jane’. She had long mousy looking hair that almost hid the furtive look on her pale face. She was wearing a dark, long skirt (to her ankles) and a camel colored knit top. She and he (couple) had entered one of the small porn theater rooms and had stopped to talk to a man who was a co-owner.

After they had finished talking, the mousy haired female went to couch nearby, slouched down on it, spread her slim legs, and raised her skirt to her waist. The co-owner (bald, early 60’s, dressed like a handy man with an attitude) who followed her, leaned over her, unzipped, pulled out his black, flaccid cock, and began jerking it.

When his cock began to harden, he lifted her legs up and folded them tight to her chest. She turned her head toward me as she slid her thong to the side.

The co-owner attempted to mount her, but had to disengage. Apparently, there was a problem with that position. They reversed positions – her on top. That worked. She was able to lower herself onto his erect cock until her small, loose, ass cheeks rested on his balls.

After a few moments of shifting and adjusting her weight and pussy around her impalement, she bent over, put her little hands on his chest, and slowly began to ride him. I began to stroke my cock as I watched her ass cheeks rock back and forth. Being an ass man, I imagined grabbing those sweet cheeks and pulling her ass up and down the length of my hard cock.

As I was about to step forward, a customer came out of nowhere and pulled out a large cock. Its length was extensive. He looked at the hubby and received a head nod. I was instantly jealous, but not for long.

At first, the customer acted like a little gentleman. He gently guided her head to the tip of his cockhead. That act lasted all of 5 seconds.

She gagged when he suddenly pushed it in too far. Tears instantly spring into her eyes and begin running down her face. Her little mouth was stretched open as wide as possible. All I could think was that the customer was going to choke her to death with his big cock if he pushed it in any further! When the woman’s man said something, the customer quickly backed off.

I immediately stepped forward and offered her my hard cock as her man watched. She took hold of it and slowly licked around the cockhead. It seemed she licked every inch of my cock before coming back to the top. She then parted her lips and began taking it into her mouth at an agonizingly slow pace.

When my cockhead was in her mouth, she began working bahçelievler escort her tongue and cheeks around it. She kept this up until the co-owner’s cock faded. For whatever reason, he abruptly disengaged and walked away.

The customer, who had backed off, eagerly took his place. He reclined on his back on the couch and she climbed onboard, after handing her skirt to her man. All was forgiven. I stepped back to watch.

Her pussy was better equipped for the large cock than her little mouth. In no time, the big cock was ¾ of the way in her – thanks to the co-owner who had helped open her up.

She obviously loved the feeling of the big cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her head was jerking back and forth. Her little tits were bouncing up and down.

Clearly, the customer was very excited, too. The back of the couch was hitting the wall each time he slammed his cock into her pussy. Several times, he grunted really loud as if he was going to blow his load, but he just kept pumping. This went on for a few minutes, until he abruptly pulled out, too. The customer thanked her man and left. That was good news for me. It was my turn, again.

She was standing, naked form the waist down, as I walked up to her. She looked puzzled. She was probably wondering why two men had not completed the ‘deed’ with her. I was not concerned about that. I knew I would.

I looked directly into her wondering eyes, smiled, turned her around, and had her bend completely over the couch armrest. She placed her forehead rested against one the couch’s pillowy cushions, as I placed one hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart.

My heart raced when I saw her exposed, puckered, pink anus. (Everyone else could see it, too.) It looked wonderfully inviting. That was the main reason I was there. I wasn’t so sure about her, though. I could tell she was fighting the impulse to get up and run. Her grip on the couch seats had turned her knuckles white. However, she continued to allow me complete access to her vulnerable anus.

I took immediate advantage of her bravery. Despite feeling everyone’s eyes on me, I swept my lips over her smooth bottom a few times, before probing between her soft butt cheeks. She smelled very clean and sexy. I had to taste her ass.

As my tongue lapped over her sphincter, it puckered even more even as she spread herself wider, wanting more. I obliged by pushing the tip of my tongue into her sphincter. My balls tingled with excitement.

When my tongue penetrated her, I didn’t stop there. bahçeşehir escort I methodically tongue fucked her asshole, until my tongue couldn’t move.

She sighed heavily when I slid my weary tongue out, but then jerked as I pushed one finger, coated in spit, slowly into her warm, ass. Feeling her ring firmly gripping my finger was erotic. I hoped I would feel that sensation on my cock.

She jerked again when I decided to push another finger in. This time she moved her ass backward to meet it.

I twirled my fingers around in their new playground. Her warm responsive body added to my arousal and lust. I eased my thumb into her wet pussy.

When my fingers in her anal cavity met my thumb at her g-spot, both her ass and pussy began to spasm. I wondered what two cocks would feel like – rubbing against each other. Would she like that? My latter question was quickly answered when I noticed some type of fluid started to flow out her pussy. Something had turned her faucet on!

We easily could have played like this for a very long time; however, extended foreplay was not an option in this environment. We were here to fuck, cum, and move on.

Trying not to sound too eager, I told her to spread her cheeks when I removed my fingers. She did. She used both her hands to open herself up to me as her man anointed my cock with lube.

I gripped my wet, slippery cock at the base and pushed my swollen cockhead against her small anus. I watched with fascination as her anus slowly spread to accept the head of my cock.

I held myself still in her for a few seconds before slowly easing back out of her. After only a brief pause, I pressed my cockhead back into her and held still, again. When I didn’t move for several seconds, she told me, “That felt good…you moving your cock like that…keep going…”

That was all I needed to hear. I gladly began sliding my oiled cock back and forth through the tight ring of her anus. She caught onto my easy rhythm and began wantonly pushing her little ass against me, forcing my hard cock deeper into her bowels.

The sight of her expanded asshole, clenched around the base of my cock, was awesome. The feeling of her warm ass engulfing my cock was heavenly.

It was obvious that she knew how to take a cock up the ass. She automatically knew how to relax without having to be coaxed. It made me wonder just how many men had plowed her pretty, little, pink asshole. I corrected myself. It wasn’t little any more. My cock had stretched her asshole out good.

Suddenly, bakırköy anal yapan escort her man joined the fray. When he sat down on the couch, she stood up, and scooted over on top of him. He easily slid his cock into her wet pussy.

I stood there, with my throbbing erection, wondering if that was it, but not for long. She leaned her chest against her man’s chest, allowing me to access her ass. I grabbed those wonderful soft cheeks, easily spread them, and walked my cock into her loosened anus. In no time, I was again banging her poop chute.

I had heard and read about this kind of thing – that one guy can feel the other’s cock through the wall between the anus and vagina. I had always thought this was an exaggeration. It wasn’t. It felt amazing.

Although I certainly couldn’t see anything, as my view consisted almost entirely of her slender back, I could hear wet sucking sounds as his cock slide in and out of her pussy and hear her moans.

Even more sensual, I could feel my cock rubbing up and down the length of his cock shaft as he moved it in and out of her pussy. On top of this, I could feel him fucking her through from the shocks his thrusts sent through her body and the clenching and relaxing of her muscles around me. The hot friction turned me on. It was incredible.

At some point, her man spoke to me. “Hey man…you feel my cock in her? We got her full of cock…” Then he said, “When I push you pull out!”

We set up a seesaw motion fucking her. When I pushed all the way into her ass, he pulled all the way out of her pussy. We did this repeatedly. The woman bounced like a rag doll between us.

When her orgasm started, I felt her ass and pussy start clamp down on our cocks. My cock felt like it was gripped in a hot, fleshy vise. Moments later, as her climax peaked, her head flew back.

I saw every tendon in her neck stretched out. After allowing her to enjoy her orgasm, we both slammed our cocks into her simultaneously. The sensation of his cock in her pussy, underneath my cock, caused my own orgasm to be stronger and longer than any I’d had in a long time.

Apparently, her man felt the same. I felt his cock swell and harden in her pussy right before he came. She moaned loudly when our cum erupted into her warm, wet holes.

As our orgasms subsided, she took turns squeezing our cocks, milking out our cum, using her pussy and ass. The ‘Plain Jane’ had real talent!

When we pulled out of her, she lay there motionless with a satisfied smile on her face. Cum leaked out her gaping anus and pussy. No one would question whether she had just been dp’ed.

Her man let a couple of trolls kneel between her worn out legs and eat her out. The trolls noisily felched our sperm out of her holes.

After a few minutes of comic relief – watching the trolls slobber over her juicy holes, my long day caught up with me. I left for home.

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