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Turned Out by Big Scott Ch. 07

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By Keith Hernandez

Scott came into the bathroom and stood facing me, silently presenting his cock and balls. I knew what was expected and I got a washcloth wet and gently washed his genitals without even being asked. I did it out of respect. I did it on my knees, peeking up at him to make sure he was pleased.

When I was done I dried him off and while he looked into my eyes I lifted his large penis to my lips and gave his cock-head a kiss. He liked this and ran his hand through my hair smiling.

“Go get me a tea with ice and bring it back to bed,” he said.

As I got busy making his drink, I wondered what he said to Gina. I remembered how he looked at my phone and wondered if he knew she was coming over. Would he not tell me? Is that why he kept edging me? Did he wait until she was there before bringing me to orgasm?

My mind wandered back to that moment. My hole tingled. I had cum so hard. Scott’s semen was running down my leg and I finally took a napkin and wiped myself. I hurried back with his order and put it on the nightstand next to him and then slipped on a fresh jockstrap, glancing at Scott, who had disciplined me earlier that night for not wearing one.

“So what did you say to Gina when she left?” I asked, slipping under the cover next to Scott, who was fiddling on his phone and sipping his tea.

“I told her I was serious. If she wanted a real man, if she wanted this cock…you know.”

I thought about that and even though I was afraid of what she might have said, I had to know. “What did she say,” I said quietly.

“Nothing. She just looked me up and down and lifted up my cock. I hate to break it to you, but I think she wants it. Gave it a squeeze. After what she saw? Definitely. It was still wet from your pussy,” he said, not even looking up from his scrolling.

He was right. I lay back and closed my eyes.


Waking up in the middle of the night, I found I was snuggled up to Scott. His body was warm and smelled so manly. My arm and leg was thrown over his torso and thigh, my head resting on his chest. I softly ran my hand up and down his body, my mind unable to break free from the memory of him fucking me silly. I roamed down, letting my fingertips touch his stomach, his hip, then down lower, to his bush, finally finding the thick trunk of his soft penis.

I couldn’t help myself…I let my hand rest on his pubes and my fingers wrapped around his shaft. I reached a little further and played with his scrotum. I was gentle and other than a soft sigh, Scott did not stir. He slept on while I fondled his cock and balls.

My cheek brushed against something and I realized it was his nipple. Scott had large brownish nipples and I just couldn’t resist…I brushed my mouth across the hard nip. Getting bolder, I ran my lips across it two or three more times. I felt the horse-cock start coming to life…and again I could not resist. I took the nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. Fully…deeply…a hard suck that caused Scott to moan and shift.

He was waking up, but I didn’t care. I licked the nipple with the full length of my tongue, and Scott’s hand came up to the back of my head as he groaned again…my stiffening cock was pressed up against his warm muscled leg, while his much larger cock was becoming erect. I squeezed it and stroked it more firmly.

I felt so slutty…it was the middle of the night, only a few hours after being royally fucked, and I was sucking Scott’s nipple and starting to jack his big boner. My relationship with Gina was also completely fucked. But I didn’t think about any of that. At that moment I just didn’t care. All I cared about was licking down Scott’s body until my mouth found his warm cock-head and began to lick it and try to fill my mouth with it.

I couldn’t though, because Scott had a firm grip on my scalp at this point and wasn’t letting me do more than lick. He then jammed my head into his crotch and groaned, spreading his legs and allowing me to lave his nuts ankara travesti with my tounge, and suck one ball into my mouth.

“What do you say?” Scott whispered hoarsely.

“Please Daddy…please…” I begged as he moved me up to his shaft. I squeezed his nuts and Scott kept making me play with them, but wouldn’t let me have his whole cock.

“You’re a total slut,” Scott said, reading my mind. “You’re a whore for my big cock…say it.”

He let my head go and I went right for the fat cock-head.

“Yes! Yes!” I said as I started slurping and bobbing up and down on the huge penis. “I love it. I love your big cock…mmmph mmph!”

All I could do is suck on his hot cock as hard as I could, pushing it deep into my mouth and moaning my thanks as I worshipped it.

Scott lay back, letting me service him in the night. I pumped his cock now, the shaft wet from my saliva. I pulled down on his cum-filled balls, tightening his cock as I sucked. In a minute I got my reward–A long, deep groan from my man, his legs and body going rigid, followed by a flood of hot, bitter-tasting semen.

His penis throbbed and I could feel each pulse as cum filled my maw. I didn’t swallow, but kept the whole load in my mouth until I felt his orgasm subside. Then I pulled off, tipped my head back and gulped down the entire slimy mass. It was gross, but I did it anyway.

This was no longer a phase. My erection subsided after I sucked off Scott. As soon as I satisfied him, I was also strangely satisfied–I didn’t do anything other than lick him clean and crawl back up to his arms. We both dozed off in a couple of minutes.


I had to go see Gina the next day. I didn’t have choice…I had to go see her. She lit into me right away.

“You’re gay! This whole time we were together you were a dick-sucker weren’t you?”

“No Gina, I swear,” I tried to downplay everything as much as possible but she wasn’t buying it. “Scott and I had a really weird thing a while back and this was just a one-time thing. Trust me.”

“Okay I just want honesty. You’ve wasted years of my fucking life you owe me at least that,” she said. And she was right. But I struggled with her questions.

“Do you suck his dick?”

I didn’t answer immediately. “Y-yes. I have but that was a long time ago.”

“I don’t believe you. I think you get down on your knees and worship his giant dick that’s what I think. Did you suck it last night?

“No, I swear,” I lied.

“Does he bend you over? Are you his bitch?”

“No it’s not like that…”

“It’s not like that? Are you serious?… It looked A LOT like it the other night. You were getting split the fuck open by his horse cock. You came while he fucked you. You had a screaming bitch orgasm and squirted on your own face…You are a faggot if there ever was one.” Gina was getting louder and losing control. My lies were transparent. “You have a bare, shaved ass butt crack and an absolutely tiny dick! You half-ass fucked me for all this time. Get out of here I never want to see you.”

I tried to plead with her to listen and tried to explain and lie my way out of it some more but it was useless. Finally she pushed me out of the door. Then she told me something that made my blood run cold…

“I’m going to tell everyone I fucking know that you are a dick sucking, take it up the ass bottom bitch. Everyone!” Those words were the ones I feared the most.

All I wanted to do was soothe Gina, call on any sympathy she had, to try and avoid being outed.

“Just wait until my brother hears about this…your puny ass is in for an ass-kicking! And your friend, what’s his name…Scott? I might let him fuck me…how would you like that? Maybe next time you come home I will be sucking his giant fat dick.”

She was still raging in her doorway when I closed the stairwell door and trudged down to my car, utterly dismayed. More than anything I thought about Scott.

I might get beat up…her little brother never did like me very ankara travestileri much. But Scott would protect me. I think. I didn’t know if he was planning on seeing me again or what but suddenly I found myself texting him. And it was a huge relief when he told me to come over to his new place. He even left a set of spare keys at my place. I grabbed them and hurriedly prepared a bag. I stuffed in more of everything than I needed…I was nervous to hang around at my place.


Scott’s new place was a spacious 3-bedroom apartment, and boxes cluttered all the rooms except the master bedroom. The bed was set up and everything was in order. Everything smelled new and fresh. I was spiraling big time. Gina’s threats were ringing in my ears and my anxiety was climbing.

But I took solace in Scott’s place and the knowledge that he was coming home. I spent the next two hours cleaning, straightening up, and taking a bath…and spending extra time shaving, primping, and prepping. I wanted to please Scott with an urgency I had never felt before. I could feel the walls closing in and I needed him.

Scott got off work and came home, whistling at all the things I had put away and tossing a sack of groceries and protein powder on the counter. He met me coming out of the bedroom and grabbed my face, ramming his tongue into my mouth before I knew what hit me.

He tasted like beer and smelled like cologne and cigars–it was intoxicating. He steered me back into the bedroom and ripped my jeans open, pushing me over the bed and pulling my pants down below my cheeks.

I didn’t say anything, I just looked back over my shoulder at him and bit my lip, my ample cheeks perked up for him. This is what I have to do, I thought. Scott kicked off his shoes and fondled my ass, rubbing and squeezing it. He snapped my jock and chuckled, pulling it down as well.

He came around to the side of the bed and opened his pants for me, his stiffening rod hanging out. I leaned over and sucked his cock while he got the lube. In a flash he was behind me and I lowered my head to the mattress, preparing to be sodomized yet again. My ass is his new pussy, I thought. Accept it…just like he said. Accept that you’re his cum-dump. I’m his bottom bitch and he can use me however he likes. My mouth is for sucking his big penis and his fat balls and he’s going to use my butt to cum in…whenever he wants.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Scott pushed his thick cock into my asshole with a slow, firm thrust. He gripped my hips strongly with both hands and pulled me back until he was fully inserted. “Jesus Christ you’re biiiiiig…Big!”

I tried not to whine but I couldn’t help it–he was fucking me up the ass and it hurt.

“Look over there,” Scott said, nodding to the nightstand in front of me while he pumped my butt. “It’s filming us…see?”

I looked at something that looked like a computer component. It must be some kind of camera. I dropped my head and tried to ignore the humiliation of being filmed while a much stronger man raped me.

“We’ll watch it back later,” Scott said, grunting as he picked up speed. His thighs slapped my cheeks in time as he opened my ass up with his big pecker and pounded my boy-pussy. Scott was an alpha male. He had a superior cock and he knew how to use it.

He fucked me like a slut. He fucked me like he owned me.

I looked to the side and there I was–in the mirror. Bent over the bed, my pants around my ankles, Scott behind me, his powerful legs straining as he bounced my ass back on forth on his thick shaft. I was moaning and crying out with each deep pentration.

Scott’s pants weren’t even off. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. Scott didn’t bother to even undress us. He just came home, pulled my pants down, pulled out his hard cock, and stuck it to me. I tried to quiet down but I couldn’t do it–he was fucking me too hard. My anus was taking a dick-beating.

“Daddy you’re so big and thick…it hurts,” I admitted. “It’s hurting my travesti ankara baby pussy…oh my God it’s so deep!”

“Start jacking off…I want to feel you cum when I cum,” Scott panted, pulling out and adding more lube for a second or two before shoving his cock back in. I licked my fingers and starting stroking.

In no time my moans started to rise in pitch. “You’re…you’re going to make me cum! Oh God don’t stop…unnnghh don’t stop I’m going to cum…oh! oh!…You’re going to cum up my ass! You’re fucking me in the ass! Ohhhhhh fuuuuhhhck!”

Admitting my own defeat pushed me over the edge and my ring gripped Scott’s meat as the orgasm hit. He followed a moment later, roaring through his nut and spurting his cum in my ass. I could feel his dick pulse again and again as he held it as far up my rectum as it could go, holding me tightly by my hips and thighs.

After a few moments of panting Scott asked for the camera and I handed it back to him. He was still imbedded deep inside me when he leaned over and put his lips right on my ear, slowly rocking his cock back and forth an inch or two. “Tighten it up boy…try to keep it all in.”

“Yes daddy,” I whispered, barely audible. Whatever he wanted I was going to give him. I tightened up as much as I could, and he slowly pulled back, finally coming free with a wet pop. Scott hooted with delight as my gaped and glistening hole came into view. I stayed bent over in front of him while he described what my cunted fuck hole looked like.

“Can I pull up my pants Daddy?” I finally asked, warm semen running down my leg. Scott answered by smacking one of my asscheeks hard enough to make me yelp…

“Sure baby girl. Go get a washcloth so you can clean me up,” he said as I reached down to my ankles and pulled up my pants.

Later that night we watched the video. Although I was eager to please Scott and stay under his protective wing, hopeful to find something to hang on to as my life spiraled out of control, watching the video was still humiliating.

We were in bed together, and he cast the homemade porn to the TV on the wall. I felt a wave of guilt and embarrassment as the film started…my stomach dropped as I watched myself get pushed over the bed and bent over, Scott yanking my pants down. I couldn’t believe it was me. Who am I? Even though I was manhandled into fucking position I still clearly offered my asshole to Scott.

When he entered me you could see my face contort into a mask of shock and pain at his size. The look of a reluctant bottom getting his insides repeatedly punched by a big hard cock was unmistakeable.

“You look like it really fucking hurts,” Scott chuckled. He fondled himself a little bit, obviously enjoying my ordeal on the screen.

“You’ve got a big fucking tool,” I said back to him. On screen I whimpered and put my head down, sometimes peeking back in disbelief while I gripped the bedspread. Scott would pause the video when I made a face that particularly amused him. Usually one where my mouth was open and my eyes were scrunched up.

Finally we got to the end…the ultimate shame. I had to swallow my pride as Scott ordered me to jack off and then began a steady rhythm until I was begging him not to stop. Begging. Then he made me cum…and my fist wasn’t even on my cock when I came. It came off a few second before I blew. I flushed red watching the truth.

“Holy fuck dude! You are one cock-hungry little pussy,” Scott exclaimed, seeing me cum hands-free. “I think I fucked every drop of jizz and manhood right out of you!”

He laughed at me and I tried to save face. “I was already over the edge it just happens at that point. It…it isn’t…it’s just that I practically came from jerking and…”

Who was I kidding? There was no point in hiding it. No point in fighting it. I was Scott’s slutty cum-dump and I he could make me orgasm just by fucking me in the ass.

The video ended and I quietly leaned over and took him into my mouth. He turned off the TV and the room fell silent for the next couple minutes, other than the sound of me giving Scott a wet blow job, and his groans of pleasure before coming in my mouth.

(to be continued)


Copyright Keith Hernandez

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