Şubat 4, 2023

True ex-wife story (Jacuzzi Lover)

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True ex-wife story (Jacuzzi Lover)
This won’t be the only story worth telling about my ex-wife, nor is there any particular reason I posted this one, except it’s on the shorter side and I’d recently came to mind while think of stories about her to write up. First off notne of this is meant to trash my ex-wife, that’s not the intent so I hope none of what I’m saying comes off that way.

So my ex-wife is a good looking brunette, blue eyes. She’s got small breasts, barely A. With beautiful nipples, very nicely shaped. A nice flat tummy, nice thighs and hips. Figure is slightly pair shaped. A really nice pussy!!! Tight as all hell and a bit on the warmer body temp side. Later she learned how to pump her Kegals (pelvic floor muscles) like you wouldn’t believe. Naturally hairy pussy, at least back then, who knows maybe she’s shaving it now.

On with the story

So for some reason between middle school and college my ex-wife only dated a Hispanic guys. First white guy she dated was like when she was 21.

So at this point my ex was still a virgin. Her dad lived up in the Hollywood Hills, one of those houses you see on tv or movies overlooking the LA basin, with a big pool, patio and jacuzzi overlooking the hillside. Her dad was on vacation so she brought this Hispanic guy she was dating over there one night.

They were drinking and in the jacuzzi making out and it got hot and heavy. The guy pealed down her top and sucked her little white titles. She was really getting horny. The guy got her fully naked and then took off his trunks, güvenilir bahis siteleri if I recall boxers actually. Anyways he was on the darker skinned side but is cock was really dark in coloration, almost black. It was about as thick as mine she said but a head longer, bigger mushroom tip then me and uncircumcised.

So my ex-wife was stroking his cock, like pulling the foreskin back and forth to massage the head.

This was her third cock she’d handled the other two having been Hispanic too and uncircumcised. The first one had been her high school boyfriend, after she’d turned 18,and she’d started giving him BJs in his car after dances and such. But the guy had a funky taste sometimes, problem from being uncircumcised and she started finding it out right nasty. To the point that they’d be parked someplace and she’d be sucking him or they’d be 69ing and it would gag her out. Not from deep troating, just the taste.

This kind of messed her up to the point of just putting a cock in her mouth, she’d think of that and gag.

So the second guy just got hand jobs, she’d learn to massage his balls and the head of his cock under the foreskin until he squired. I had plenty of those handjobs from her and can attest she can really loosen up all that cum in your nut sack and make it squirt over your shoulder. (I’m circumcised, but lucky was left with enough skin to pull up and over the head to masterbate with.)

So she was trying to pleasure this third guy in the jacuzzi like that, doing her best to bring him off. He wanted perabet her to take him in her mouth and swallow his load, but she refused to blow him so he wanted sex so he could squirt in her pussy. She was still a virgin at this point but for whatever reason desided this was the guy, dispite the fact this was really the first time they’d gotten all hot and heavy.

So the guy stops, gets his pipe out and gets stoned. Now my ex-wife is not into smoking weed what so ever, so she’s just sitting there waiting on this idiot.

So he finishes and it’s time to pop her cherry. They start making out again and he tastes like a pipe, she’s not into it, he starts massaging his big dark skin cocked against her little pink pussy hole.

Now like I said previously she has a very small tight pussy, and at this point has never used a toy or had anything bigger then a finger or tampon in there. This guys trying to stuff his thick dark swollen meat into her and it’s just not happening.

So the guy tells her to turn around and then bends her over the side of the jacuzzi. Buries his face in her ass, and begins to eat and lap her twat with his tongue. She’s like oh fuck, and starting to get turned on again as her feasts on her nice white pussy. He’s pressing his face into her and lapping his tongue as far up her pretty pink orifice as deep as he could get it in the position. My ex-wife is thinking ‘oh yeah! Just keep doing more of this….”

(Now remember this is up in the Hollywood hills and it looks out on LA basin, but it’s also wide perabet güvenilir mi open and anyone on the next hillside, with a pair of binoculars can get a full show. So pretty fucking hot!!)

Then the dude like hawks up a big mouth full of saliva and spits it into her snatch, and she’s like completely gross! His breath already tasted nasty from the weed and was now spiting a huge wad of spit and flem into her. He was doing more, like hawking up another mouth full and she starts fighting to get free, he has a holding her thighs, with his face still tightly pressed into her ass, trying to lube up her fuck hole for screwing. So after twisting and turning she got her feet on his chest and pushed him away.

She was completely turned off and was like you need to leave!

So the guy completely blew it, the tip of his dick and his tongue got a little tease of that sweet white pussy, but the honors of popping her cherry went to some other guy.

Now as far as interracial sex, beyond oral, my ex didn’t do that until after we spit. Her next boyfriend was Hispanic and they shacked up for a few months. He must have been in heaven, she had a very talented pussy, tight and warm so I’m sure he pumped her full with some monster loads of cum.

Personal I thought the guy was an idiot and the speed at which she dumped him backs this up, but still interracial sex is pretty hot, the woman you were married to for years now fucking this dark skinned guy and she’s getting bred and filled with seed for making brown babies. My ex-wife and I never used condoms ever, so I’d assume it was all bareback sex and cream pies with this guy too. Of course I was having fantastic sex with a pure Swede so I was like, I got the better deal, enjoy.

So that about wraps it up for that story let me know what you think.

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