Mart 22, 2023

Exploited, Julia

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Exploited, Julia
This morning was the last straw, it’s bad enough that you bring these losers home with you from the bar and force me to listen to them fucking you all night, but then you leave them here for me to deal with when you leave for work. The asshole you brought home last night rubbed his dick on my shoulder while I was eating breakfast! I’m out of here.
Goodbye and I truly hope that someday you get your shit together.

The young blonde read her note one more time with tears in her eyes and dropped it onto the table for her mother to find. It was more than just her mother’s almost nightly hookups that was Julie from the only home that she’d ever known. Over the past couple of months, the tension and the fighting between the two had grown steadily worse. If she had really thought about it the fighting started to really blossom about the time her friend Kelly had introduced her to her friend Gary.
Gary was an older man, in his thirties at least, but Kelly liked him. She liked him a lot. She liked this man who was at least twice her age to fuck her every weekend. They’d even invited Julie to join them, she turned them down. Julie did, however, play with her pussy in Gary’s living room while listening to them having sex. She’d cum harder than ever before listening her best friend getting fucked by the pervy old guy. Even if he was fucking her best friend, Gary had been really cool to Julie. He really listened to her and often gave her advice on how to handle things at home. If only her damned mother would listen.
Last week Gary had told her that he had a friend out in Montana who could help her out if things got really bad. At first, she’d declined the offer but after having some stranger’s dick pressed against her neck this morning, she decided to take him up on it. After all, not only was she getting away from her mother’s bullshit, but Gary’s friend Meg was going to give her a job out on her ranch. She’d be self-sufficient in no time.
Gary Robinson was a pervert who had a thing for young girls. In fact, the only thing that he loved more than a tight teenaged pussy was money, so when his young brunette girlfriend’s bestie called that morning he almost came in the little redhead’s mouth while he talked to Julie on the phone. After he hung up, he laid back to enjoy the blowjob from this little girl that he’d hired from Craigslist. She was a little old for his taste at eighteen, but she had the body of a girl much younger with tiny tits and a cleanly shaven cunt. Finally, he filled her eager throat with cum and rushed her out the door, he had business to attend to.
He called his friend in Montana and broke the news that the girl that he’d been telling her about was ready sooner than they’d expected and that he was sending an Uber out to pick her up when they got off the phone. After talking to Meg, he logged into the website for the bus and purchased a ticket that she could pick up at the station. It was going to be a long trip for the girl, just over three days, but what could he do. He then went onto his Uber app and arranged for a car to pick her up. It was going to be a great day, maybe he could talk Kelly into stopping by after school let out.
Julie grabbed the small duffle bag with her clothes and locked the door one last time behind her. She walked up the street to where Gary had arranged for her ride to pick her up at the little convenience store down the street. A small white Hyundai pulled up a few minutes later and asked if she was Julie. She said that she was and got into the back seat just as a beat-up Chevy pickup raced around the corner and down her street. It was the asshole who’d rubbed his dick on her that morning, evidently, he finally noticed the $200 that she’d liberated from his wallet while he was in the shower. She smiled to herself and patted the folded bills in her pocket as the driver pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road.
Gary met her a few minutes later at the bus station, he handed her another $100 from travelling money and a small vape pen that he assured her would make the long trip more relaxing. They waited together for about half an hour for the bus to arrive and with a kiss on the cheek he wished her a good trip. She was nervous as she climbed the steps onto the bus, but excited about finally getting her freedom.
She quickly learned that travelling by bus was boring as hell. Nobody talked to each other despite obviously being as bored as she was. She spent much of the first day playing on her phone, until the battery died and there was no place to charge it. Each time the bus stopped she got off and took a couple of hits from the vape pen, so she managed to keep a good buzz, which helped her to sleep away some of the countless miles of highway between stops. By the time the bus pulled into Billings she had sworn off ever taking a bus again.
The station was smaller than the one in Jacksonville and mostly deserted at one o’clock in the morning. She grabbed her bag and got off the bus to find a tall very handsome man in a cowboy hat waiting beside a row of nasty looking benches. He looked up as she stepped onto the pavement, “You must be Julie.”
She looked him up and down, he was obviously very fit and had rugged good looks. He also had a big dick which was proudly on display through his skintight jeans. “Yes, sir.”
He reached out his hand to take her bag and introduced himself, “I’m Chet, I work for Miss Megan at the ranch.” She let him take the bag and followed him out to his pickup truck. They talked a bit as they drove through the moonless night. At one point he pulled the truck to the side of the deserted backroad. “Did you live in the city your whole life?” She said that she did and was suddenly a little nervous when he turned off the trucks lights and plunged them into darkness. “I wanna show you something you probably ain’t ever seen before.”
“Please don’t be his dick”, she silently prayed.
He got out of the truck and walked around to the passenger side and opened her door for her. It was pitch black there on the side of the road and they stood there quietly for a couple of minutes before he told her to look up.
When she did, she had to gasp. Above her were more stars than she’d ever seen before and sweeping through the middle of them was the Milky Way, it was beautiful. Now she knew why people chose to live out here. “Oh my God”, she whispered o her escort, as if her voice might somehow make it all go away. “It’s beautiful.”
The stared at the sky for a few minutes before Chet opened the door to the truck again and explained that Miss Megan would be waiting for them. Reluctantly she climbed back in and they were off. About a half hour later they pulled into a long driveway with at least a dozen cars in it. The house was huge and there seemed to be a party going on inside. When she asked about it Chet assured her that they were going to use the back entrance so she could clean up and rest after the long trip.
He drove around to the back of the huge white house and Chet led her inside and up to the third floor. He opened one of the rooms and ushered her into a quaint little bedroom. He turned on the light and showed her the attached bathroom.
As he turned to leave Julie thanked him for picking her up and showing her the stars. He just smiled and said, “Your welcome”, before closing the door behind him. The shower was heavenly after being on the bus for three days and the bed was comfortable. She slept like a log and dreamed of all those stars.
The next morning, she awoke to a knock on her door, “Julie, may I come in”, a matronly voice called from the other side.
“Sure”, she called back.
A short, plump woman came into the room with her long grey hair pulled up into a bun. She was dressed in a long terry cloth robe and slippers. To Julie she looked like somebody’s grandmother. “How was your trip”, she asked as Julie sat up in the bed.
“Long”, was the first thing to pop into her head.
The old woman introduced herself as Megan and the owner of the Kitten Ranch. She explained that the Kitten had been in her family for more than 150 years. She went on to say that it was a working cattle ranch that supplied some of the best beef in the country, but beef wasn’t the meat it was most known for. That last fact the old lady kept to herself. “Get up and let me take a look at you.”
Shyly Julie explained that she was only wearing panties having been too tired after her shower to dig out some pajamas.
“Oh, that’s okay”, Meg laughed, “Yours won’t be the first boobies that I’ve seen.” She took her own hefty udders in her hands and gave them a jiggle for emphasis, “I used to have quite the rack myself.”
That made Julie smile a little, besides, she’d been naked with Kelly many times. She climbed out of the bed and let herself be inspected illegal bahis by the sweet old lady. What could it hurt?
“Wow, you are a beauty”, Megan complimented. She took in the sight of the girl standing mostly naked before her and figured that she may have to give Gary a bonus for this girl. She was short, maybe five foot, thin with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her belly was taut with youth and her breasts were probably just out of a training bra. “Turn around sweetie”, she instructed and was in awe of the firm little bubble-but on the teenaged girl. “There’s a robe in the closet, why don’t you put it on and join me for breakfast.”
Julie almost suggested that she could dress really quick but figured if her host was okay walking around in a bathrobe, she could do the same. Maybe that was how they did things up here in Montana. She found the robe in the closet and was a little shocked. It wasn’t the thick fabric like Megan was wearing but a sheer satin red number with lacy trim. She was glad for the first time that she wasn’t taller, as it was the robe only reached halfway down her thighs. At least she was covered, mostly. She followed the elderly woman out into the hall and down to the far end where there was an elevator. “Where was that last night?”
The elevator let them out in a large parlor on the first floor. It was tastefully decorated with a couple of plush couches and a small piano in the corner. From the parlor the entered a large dining room with seating for at least a dozen people. The old matron guided Julie to a seat at the large pine table then took her place at the head. There was a small glass bell waiting for her and Megan rang it twice. Within two minutes a girl of about Julie’s age appeared from another door carrying a tray with carafe of coffee and a dozen coffee cups. What really shocked Julie was what she was wearing, matching lacy bra and panties with a garter belt and fishnet stockings. Moments later another young girl in a similar outfit emerged with a carafe of orange juice and glasses. As the barely dressed girls began to set the table a third appeared with plates and utensils.
The table set the three girls disappeared into the door from which they appeared only to return a minute later with platters of bacon, ham, sausage and scrambled eggs. A third trip produced a tray of toast and two bowls of fresh cut fruit. Having set the table with what looked like a feast they took their seats. A minute later six more similarly dressed young girls came into the room and took sat down. Julie, despite being half naked suddenly felt overdressed. They were followed by two boys dressed in boxer briefs. “What the hell did I get myself into”, she silently asked herself. It was then that she noticed that one of the girls who had just joined them looked familiar. “Britney”, she asked as they locked eyes. Britney Torrington had been in her Social Studies class until she ran away from home about six months ago.
“Julie”, the young brunette exclaimed as she recognized her old classmate.
They chatted about mutual friends and teachers that they despised throughout the delicious breakfast and when it was over everyone brought their empty dished to the kitchen and dispersed to start their day. Julie followed their host back up to her small room so that they could talk. Alone in her room Megan sat her on the bed and asked, “Are you a virgin?”
It seemed like an odd question, but she answered honestly that she wasn’t. The fact was that she had finally given in to Tommy Yagoda last spring behind the bleachers at school. He only managed to get it into her for about a minute before pulling out and shooting his nasty sperm all over her belly. The next day he broke up with her and told the whole school that she was a slut.
Megan then asked if she’d ever given a blowjob.
“Of course not”, the young girl exclaimed, shocked at the line of questioning.
“We’re going to have to fix that”, the old woman smiled and pulled a small walky-talky from the pocket of her robe. “Chet, can you come up to Julie’s room for me?”
“Yes ma’am”, the cowboy’s voice cracked over the radio.
The matron of the Kitten Ranch brushed Julie’s cheek with a leathery hand, “You seem like a bright girl, so I’m guessing that you’ve already realized the Kitten isn’t just a cattle ranch.” Julie nodded her head and Megan continued, “There are two things that men want, steak and pussy. I provide them with both. Well, not personally anymore. The girls get thirty percent, which I invest for them. I also provide everything for them food, a place to live and all of their medical care. When you turn 18, I’ll give you the accounts and you will have the option to go work at my other ranch in Nevada where it’s legal and you can make even better money.” She looked deeply into the girl’s blue eyes and asked, “Do you understand?”
Julie again nodded, knowing deep down that while she hadn’t said so, leaving wasn’t an option.
About that time Chet came into the room. He was as handsome as the night before standing just over 6 feet tall and wearing a tight t-shirt and the same skintight jeans. “You called for me ma’am?” Julie looked down at the clearly defined shape of his dick and was suddenly very nervous.
“Yes, Julie here has never given a blowjob”, she explained, “She’s going to need to learn.”
Chet knew what was being asked of him, it was far from the first time and so reached down and unbuckled his belt. He undid his jeans and kicked off his boots before peeling the tight denim from his muscular ass and legs. Next, he pulled down his white briefs and dropped them to the floor by his pants.
Julie watched in horror as the cowboy stripped. His soft dick was bigger than Tommy’s boner had been, and she had no doubt that it was soon going to in her mouth. She fought back the urge to cry, this was so gross. She feared that it would taste nasty and hoped that he wouldn’t shoot his stuff in her mouth.
The last fear was alleviated when Megan asked, “Cherry, strawberry or vanilla?” When Julie just looked at her confused, she pulled out a small bowl from the nightstand drawer and explained, “The first rule at the ranch is that nothing happens without protection, so I buy you girl’s flavored condoms. Cherry, strawberry or vanilla?”
“Strawberry I guess”, Julie answered, at least it wouldn’t taste bad and he wouldn’t cum in her mouth. Chet had moved over to the bed and now stood in front of her with his flaccid cock only a foot from her face. She knew enough from health class that he had to be hard to put the condom on so timidly she reached up and took his dick into her hand. She began to lightly stroke it the way Tommy used to tell her to do and she could feel it start to swell.
“That’s it”, Chet told her, “Play with my balls too, guys love that, and it will get them hard quicker.”
She reached with her free hand and began to message his heavy sack. True to his word, his dick began to get bigger in her small hand. Soon it was eight inches long and she could feel his pulse throbbing beneath his soft skin. She grabbed the small foil packet and tore it open releasing the sweet smell of strawberry candy into the room. The rubber felt a little slimy as she removed it and tried to figure out which way to roll it on and rolled it over the bulbous knob of Chet’s dick. “Here goes nothing”, she thought as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and plunged her face towards his groin. She gagged when his prick battered its way into her throat. Instinctively she pulled away from his intruding member and fought down the urge to throw up, but she went down on him again. This time she stopped herself before it made her gag and began to rapidly fuck her face on his dick, at least the condom did actually taste like candy. Julie thought that she was doing great until she heard Meg laughing.
Chet took the girl’s head into his hands and pulled her off his prick. “Whoa there girl, I love the enthusiasm but you gotta slow down.”
Meg sat down beside her and told her to watch. The old lady took Chet’s cock away from her and bent at the waist. Julie watched as she slowly licked the shaft and wrapped her tongue around the head. She then slowly sucked him into her wrinkled throat while using her hand to stroke the part of his shaft that didn’t fit in her mouth. The groan that escaped from Chet told Julie all that she needed to know. Meg let the hard cock slip from her brightly painted lips and told Julie to give it a try.
She gripped his cock by the base and licked the entire length a couple of times and sucked just the helmet into her mouth. She circled the tip with her tongue before lowering taking his shaft slowly into her throat. This time as it reached the back of her throat, she forced her gag reflex to relax and she was able to take another inch or so of his perabet giriş shaft. As she pumped her throat with his cock she reached up with her left hand and began to message his balls.
“Oh, Gawd damn girl”, the tall cowboy croaked. This girl was a fast learner.
Julies jaw was beginning to tire when she felt the cock in her mouth seem to swell even bigger. Suddenly she felt his big hands on her head and his dick twitched violently in her mouth and she knew that he was filling the rubber with his cum. She was actually proud that she’d been able to make this handsome young cowboy shoot. She looked up at his flushed face and let his dick slip from her mouth.
“That was great”, Chet praised the young girl, “You’re going to do fantastic here.” He stepped back and pulled the condom off.
Megan took her turn to praise the girl, “That looked sexy as hell.” She smiled and then asked, “Are you on the pill sweetie?”
Julie was beaming inside despite basically being forced to suck this stranger’s dick. “No ma’am.”
The old woman thought for a minute before explaining, “The doc is coming this afternoon so we will get you started so I can’t let any man fuck you for a couple of weeks.” She thought a few seconds more then added “For the next couple of weeks you’re only to give blowjobs and maybe some of the ladies.”
“Ladies”, Julie suddenly thought out loud. She’d never even considered that she might have to have sex with a lesbian.
“Yes”, Megan answered, “We don’t get many but there are a few that come in.”
For the next couple of weeks Julie learned the rules of the house and gave a couple of blowjobs a day, most of the ranch’s clients were looking for more than some head. She was finding it easier to detach herself from the act with every cock that she sucked. Finally, the day came that she was cleared by the doctor to fully service the clients. Megan announced it at breakfast as if were a reason to celebrate, Julie didn’t feel like celebrating. Chances were that she would have to fuck a stranger today for money. Blowjobs were one thing but fucking officially made her a whore in her mind.
The moment that the old guy walked in just after ten that morning Julie knew that the moment she’d been dreading had arrived. Mr. Loggins was a regular, coming in a couple times a week and had been eying her since she’d arrived. Julie had seen him talking to Megan and gesturing in her direction, obviously not happy that he couldn’t have her yet. This morning he strutted in wearing an outfit that would have made Roy Rogers proud, and he went straight to Megan. Julie watched as he talked to the old madam and pointed in her direction. He grinned toothlessly in her direction when the matron nodded yes.
Norman Loggins was grinning from ear to ear as he spotted the young blonde sitting on the sofa with some of the other girls. He’d been the first to bed the Kittens new girls for almost 50 years and this little beauty was his next conquest. He could already feel the little blue pill that he’d taken earlier starting to kick in. He approached the obviously nervous girl and extended his gnarly hand. “Good mornin’ darlin.”
“Good morning sir”, Julie replied as she’d been trained as she took his hand. She was surprised at the frail looking man’s strength as he pulled her up from the overstuffed sofa. Of course, the other girls had given her the rundown on the old pervert, he liked them young and he had a small dick and rarely lasted more than five minutes, but he could be rough. They also said that he always tipped the girls very well. She let him kiss her and then led him to the elevator up to the third floor where her room was. Once inside she closed the door and kissed the old man again. She smiled at him despite the butterflies roiling in her stomach.
The old pervert stepped back to take in her young body, “Get undressed baby girl, let me have a look at you.” He stared intently as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her lacy black bra. When she allowed it to slip from her shoulders and reveal her small perky little tits, he felt his Johnson twitch and grow a little harder. She turned her back to him and lowered her black panties displaying to him her perfect pale round ass and he was fully erect. “Goddamn, I don’t know where Miss Megan finds ‘em!” He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close.
Julie swore that if old people had a scent, she could smell it now. Once again, she had her doubts about going through with letting this old bastard fuck her. When he bent and took her little pink nipple into her mouth it felt good enough to ease her reservations, that is until he squeezed it painfully between his toothless gums. She pulled sharply away, “Oww, that hurt.”
“Get back here princess and undress me”, he ordered, “And I’ll show you what’s going to hurt!” He grabbed his hard dick through his trousers for emphasis.
Julie took in the apparent size of his member and almost laughed, instead she just smiled and asked, “Is that all for little ol’ me?” She took off his blazer and carefully hung it on a hook. His shirt and trousers went on a hanger, his boots and socks went next to the bed and his t-shirt went folded on the dresser. Gingerly she pulled down his faded grey boxers and when his dick popped free of the waistband, she was glad that he couldn’t see her face. “Does this even count as a first time”, she laughed to herself. His thing was maybe five inches long and half the girth of Chet’s. His sack was kind of impressive, but she chalked that up to gravity and everything seemed to spring from a rat’s nest of stringy grey hairs. Carefully she lowered his drawers down to his ankles and helped him to step out of them. She put them on the dresser on top of his t-shirt. She took a condom out of the basket and went back to the bed where he’d sat down. She gently urged him down onto the bed and rolled the condom over his cock. At first, she was concerned that it would be too big but, in the end, she was satisfied that it would stay in place.
Norman looked down passed his withered chest and watched as the young blonde licked the underside of his prick, damned she was good. She licked and sucked on his cock for a couple of minutes and already he could feel his old balls starting to fill. As good as her mouth felt, he’d payed good money to get at her sweet little pussy so reluctantly he pulled her head from his prick and pulled her up onto the bed. He kissed her roughly, her mouth tasted of strawberry, he knew where the taste came from and really preferred the vanilla condoms. He had her straddling his lap and ground his hard prick against her hot little pussy.
Julie spit on two of her fingers and used them to lubricate her hole just like Teri, one of the other girls, had told her. She then grabbed his throbbing shaft and rubbed his mushroom like head against her slit before resting it against her nearly virginal entrance. Slowly she began to sit down against the tip of his cock and could feel it begin to spread her tiny opening as it began to penetrate her pussy. She’d sucked enough cocks in the past two weeks to realize how small the old pervert was, yet still she could feel it stretching her tight canal. As disgusting as it was to be fucking this ancient rancher, his dick felt good inside her as she began to ride him cowgirl style.
“Oh Lord, this pussy is tight”, Norman Loggins thought to himself as he entered her hot cunt. “I’ll let her get used to it for a minute and then show her how a man tames a little bitch like her.” Two minutes in and he felt he was going to explode so he pulled her up from his dick and rolled her onto her back. He pushed her knees up to her diminutive breasts and plunged back into her, hard.
“Oh fuck”, Julie swore out loud as he hammered his prick into her like a jackhammer. It was not unlike when Tommy had taken her cherry, but this old man obviously had more stamina. Not much more.
The old man took her little cries to be those of pleasure, he was mistaken. “That’s it you little whore, take that cock”, he hissed as he pummeled her cunt with piston-like strokes. It only took a couple more minutes of hammering his small prick into her tight box before the pressure in his balls overtook him and with one last mighty thrust, he began to fill the reservoir tip of the condom with his seed. She had been everything that he’d hoped. He reached between them and gripped the slippery condom against his rapidly deflating shaft and pulled out of her. He collapsed down onto the bed and pulled her head up onto his chest and held her there as he fought to catch his breath.
Julie let him cuddle her as she fought the urge to cry. She was ashamed for letting this man have her. She was ashamed that she was now just a whore like he had said. She slowly realized that he had stopped moving, his once heaving chest perabet güvenilir mi no longer moving. She looked up from his embrace to see his eyes rolled back and was suddenly afraid. Franticly she listened to his chest, silence, she felt his neck for a pulse and found nothing. She leapt from the bed and quickly wrapped the thin red robe around her. Not waiting for the elevator, she sprinted down the stairs to the parlor.
“Miss Megan”, she whispered hoarsely, “I think he’s dead!”
“Oh dear”, the old madam gasped and followed the girl to the elevator.
Sure enough old Norman had kicked the bucket. She dialed the Sheriff’s cell phone and then tried to calm down the freaking teenager. Together they had him dressed before the Sherriff and the EMT’s got there. The EMT’s checked for any sign of life and finding none they loaded him up for the long drive to the hospital in Billings. Julie in the meantime was moved to the only other empty room in the big farmhouse where she sat on the bed crying with a couple of the other girls trying to comfort her.
The Sherriff came into her room with Megan a little while later and shooed the other girls away. He sat on the bed next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder comfortingly, “Julie, I know what goes on here and you’re not in any sort of trouble. The truth is that Norman was supposed to stop taking those pills years ago, doc Jones refused to write him scripts for them because they were afraid that his ticker couldn’t handle it anymore. Now he’s been getting them from Mexico. This ain’t your fault honey.” Feeling her slender frame and seeing her beautiful innocence, he knew that he’d be back to visit the girl under better circumstances. As he rubbed her shoulder, he caught glimpses of her pretty pink nipples through the loosely tied robe and felt himself swell just a little. “Not now asshole”, he swore to himself, but he knew that he had a monthly free pass for his silence about what really happened at the Kitten Ranch and he knew how he was going to spend his next one.
She felt some relief at the burly cop’s words, but still she felt deep down that she’d killed the old bastard. When the big policeman hugged her close and kissed her forehead the floodgates opened. She cried into the Sherriff’s beefy shoulder until there were no more tears to cry. She felt him kiss her forehead again and let her go. Instantly she missed the stranger’s embrace but knew that she’d be okay. After the cop left Megan told her that she could have a couple of days off if she needed it and then left her alone to process everything that had transpired.
The next morning at breakfast Julie thanked the madam but said that she was ready to work. Sitting in her room feeling sorry for herself wasn’t going to put money into her account. Besides, it would keep her mind from it, or so she thought. After their usual big breakfast Julie helped wash the dishes and joined the other girls in the parlor to wait for their first customer of the day.
The morning was slow, which wasn’t surprising given the previous day’s happenings. The first guy who came in was an obvious local who was maybe in his early thirties, he talked to Megan and immediately walked over to Britney and led her upstairs, just as he did every Wednesday. Most of the girls had a handful of regulars. The second john was the same, taking Tiffany, a cute little redhead with huge tits for her age, from the parlor.
Just before noon a tall cowboy came through the front doors, he was ruggedly built with chiseled good looks beneath his beat-up cowboy hat. He checked out the girls sitting in the parlor as he passed through, smiling at each and getting a familiar smile in return from a few. He paused for a second as he passed Julie and grinned. “You must be new”, he observed and extended his hand, “I’m Joe.”
Julie stood and shook his strong hand, “Yes sir, I’m Julie.” She knew then that he was going to pick her and even if he looked like he was probably in his early fifties, she was pretty sure that he wouldn’t croak on her.
“Let me go settle up some business with yer boss lady and I’ll be right back.” He let go of her hand and strolled over to Megan. The two laughed like old friends and money was exchanged. When he came back, he took her hand in his and let her lead the way. She led him to her room and closed the door behind him. He immediately took her into his arms and pulled her tight to his muscular chest and bent down to kiss her. As they kissed, he gripped her firm ass cheeks and lifted her off the ground until he was standing straight, and her feet dangled more than a foot off the floor. After a minute or two of kissing he set her back down and began to kick off his boots. She helped to pull them off and began to unbutton his shirt while he fumbled with the huge brass buckle of his belt. Just as he dropped his jeans to the floor, she finished unbuttoning his shirt.
Julie was impressed by his muscular chest and build, even if he did have the beginnings of a beer belly. That was nothing compared to the muscle that sprung from his groin when he dropped his plain white boxers. It was at least as big as Chet’s had been, probably a little bigger. She pranced over to the basket beside the bed and took out a Cherry flavored condom. She dropped her robe to the floor and lowered herself down to her knees in front of him. His cock was already starting to get hard and rolled around on its own as the blood filled it. She’d never seen one do that before and was fascinated by its movement. She gently reached up with one hand to massage his hairy balls and began to stroke his thickening shaft with the other.
Joe Thompson watched as this pretty little angel fondled his cock in awe until she had him ready to drive nails with his manhood. She skillfully wrapped his meat in the latex sheath before slowly licking his shaft. Her tongue felt amazing, even with the condom, and when she sucked more than half of his eight inches into her throat he groaned with pleasure. She looked down into her blue eyes as she sucked his cock and licked his balls, damned if she wasn’t perfect. To stop himself from cumming too soon he finally had to push her pretty mouth off his shaft. He gently lifted the girl from her knees and led her over to the bed, where he laid her down. He climbed between her parted white thighs and rubbed the latex sheathed head of his prick along her partially opened slit. Finding her wet opening he pushed into her tight welcoming cunt.
Julie felt him position the bulbous head of his cock against her and braced for it to slide into her small canal. He was easily the biggest man that she’d been with and it hurt when he pushed that big slab of meat into her tight hole. He was gentle though, as if he knew that this was new territory for her. A little at a time he filled her young cunt with his big prick until finally she felt his heavy sack pressing against her asshole. She was grateful when he paused for a moment and let her stretch to accommodate his size.
Joe was in heaven as he buried his throbbing prick into her hot pussy, it had to have been the tightest that he’d been in. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her. He could see the pain of his initial invasion of her nearly virginal pussy turning to pleasure. He’d already heard how the new girl at the Kitten had fucked old Norm to death and now he understood how, she was incredible. He fucked her with long slow strokes and soon she was rolling her hips fucking him back. Again, he felt the pressure building in his sack and pulled out from her. This time he urged her up onto her knees with her sweet little ass pointed up at him.
Julie let the old cowboy move her into the new position and waited for him to fill her hungry little cunt again. She didn’t wait long and sighed as his thick shaft plunged into her wet cunt. This new angle was different as it hit new areas of her pussy, but still good as he banged her from behind. His firm hands gripped her bony hips as he fucked her hard. Soon she could feel the rising tide of her own orgasm flowing from her sex. “Oh God yes”, she cried, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”
Not one to deny a lady, old Joe pounded her pussy like an old Evinrude two-stroke motor as she writhed and screamed out her orgasm below him. Her tight pussy contracted around his shaft in ways that the old boy had never felt, it was like riding a buck and getting the best blow job ever, all at the same time. Just as she reached her incredible climax and he feared that he wouldn’t last another eight seconds, his nuts contracted and shot his load into the tip of the cherry flavored condom. “Oh, shit darlin’”, he grunted as he filled the tip of the condom to overflowing.
As they lay on the bed riding out the post coitus euphoria, Julie thought back to how it was another strangers dick which had pushed her to run away. It seemed like so long ago and far away. She gave Joe a quick kiss and went into the bathroom to clean up for her next customer while the old rancher got dressed, it was looking like it was going to be a busy day.

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