Nisan 17, 2024

Trivia Night

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My boyfriend, John, was telling me about his feederism fetish which he had newly revealed to me and which I had never heard of before. However, I was not opposed to it. He had just covered weight gain and moved on to the topic of liquid bloating.

“I do that all the time by accident!” I exclaimed over the phone. It was true. Going out to a restaurant I focused way less on the food than the drinks, sometimes ordering four in a middle. I drank water, soda, nonalcoholic beer (I am sober), coffee and energy drinks. Especially energy drinks. They go down so easily. I drink when I’m feeling bored, nervous, awkward, or excited. If I’m not talking my mouth is around a straw. Usually, I go home with a stomachache.

“Hey,” I had an idea. A good one. “You know how tonight is trivia with Devon and Claire?” On Thursdays, John and I joined my friends, Devon and Claire, and the four of us did trivia at a local restaurant.

“Yeah,” he said. I could hear paper rustling in the background. He was in the mail room at work.

“Well, tonight I’m going to drink as much as I can. And then you can kiss my swollen tummy and rub my poor stomach,” I heard John take pause, inhale sharply.

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I said. He exhaled shakily.

“Have I told you I love you?” he asked. I could hear his smile, feel his excitement. I thought for a moment and then, blushing furiously, said “Daddy, can I ask a question?”

“Sure, princess,”

“Is it all right if I don’t use the bathroom? If I just hold all that liquid?” I had a few fetishes of my own, though we hadn’t explored them together.

“Wow, princess, you are kinky tonight. Sure, you can hold it all. If you can….” There was a slight tease in his voice which I istanbul travesti dismissed. Please. I totally could.

My first drink was a Monster. John had it waiting for me when I got in the car. I started drinking immediately like I was out to set some sort of record. I wanted my baby to know that even though I might not be willing to gain all that weight for him (my mom was paying for Weight Watchers) I would do whatever it was in my power to turn him on.

At the restaurant I hugged Devon and Claire and ordered a soda. It arrived a few minutes later. There are only two waitresses working here so we always had a bit of a lag. After I swiftly finished the soda (which went down much slower than the Monster), I ordered a Stella Zero and pretended I was a freshmen in college. Make that high school.

“You’re thirsty tonight,” Devon pointed out as I drained my drink. I blamed it on the salty food, which I was barely eating. John leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek, but instead he whispered in my ear “Yes you are,” and gave my earlobe a bite, causing me to give a little yip.

The waitress looked startled when I asked for a coffee but she dutifully brought over a cup and a box of sugar packets and some cream. I made my coffee sweeter than usual so it would go down faster. My stomach was starting to hurt but further than that I was feeling some sort of pressure on my bladder.

John was watching me closely. He leaned forward to give me another kiss. I opened his mouth and he poked his tongue in. I moaned. I was losing control. I felt hot everywhere. Liquid pooled in my panties. Then I heard Devon clear his throat. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this here,” I heard John whisper. I nodded and reluctantly pulled away.

Then, it was travesti istanbul time for some water. I didn’t want to get dehydrated. My mind was definitely not on the trivia game, and we were losing. However, they never asked questions about anything I knew anyway. Like serial killers. Perfectly respectable category. I decided on another beer and waved over the waitress who gave me a weird look and then went to get it. I felt a little embarrassed. She must think something was wrong with me. Hey, people get thirsty.

After the beer, I had two more waters before the end of the game. My stomach not only hurt but I felt nauseous and had the hiccups. My stomach felt like it was stretching to accommodate my poor bladder. I was squirming on the wooden seat, and I saw John smirk knowingly.

“You okay, baby?” he asked, drawing unwanted attention to my condition. What a freakin sadist. God, how much I wanted him to fuck me, even though my bladder would surely start to leak the moment his cock met my pussy. That’s okay. I was okay with being a little baby who wet her panties. I was wearing little girl panties to help me feel naughtier. John didn’t know that. I wonder how he would react.

The game ended. Usually, we locked up first place pretty tight. Tonight, it was sixth, much to Claire’s chagrin. I was biting my lips. There was no way I’d make it home. I got to my feet, somewhat unsteadily. As Devon argued with Claire, John asked me where I was going.

“The bathroom?” I asked. God, I felt almost dizzy. Can you poison yourself with water? That was a thing, right?

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Sit back down,” John instructed. I didn’t argue with his dominant tone and took my seat. John and Devon filled out their checks. istanbul travestileri John paid for all my drinks which I was grateful for. Then we all got up, hugged, and headed to our respective cars. I knew I was walking weird. I imagined I had a diaper between my legs. Then I would be waddling. John would know. Everyone would know.

I slipped into the passenger seat.

“Okay, you gotta speed or I’m going to piss myself all over your car,” I said, laughing.

“Not yet,” said John, staring at me very intently before leaning in for a long kiss that almost had me undone. I noticed him rubbing himself through his jeans, and gladly took over that job. He groaned with frustration.

“I wish my car came with a fucking couch,” he said, through gritted teeth. I just smiled, glad to be the one in control. And then John yanked down my pants to the bottom of my ass revealing my panties. I flushed at the pink lace panties. Something a baby might soil herself in. John laughed.

“We really do like playing the part of the little baby, don’t we? And awww, look at this,” he pointed out something I hadn’t noticed. There was an angry red line where my jeans had been pressing into my expanding stomach. He leaned down and began kissing along the line. I had to go so bad, but it felt so tender, so intimate I didn’t want to interrupt.

This continued for another ten minutes. John found the sweet spot inside me, curved his finger and began fucking me with it until I writhed in the passenger seat.

“Here,” he offered his finger to my mouth. I sucked like any obedient baby would, tasting my sweetness.

“Well, I better get you home,” he said, regretfully. He drove agonizingly slow (below the speed limit) and insisted on walking me to my door, as usual. I gave him a quick kiss, charged through my front door, up the stairs, past my perplexed parents and into the bathroom where I squatted on the toilet and let out the world’s longest waterfall. What a wonderful evening.

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