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Treasure , Jewels Ch. 03

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Later in evening we went to a nightclub in town.

I wore a white halter-necked sun dress, a cheap thing from Village Family Closet, but pretty and summery nonetheless. Too late, I remembered what a poor choice white is for a nightclub. Black lights made the dress glow violet, and me stand out in glowing neon relief in the crowd. Despite the heat, I wished for a sweater. Eyes found their way to dress, and my chest and legs soon after. I spent the first part of the evening trying to be inconspicuous, until Trevor brushed it off.

“Hey Bonnie,” he said handing me something with vodka in it. “The dress looks good on you. It’s nice. You look pretty. So it glows like a Christmas tree? Big deal.” He squinted at me sideways. “It kind of makes you like some shimmery, glowing goddess come to earth to drink and party with us mortals tonight. Besides, it could be a lot worse. Could be that chick over there. White panties and white bra under black clothes. Hoo-ha! We can all see her undies.” He grabbed my hand. “C’mon” he said, “Let’s dance and show these humble country folk how it’s done.”

Trevor adored nightclubs and was in his element there. There’s never been a dance-track recorded that I didn’t like, and as a result Trevor and I often dragged Jules, grumbling from club to club. I suppose we always hoped we could convince him it was fun.

The club had a party DJ with a knack for bringing people to their feet. He spun records from all genres and eras in disregard for fashion – only for keeping the party rolling and getting people moving. Trevor and I danced until we were soaked with sweat and laughing out loud. It was a fine moment about an hour later, when our DJ, with the help of Grandma Funk, finally convinced Jules to shake his ass and join us on the dance floor. We cheered with delight, it being a rare treat for him to join us on a dance floor.

We were showing off, I admit. People were already staring at the white dress and Trevor’s slinky moves. With the party atmosphere, vodka, and two lovers to enjoy – it was surprisingly easy to ramp it up and really give them something to stare at. It started innocently enough with some touching and bumping, and moved quickly to things like me arching my arms over my head around Jules’ neck while Trevor swayed into my hips. We moved on to me dancing back to back with Trevor while Jules pressed himself hard up against me and tumbled his fingers in my hair. By the time we got to Jules holding me from behind and Trevor squatting on the floor to run his hands up my bare legs, we were attracting many stares – not all of them happy ones.

“Hey! Get a room why don’t you?” yelled someone in the crowd.

We shared some slightly guilty glances between us. “Well,” said Trevor “He does have a point. Come on. Let’s leave before they throw us out.”

“Gad, I’m thirsty” announced Trevor as we tumbled out of a cab and back into the house, giddy, warm and pleasantly soused. He headed straight for the kitchen and poured water from the faucet into a glass and downed it without pausing.

I hoisted myself onto the counter and sat watching, slightly amused. Jules leaned against the refrigerator door, halfway searching for late night snacks, and halfway watching Trevor speed-drink the local water supply.

Finished, Trevor sighed blissfully and cocked his head from side to side, popping his neck loudly. “Right then,” he said setting the glass firmly on the counter, “I’ve wanted to do this all night.”

He stepped between my knees where I was seated on the counter and planted his hands on either side of me. Leaning close, he kissed me; a cautious gentle kiss on the lower lip. His lips felt cool and slippery from the water, and I felt my insides lurch in sudden tingling response. He stepped closer, spreading my thighs apart with his body. The scent of warm skin and good cologne worked its way into my brain and through my veins. I wanted more kissing in an urgent sort of way.

Trevor’s hands came around my back, pressing his palms against my bare shoulder blades and spine. He captured my lower lip in his mouth and sucked it wetly and seductively, stretching it slightly and running the tip of his tongue across the sensitive inner membrane of my lip. I felt my insides turning to liquid honey in response to his kissing. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sexy, syrupy feelings growing inside me. It was meltingly hot in the kitchen, but a sudden shiver rippled my skin and I felt goose bumps break out across my back where Trevor was touching me.

“Hardly ever see you in a dress, Bonnie” said Trevor, breaking the kiss for a moment. “It’s nice. Fetching, you might say.” He kissed me again, just as moistly, but quick this time. “And it’s been driving me mad all night knowing what’s inside it.” His hands moved up my waist to my ribs where his thumbs grazed the points of my nipples through the fabric of the dress. “Or rather,” said Trevor focusing down on his thumbs “what’s not inside it.”

His thumbs were just barely touching güvenilir bahis me. The touch was almost imperceptible. My nipples stiffened in response, straining at the fabric of the dress as though seeking out his touch. I stared down in amazement. Of course I wore no bra under the backless halter dress, but I was still surprised to see my own nipples clearly outlined and visible through the double layer of fabric at the front of my dress. I felt so sensitive that I could imagine individual threads of the fabric touching and pressing into the delicate skin there. It was maddening. Trevor’s whisper-light touch was almost unbearable. I tried to wriggle forward and press my breasts urgently into his hands, seeking more satisfying contact.

“Oh Bonnie” breathed Trevor. “You’re so cruel to me. Can’t you see what you’ve done? So saying, he pressed his hips firmly against my inner thigh letting me feel the swelling hardness there. “Oh sure, it’s easy for you to sit there, all calm and collected. After all, you got to come from my ‘persuading’ on our hike this afternoon.” “And Jules,” sighed Trevor assuming a hard-done-by and sorrowful expression, “He got relief by way of your sweet, sweet mouth. But not me. Oh no, I had to watch you sucking him off, all the while tasting you on my lips, and not being offered a single scrap in return.”

He shook his head and sighed dramatically, somehow managing to look sad and pitiful while he slid one hand around my neck to nimbly undo the string of the halter that held the dress up. The dress fell away from my chest and Trevor sighed again, this time the force of his breath tickling my bare nipples and making them surge with excitement. His mouth came closer and closer, but not quite touching as he spoke again.

“So very, very cruel.” Once again, Trevor’s thumbs grazed my nipples, this time bare skin on skin making me jump with pleasure. I arched my back, desperate to feel the same cool and liquid kisses he had brought to my mouth earlier on my tits. I groaned out loud when he finally snaked out his tongue and wetly flicked the tip over my nipple.

“You’re killing me here, Bonnie” he said, quickly licking the other. “Can’t you see I’m on fire for you?”

“Trevor,” I said trying to keep the tremble out of my voice, “if I said I’d go down on you would you suck on my tits right now?”

Trevor’s mouth fastened on me, drawing deeply and plunging me into a deeper pool of lust. His hands came up, squeezing both breasts firmly and pushing the nipple in his mouth more firmly against his tongue.

“Mm.” He said, brushing his wet lower lip back and forth against the hardened tip. “That would be nice. Promise?”

“Cross my heart.” I said and leaned back on my hands enjoying wave after wave of delicious sensation as he squeezed my tits together and brought his lips and tongue to both of them – sometimes separately, sometimes fitting both into his mouth at once. I was gasping open-mouthed at the sweetness of it, and the hard, urgent tug of lust building in my belly as he swirled and sucked and nibbled.

Over Trevor’s shoulder, I saw Jules, sitting at the table now, watching us intently and unconsciously stroking the bulge in his pants. He caught my eye and winked, easing his thighs apart and showing me how tightly his jeans were strained across his crotch. I knew it then that I was going to have them both again that night, and the thought sent another deeper jolt of excitement coursing through me.

“I want…” I started to say but was distracted by Trevor stretching the skin surrounding my nipple with his teeth and lapping at the middle with a flickering tongue “I want to…oh.”

“You want what, Bonnie? A drink of water? You want to go upstairs? You want to suck my cock?”

I wanted all three and then some, very badly. Somehow I found the will to push Trevor off me and slid off the edge of the counter. I even managed to clumsily re-tie the halter around my neck before leading the way upstairs, accepting a chilled bottle of water from Jules on the way.

I wound up on my back, stretched across that marvelous oversized feather bed, reaching my arms over my head to pull Trevor in close.

“Now wait just a minute here,” said Jules before any halters could be untied or zippers undone. “Seems to me Trevor has a valid point. It’s true that I did get head from Hart, and that she got it from Trevor, so to truly even things out, and make them fair all around, Hart needs to suck Trevor’s cock, and she needs me to eat her pussy for her.”

Jules’ hand was on my thigh, inching the dress slowly up toward my waist. “Seems fair to me.” I groaned, feeling the dress slide over my mound, up above my panties. They weren’t quality – just sheer nylon string bikinis with itchy lace and a tiny bow in the front. It would be relief to have them off.

“I can practically see right through these panties,” exclaimed Jules tracing around the hair they covered. “There’s almost nothing to them.” Through the sheer nylon the tip of one finger tickled türkçe bahis the top of my slit, then the back of his whole hand stroking back and forth across the fabric and between my legs.

“And they’re soaked. Jesus, Hart – your panties are soaked right through.” His face came close, the hair on the line of his chin scratching faintly as his laid his cheek on my thigh. He stroked me, feeling my wetness on his fingers through my panties for a few moments before easing them over my hips and off my thighs.

Earlier, Trevor had taken the direct approach, letting me know what I was getting straight away and bringing me there quickly. Jules played a different card, flirting and teasing, just barely inserting the tip of his tongue between my swollen lips and running it up and down.

“How is she?” asked Trevor, finally coming into my embrace after undoing, and pushing my dress down around my waist.

“Like the ocean,” answered Jules. “Salty, wild, and very, very wet.”

A moment later, I tasted Trevor and understood Jules’ comment. I tasted salt on his skin as his hard and silky cock pressed into my mouth. With the heat and dancing, we were all slightly salty to taste. Hungrily I opened my mouth for more, wanting to pull as much of Trevor in as I could. Reaching up, I grabbed his ass and pulled him toward me. I wanted as much of that long hard cock as I could take in. I worked my tongue around the head, keeping it very wet and pressing firmly.

“Oh… suck it Bonnie. Suck on it. That’s what I like,” sighed Trevor pulsing his hips in and out of my mouth. I sealed my lips around him and gave him sucking, pulsing suction, pulling my cheeks in around him while he rocked in and out. Trevor’s hands reached out to fondle my breasts, hovering just above my skin for a moment and then softly grasping and denting the flesh with his fingers. He made circles, rubbing the skin on his palms against the very tips of my upright nipples. I made deep “mmm-ing” noises, loving the warmth of his hands and the delicious flowing current it sent through me.

“You have such amazing tits, Bonnie” he said. “So round and luscious, full and soft.” At “soft” he let go of squeezing and kneading and lightly brushed the smooth face of his fingernails across the outside curves of both breasts. I loved it, wanting more and more, sucking him urgently in response.

“So pretty,” he sighed, beginning to rub the hard straining peaks of my nipples lightly with the pads of his fingers. At the touch, I felt a new surge of sexiness run through me, and a corresponding spurt of wetness between my thighs. “Like little raspberries, all plump and red.” His fingers encircled both nipples, pressing firmly and pulling; twisting very slightly until his fingers slid off, leaving my nipples tingling and aching in empty air. He did it again and again, making me writhe and arch under his hands.

“Your nipples are so very soft,” he said. “Not that they’re not hard. They are. Hard as lemon-drops, actually. But the skin is so soft it’s like…rose petals. Yeah. That’s it. Rose petals.” He was alternating now between touching with his finger tips and plucking my nipples, inflaming them further and making me whimper with the depth of the erotic thrill. “Soft like it’s been too long since someone’s touched you. Too long, maybe.”

Jules was at work on my pussy – jabbing his tongue deep inside me and waggling it like a swaying cobra. The sense of flooding wetness and penetration together made my pussy jerk in response. My arousal was so deep I felt it as heavy ball of heat and longing centered between my hipbones, a few inches below my navel. I could feel my pussy clenching involuntarily around Jules’ tongue, like it was trying to wring out as much contact as possible. His jaw pressed against me each time he uncoiled his tongue and worked it deep inside me. I ached to have him touch my clit, but with Trevor’s cock filling my mouth, all I could do was moan and try to guide Jules tongue by lifting and steering with my hips.

At the same time, I wanted all of Trevor and was frustrated that I could only take a portion of his cock into my mouth before stopping at the back of my throat. I wanted more, and there was plenty of it, but my mouth could only accommodate so much. Jules had grabbed my rolling hips, pulling them down hard to the mattress. To emphasize his point he pressed his hand firmly down on my lower belly. The pressure of his hand seemed to press right on the spot where I felt the heavy aching sense of sexual longing inside me.

I moaned loudly, tilting my head back and stretching my lips out around the shaft of Trevor’s cock. My throat opened wide to let the sound out and I felt another thrill of excitement as Trevor’s cock slid a tiny bit deeper in my mouth. Trevor felt it too, and froze above me. Keeping his body still, and moving his arm very slowly, he cupped his hand around the back of my neck, lifting my head slightly. My head titled backward, and I was reminded of first aid classes where we were taught güvenilir bahis siteleri the importance of tilting the head backwards to get a straight, clear airway. My next thought was that the same principle must apply not just to airways, but to the whole throat.

Jules, still resting his hand, and now his chin, on the sensitive spot on my tummy looked up and said quietly, “Jesus, Trevor. Be careful not to choke her with that thing.”

Trevor said nothing – continuing to lift my head and pressing his cock slowly but firmly to the back of my throat. I could feel it pressing there, an odd, full sensation, and then something different, like my throat was slowly opening, like the shutter of a camera only in slow motion. I felt pressure there, but a yielding pressure that was softening as Trevor continued to press deeper into my mouth. I could feel tightness in his legs and buttocks as he pressed, and wondered if it was painful to him. And then, quite suddenly, my whole throat relaxed and opened, and I felt the head of Trevor’s cock slide past my tonsils and actually penetrate my throat. It was quite the oddest feeling, slippery and deep, and surprising. His cock was so silky smooth and wet from my mouth that it slid easily enough, not uncomfortable, but totally new and unexpected. The feeling of fullness and blockage in my throat made me try to swallow reflexively around it, and I felt my throat contract and ripple making contact along the shaft of Trevor’s cock at the same moment I heard him gasp deep in his chest. I could feel his balls, hard and tight pressing up against my chin and he was all the way in. I wondered if that was what people meant when they talked about ‘deep throating’.

“Oh God, Bonnie. Don’t move. Please don’t move” chanted Trevor. Slowly, he pulled his cock back out of my throat, and I automatically sucked in a big breath of air. I blinked in surprise and wondered if I’d somehow hurt him with my teeth or with my mouth. “Oh fuck.” he whispered softly, and I realized he was just as surprised as me and fighting to hold back and control himself. “Do you think you could do that again?” I nodded and tilted my own head back this time, guiding his hips with my hands and taking his long, long cock into my mouth.

Once again there was that sense of pressure and resistance, and once again Trevor pushed smoothly and slowly past it, penetrating my throat with the entire length of his cock. This time he gently rocked his hips, literally fucking my throat for a few seconds before pulling out and letting me breathe again. Long strings of saliva stretched out of my mouth, clinging to his cock as he withdrew. I gasped, getting air, but wanting his cock back inside my mouth as soon as possible.

“Again, Bonnie? Do it again?” Trevor’s voice was soft and pleading as he plunged himself into my mouth and throat once more, trembling as he pulsed inside. I tried to consciously swallow again, and found that I was able to control it a little better, actually massaging his cock with my throat muscles. Trevor held as still as possible, making no sound except for shuddering breaths, until I pushed against his hips letting him know I needed air. He pulled out, moaning, pausing to recollect himself and then pumped in and out of my mouth.

During this, Jules had moved onto my clit sucking it, while rubbing it firmly with his tongue. The suction was strong, pulling my clit and inner lips away from my body and exposing my clit fully to the pressure of his tongue. It was intense, almost too intense; I pulled back against the suction, stretching my engorged clit even further. Jules let go with a slurping sound and immediately followed up with a series of soft, wet caressing tongue strokes that relaxed my body and made me sigh with pleasure. There was a rhythm to his stroking that made me wonder if he was inscribing the notes of a piece of music on my pearl with his tongue. I was getting into it, rolling along the path to a long luxurious orgasm when he picked up the pace again, sucking hard and applying direct pressure with his tongue. Once again, he pushed down on that spreading ball of warm in my belly, taking me past the bucking resistance, right to the very brink of a crashing hard cum. Right to the very brink, before releasing and lapping softly at my lips and pressing his tongue deep into me again.

I moaned loudly at this treatment, beginning to feel desperate to climax. In reply, he spread my lips apart with his hands, and applying the very tip of his tongue directly on my buzzing clitoris, vibrated his tongue rapidly against it. I gasped, torn between wanting to pull away and wanting to grind my hips against his face to achieve release. Again he pulled away, and I swore around Trevor’s cock, still sliding in and out of my mouth. I could feel my clit, retreating under its hood in response to such intense stimulation. I was surprised though, to feel Jules slide both his thumbs between my lips, one on each side of my clit, to massage it indirectly through the hood with the edges of his thumbs. Just like he’d planned the whole arrangement, taking me to the edge several times, stimulating my clit until it hid away, he patiently and smoothly rubbed it indirectly, coaxing me back to the trembling edge again.

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