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Co-Worker Makes Her Move Ch. 03

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It was getting late for a weeknight and the crowd at the hotel bar started to thin out a little bit. However, out of the corner of my eye, I could see three attractive ladies nearby. They were sitting at a high-top table and were not in a hurry to leave. It appeared that they were just out on the town having a nice conversation, which was punctuated by frequent laughter. They didn’t seem to be over-served necessarily, but whatever they were drinking had definitely loosened them up.

One of these ladies, a pretty brunette, looked at me a time or two. She smiled when I caught her glance, but then she quickly rejoined her friends in conversation. I was trying to decide if she noticed anything out of the ordinary coming from our direction. All at once, the three of them looked over at us. The brunette was certainly close enough to have seen Lisa in action if she was paying attention, and it now appeared that indeed she was.

Meanwhile, Hank didn’t seem to know what to do next. He stood at our table looking at Lisa expectantly, awaiting further instructions. Maybe he thought she was planning to reward him for his discretion right then and there.

“There is no charge for the water,” Hank announced.

“Good,” Lisa said. “That’s very civilized.”

More silence. I enjoyed the awkwardness of it all. Yet, I wondered if I should step in, because this was bound to get interesting if he didn’t fumble.

“Hank,” Lisa asked. “Are you working tomorrow night?”

“No,” Hank replied. “I have class. I’m in the MBA program at Northwestern.”

“Too bad,” Lisa pouted.

“No, it’s a top-rated school,” he laughed.

Hank fully understood that Northwestern was not what she was referring to. Nevertheless, he seemed a little too timid to walk through the wide open door. I was surprised, since he seemed so confident just a short while ago. He had Lisa’s underwear in his pocket – literally – and she was eyeing him coyly, waiting for the next move.

With nothing to lose on my end, I decided to help him close the deal. Since she was neither my wife nor my girlfriend, I was liberated. Free to go along for the ride without the normal feelings of jealousy or possessiveness that come with this territory.

“Hank, what time is your class finished? Maybe we could meet you afterwards for a drink,” I suggested.

“That would be awesome,” he said. “I am done around 10 pm.”

“Great. bahis firmaları Give us your phone number and also be thinking about a cool place to go. We have a group dinner to attend, but it will be over by then,” I continued.

Cleverly, Hank said to Lisa “give me your number and I will just call you from my phone and you can save it that way.”

He listened carefully as she called out her “digits” and then proceeded to dial her up.

“Got it,” she said as her phone rang. “We will see you tomorrow.”

With that, Lisa and I got up to leave. Back at the elevator, she wasted no time giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you. This has been an interesting evening,” she said. “It will be tough to concentrate tomorrow during the sales meeting. They are so boring. It’s always the same old same old.”

“Well, not if you start giving away your panties as you did tonight. That would help,” I suggested.

Other guests came up behind us just as the elevator doors opened. Lisa’s room was only two floors down, so we arrived at her door rather quickly. I stood back and quietly admired her body as she looked through her purse for her key card. With a swipe, she led me in.

Her room was a nice two-room suite, with a seating area and television just inside the door. There was a large bedroom off to the right. Lisa threw her jacket over a chair and pulled her top up and over her head. Next, she kicked off her shoes. Turning around to face me, Lisa was wearing a smile, a very sheer bra and her jeans. They happened to be tight, lightly faded blue, and invitingly low-rise. The cut of the jeans showed off her abs perfectly. Years of hard work in the gym were on display and I complimented her honestly on how impressive her figure was.

“Oh, my fastball barely reaches 89 these days!” she laughed.

“Wow. That’s a solid baseball reference even if you are full of shit,” I replied. “You are now officially irresistible.”

Regarding the task at hand, I zeroed in on Lisa’s erect nipples which were now urgently straining her bra. She noticed my gaze and moved towards me just as I took a step closer to her.

“And, before you ask, these are not real. ” she said, squishing her boobs together comically to create a huge amount of cleavage. “But, they are an investment.”

“A gentleman never asks, but you got your money’s worth,” I concurred.

Lisa squeezed my hand and kaçak iddaa said, “I am dying to take a quick shower, care to join me?”

“Lead the way,” I answered. And with that, we moved towards the bathroom, peeling our clothes off as we went.

Lisa turned the water on and adjusted the knobs. I moved in behind her and began rubbing my cock lewdly along the crack of her ass.

“Hello. Somebody took their Viagra today,” Lisa laughed.

“Never tried it,” I said. “But I will make sure to ask my doctor for a sample next time I go for an appointment. It’s hard to decide if a “four-hour erection” is a good thing or not. We will have to find out.”

We stepped into the shower and I grabbed the soap. Lisa stood in front of me, facing the water and getting used to its temperature. She let out a prolonged, “Ahhh.,” as I began soaping up her back. I knelt down and soaped up her legs. My eyeballs were level with her ass. I took extra time to rub my soapy hands all over her pert posterior. Amazingly taut and round, her ass was fantastic to behold. I took notice of her tiny tan lines as well and I had a clear understanding of just how small her bikini bottoms must be. Whisking Lisa away for a weekend in Miami in the near future suddenly became a critical action item.

Continuing to kneel down, I reached between her legs and found Lisa’s pussy. I entered her with my thumb and, with my fingers, stroked her miniscule “Dorito chip” of pubic hair.

Lisa squealed with delight as I thumb-banged her. She braced herself against the wall as I touched her clit with my index finger. I turned her around to face me and buried my tongue in her belly button, lightly gripping her ass with my free hand.

“Don’t you dare stop what you are doing,” Lisa demanded.

She grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and pushed my head down between her legs, spreading them wider as she did so to give my tongue easy access to her waiting clit. I found it easily and earned a pronounced “Yess” from her. With my tongue, I slowly began forming the letters of the alphabet on her clit as warm water from the shower cascaded down her stomach and drenched my face. With my thumb still inside her pussy, I took my middle finger and began probing her ass with it. I explored her opening and pushed my finger in only as far as the first knuckle when Lisa began to weaken in the knees.

“I-can’t-take-this-much-longer. Oh my God. Please. kaçak bahis Yes. Yes. Yes. What are you doing to me? Fuck. Oh my God,” she cried.

At this point, I had reached the letter S with my tongue on her clit. Lisa began to breath quickly and she stood up on her tiptoes. She moaned loudly and had a rippling orgasm, cumming explosively. She bucked and quivered against my grip and her wet, soapy skin made it difficult to hang on. Lisa hands were now pushing my head away from between her legs, but I ignored her and kept going. Another wave hit her. I pushed my middle finger into her ass further, up to the second knuckle. It was too tight to go any further.

“Ohhhh. Please. Ohhhh. We’ve got to stop. Please. Ohhhh,” Lisa panted. “Seriously, I can’t take it.”

Accepting her wishes, I stood up and let her catch her breath. Lisa looked at me with a smirk.

“Ok. Wow, Mister” she exhaled. “I was seeing stars there for a minute.”

As Lisa cooled down, we switched places in the shower. I reached for the soap again and turned around to face the water, with her behind me. I started to soap my arms, but she took the soap from my hand and continued what I had started. Lisa began with my back but she quickly moved beyond that. She reached around from behind and worked her way down my body, starting with my chest.

Lisa reached my cock and began to stroke it very slowly. I closed my eyes and surrendered to her touch. Stroking a little faster now, she turned me around to face her. Her eyes met mine and we kissed, groping each other with our tongues while she continued to jerk me off.

Lisa firmed up her grip on my shaft and kissed me again. I was rock-hard and knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. She bent over and took me in her mouth, engulfing my cock and swirling her tongue around rapidly. With one hand on my cock, Lisa took my balls in her other hand. They tightened immediately from her touch and I got even harder, which didn’t seem possible.

Lisa stood back up, reached for more soap, and resumed jerking me off. She kept her other hand on my balls, rubbing them softly. Without warning, Lisa moved her hand from my balls to my ass and probed my opening with her index finger. She kept her eyes on my cock and aimed it at her belly button. At that moment, I shot a rope onto Lisa’s stomach. Two more large spurts followed; spasms coming from deep within me. Lisa was wide-eyed, clinically investigating her handiwork while continuing to stroke my cock as I went soft in her hand.

“That was long overdue, wasn’t it? It’s been hours since we were in that taxi,” Lisa said.

To be continued.

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