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Touch Class Ch. 12

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That evening I rang Jennifer’s doorbell right at 8. She opened the door, all smiles, and what a vision she was. She was barefoot, had a thong “covering” her below the waist, and her tank top showed generous cleavage. She had her long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and had put on makeup, including eyeshadow and tan glossy lipstick, and was wearing hoop earrings. All in all, she was gorgeous, hot, and mine!

“Hi, Sweetie,” she greeted me.

“Hi, Gorgeous. You look incredible!”

“Thanks, Handsome. You look pretty good yourself,” she said, giggling happily. “Come in, make yourself at home.”

“Thanks. Nice place you have here.”

“Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.”

We hugged and kissed, then disengaged so Jennifer could go finish getting dinner ready. I went and sat down in the living room. I liked how she had decorated the place. She had good taste.

Shortly she called “Come and get it.”

We sat at the dining table. She served salad, and a main course of steak and vegetables. It was delicious. “You’re a good cook. This is yummy.”

“Thanks, Jimmy,” she said, blushing. “I’m glad you like it.”

“I’m looking forward to dessert,” I said with a wink, and she grinned.

We cleared the dishes and put things in the kitchen, then adjourned to the couch. Jennifer put some music on. “I hope you don’t mind rock,” she said.

“No. In fact it’s my favorite.”

“Oh, that’s great! Mine, too.”

Jennifer was sitting close and turned to me. I kissed her. Our tongues touched, rubbed, and intertwined. Then we sucked each other’s tongue. She moved into me, her breasts pushing into my chest and arm. I put my right arm around her and put my left on her tank top. Jennifer was unbuttoning my cotton shirt and then had her hands inside, feeling my chest hair and tweaking my nipples. I was feeling her breasts, finding the nipples through the tank top, rubbing them in circles until they got hard. She pulled my shirt out of my shorts and removed it. She started licking and sucking my nipples. I had my hand inside her top now, running it over her beautiful tits. Her moaning began. I slipped the straps off her shoulders and pulled the top down so that her güvenilir bahis breasts were free. She had a hand in my lap now. I started sucking a puffy nipple, as she rubbed my cock through my shorts. I licked the nip-tip in circles, then took the whole end of her tit in, filling my mouth. She was undoing my shorts, pulled them down, then pulled down my boxers. One of my hands found its way to her thong and rubbed her mound, pushing along her slit through the fabric.

Jennifer was teasing my cock through the flimsy jockstrap that was all that was left concealing it. I now had my hand under her thong and into her dripping pussy. She freed my dick, now erect, and stroked it. She slipped my jock off me and I pulled her thong down. We took a moment to get completely out of our clothes, then lay down side by side, naked and excited.

I ran my hand over her ass and back, savoring her silky sleek skin. She fondled my cock and balls. I reached between her thighs and inserted my fingers between her labia. Ah, there was her fabulous clit. I rubbed it, inserted two fingers in her wet vagina and lubed her clit from that. She was on fire, bucking and moaning from my touch. I worked her with my hand for a few minutes, eliciting a number of orgasms. Then I got up and lay back down with my face near her pussy and my dick near her face. She kissed my dick and quickly had it her mouth, sucking it with gusto. I was likewise employed in her nether region, licking her clit, then sucking it hard, licking it while its length was in my mouth. Jennifer went wild, spurting a cum stream in my mouth.

I kept sucking, maintaining Jennifer at a level of ecstasy indefinitely. Periodically she would shiver and thrust her pussy into my mouth, secreting yet more juice. She had my dick to use as a pacifier, and she was bobbing up and down its length in a frenzy. I alternated finger-fucking her vagina and anus while all this sucking was going on, then managed to get both hands involved and had fingers in both her holes simultaneously. She came harder than ever, shaking for several seconds, followed by aftershocks, and released a copious flood of Jennifer-juice. I gathered it in my mouth, then shifted position so we could kiss, and she türkçe bahis drank her own secretions with pleasure.

We rested for a while, then Jennifer suggested we move to her bedroom. We stumbled in there and plopped on the bed. I mounted her and plunged my dick balls-deep up her cunt. We rocked as I worked my meat in and out, throbbing it in ultimate hardness on the in-stroke, and she responded by tightening her vaginal muscles. We fell into each other’s eyes while we were joined, completing the circuit. I fucked her for half an hour before letting myself cum up her cunt. She felt me shooting up her and smiled and kissed my lips tenderly.

I stayed in her as we cuddled afterward. We didn’t want to be separated, even by that much. We slept.

Sometime later we woke up. “Let’s raid the kitchen,” Jennifer suggested. We went in there, arms around each other’s waist, and found some munchies to consume. We brought them back to the bedroom and picnic’ed on the bed. After satisfying our hunger we lay back and cuddled. Our hands inevitably strayed and stroked each other’s erogenous regions. Jennifer put her face near my armpit. She sniffed my ripe aroma, but instead of being put off she indicated approval with an “Mmmm.” Soon she had her nose right in my pit, taking deep inhalations, then started licking it. I decided to reciprocate. I lifted her arm, put my nose in close and took in her musky fragrance.

“Mmmm, indeed,” I murmured. Licking her pit proved enjoyable, and Jennifer was flattered by the attention. Her pussy was soaked again, and she had manhandled my cock into readiness again, so I lay back and she sat on me, my cock inching up her cavity until it had disappeared entirely from view. She wriggled her bottom and lifted up and down, also clenching and unclenching her pussy. Then she leaned down and jiggled her glorious tits in my face. I gladly sucked her puffy areolas and boner tips. She came, her secretions leaking out onto my lap.

She lifted up and off my cock, rubbing her groin back and forth over my wet lap, smearing her juices over herself. Then she took my penis in her hand and positioned it at her anus and sat back down, working me inside as she did. Her ass was tight, my dick güvenilir bahis siteleri touched on all sides by its walls. And even the head pushed into a wall as I throbbed it in ultimate erection. Jennifer took a breast and pushed it up where she could lick the nipple, then surprised me by being able to suck the whole areola in. She reached her other hand down and found my ass, then inserted a finger there.

Her breast started seeping liquid, which she lapped up with an ecstatic smile on her face. I reached in under the front of her bucking bottom and got a purchase on her big silky clit with thumb and forefinger. Tweaking and pulling it brought forth more pronounced moaning. Soon Jennifer climaxed. I could feel my dick suddenly swimming in a more lubricated rectum, as her secretions leaked down her groin and up into her ass with my in-and-out strokes. And Jennifer’s tit suddenly shot out a stream of ejaculation, as Karen’s recently had done. Jennifer had the quick reflexes, though in the throes of a huge orgasm, to aim the tit-stream toward my face, and I caught the liquid in my mouth. It was yummy, tasting a little of milk, but mostly like pussy squirt, as I swallowed it.

I took advantage of the new lube in her butt to ream her royally, eliciting loud moans with each thrust. She grabbed a dildo from her bedside, managed to get some goo on it, and replaced her finger with that, shoving it up my anus. She was alternating between sucking her tits and licking her own armpits. What a wonderful wild-woman I had come across (and cum across)!

“Want to come in my mouth again, Honey?” she asked.


Jennifer dismounted. She put her head near my dick and started blowing me. She kept dildo-ing my ass. Her own sauce-covered bottom was pouting prettily in my direction, so I plunged fingers in both her gooey openings and worked her into another frenzy as she serviced me. Soon I felt the electrical tingle start at my feet and work its way up my body until my volcano erupted, shooting molten cock lava into Jennifer’s grinning mouth. “Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmm,” she cooed, and then came herself, complementing my nirvana.

We collapsed together, got in our spoon formation, and conked out for the rest of what was left of the night.

Morning came, and of course we did, too, a number of times. I finally bid my amazing lover a fond adieu. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be back in each other’s arms.

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