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The Poker Party Ch. 04

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Lucy stepped out onto the glassed-in lanai of the guest suite. It overlooked the 18th green, and she could see David and his buddies approaching the green. They looked to be in good spirits, but Lucy could not discern if they knew what was waiting for them. She wondered if David had completed his mission.

She tried waving to the guys as they walked onto the green, but quickly realized that the bronzed windows blocked their view. She kicked off her heels, and dipped a toe into the soaking tub, sunk into the decking of the lanai. The water was warm and inviting. She had played out many different scenarios for this afternoons action, but now the hot tub looked promising. It would give the guys a chance to relax and get cleaned up before the main event, and even give her a chance to check out the guys equipment before she decide who would play what role in her fantasy.

She walked back into the suite and checked out the refrigerator to make sure it was stocked with plenty of longnecks. She had called down to the restaurant to have two large pizzas delivered. Off to one side was a large horseshoe sectional sofa and coffee table that faced a gas log fireplace. She turned the fireplace on and thought the area would be perfect for eating, and maybe even a little striptease. The king size bed was in the center of the suite, facing out the lanai doors. She tried to imagine the view golfers might have as she was ravished by David’s buddies.

The pizzas arrived and Lucy set them on the coffee table. She took her time getting the tip money out of her tight jeans, letting the waiter get a good view of her ass; just the thought of the waiter eyeing her was enough to get her aroused.

Lucy was wearing tight denim blue jeans and a crisp white blouse with a white bra underneath. She walked into the dressing room and took one last look in the mirror. It was the effect she wanted, elegant and sexy, but not slutty, even though slutty was exactly where she was headed tonight. She turned to view her ass over her shoulder. The jeans were doing their job, accentuating the crack of her ass and the gap between the top of her thighs. She could imagine the guys ogling her as she peeled off the jeans, revealing the white thong she was wearing.

She walked back into the kitchen, grabbed herself a longneck, opened the bottle and took a long swig of the cold beer. She was as ready as she would ever be.

Lucy opened the door, letting the guys take a good look at her before she invited them in.

“Hey guys, good to see you could make it!” she exclaimed, “There’s cold beer in the fridge and hot pizza on the coffee table.”

The guys quickly downed their beers and polished off the pizza while Lucy waited patiently for the action to start.

Jim finally broke the ice.

“David tells us that you need a little help to fulfill your fantasy,” Jim said.

“Ummm,” Lucy replied, “what exactly did David tell you?”

“Well, just that you were inspired by what Sally did at our last poker party,” Jim replied, “and that he was supposed to get us up here so he could watch us, well, you know.”

“Sounds a little vague,” she said coyly, “could you be a little more specific.”

“Ahh, well —,” Jim started to say.

“Jim’s a little shy,” Arthur interrupted, “after all, he was left out of the action at the poker party. What he was trying to say is that you want all three of us at once, one in your mouth, one in your cunt and one in your ass. Have I got that right?”

“Hey no fair,” Jim whined, “I was getting there.”

“Very good guys!” Lucy exclaimed, “I hope David didn’t have to twist any arms to get you all up here.”

They all had a good laugh. Lucy went to the fridge and grabbed another round of beers, including another for herself.

“Ok boys, I need to decide who is going to get what hole. Any chance I can see your equipment first?” Lucy asked suggestively.

“Anything you want, Lucy,” Tom said, “I’m really glad you chose us to help you out. Seriously, I can’t imagine my wife doing this for my friends.”

“Why, thank you Tom, that is really sweet.” Lucy said.

All four guys hopped up off the sofa, moving the coffee table out of the way so they could all stand in front of Lucy. Together, they tried to do a lame little striptease for Lucy, but that only brought laughter from Lucy. They quickly abandoned the act, and got out of their clothes.

“Impressive,” Lucy said, “can I take a closer look?”

Lucy stood and took a good look at the four guys in front of her. She had been careful not to get the guys aroused, because she wanted to check out their cocks while they were still soft. She knew from the poker party that Arthur was big, but really, his monster cock looked twice as big as the others. It was all she could do to keep from staring at it. She gently motioned the guys into a line, shifting the order so that they were lined up by the size of their dicks. None of them had small dicks, unless of course you compared them to Arthur.

She kartal escort went up to Jim first, reached down and cradled his cock across the fingers of each hand. His soft cock easily filled her left hand, and reached an additional two fingers into her right hand. Lucy smiled as she took her eyes off Jim’s cock and looked into his eyes.

Jim had the pug face of a happy Irishman with a big shock of dark reddish hair. His fair skinned face sported a close cropped Lincoln beard. Lucy gently wrapped her fingers around his thickening cock, producing a wide toothy grin on Jim’s face.

Her eyes dropped to admire his muscular upper body. Jim raised his arms and clasped his fingers behind his head, accentuating his pecs, with their light covering of a soft downy hair. A thin, tight line of hair trailed down to his navel, where it disappeared.

“You shave your pubes?” Lucy asked, surprised.

“What can I say, that’s the way Sally likes it,” Jim replied.

“But Sally has a thick bush!”

“How do you know that?” Jim asked.

“Oops, too much detail from David,” she said with a chuckle, “So, what gives?”

“What can I say, I like a bush, she doesn’t,” Jim replied, “Go figure.”

Lucy’s eyes came to rest on Jim’s nearly erect cock, still cradled in her hands.

“Any preference?” she asked.

“Not really,” he replied, “I’ll take whatever you want to —.”

“Jim,” Lucy interrupted, “I was sure that after Sally gave up her ass to David, that you would want mine in return.”

Lucy’s offer of her ass to Jim was all it took to bring Jim to a full erection.

“Yes,” Jim said sheepishly, “I want your ass.”

“That’s better,” Lucy replied, “and you will get the first crack at my ass tonight.”

Next was her husband David. She gently cradled his cock and judged it to be about the same size as Jim’s.

David was the best looking of the bunch, in Lucy’s unbiased opinion. His dark hair fell forward, in a wave covering much of his forehead. His face was angular, with a fashionable stubble that couldn’t quite be called a beard. It was a casual look that exuded confidence, and a hint of mystery. At five eleven, he was several inches taller than Lucy, with a body right out of a Greek sculptors imagination. Lithe and ripped, like an all around gymnast, with a light covering of chest hair that thinned out as it trailed down to his cock.

“Nice,” she said to David, squeezing his cock, “but you’re just watching tonight. Take a seat.”

“Oh, that’s cold,” said Jim.

“Hey, I was surprised I got this far,” David said, and walked back to the sofa.

Next she moved on to Tom. His cock was a little longer, reaching three fingers into her right hand. She squeezed his cock gently, stroking it ever so slightly, gazing into his eyes.

Tom was the oddball of the group. In his late twenties, he never lost the boyish looks of his youth. An automotive engineer, he even looked the part, wearing large glasses with thick, dark frames. Too good looking to be called a nerd or geek, but that is what came to mind as Lucy squeezed his stiffing cock. Tom had the soft body of a desk jockey who spent too little time in the gym. His appearance belied his skill on the golf course, and despite today’s loss, the guys rarely beat him.

Lucy admired his near hairless body, punctuated by the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Perfectly shaped and flawless, it looked like a work of art. Debbie was a very lucky girl.

“How about you Tom,” she asked, giving him a wink, “my mouth and cunt are left, any preference.”

“I’ll take your cunt,” Tom said enthusiastically, not wanting to make the mistake that Jim made, “I want to fuck you.”

“Umm,” Lucy replied, glancing over at Arthur’s cock, even larger than Tom’s impressive member.

Lucy thought for a moment. She was concerned about her ability to suck Arthur’s monster cock, but more than that, she was lusting to be fucked by such a large cock.

“Sorry,” Lucy said to Tom, “I don’t think I can get Arthur down my throat. You’re going in my mouth.’

“Ok,” Tom said, with a look of mock disappointment.

“You’ll be more than satisfied, just ask David,” she said.

Tom glanced over a David, who gave him two thumbs up.

“She’s a blow job artist,” David said, now envious of Tom.

“It’s settled,” Lucy said, moving on to Arthur.

Lucy reached down and cradled Arthur’s cock in her hands. It extended across both her hands, leaving the entire head overhanging her hands. She gently cupped his cock in her fingers, stroking it gently, amazed by both it’s length and girth. Satisfied that she had made the right choice, she glanced up at Arthur and saw him glaring down at her.

Arthur was a big man, well over six feet. He had a tightly cropped afro with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. His lips were tight pursed, giving him a fierce, determined demeanor that intimidated Lucy.

“How about a smile,” kurtköy escort Lucy said, “unless you’re trying to scare me off.”

“Hey, my bad,” Arthur laughed, breaking into a wide grin, “you don’t like my angry black man look.”

“No, but I think I am going to like your angry black cock,” she said, glancing down for a better look.

Aside from a thick bush of pubic hair, Arthur had smooth, golden bronzed body that still hinted of past glory on the basketball court. Now in his mid thirties, he still kept in decent shape with a weekly pickup game, but his real passion had turned to golf.

Lucy took a couple of steps back from the guys, admiring their waiting cocks. Unable to hold back any longer, she abandoned her plans for a striptease and the hot tub, and quickly stepped out of her clothes, giving the guys a good look at her naked body. Standing before the guys, she seductively ran her hands over her tits, gently squeezing and tugging on her firm nipples, watching their cocks grow in size.

Lucy turned her back to the guys, slowly bending at the waist, then reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. Looking back between her legs, she could see the guys stroking their cocks to attention as they ogled her cunt and asshole. Highly aroused by the prospect of her fantasy coming true, Lucy reached under and used a finger to massage her clit for the guys. Once she was satisfied everyone was ready, she grabbed Arthur by the hand and led him over to the bed. Tom and Jim quickly followed, while David pulled up a chair next to the bed. Lucy was so hot now that the slightest touch of her clit would be enough to get her off.

Lucy straddled Arthur as he lay on his back, humping the full length of his rock hard cock with her now very wet pussy lips. The sensation of her wet pussy lips pressing into Arthur’s cock brought her close to an orgasm. Arthur reached down and lifted the head of his cock so Lucy could position her cunt over it. Lucy slid herself down his pole, ever so slowly feeling her cunt fill with the enormous size of Arthur’s cock. Her first orgasm coursed through her body before Arthur’s cock was fully inside her, momentarily halting progress for the other two guys.

David grabbed the lube she had brought and handed it to Jim, who had positioned himself behind Lucy, straddling Arthur’s legs. Jim squeezed out a big dollop of the goo on his thumb and slathered it between Lucy’s ass cheeks. Arthur reached around grabbing Lucy’s ass with his hands, spreading her cheeks while at the same time pushing her down even further on his engorged member. Lucy turned her head back to watch Jim work his thumb into her tight little asshole. Once again Lucy felt an orgasm building as she pressed her clit hard against the base of Arthur’s cock while Jim’s thumb did it’s magic in her asshole. Lucy gasped as another orgasm hit her writhing body.

Jim paused to watch Lucy’s orgasm course through her body as she bucked against his thumb. Once it subsided, Jim withdrew his thumb from her limp body. He guided the head of his cock between her cheeks, still spread open by Arthur’s hands, running it up and down the crack of her ass. Within moments, Lucy came back to life, slowly sliding her cunt up and down the length of Arthur’s massive cock as she arched her back in anticipation of taking Jim’s cock into her asshole.

Jim pressed the head of his cock against her asshole when she was at the top of her stroke on Arthur’s cock. When Lucy started her downstroke on Arthur, Jim’s cock easily got past her relaxed sphincter, and slipped all the way into her ass. Lucy was ecstatic with the sensation of Jim’s cock buried in her ass at the same time she was impaled on Arthur’s monster. She took another couple of strokes, in and out, on the dual cocks inside her, then paused to deal with Tom’s cock.

Tom positioned himself in front of Lucy, straddling Arthur’s head, holding out his cock for Lucy to suck. Propping herself up on her arms, she used her lips and tongue to slather his cock with her saliva. Tom moaned in ecstasy, as Lucy worked her magic over his stiff cock. Lucy, now ready for Toms’s cock, opened her mouth and positioned her head so he would have a straight shot down her throat. Tom took his cue, and slowly pushed his cock into her mouth until it was buried deep in her waiting throat.

Lucy waited for Tom to pull his cock back, then began a rhythm of rising up on the cocks in her ass and cunt at the same time she pushed Tom’s cock in her mouth, then back down on Jim and Arthur as Tom pulled back, allowing her to catch a quick breath before Tom’s cock was back down her throat. The sensation was everything she dreamed about, and it quickly brought her to yet another orgasm. This one blasted through her body, leaving her unable to maintain the rhythm she had established, the guys did their best to continue pumping their cocks into her writhing body, but completely lost the synchronization that Lucy had achieved.

Jim felt Lucy’s maltepe escort asshole tighten around his cock as her orgasm wracked her body. He was ready to explode, and pumped furiously into her asshole, wanting to match Lucy’s orgasm with his own. Lucy was oblivious as shot after shot of Jim’s cum blasted deep into her ass. Lucy collapsed in a heap on top of Arthur, unable to keep her head up and on Tom’s cock, and feeling Jim’s cock slip out of her asshole.

“That’s it for me,” Jim announce, “I just shot my load.”

“Well, someone had to go out first,” Tom said, “I think Lucy is going to need a moment to recover,”

“Ummm,” Lucy replied in a muffled voice, “that was fantastic, just give me a minute.”

“Can I take Jim’s place?” Tom asked.

“Still disappointed you didn’t get your first choice?” Lucy replied with a chuckle.

“Just envious of Jim,” Tom said, “and I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before.”

“There’s a lot of that going around since the poker party,” Lucy said, “and once you do me in the ass, you’re going to want to do Debbie.”

“Ahhh, I’m not so sure about that,” Tom said, “why do you say that?”

“Because I was an anal virgin, right up until the night David told me about fucking Sally in the ass.”

“I’m not going to tell Debbie,” Tom said.

“Good luck with that,” Lucy said sarcastically, “come on around, I’m ready to go again.”

Tom scooted around to take Jim’s place behind Lucy. Arthur once again reached back and spread Lucy’s cheeks for Tom, exposing Jim’s cum oozing out of Lucy’s asshole. Tom squeezed out some of the lube and stroked it onto his stiff cock. He pressed his cock up against Lucy’s asshole, and it easily slipped all the way in. Once in, Lucy raised her self up on her arms, arched her back, and eased her weight onto the two cocks filling her holes.

“Better?” she asked,

“Oh yeah,” Tom said, “I think I could get used to this.”

Lucy picked up the pace, easily humping the two cocks, determined to get them both off without having to stop again. Despite her best efforts, Arthur’s cock stretched her cunt so far open, that each time she pushed back to get both all the way in, her clit pressed down against Arthur’s coarse pubic hair. Once again she felt an orgasm building, edging ever closer with each thrust back on to the pair of cocks. A moment ago she didn’t think this possible, but now she humped with abandon, reaching for an orgasm.

“I’m cuming!” Lucy shrieked, losing control of her body to a powerful orgasm electrifying every nerve ending from head to toe.

Tom was close as he matched Lucy’s frantic humping with his own thrusts, burying his cock deep into her asshole. Just as it had done to Jim, Lucy’s asshole tightened around Tom’s cock as her orgasm hit. The sensation triggered an eruption of cum from Tom’s cock, pumping shot after shot of hot cum into her ass.

Once again, Lucy collapsed onto Arthur as she felt Tom’s spent cock slip out of her ass.

“That was the best,” Tom said, “I think you’re right about what is waiting for Debbie.”

“Ummm,” Lucy replied, too exhausted to formulate an answer.

“You’re not going to quit on me?” Arthur asked, fearful that Lucy might be done for the night.

“No, not yet,” Lucy said, with the tiniest spark in her voice, “but I thought you would have come by now. I think I have cum three times since I dropped myself down on your gorgeous cock. What are you holding out for?”

The question was barely out of her mouth before it occurred to her what he might be holding out for. After all, she had taken two loads in the ass, so it only stood to reason that he might want to be the third one. Before she had a chance to contemplate something the size of Arthur’s cock buried in her ass, Arthur interrupted her train of thought.

“I’m holding out for your sweet asshole,” replied Arthur, unsure how Lucy would respond.

“In for a dime, in for a dollar,” she said apprehensively.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Arthur said enthusiastically.

Arthur could feel Tom’s warm spunk dripping out of Lucy’s ass and onto his balls. He thought he felt Lucy clamp down on his cock, as if to keep him trapped deep in her cunt, unable to get to her asshole.

“Still game?” Arthur asked.

Lucy relaxed her grip on Arthur’s cock and eased herself forward. His monster cock had been inside her so long that she felt a sense of loss as her cunt collapsed into the void left by its absence. She reached behind her, grabbing his thick cock with her hand. It was too big to close her fingers around it, and she was once again apprehensive of what was to come.

She guided the head of his cock up against her asshole and eased herself back ever so slightly. She could feel the pressure spreading her sphincter, but was surprised to feel the head of his cock slip just past her twice fucked asshole. She paused, waiting for a pain that never arrived. Cautiously, she eased back a little more, only to feel his cock slipping easily into her cum drenched ass. Emboldened with half his cock in her, she pushed back with a little more effort until she felt his thighs against the cheeks of her ass, his monster cock buried deep in her ass. She drew her legs up, planting her feet on either side of his chest, taking a tiny bit more of his cock into her ass.

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