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Therapy For A Bitching Wife

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Therapy For A Bitching Wife
Now I loved my wife, but her rich parents had spoiled her rotten and also ignored her for her whole life. She complained about everything, fix the light bulb, don’t swear, wash our cars, go to the store were out of sugar. I was ready to divorce her. But after we went to my nutty friend an unconventional Psychologist he concluded she had been ignored by her parents. She needed a lot of personal attention to overcome her personality problems. He said try this new therapy, treat her like a submissive.

He said making someone submissive is a different way to show the person that the attention she is getting from her master is because he really loves and cares for her. It changes their personality. They know their master pays attention to them and this is a by exercising control that he really loves and cares about her. Both of you should go read this book it will solve your marital problems. Well the crazy bastard was right!!!.

Six months later our personal therapy usually went like this. I would leave her dog collar and leash on the bed when she woke up. It was our personal signal that I felt she needed a session. So at about noon and I went up to her and put the leather collar around her neck. Then she went and put on her special black leather bra and matching panties. I sat in my recliner watching my favorite NFL team winning and I was feeling good. My wife lay on the floor by my feet with her collar and leash around her neck. I said “hey girl go get daddy a beer”. My wife got on all fours for her role as a submissive walking on her hands and knees to the refrigerator. She did not standup to open the door, instead she opened the door with one hand kaçak casino and then reached into the frig and took out a beer. Then because she had to stay on her hands and knees she could not grip it with her hand she laid it on the floor and used her nose to roll it towards me. She rolled it to my awaiting hand and I picked it up. I patted her on the head and said “good girl, good girl” and she smiled in appreciation.

She resumed her place sitting by my feet on the floor. A few minutes went by and she crawled over to her bowl and stuck her tongue out. I said is my girl thirsty? She nodded her head and I went and got her favorite vitamin drink and poured it into her bowl. She stuck her tongue out and began lapping up the juice in the bowl. A lot of it spilled on the floor making a real mess, but she kept lapping up the juice.

Then she came back to me and sat at my feet. About twenty minutes later she got up and crawled towards the bathroom door and began scratching at the door and looking back at me. I said the word “poopy” and she nodded her head. I went over and opened the door for her and she crawled into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back and sat down again. I said “good girl, good girl”, and patted her on the head.

Well the game was over and my team one. Angie got up on her back feet placed her nose in my crotch and began sniffing and licking the area around my crotch. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick. She opened her mouth wide and began sucking my cock making it good and hard. I said lick it like you’re supposed to!!!! She began licking my dick with her tongue fully extended. She ran it up and down my cock until it got fully erect. This casino oyna little cocksucker had immediately made my cock rock hard.

She still had her leash and collar on. So I grabbed the leash and led her over to a small loveseat we had in the corner. I said “fuck’ and she nodded her head. I took my pants off and she got on the couch on her hands and knees and stayed on all fours. Then she raised her ass in the air so I could mount her and fuck her from behind. She buried her head in a large comfortable pillow that was on the couch. She began panting like she was all excited and kept looking back at me. I said “cock, cock” and she nodded her head and panted even more.

I lined up my cock with her pussy, I took out some astro-glide out of my pocket and lubed up my cock so it would easily slide right into her pussy. I approached her from behind and shoved my entire cock real hard deep inside her pussy. Then she nodded her head three times which was a signal I could start fucking her. I began running my cock deep inside her pussy and then pulled it out all the way out and then slammed it back in hard. After all she was just a submissive bitch, why be gentle with her? The force of my dick being slammed into her from behind must have been real intense for her. She was really submitting to her master.

Soon I started fucking her in nice even strokes and her hips began moving back and forth in unison with me. We fucked for a few minutes and she started moaning loudly as my dick hit her clitoris and she was heading to an orgasm. Then she screamed AHHHHH! fuck me, fuck me faster as she began spasming underneath me as she had an intense orgasm. After her orgasm I continued canlı casino siteleri to gently fuck her and she just lay there moaning. This whole thing was such a turn on for me I felt my sperm coming through my balls up through my cock. Soon I was spewing my cum deep inside her pussy. She just lay there totally still as I deposited my seed inside her. Then I withdrew from her and my cum oozed out of her pussy.

She rested and was all curled up on the couch. I said you spilled juice all over the floor. You’re a bad girl!!!! I took off my belt and she got on her hand and knees again. But she also knew this was more like play, I never hit her hard unless she asked for it which she seldom did. She turned her ass towards me and I slowly moved the belt around her ass. She knew what was coming; my slowly moving the belt across her ass really turned her on. I raised my hand and whack the belt hit her ass. She said “thank you master” the second blow came and she said “I’m a bad girl, hit me again”.

The third one hit her and she said “do you want me to lick up the juice I spilled; I know I made a mess”. That was her signal she wanted the last whack to be really hard. She really liked it when I made the red mark it left on her ass. I took the belt and with full force the leather strap hit her ass hard, her whole body reacted to this brutal blow. She screamed at the top of her voice. Then she said “God that last one really hurt, it’s going to leave a big mark, thanks”. I got up and grabbed her leash and walked her back to the bedroom. I patted her on the head and rubbed her neck and said “good girl, did you like it? And she nodded her head. Then I let go of the leash, she stood up and she walked into the bedroom.

A few minutes later she came out dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. She said I’m going over to help Kathy put her garage stuff away. By the way that was a great session. I’m going to fuck your brains out tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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