Nisan 17, 2024

My Weekend alone part 1

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My Weekend alone part 1
My name is Jessica and I guess at first glance you would think I’m just your average girl. A simple well performing schoolgirl who had a good social life with plenty of friends and a nice body thanks to gymnastics and volleyball for eight years. Im bisexual with a strong attraction for both guys and girls. I was eighteen at the time of this story and received more than enough attention from guys around school. Standing at 5″6 with long brown hair reaching down to the middle of my back, 32B breasts with zero sag, thankfully.
My ass was definitely not huge but it was toned and sat out in a nice round shape which I am rather happy with, and rather long legs to piece it all together. I’ll admit I am quite a show off when it comes to how I dress, I just like the feeling I get when I know a guy is staring at me. It turns me on in a way I guess. Throughout my teenage life, I had encounters with a number of girls, although I had only ever been with one guy. 
Don’t get me wrong I love sex and everything about it, and I happen to be in to a wild number of different fetishes for most of my life, but I never really had the lust to go out and chase people looking for a partner to be with. I knew I could do it if I really wanted to but I didn’t have the desire in my life at the time. I was incredibly happy in my own company as me and my two middle fingers get along very well together when we are alone. 
Living with parents and having a younger brother and sister (who were both two years younger than me) meant that the only privacy you had through the day was when you were in the bathroom. So the only alone time I had with my favourite two fingers was when everyone went to bed and having to be as quiet as possible. We lived in quite a big house but all our rooms were close enough that you could hear pretty much everything that was going on so if I was gonna be having any fun it required as little movement and as little noise as possible which for me just wasn’t enough, especially for the inner freak I had been hiding for most of my life.
At times when I couldn’t sleep I would sit up at night browsing through different porn sites, looking at sexy underwear and skimpy outfits that I dreamt of owning for myself, looking at all the different sex toys that I desperately wanted and thinking about all the filthy things I could get up to if my family weren’t around. The thought of being on my own for once never left my mind. 
Time went by with the same stuff happening every day, going to school, coming home, going to practice, going to the gym and all that same shit different day kinda stuff. When one Monday I had just got home from a gymnastics session when my dad called me Into the living room where my mum and siblings were also sitting. At first, I thought I was in trouble or it was some sort of intervention. I sat down on a beanbag still wearing my leotard with my leggings on top ( just so my dad wouldn’t complain about me wearing nothing but my leotard again) my dad then announced that him and my mum would be taking a weekend away to visit my mum’s parents who lived in the south, stating that they would leave early Friday morning and wouldn’t be back till Monday evening.
I saw my brother and sister smiling at each other and at first, I didn’t really think much of it but after I had gone to my room and lay down it hit me. The alone time that güvenilir bahis I have been craving for so long, what I could do over the weekend. My mind began to race and I started feeling excited instantly. 
I reached under my bed and grabbed my laptop that I usually used for my school work and began browsing through all the skimpy outfits and sex toys that I had previously dreamt of buying and began contemplating how I could buy these and have them delivered on Friday when my parents had left and manage to get them without my brother or sister noticing. I was lucky enough to work a part-time job in a clothing shop while my parents occasionally put some money Into my bank account for me so I knew I had some cash to blow. I had time to think on what I would get and decided to take my time with it and try to make this the best weekend I could.
The few days dragged in as all I could think about was the weekend that lay ahead of me. I would go to school and do my normal week through the day but by night I would do my shopping. The first thing I considered buying was a shiny latex leotard which came with matching shiny heels. Considering I wore a leotard a lot this would be comfortable and sexy at the same time, but I read the reviews where someone said it was like wearing something which is way too tight, which frankly I quite liked the sound of so I placed it in my shopping basket.
The leotard had a zip which started at the top of my pussy and went right round to the top of my ass giving easy access in both holes. I had never had anything other than my finger in my ass before but for this weekend I was ready to explore it. I also picked up a pair of black nylon stockings to complete the outfit. Then on to the fun part, the toys I would be playing with. 
I got myself a 5-inch dildo and an 8-inch dildo, a small blue vibrator, and a 3 piece metal diamond butt plug set ranging from small to big. The toys were a lot easier to pick as I knew exactly what I wanted. I placed my orders and the wait was on
The night before my parents left they lectured me on things to do while they were gone, and strictly told me to make sure my siblings and I go to school while they were gone but in the back of my mind, I knew I was definitely not going. I went every other day anyway I mean a day off to myself couldn’t hurt
Friday morning rolled around at last and I was, of course, I the first person out of bed that day. I eagerly woke my brother and sister and made them get ready for school, I dressed myself in my uniform to convince them all I was going too, luckily I was at a different school and I could drive which meant I made my own way to school while the rode the bus in a different direction. As soon as they walked out the front door I watched out the window as the bus rolled up and they boarded.
When the bus drove off my excitement began to build up, I shredded my school uniform off knowing I wasn’t going and pranced around and empty house in nothing but my knee high socks. I was in a world of my own. I was so eager about the outfit I bought that I tried on one of little sister’s leotards to see how tight it would feel and I instantly knew I was going to be in love with it. Considering the was a few sizes too small (sister being a midget lol)  it gripped every point of my body and rode my crotch incredibly tightly. I was so excited.
After some more laying türkçe bahis around naked I heard the doorbell ring and In a panic, I just grabbed the first piece of clothing I could see which happened to be my midget sister’s tiny bathrobe, not realising how small and skimpy this looked on me I dashed for the door.

“Packages for Jessica,” said the mailman as I was eagerly waiting for them and he handed me a stack of boxes as he looked at me as if he was in shock. I didn’t think much of it at the time though. I slammed the door shut thanking the mailman and staggered into the lounge with this stack of boxes,  laying them all out.i grabbed a knife from the kitchen to help open everything up and walking back through the hallway I noticed what I was wearing in the mirror, my tits were practically on show!
My nipples were just about covered and the fabric at the bottom was literally just below my waist, I guess it was the mailman’s lucky day lol. The mailman was the last thing on my mind though as I had a gold mine of new goodies waiting for me in the next room. It was like Christmas when I was a c***d lol. The first one I opened was the buttplug set. They were silver in colour with baby blue diamonds on the end. They felt a lot heavier than I thought they would and the biggest on was rather too big when I looked at it but I wasn’t slightly bothered about that. Thankfully they included a bottle of lube with the plugs which saved me as I forgot to buy some. The second box was the vibrator and then the third was the eight inch dildo. It was HUGE.
I had no idea how I was going to fit that inside me either, I’ve fucked one guy before who’s dick was probably five but his dick didn’t compare to the dildo, I’ll admit I was nervous about that. After that was the 5-inch one which had a suction cup at the bottom which I planned to mount everywhere lol. And lastly what I had been waiting for. The leotard. As I tore open the wrapping a could see the shiny material showing and I was instantly turned on by it, just looking at it made me weak at the knees. I took off the bathrobe,  which was all I was wearing and unzipped the small zipper at the neck and stepped into the greatest piece of clothing I have ever worn. I pulled it up and realised how tight and sticky it was. I worked my arms into the sleeves which went right down my wrists and zipped up the back and popped on the Stockings and matching heels. I was in heaven!. I slowly walked out into the hall and admired myself at all angles in the full sized mirror. It was perfect. It showed my body off exactly how I wanted it to in every way. I felt like a pornstar and I loved it. 
After strutting around my house and around my garden for a while in my new attire I looked into the crotch of my leotard and I was soaking!. So I knew it was time to play with my new goodies. I went into my bedroom and brought my makeup mirror down Into the living room and set it against the wall and put a towel down below me, I had a perfect view of my sexy self. 
First of all, I unzipped the crotch of my leotard right back to above my ass and I lay back with my legs up in the air admiring my pussy and asshole in the mirror, my pussy was so wet the juices were running down over my ass and onto to towel. I have never felt as turned on in my life and the only thing on my mind was being filthy. My flexibility really came into güvenilir bahis siteleri help here as I popped my legs behind my shoulders and rubbed my clit. I reached over grabbing the five nch dildo and slid it up and down my slit coating the head in my fresh wetness and danced it around my pussy hole before finally slipping it in and out came the strongest moan I have ever done. As it glided it in and out of my barely used cunt, gripping my pussy as it came out,
I picked up the speed beginning to pound myself harder and harder till I felt the orgasm starting to build up, I got up to my knees and stuck the dildo to the floor and reached for the plugs. Starting with the smallest one I was still nervous about this in case it hurt me. I lathered it in lube and rubbed it against my virgin asshole before gently starting to push it in. I felt the pressure but didn’t feel any pain thankfully as it made its way right up to the diamond. Tbh at first, it didn’t feel like much as it was rather small, but the minute I squatted down over the mounted dildo and put it in my pussy I felt the plug moving around which sent incredible shiver through my body. I let out and almighty whimper of pure ecstasy echoing all around the house.
I had never felt anything like this in my life. I barely rode that dildo for 2 minutes until the cum started gushing from my pussy leaking down the dildo as my legs quivered and I squealed. The minute that that orgasm finished I knew I wanted to go hard. My inner slut started coming out as popped the little plug out of my ass and kicked it aside, grabbing the next size up which looked a little challenging but I wasn’t scared at all.
Pouring lube over it and lining it up with my slightly wider asshole. As I pushed it against my hole this one felt completely different. It was definitely starting to pushing the limits of my ass. As it popped itself into place I couldn’t help but let out and endless moan which echoed all around the empty house. I grabbed the little blue vibrator and stuck it in the leotard where tho tip just stuck out enough to reach over my clit and turned it on, the feeling almost scared me it was that intense making my legs tighten up and I couldn’t move for a second.
The dildo was then mounted on the wall and I backed up against it letting it glide me to my pussy. I was riding doggy style for the first time in my life and I was savouring every second of it. I grabbed the eight inch monster and started sucking on it like it was a real dick being rammed in my face, gagging as I rammed it down my throat while moaning over the three other toys that were working my holes. I started going harder and harder until I was giving it everything is got, my ass slapping against the wall behind me over and over screaming the house down. I kept this up for at least thirty minutes until I had to stop for a while and take a breath.
I slid the dildo out and let I hang on the wall as I lay down on the floor, I took the vibrator out my leotard before putting my legs up behind my shoulders again and seeing the baby blue diamond between my ass cheeks. As I spread my ass apart and pushed it out I could see it slowly making its way out before popping out onto the wooden floor. I stared at my ass in the mirror admiring the the gape it had left and watching lube run out onto the floor from me. As it winked at me a few times I realised that my siblings would be home in a matter of minutes and I had to clean everything up and hide everything. I also realised if I played my cards right I could have another two days of this, or maybe even do it all again that night. But that’s for another story

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