Mart 22, 2023

Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 4

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Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 4
Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 4

“I fucked Sarah you know,” Amelia said as they sat having lunch together a few days later.

“Bullshit,” Matthew laughed.

“Truth,” Amelia said. “And I can prove it to you.” She then proceeded to tell Matthew exactly what Sarah’s pussy looked like, what her breasts looked like, how big her nipples were and in particular how she reacted and sounded when she came.

“Oh fuck, you really did, didn’t you?!” Matthew said, incredulous (and with his cock now rock hard).

“I did. And I asked her what she thought you’d say if you walked in on us while she was eating my pussy …”

“She ate your pussy too?!” Matthew interrupted.

“Oh yes, very well too. Almost as well as you did. She said that you wouldn’t say anything, that you’d just drop your pants, walk up behind her and start fucking her.”

Matthew laughed. “She’s probably right.”

“And that gave me an idea. If I can get her into bed again and let you know, will you walk in and start fucking her?”

“Oh fuck, I’d love to. I have no idea how our relationship is likely to survive this though.”

“Well, she’s fucked me, you’ve fucked me. I’m sure that you’ll survive doing me together,” Amelia said.

“Maybe,” Matthew said pensively.

“Just leave it to me,” Amelia said, standing to go back to work.

* * *

Matthew waited somewhat impatiently in the car. Inside the house, Amelia was supposed to be trying bahis siteleri to fuck Sarah again. If she succeeded, he was supposed to get a text message telling him to come in.

His phone beeped. He looked at the screen. It was on.

Nervously, Matthew made his way inside, careful to make no noise. He undressed quietly and quickly before he got to the door of Sarah’s bedroom and then moved forward to peer around the door. Amelia was looking over the top of Sarah’s head. Both girls were naked, Amelia laid back on the bed with Sarah feasting on her pussy. Sarah was half on the bed and half off, her cute butt aimed at the door.

Matthew knew what was expected and quietly walked up behind Sarah. His stiff cock led the way and he quickly positioned himself and then stabbed his cock inside her. Sarah nearly fell off the bed with fright as she felt a cock slide home in her pussy. She looked over her should to see Matthew there and her heart became even more erratic in its beating.

“Matthew, wait, I can explain,” she started.

“Don’t explain, keep going,” Matthew said, grabbing her arse again and sliding his cock back into her pussy.

Sarah was obviously confused, but with encouragement from both her boyfriend and Amelia, not to mention the fact that Matthew didn’t relent and kept sliding his cock in and out of her, she gave in and resumed sucking and licking at Amelia’s pussy, her face thrust against it each bahis şirketleri time that Matthew pushed home inside her.

Amelia watched Matthew thrusting into Sarah as she licked her pussy. She pinched and pulled at her nipples, feeling her orgasm approaching. She wanted it to last, she desperately wanted more, but the sight of what was happening before her was too much and she arched her back and moaned as her pussy erupted with her orgasm. Then as Matthew continued to fuck his girlfriend, she turned around, kissing Sarah, tasting her own juices on her friend’s lips.

“Fuck that is hot,” Matthew said as he watched the girls kiss.

Amelia moved from the bed to where she could kneel beside Matthew as he worked in and out of Sarah’s pussy. She reached over and pulled his cock to one side, sucking it long and hard, tasting Sarah all over his hard erection and then allowing Matthew to fuck Sarah some more.

“Turn her over Matthew,” Amelia said and Matthew paused long enough for Sarah to roll over on the bed, her legs now hooked up towards his shoulders. He slipped his cock back inside her pussy and Amelia alternately attacked her breasts and kissed her. In order to do so, Amelia knelt on the bed, her butt back towards Matthew.

Matthew took advantage of the position by reaching around behind her and sliding two fingers into her pussy. He worked them in and out until they were nice and wet and then slid his illegal bahis index finger into Amelia’s anus as his middle finger continued to penetrate her pussy. She pushed back against him as she continued to suck hard upon Sarah’s nipples.

Amelia decided that Sarah needed to cum and so as Matthew fingered her and she licked and sucked Sarah’s nipples, she reached across with her hand to tweak Sarah’s clit whilst Matthew slid his cock in and out. Sarah sighed at the contact, pleasure assaulting her in so many ways. It didn’t take much more of this and She exploded, thrashing about on the bed with her orgasm’s intensity.

She stopped Matthew, telling him that she couldn’t take it.

“I want to feel his cock in me Sarah, can I fuck him?” Amelia asked, kissing Sarah.

“Go for it, I can’t take anymore,” she replied.

Amelia dropped her body to the bed, her feet on the floor and told Matthew to do her from behind. Matthew obliged, stepping in behind her and sliding his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes,” Amelia cried out as his stiff cock slid home, “Do it hard and fast Matthew.”

Matthew built up his speed until he was slamming his cock into her and could take no more. With a hard final thrust, he held himself deep in her pussy and came, spurting inside her.

Later, as they lay on the bed together, Matthew with a girl either side of him, Amelia told Sarah how after she had seduced Sarah, she’d decided that she wanted a threesome and had talked Matthew into it. She didn’t refer to their first session together, and made it sound like she’d had to do a lot of convincing after she’d told Matthew that the two girls had already slept together.

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