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The Stepford Children

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NOTE: I am not a professional writer. In a way I use writing to exorcise my erotic demons. I write in a certain cadence that people will like and most will not like. Many have told me I need an editor. If you are a reader who enjoys taking apart a person’s writing, you will enjoy the task in front of you. If you are a forgiving reader, allow me to spin a yarn and tell a tale that is interesting, erotic and hopefully you find it different. I enjoy feedback and even discussion on various plot elements. In real life incest is usually a perversion causing devastating results to a family. This is for fun and amusement and the psychological torment of eroticism verses perversion within the charactors. All children in this story are 18 years or older.

My tale: All my life I had always feared God. Growing up I thought he personally stared down at from Heaven watching my every move, listening to my every thought. It was this fear that has always kept me on the straight and narrow and given me my morale courage.

My only sorrow is that I was unable to pass this fear down to my children and from this, there will be no retribution. I am surely damned as if I had spent a lifetime of murder and greed. With this knowledge I don’t feel fear anymore, just the opposite, I feel like a huge bourdon has been lifted from me and now my life here on Earth can begin.

And begin I shall. My story is about my family and our life in Stepford. I am a contract lawyer and a partner in a Manhattan law firm although I do a lot of my work at home. I met my wife Jennifer while we were both attending Yale. She is one of the most breath taking, beautiful women you will ever see. Most people are intimidated by her looks and even more so when they find out she is also a Vice President of Global Securities and Trust. We are very into our careers and although we had children early, it never really interfered since we could afford the best nannies and help. I realize that was the problem, we didn’t spend much time with the kids, especially with Candice. Jackson was born first and we took off a lot of time from work the first few years. Pretty soon, we were back to working long days and nights and when Candice was born 3 years later, we knew the drill and kept our work routine going.

Jackson turned out all right. He graduated high school and went on to being accepted to New York University, he’s now 20. Candice however, has always been a problem. Not that I am trying to make excuses, it was a time in our life when we were both traveling and very busy. Candice had gotten into the wrong crowd at school, doing drugs, skipping class. She convinced our maid to take her for an abortion at 14 years old. I tried to discipline her but she ran away from home. We hired a private detective to find her and bring her back. She was 17 when he found her traveling with an alternative rock band in Detroit. It was at that time that my father-in-law called me to discuss Candice.

Robert and I met for dinner in the city; my wife was away on business. He surprised me by telling me that he had similar problems with Jennifer when she was a teenager. Needless to say I was astonished, my wife is as straight-laced and conservative as they come. Which was the point Robert was making. He moved to the Town of Stepford and enrolled Jennifer in Stepford High School. In just two years she became the woman I met at Yale.

We talked at length. Stepford is a private township, founded by some wealthy families to preserve a certain moral standard of living. Anyone that wants to buy a home and move in must go through a rigorous background screening, interviews and then be approved by the Stepford Council. Robert said he thought we should move to Stepford and enroll Candice in the High School. First off the high school in Stepford only accepts students 18 years or older, it’s geared toward those who never finished the more traditional high school. He mentioned some unique therapies that correct behaviors that can turn anyone into a productive person. He was vague in that area, however, if there was any chance for my Candice to live a normal life, get married and raise a family, I was going to take it. When I told Jennifer she was pleased and agreed, however, she would talk much about her own experiences at the high school.

We moved to Stepford.

I was sure that once the council interviewed Candice it would be over for us. At 18 years old she was legally an adult, street- wise and had a chip on her shoulder. Her hair at birth was blonde, but now was a mixture of pink and black. She wore thick dark mascara and dark brown lipstick and baggy Goth clothing.

They greeted her like they had seen it a hundred times before and because Robert was, what they called a “legacy board member”, our screening took only 3 months. The entire town is gated and controlled by three security entrances by 24/7 guards and roving patrols. The streets were immaculate, as were each building, park bench or dumpster for that matter. The people were very friendly and obviously quite well off. escort ataşehir It was a picture perfect conservative American town. No adult bookstores, no adult magazines were even sold in any of the stores. Violent or mature video games or DVD’s could not be rented or bought. Since this was a privately held town, they refuse all federal monies and did not have to comply with many of the civil liberties as such. Those that wanted those types of entertainment could move out.

Candice was not cooperative. She cursed at everyone.

“My name is Candy. Fuck this Candice shit. You are not fucking going to hold me in this fucking prison of Jerry Falwell fuckin wannabees. Shit, I’m an adult, this is fuck’in kidnapping. I am so out of here the next chance I get.”

It took a lot out of my wife and I arguing with her, finally just begging her to try it for one week. My wife told her that if she tried it for one week and didn’t like it, she would give her $10,000 and she could leave and do whatever she wanted. I tried to intervene but my wife hushed me. She said she would adapt. Jennifer even agreed to take a two-week vacation and stay home with her.

I had to leave town two days after Candice was enrolled in the school. When I called home, Jennifer would tell me everything was fine. I thought by now Candice would have recruited some other students and the school would be burned to the ground.

I arrived home around noon, several days later. I was excited to see my wife; we quickly ran upstairs to our bedroom and made love to each other. Sex between Jennifer and I is…good. I know she is beautiful, but lately I have been looking around. Just looking around at the other females I meet. I wonder how making love to them would be and I fantasize. Mind you I would never actually cheat on Jennifer, but lately whenever we make love I think about a woman I passed in the hallway or saw on the airplane. I guess it’s just a mid-life crisis but these girls I fantasize about, they are also younger.

We had taken a shower and finished getting dressed. Candice having seen my Jaguar in the drive way knew I was back home, I heard her running up the stairs.

“Daddy…daddy your home!”

I opened the bedroom door and running toward me was my blonde haired daughter in a cheerleader uniform. She ran into my arms and buried her head in my shoulder.

“Daddy daddy your home, I missed you so much.”

“Candice?” I was shocked. I gently brought her to arms length and looked at her.

“Oh daddy look.I made the cheerleading team isn’t that great.”

“That’s wonderful honey” said my wife and Candice ran to give her a hug.

“Well I got a lot of studying to do. Mr. Knowles is giving us a geometry quiz tomorrow.”

Candice then pecked me on the check and skipped out down the hall to her room.

“Am I in the twilight zone? That is our daughter Candice? How…how?” “You see dear, I told you, she just needed some adjusting. Well I better get started on dinner.”

I was stunned, by my wife’s reaction as well. She left down stairs and I gravitated to Candice’s room. I could hear the sounds of a Mozart string concerto playing in the background. Her door was open and she was sitting at her desk with her math book open and pencil to paper. She yawned and stretched her arms. Then it struck me, she always wore baggy clothes but she had small petit A cup breasts, but not now. She had to be a full C cup.

At dinner we all sat at the table. Candice talked about making the cheerleading team. I looked closer at her face, it was different, it was her chin and around her eyes. After dinner Candice went to bed at 10:00 PM because she had that big test in the morning. I spoke with my wife.

“What has happened to our daughter? Did she have surgery?”

“Well I am not supposed to really talk about any of this. Here, take this card. You’re supposed to attend a special city council meeting tomorrow morning.”

I took the card from my wife and in the morning drove over to Stepford City Hall. I was directed to a large hall and sat in the single leather chair in front of a dais of six men. The man in the middle introduced them all and then himself; his name was Marshall Redstone.

” Mr. Bennis thank you for coming this morning.”

“Not at all Mr. Redstone, and please call me Paul”

“Paul, your father-in-law speaks quite highly of you, and he’s a legend here. That’s why you and your family were so quickly accepted into our community. Most new residents take over a year.”

Redstone answered my questions and filled me in on what transpired since I was gone. All the children in the high school age under go a therapy process, which involves some high tech programming of the brain. It was a technique perfected by the founder of this community Charles Stepford, a leader in the field of psychology and artificial intelligence.

“It allows each child to experience the best high school and family life. No bullies, no crime, no vengeful teachers or classmates. The programming kadıköy escort gives each student a high moral fiber, the desire to achieve what ever goals they want.” Explained Redstone.

“What about the surgery? I noticed.”

Redstone explained that the surgery was necessary to give each student confidence and make them all feel beautiful about themselves. Some of the finest surgeons live here in Stepford. They do breast augmentation, nose jobs even liposuction; what ever they felt was needed. In Candice’s case she had some breast and chin work and hymen replacement so she has her virginity back. . “So my Candice is brainwashed?”

Various members of the board chuckled at my comment, as if they have heard it several times before. They asked me if I thought my wife was brainwashed. Of course I disagreed, he is a very headstrong woman she wouldn’t have gotten so far ahead in the corporate world if she wasn’t.

“Well then that is your answer. Certainly Jennifer is not brainwashed, she is a product of our high school. Her programming enabled her to live her life to her dreams, without being influenced by criminals, perverts, dope addicts and other peers that influence kids lives more than their parents.”

Each member of the board then pulled up their sleeves and displayed their wrist. Each had the identical watch. I was then handed a box with a watch. Redstone explained that this was not only a watch it was a transmitter tuned to my daughter’s brain waves.

“You see we did some basic programming, but we firmly believe that the father should be the main influence in their children. It is your job to correct behavior you deem inappropriate. This is why our screening is so intense, we wouldn’t want criminal minds to influence the children, it defeats the purpose.”

“So what do I do?”

Redstone explained how the transmitter watch worked. I press a button and my daughter will go into a trance stage. At this time I press the second button and I can give her a suggestion. Pressing both buttons at the same time sends the suggestion to her and the behavior will be modified. This is necessary to the programming so she does not revert back to her old behavior patterns. Two years of this, when she graduates the high school, the behavior patterns will be set and she will no longer have to be “corrected” through this method.

This meeting went on for two hours. By the end the board shook my hand and welcomed me as a Stepford father. I went home and waited for my new daughter to come home. There was a package waiting for me from my father-in-law. Inside was a watch, just like the one they gave me for my daughter. This one was programmed for my wife. The note inside said that the watch died many years ago. That it was the right thing to do, like he did and some day; I too won’t need to use the watch. I put it inside my sock draw and forgot about it.

She arrived with 3 other friends. They were all wearing cheerleader uniforms. They were going to tutor Candice on the routines. I looked out from my home office window at the girls gyrating in their short skirts and tight fitting tops and soon I was getting an erection. I admonished myself thinking that these girls were only 18 years old and one of them my own daughter. Yet how could I not get aroused? They were young beautiful, perfect bodies. Okay they were too young, I told myself that but I couldn’t stop from watching and rubbing my crotch.

I settled down and went to the kitchen and poured the girls some lemonade. The girls thanked me and they left except for Michelle, a dark haired girl who Candice said lived next door. Like my daughter and the other girls, she was beautiful and hard bodied. She looked at me wide eyed and I wondered if she was flirting. I felt my erection grow and mumbled something about work and ran back into my study.

Thoughts of seeing her nude, of having her bent over my desk and fucking her from behind filled my head. I felt dirty and sinful thinking this way. When my wife comes home tonight, I will fuck her and I knew I would be thinking about Michelle.

When Michelle left, I thought I would try out the watch. Candice was in the family room watching MTV. She was still wearing her uniform. I hit the button and she froze with a distant look in her eye.

I pressed the second button and said, “Change out of your uniform and put on jeans and a t-shirt”. I then pressed both buttons and she became animated again.

“Well dad I better change out of this”.

She left and went upstairs to her room. She came back down minutes later wearing the jeans and t-shirt thinking all along it was her own idea. I did some further experimenting with the watch and found that I could have her do things and not have her remember that she did them.

Let me now confess my sins. Maybe it’s my mid-life crisis being surrounded by all these perfect beautiful young girls. Yes young, but they were sculpted to tease any man. And I am just a man. Several times I had thought what I would do if I had Michelle’s maltepe escort bayan father’s watch. The things I could make her do. It was just a fantasy, after all. In the dark recesses of my mind, I wondered what my daughter’s nude body looked like, but I never really allowed that thought to surface. Nor did I masturbate to it like I did thinking of Michelle. In fact I enjoyed the fantasy so much, I was tired and bored with having sex with my wife Jennifer. I then decided to get to know Michelle’s father better.

His name was Morgan; he was a dentist about the same age as me. His wife, Meredith, was a plump woman who was already friendly with my wife. We started barbequing on the weekends together, played cards one night a week and struck up a friendship. I watched Morgan when my daughter was around saw his eyes trace every aspect of my blonde princess’s body.

One evening I invited them over for a swim. My daughter was planning on going over to a girl friends house to watch movies, however I used the watch to have her stay home and join us for a swim wearing a skimpy bikini at 9:30PM.

I made sure we had a few drinks and were lounging in the pool when 9:30 came around. We were laughing and telling dirty jokes when my daughter came down to the pool. All eyes were on her Morgan especially was easily distracted.

“Candice what are you doing?” my wife said.

“I feel like a swim” she replied and put one leg into the pool.

I excused myself, got out of the pool and went to the patio table to pluck up my watch. It wasn’t waterproof. I picked up the watch pressed the buttons and told her to put on her nightgown and go to bed. I then placed my watch back on the table, next to Morgan’s.

I went back to join the neighbors in the pool and apologized. Morgan shrugged it off and explained that it was no problem and told me some situations that he had to “correct” Michelle’s behavior.

When we got out of the pool, I purposely took Morgan’s watch. Since they were Identical no one was the wiser. I tossed and turned all night with mixed emotions. I was excited but at the same time I never really thought I would do anything.

My wife’s company then told her she was being sent to London for a week. My fantasy grew into planning my steps for the seduction of Michelle. Well it wasn’t exactly a seduction was it? The word rape comes to mind, but I never actually used that word in my thoughts.

It was summer and although in Stepford, the high school is yearlong, Jackson at the University was on break. He was taking some summer courses and with a two-week break he decided to stay with us for one of those weeks. I was so wrapped up with my thoughts about getting Michelle alone that I had forgotten that.

The day after my wife left, Michelle and my daughter were over the house. After school they had cheerleader practice for an hour and a half. Then they would stop by here before she went home. When my daughter went to the bathroom I made my move. I used the watch and told Michelle that tomorrow during school she was going to tell her friends and teachers she wasn’t feeling well, and had an upset stomach. She would then come to my house to see me.

Next day I couldn’t do any work. Contracts sat on my desk but I couldn’t concentrate. I still did not know what I was going to do. I reasoned that I was just curious, I wouldn’t do anything wrong. The door opened, it was Michelle.

She was wearing the short-skirted cheerleader outfit. I brought her into the family room and pressed the button on the watch that brought her into a trance stage. For a moment I just stared at her, taking in all her body. I reached out with my right hand and touched her breast. It was so large and firm.

“Take off your uniform Michelle”.

I transmitted the message and she stripped down to her lavender panties and bra. Se still stood in a trance. I continued to stroke her breasts and my hands were going to her panties when I heard the door slam shut and.


It was Jackson, my son, on break from the University.

I grabbed up her uniform and fumbled when Jackson carrying his backpack walked into the family room.

“Dad? What the hell”?

I then broke down crying. I was caught and felt like God himself sent Jackson to punish me. I told him everything. Although I was sworn to secrecy, I couldn’t stop. I told him about Candice, his mother and Grandfather. I asked him for forgiveness. He had to believe me, since Michelle still stood in a trance half naked. He asked to see the watch and I gave it to him, still asking him to forgive me. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I felt like I was going to puke, which I did. After I cleaned up I walked back into the family room. I stopped in my tracks shocked to see my son was fucking Michelle in the middle of the room.

“Jackson!” I cried.

Just then he groaned and pulled his cock out of her pussy shooting his cum across her body. I then looked at the clock.

“Oh my God…your sister will be home soon”.

We quickly got Michelle cleaned up, dressed and sent home. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Jackson about what he did when Candice came home. She was happy to see her brother and couldn’t wait to play a video game with him and to tell her all about college life.

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