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Party Favors

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Angela pulled the ringing cell phone from her purse. “Hello?”

“Hi, Angie”

“Brenda! How’s our favorite fly-babe? What’s the news and schmooze?

“Oh, just bunches. First off, Joe and I will absolutely be at you guys’ New Year’s Party. However that will be the last time I see you for a couple of months. I’m off to learn how to fly a new RPV and that’s all I will ever be able to say about it. I can say that there is a gold oak leaf in it for me.”

“Oho! One of thos RPV’s, huh? And congratulations, Major Corleone. Will Joe go with you?”

“No, he has to mind the fortress here at the base.”

“No! The poor man, left alone and nooky-less for two months? How will he survive—other than car key parties at the Officers’ club?”

“Actually, we’ve got that covered. Elliot and Karen were by a couple of nights ago and they insisted on taking us out to dinner. At the restaurant they presented us with matching Rolex watches, if you can believe. It turns out Karen is pregnant and she says it feels different enough from the first three that she doesn’t need an ultrasound to tell her it’s a boy. Chalk one up for the deer camp. She’s one of those women who can feel herself ovulating so she knows it was my Joe? Anyway they are so grateful Karen has promised to ‘take good care’ of the guy while I’m gone. Needless to say we insisted that they spend the night.”

“Mmmm, and doesn’t Elliot make such a nice contrast to Joe? He’s so lithe and smooth instead of all swarthy and hairy like il Corleone. Getting bonked by Joe is like having sex with a bear, except for the snorts and growls, of course.”

“Oh he does that too but all I have to do is elbow him into turning over.”

Angela giggled. “I don’t remember him snoring at the camp but after getting fucked as hard as we were I probably slept in spite of the noise.”

Brenda continued, “Another thing I was calling about was those party favors we discussed. Did you find a good price on them? Silicone is so damned expensive.”

“Ah-yep. I found them half-price on Amazon so I got four: electric blue, purple, lime green and scarlet.”

“And have you taken one for a test drive?”

“Oh yeah! It took two martinis, lots of sweet talk, a promise that we would take turns and half a tube of KY but Mase finally gave in and let me fuck him up the ass. And, just as we predicted, he loved it. So, I think that handing them out at the party will be a real hit. I just worry about how Bill will take it.”

“Don’t. I was talking to Shawna and managed to wiggle the conversation around to such ‘perversions’ and she said that it’s one of their favorite games. Itty-bitty Shawna gets dressed up all Domme, straps one on and just works Bill over. Turns out the biggest guy in our group is also the biggest sub.”

There was a long silence. “Well if that don’t beat all to Hell! Whodda thunk? Okaaaaay! I can see this party swingin’ right along. So what are you bringing . . .?”


New Year’s Eve, Shawna sat humming happily to herself as Bill motored the big pick-up through the evening. She hugged her Christmas fur coat closer and closed her eyes in contentment.

“Y’know, honey, the others are going to be really suspicious when you insist on wearing that mink indoors.” Bill had his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek as he drawled. “And what are you going to do when the hors d’oeuvres come out? You’ll spill on that thing and hate yourself for weeks.”

“Oh, I’ll manage. I might skip the munchies and just carry the champagne flute around until it’s time for the great reveal. You think I’ll be a hit?”

“After our little party at the deer camp? Uh-huh! I don’t know what the other girls’ plans are but if there is an auction in the offing . . .”

She reached over and punched his shoulder. “Evil husband, evil, evil, evil! If there’s going to be any auction action, William Miller, the ass on the line will be yours!”

Bill thought about that for a while. “Meh, there are worse fates.”


The longer Joe Corleone drove toward the Halloways, the more suspicious he got. Finally, he pulled over on the snowy shoulder, set the break and turned full facing his wife. “Brenda, I know that cluelessness is a secondary sex characteristic for men but here we are, headed for a party with friends that is guaranteed to result in everyone getting into each other pants and you’re chatting along about absolutely nothing. Give me a break, girl, you and Angela have cooked something up, haven’t you?”

His wife reached out and patted his cheek soothingly. “Now Giuseppe, being a control freak is perfectly appropriate when you’re running the general’s office but even a warrant officer needs an occasional surprise. You didn’t expect Angela to pop up the car key party idea but you got what you’ve wanted for a long time, and so did everyone else. Happiness reigned because you let go and didn’t insist on running everything. Why should it be any different this time? Now, be a good boy and get us back on our way; there’s nothing to pendik escort be afraid of.”


“Karen, quit stroking my crotch. You’ll make me run off the road.”

“Poo, you’re just jealous because you have to keep both hands on the wheel instead of groping me in return. I know how you think, Elliot Boxer.”

“Huh! And do you know how Angie and Brenda think? You didn’t seem surprised when they brought out the bowl of keys back at the deer camp. I’ll bet you had a hand in planning that.”

“Uh-uh, nobody had any hands in planning that. I admit we’d talked about it but there was no definite plan to throw an orgy. It wasn’t until we knew we were going to get snowed in that opportunity knocked. So we took it.”

“And I’m glad we did. Mom will be so happy with a grandson for a change. Here I am, the only son amid four sisters and of all the grandchildren in the family, you’re carrying the only boy. He’ll be so spoiled . . .”

“And tonight I do have an inkling of what they’ve got in mind. Not in detail, mind, but broadly. It’s going to be quite an evening if I’m right.”


“Meaning I’m not telling. Even if I knew for sure I wouldn’t spill the beans. Besides, that’s only Bren and Angie. Don’t forget Shawna may have something ‘specially hot to add, too.”

“Yeah, she was so reluctant until Mase got her into bed and went to work. I’ve never heard a woman go off like that. Talk about a screamer . . .”

“Really! And she did the same thing for the next four nights. It didn’t matter who was pounding her into the mattress, she blew up like a sky rocket with all of you guys. Very impressive orgasms, that gal. And now she’s enthusiastic about us all getting together again. You gonna try for her ass? I understand Mason was amazed at how much muscle control she has back there.”

“Does she, now? Well, if the option arises I will definitely keep that bit of information in mind. Shawna Miller en coda . . . I like the sound of it already!”


Angela Holloway regarded the image in her mirror. Long blonde hair brushed and shiny, enough make-up to look sexy but not enough to make a smudgy mess when the going got hot, strapless sequined sheath hugging her curves—there was no question that she was a dish tonight. And on some other night she might have had ideas about being a main dish but tonight the emphasis would not be on her. Her nose wrinkled into an expression of mischief. Even Mason had no idea what was going to go on tonight. Oh, he was quite sure that he’d be having sex with someone other than her and on that point he was right. The devil was in the details.

“Angie, they’re starting to arrive.”

Oh, good. We can spend an hour or so catching up since November, another hour or so flirting over the hors d’oeuvres and champagne and then things will get serious. Hot damn, will they get serious!

The Millers were, as usual, the last to arrive. Shawna swept in through the front door in full diva mode. “Darlings, how are you all? Come, everyone, kisses . . .”

Elliot handed Bill a flute of champagne, “Hell of a coat, Mr. Miller. Company bonus or something?”

Bill grinned wide, his eyes mere slits. “She may not know it but that coat is a reward for a certain someone who stuck her hand into a covered bowl thinking she was in control. But when her plans were blown asunder, she surrendered her ‘virtue’ to all my huntin’ buddies. It’s also for not gettin’ all bent out of shape for my taking liberties with the ladies.”

“Well, that’s certainly a better payoff then she ever got from the alumni association when she put out for the backfield. I’d say that was right sugar-daddy of you, William.”

“Thank-you. As an aside, Mr. Boxer, I am given to understand the two of you are expecting a son and heir?”

“Actually three of us are. The rest of the family will be so thrilled they will conveniently overlook any lack of resemblance. How about you two? Any family plans in your neck of the woods.”

Bill looked chagrined. “She’s starting to talk about it. In her opinion she now has four husbands to choose from so after I give her the first kid she’ll be looking over the stud farm, to put it crudely.”

“Well if it’s a daughter she wants, I can almost certainly oblige. That’s all my family has thrown for the last two generations. I sometimes wonder about my own existence, you know . . .”

As Shawna flirted around the room, Angie came out of the kitchen bearing a large plate of canapés. Taking one look at the scene, she put it down and with cries of “Fashion show, fashion show!” pushed all the chairs into two rows facing each other. She clapped her hands, “Seats everyone.”

Smiling broadly, Shawna struck a pose at one end of the ‘runway’ and sauntered to the other. Everyone applauded as she twirled and strutted. At last she stopped in front of her husband. “If you would be so kind, dah-ling?”

Bill stood, took the lapels of the coat between the thumbs and index fingertips of each hand and whisked it off of her. escort pendik She was naked. The applause turned to wolf whistles, foot-stomps and shouts of “You go, girl!” “Mama mía!” and “Atta babe!” Pose followed pose, each more provocative than the last until as a finale, Shawna slithered down the line, pausing on each man’s lap long enough to deliver a torrid kiss. Panting she sat next to Karen.

“M’gawd, Shawna, a full, waxed Brazilian? Don’t those hurt?”

“Just a little but nothing is too good for my guys, yanno. Now that I’ve got them, I want to keep them.”

This was from the young woman who only two months before kept trying to tell herself that she was not, repeat not, going to play any games that led to mate swapping. In the end she had yielded to the group’s gentle pressure and then, to her own astonishment, had loved every minute of it. Poly-love? Yeah, baby!

The evening wore on. In the midst of offering her guests more champagne, Angela felt hands take hold of the zipper pull on the back of her dress and slide it all the way down. A gentle push on the material on each side and she stood in strapless bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. “Well, don’t just stand there, man” Brenda directed her husband, “strip her down!” In seconds only the stockings and high heels remained. Next Bill took her in his arms and kissed her deeply and long, leaving her panting when the kiss finally broke.

Karen let out a little squeal as Elliot lifted her from the floor and deposited her onto Mason’s waiting lap. Before he could do anything she began to shimmy and grind, doing a lap dance that became a strip tease. Brenda looked around in disgust. “And what am I, chopped liver?” Before the sentence ended her clothes began to fly across the room and when she was completely nude the cloth was replaced by warm hands that covered, fondled, teased and tweaked. “Well now, that’s better.” She remarked and started to undo the buttons down Bill Miller’s big chest. Once the shirt was open she paused to kiss and lick his chest, taking particular pains with each dark nipple.

“Well,” Angela said, “that seems to get the party off well. And where there’s a party, there must be party favors. And here,” she reached under an end table, “they are! Now lovers and ladies, it works like this. Each woman takes a box with the favor in it and each man takes a ball with a lady’s name in it. Guys, you join your playmate for the evening, then she opens the box and the fun begins.”

“Ooo, sexy. What’s in the favors box?” Shawna leaned forward with interest.

“You have to have a stud before you get to find out, darlin’.” Angela proffered the bowl to Shawna who took out a box. She did the same for each of her friends, taking the last box for herself. “Well, gentlemen?”

Joe opened his ball and found a slip of paper that said “Shawna”. Raising an eyebrow appreciatively, he stood next to her chair. “May I?”

“But of course, dear man.” Shawna rose from her seat and when Joe settled down onto it, nestled herself comfortably on his lap. Once all the couples were matched up the women popped the seal on the boxes and opened them.

“Oh my!”

“What the Hell?”

“No, it’s can’t be . . .”

“Great lightning, that looks like a . . .”

Elliot reached down and took the ‘favor’ from Brenda. “Good grief. I’ve seen this model. It’s a like a strap-on dildo that doesn’t need a harness. This end is big and shaped so that when she squeezes down on it she can start humping away. It’s a lot faster to use than the old kind.”

Joe looked puzzled. “Now hang on. Aren’t those things usually for lesbians? Since none of you girls have tendencies along those lines, are you suggesting that . . .”

Mason grinned. “Joe, I hate to break it to you like this but—maybe you don’t know your wife as quite as well as you think?”

Brenda stuck out her tongue at him. “Karen, slap that man for me, would you? I was going to keep that a surprise for his birthday or something. However, Joe honey, that isn’t what we have in mind for tonight.”

Joe sat upright. “Wait just a darn minute! I’m not . . .”

Shawna squirmed around in his lap and wrapped her arms around his head. “Baby,” she purred, “the cock end isn’t any bigger than you are. I know that from experience. And I have it on good authority that your Bren regularly takes you ‘back there’ and loves it. And if this is your first time, I promise I’ll be gentle. Bill can tell you I know how, even if I’m not always gentle with him.” She winked.

“Joe,” Mason said quietly, “I felt just like you do about ten days ago. Angie proved me wrong. It feels a whole lot better than you think.”

“Giuseppe,” Brenda scolded softly, “you never complain when I snap on a glove and give you a prostate massage. At least those noises you make don’t sound like complaints. Relax and give it a try. If you don’t like it we’ll never even mention these things again.”

“Besides, baby,” Shawna’s voice dripped honey, “after I’ve done you, you get to do me pendik escort bayan the same way. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Wouldn’t you like to stick your big ol’ thing up my hot brown ass? Hmmm?”

Joe was sweating. Shawna’s wiggles had him stiff as a bat. He looked around the room. Angela was lying back on Bill’s lap with her eyes closed as his big dark hands roamed slowly over her body. Karen had most of Mason’s clothes off already and was sucking and biting his nipples. Elliot was no support either. Brenda straddled his thighs with her hands on his knees rubbing her crotch on his. Men have two heads and the one with the most blood runs the body. “Okay, I’ll play along this one time if you promise to be careful and let me buttfuck you, too.”

“Gooooood Joey,” Shawna leaned up and nipped his earlobe, “you have no idea what you’re in for. I promise. Now, sugar, since I’m already all hot and wet, why don’t you just unpack this fine toy? I’ll spread myself wide and you stick it in.”

She turned back around, spread her thighs and held her cherry-filled chocolate pussy open. He took out the bright red toy and, after a couple of tries, pushed the short, thick end inside her. “Oh!” Shawna’s eyes popped open wide, “I feel so full . . .”

She stood up and looked down. The bright red silicone phallus stood up stiff and proud, glowing bright against her dark skin. She reached down and gave it a stroke. “Ooo, that’s fun. It—it pushes on m G-spot and when I wank it rubs my clit, too. Girls, you have got to put yours on!”

In a minute Angela had a blue cock to match her eyes, pale Karen’s was chrome yellow and brunette Brenda sported one in lime green. They looked at each other sideways.

In the midst of her first hand job, Karen said thoughtfully, “These have possibilities. I can already imagine them working in threesomes and quartets. Yeah, since I’ll have to keep two men happy for a couple of months, this is going to get a lot of use.”

Angela reached back and took Bill’s hand, pulling him to his feet. “Mase, honey, I’ll take Bill to our room. When don’t the rest of you spread out through the house? We can meet back here in an hour or so for refreshments while the men recharge.”

Mason lifted Karen easily in his arms. “I’ll take Karen to the office down the hall. There’s a guest room upstairs and these couches here are great for sex. We use them a lot!”

Brenda looked at Shawna. “Any preferences?”

Shawna had Joe on his feet and stripped down to his silk boxers and socks. She ran her fingers through the thick hair on his torso and rubbed her hands over his shiny bare head. “Oh, I think Joey and I will do just fine on the sofas, darlin’. You go ahead and take Elliot upstairs. I expect to hear bedsprings creak, y’hear?”

“More than just bedsprings, I think. Come on, Elliot, it’s time you got in touch with your receptive side.” She picked up a tube of KY jelly and a package of latex gloves in one hand and took Elliot by the other. “You can wait ’til we get upstairs to strip for me, baby. I like the Chippendale style but if you want to try something else, go ahead.”

Shawna pushed Joe gently onto the sofa and dropped to her knees between his thighs. “I’m gonna do you slow and hot, baby, and when you’re begging me I’ll slick this bad boy up and give you the ride of your life. You’re gonna go home and beg Brenda for it again. I know, my Bill does, almost as often as he fucks my pussy.” She opened her mouth and began to lick and kiss his hard member. Soon he was moaning.

“Oh god, Shawna, that feels so good. Don’t stop, girl, whatever you do, don’t stop.”

She reached under his ballsack and began to play with it slowly pushing her fingers farther and farther under him. She stroked his peritoneum making him moan louder yet. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“For god’s sake, woman, finish me off. Anyway you want, just let me cum!”

That was what she had been waiting for. Shawna stood up, pulled on a glove and opened the lubricant. “Roll over on your tummy, honey, and spread your legs. This is gonna feel soooo good to you . . .”

She spread his cheeks with one hand and applied a gob of lube with two fingers of the other. First she rubbed it around, massaging and relaxing his anal sphincters, and then she gently pressed until both fingers were inside him. More lube followed and more massage. Joe whimpered softly.

The touches stopped while she squeezed an entire handful of the gel into the gloved hand and then smeared it all over the dildo. She climbed onto his back and settled between his legs. A couple of strokes across his shoulder blades with her nipples and then she pushed the tool against his waiting star. “Here it comes, Joey,” she whispered, “relax, just relax and let it happen.”

Corleone let out a moan as the head of the dildo slid into him. She waited for a moment and then with a grunt drove it all the way in. “Oh!” Joe’s head came up in surprise.

“Now I’ve got you, Joseph, right where I want you and you can’t get away. You are in for the fucking of your life, stud.” And she began to pump. Long, slow steady thrusts banged against his prostate again and again. Soon he was lifting his hips in response and moaning with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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