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The Stag Night

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Vikki and John were both flirts , that was probably what attracted them to each other in the first place , it was also what made them so popular with the others friends . Not that anything had happened , for their entire 5 years together they had been totally faithful to each other with the flirting never going beyond verbal sparring , a few cuddles and a kiss or two

The decision to marry just seemed to be a natural extension of the relationship , it just felt right somehow , it didn’t feel necessary to organise a big church wedding , just a simple ceremony with their closest friends was quite enough.

It was odd thought John that given the informality they were attaching to the actual ceremony that Vikki had insisted on him having a stag night , not only had she insisted she had decided who would be invited and together with his best man had organised a function room and catering for the evening . He had a horrible feeling that she had also organised a strippogram for his benefit too.

On the night in question John had travelled with Colin his best man to the venue , he was surprised that in fact Vikki had hired a room in a deserted warehouse for the evening , the drink was all cans and bottles the music came from a large hi fi in the corner of the room , there were no staff at all . the only people in the building were John and the guests who Vikki had chosen

There weren’t many of them either. His best friend from school who was to be his best man , Colin . His older brother , a few , but not all, of the guys from the pub that he drank with and a couple of guys from both his work and Vikki’s office who he had met a few times .

It all seemed an odd mix but he joined in the spirit of the evening accepting all of the teasing which came his way and the gentle jibes as to how lucky he was to have won Vikki’s heart , he was lucky avrupa yakası escort too , she was a striking brunette with firm breasts which made their presence felt even beneath the heaviest jumper imaginable. her legs were good too

Suddenly he noticed Colin checking his watch and whispering to a couple of the other guys . His heart sank , so she HAD organised a strippogram

He felt his arms being seized and he was sat on a chair in the corner of the room , his legs and arms were quickly tied leaving him helpless .

His brother went over to the ancient Hi Fi and suddenly it blasted out the opening notes of ” Here Comes The Bride ”

The far door opened but instead of a scantily clad strippogram waving a whip, to his astonishment in walked Vikki, her hair piled high on her head but most astonishingly of all she was wearing a long flowing white silk wedding dress complete with veil and a bouquet of flowers

A cheer went up as she glided into the room on Colin’s arm and walked directly up to John

“Hi Darling ” she breathed seductively ” A little surprise for you! ………… Well it occurred to me that next Saturday all of these guys are going to be congratulating you . The congratulations are going to be for persuading me to , kiss , caress and screw you for the rest of our lives and I wondered how can they possibly congratulate you if they don’t know whether Ill be any good or else they might prefer to commiserate with you instead of congratulating you , so I thought I should invite them all along to let them try me out first and I thought you would enjoy watching .” She placed the bouquet at his feet

Moving into the centre of the room as a huge cheer went up she beckoned Colin over and in front of Johns astounded eyes they began kissing , deeply passionately . Colin’s bahçelievler escort bayan hands went to her neck and gently eased down the zip at the back of her gown .

It fell gently and softly from her body revealing first a white shiny silk bra barely holding her twin breasts which seemed to be fighting to break free of its constraints . A few inches of alabaster skin appeared and then a suspender belt to match her bra and then a tiny wisp of lace covered elastic supporting a gauze triangle .

As she stepped out of the dress now lying at her feet John could clearly see the neatly shaved diamond its upper apex pointing towards her belly button while the lower apex led directly to the hood over her clitoris.

She knelt at Colin’s feet her hands eagerly seeking out his zip and lowering it blowing a kiss to John as she did so. John could barely breathe as the horrific eroticness of the situation , he could barely accept that Vikki was clearly intending to screw each of the guys in the room right in front of his eyes and yet it was the most exciting situation in which he had ever found himself . While he was aching for it to stop he wanted to see her being used in every way imaginable .

He blinked his way back to reality as Colin’s thick hard shaft slid between her perfectly shaped lips her hands pulling Colin’s hips towards her .

Glancing around the room the other guys were transfixed watching the tableau being played out in front of them , shirts were being untied zips were already lowered revealing more hard cocks eagerly awaiting her gentle ministrations .

Suddenly she was on her feet leaving Colin with his cock still hard and eager and she walked to Johns brother Tony , again she kissed him passionately before kneeling at his feet too and sucking bakırköy escort his hardness into her obviously eager mouth .

Glancing around John saw that the other guys were all now quite naked , Vikki was still in her underwear but he, the groom was the only one fully dressed as his bride to be continued to demonstrate her oral skills

Twenty minutes later each one of the guys had experienced the warm welcome touch of Vikki’s tongue and lips and she was on her feet again as from nowhere Colin produced a folding mattress and spread it out a few feet in front of where John was held prisoner .

Meanwhile, slowly walking around, Vikki was unclasping her bra and removing it revealing those firm ripe breasts capped with stiff pink nipples. Next she lowered the tiny gauze leaving her naked other than suspender belt, stockings and high heels , the veil was still attached but with the veil long since adjusted leaving her mouth open to pleasure the waiting cocks .

In this state she prowled rather than walked to the mattress and knelt on all fours her bottom high in the air as Colin took position behind her and with one thrust imbedded himself deep inside her tight hot honey trap. Her mouth opened wide and she squealed at the thrust her eyes gazing lovingly at John.

John watched as his friend pounded hard inside his fiancee. As soon as he climaxed with a huge roar Tony stepped up to replace him , quickly Vikki stood and indicated he should lie on his back and she took up position sitting on his cock and bounced up and down , breathing , squealing and finally screaming as orgasm after orgasm washed over her .

A different position for each Vikki took each one of the guys deep inside her body as John watched , his own cock aching for release .

After hours each had shot his load inside her and she knelt at Johns feet .

Her hands extracted his solid cock and put it to her lips . “Tomorrow night I’m having a Hen Night , My sister Paula , Your secretary , the girl who lives next door to you , a few others , you will come along wont you?” Her mouth closed deep down his shaft as the implication of her words hit him and he gushed deep into the back of her throat.

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