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The Slippery Slope of Denial

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…happy birthday dear Melissa, happy birthday to you! The silly party-favors squawked and unfurled as Missy’s family and close friends punctuated the traditional song with a goofy stamp of festive cheer.

“Blow out those candles, baby” dad playfully said.

“You may be 18, but you are not too old for that!” The gathering politely giggled as daddy’s girl bent toward the burning candles and took in a breath…

“WAIT! You have to make a wish first.” Missy’s best friend, Amanda, was mocking her as she urged her to play along.

“That’s right, Missy ~ make a wish!” her dad chipped in.

Missy rolled her eyes and gave a sigh. She paused for no more than five or six seconds, half smiling, half wincing at her dad and then at Amanda, appearing like an unhappy employee taking orders from the boss.

After tucking her wish away in her mind, she drew in a breath and with a passionate burst blew out the candles with one mighty rush. Friends and family feigned one more cheer and then returned to their cliques as the cake was cut and consumed.

Melissa’s mom, after making sure everyone had cake, stood up and said, “Presents time” in her famous, church-choir, sing-song tone. One by one, Missy opened the few gifts on the table.

She was a bit nervous what Amanda’s gift might be, fearing something that would make her cringe in front of her parents. When she opened the gift from Amanda, Missy heaved a sigh of relief and said, “How did you know?” as she held up a new, bright, pink, protective case for her iPhone. “And my favorite color!”

Amanda laughed and said, “I figured it is only fair since I kind of messed up the one you have.” Amanda’s wink, although unnoticed by her parents, was unnerving to Missy. She tried to move on as quickly as possible before anyone asked any questions.

Indeed Amanda had ‘messed up’ Missy’s cover. Missy wanted to say, “Yeah, well that’s what happens when you take somebody’s phone without their permission and use it for a dildo!” But the much more restrained and appropriate response found its way across her lips. “Well thanks.”

Amanda just smiled back as if she were proud to have made her friend so happy. The naughty secret between them was safe for the moment.

Missy opened her final gift, from her dad. It was just the postscript to the big gift she had received the night before; a brand new car. So when she pulled the giftwrap away, she smiled at her dad and sparked a round of laughter as she held up a plain, pink, diary. “Thanks dad, how did you know? My favorite color!”

Daddy smiled and gave Missy a peck on the cheek. Amanda’s eyes flickered with a hidden flare only Missy could come close to interpreting.

Amanda may have harbored naughty thoughts, but did her friend well by keeping them to herself. And Missy may have been fully aware of those naughty thoughts, but she too kept them tucked away in the vault.

But what neither girl could have ever conceived was the naughty thought that flit through daddy’s mind as he gave Missy that innocent kiss on the cheek. Nobody could or ever would. Daddy was a leader in the church, respected in the community, and a faithful husband.

Yet, there it was. Buried beyond the reach of suspicion by even his closest friend, by even his wife. Fully deniable since it resided in his mind for his knowledge only. But it existed none the less. Indeed, as his lips politely and properly creased the upper line of Missy’s cheek, for just an instant daddy closed his eyes and allowed the thought to echo deep inside the secret place of his mind where he held such forbidden secrets captive. The words lingered longer than the kiss for sure. “Daddy loves pink, too, baby.”

– – – – – –

After the family party wound down, Missy and Amanda were off for a ride in Missy’s new car. No more than 30 seconds after pulling out of the driveway, Amanda giggled at Missy and playfully mocked her as she impersonated her voice and said, “Oh, I just love pink!”

“That’s not what I said and definitely not the way I said it” Missy shot back at Amanda.

Amanda was not about to lighten up. She continued her teasing impersonation of Missy. “Oh thank you everyone. I so love pink. Pink, pink, pink!”

“Oh my god” Missy blurted at Amanda, “YOU are the naughty one!” Missy attempted her own impersonation of Amanda. “I knew you needed a new one after I fucked up the old one shoving it inside MY pink pussy!”

Amanda screamed in thrill, shock and exhilaration at Missy’s comeback as she continued the mocking impersonation. “Oh daddy, I love pink so much!”

“Stop it!” Missy yelled at Amanda, not so eager to mock her loving father even if it was all in fun.

Amanda reacted by reaching over and tickling Missy as she was driving. “Oh, is someone a little touchy?!” Missy was confined by the seatbelt and her focus on safe driving, so she felt helpless at fending off Amanda’s pokes and tickles.

“Amanda! You want me to crash my new car?!”

Amanda mocked her with an echoing impersonation, pendik escort “Amanda, you want me to crash my new PINK car?!”

They both broke out in laughter.

– – – – –

Mom stepped out from the shower. Dad was already in bed watching TV. As she toweled herself dry, her mind mused over the fact that her little girl was really 18 years old. Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday that she was playing pretend kitchen in the family room with her make believe toys.

As mom stood in front of the mirror and worked through her post-shower routine, dad laid in bed. His mind too thinking of Missy. But his thoughts were less noble. He tried to deny it to himself, to suppress the naughty temptations crouching at the door of his forbidden lust. But as he put up the half-hearted fight, he felt his cock swelling. He let go of the stranglehold on his thoughts and allowed the forbidden shadows to cross the threshold of his mind. They were just partial thoughts, quickly appearing and disappearing like the whitecaps on the lake on a windy day.

Mom finished her preening and walked from the master bathroom to the bedroom, naked and refreshed. Had she been able to see beneath the covers, she would have been a bit surprised at the swollen size of her husband’s cock. But it would only be after his eyes watched her cross the room, enjoying her momentary stop in front of the TV to allow his eyes to enjoy her image in the light for an added moment; only after she slid into bed beside him; only after she wrapped her arm around his waist and slithered her hand to his cock did she feel his hardness. Of course, she took it as instant arousal and high praise.

Daddy shifted gears, transitioning his thoughts from forbidden pink to the God-ordained pussy of his wife calling his name. The naughty and good merged in his mind for a moment. His cock pulsated, alternately taking delight in what he could only deny and what he had every right to delight in.

Missy opened her new diary. She thought pensively, pen in her mouth, as she tried to decide what would be the appropriate first entry. Finally, her fingers stroke pen to paper…

Monday, May 4

Daddy gave me this diary for my 18th birthday. Amanda teased me because it is pink. Well, mostly because I said I like it because it is pink. She gave me a cover for my iPhone that is pink. Pink, pink, pink. I guess this will be my safe place to let that secret out. Thank you diary.

Missy closed her diary and dutifully locked it tight, tucking the tiny key away in her jewelry box. Then she laid back on her bed. Almost on cue, her phone buzzed with a text from Amanda.

-anyone thinking pink tonight? lol-

Missy smiled and tapped back.

-pink IS my fav color!-

With her door closed and parents in bed, she felt relaxed with herself. Wearing only her nighttime tee and panties, she scrunched down into the covers to get a bit more comfortable. She held her phone in her right hand as she moved her left hand to hover just below the miniature, yellow bow delicately centered on the waistband of her panties.

Mommy’s hand had a firm grip on daddy’s cock as they laid on their sides facing each other. She maneuvered his stiff dick like a dildo, gliding it back and forth over her clit. She used his slippery, precum-oozing tip perfectly, stroking herself as if she were alone masturbating.

Daddy’s mind alternated between mental images of the pussy he had known for two decades, and the pink pussy down the hallway. He was both bored and exhilarated at the same time.

-I have some pink for you-

Missy smiled as she scrolled down to the image just below those words showing Amanda’s selfie naked on her bed, legs spread, and her pink pussy on display in the mirror.

Missy let out a soft moan as she slid her panties down and scooted to the side of her bed facing the mirror on her closet door. She shivered as she used one hand to gather her tee at her breasts and the other hand to aim her iPhone camera at the mirror.

Another soft moan creased the lips of mommy as she moved daddy’s cock faster over her clit. Together they rocked their bodies in rhythm, side by side, on their sides, facing each other, feeling the pleasure of the arousing stimulation.

Missy tapped a message into the text just beneath the fresh image of her 18 year old pussy, moist and totally shaven.

-thinking pink about you-

She rubbed herself more vigorously as they shared in their lover delights. Fanning the flames of arousal. Stimulating her own clitty as she sought to bring her dear lover to climax with her. She caught herself moaning just a bit too loud, worried that ears in the next bedroom might hear and have suspicions. Finally, the rush of orgasm began to erupt deep within and rush to the surface. She bucked her hips and tried to keep the pressure just right, firm but not to firm.

Mommy came.

Missy came.

Daddy and Amanda did too.

Thursday, May 7

The maltepe escort other night I traded pink pics with Amanda. We came together even though we could only text back and forth. What was really weird was that I could hear mom and dad doing it in bed at the very same time! I did not tell Amanda about them. I know she would have asked all kinds of questions that I do not want to answer.

Missy locked up her diary and headed downstairs to breakfast. Dad was already at the table, newspaper spread in front of him, cellphone at his fingertips, and the morning TV news humming in the background. He was connected, that was for sure. Somehow, he managed to fit a bowl of cereal in front of him as well. Mom was sipping her cup of coffee and nibbling on her bagel with cream cheese.

“Good morning, sleepy-head. I was beginning to wonder about you.” Missy forced a polite smile at her mom’s chirpy and annoying greeting. She sat down and poured her own bowl of cereal. Dad just looked up silently and nodded a sweet-eyed look of affirmation her way. She loved how he never forced anything on her, gave her space to be herself. The two of them definitely had a connection.

After finishing up her cereal and mindless chatter with her mom, Missy excused herself. “Gotta get dressed for school.”

Daddy discreetly split his attention between the newspaper in front of him and Missy’s sleek body moving away from him. Her golden blonde hair danced on her shoulders, flipping along the collar of her sheer, white tee that hung down to her knees. His mind was already busy filing away the morning’s images of her across the table when facing her. Those incredible, perky breasts pressed against the ears of Minnie Mouse imprinted on her tee. For a split instant, he had spotted the outline of her hard nipples making a clear impression on those black ears. And now he made sure to disguise his focus from his wife, as he watched her smooth hips glide step by step, swaying her schoolgirl ass under her tee. Although she certainly was wearing panties, there was no panty line visible, only adding to this filthy, forbidden image making its impression on his mind.

Saturday, May 9

Amanda did it again! She already ruined my first iPhone cover. Last night, she took my phone and put it on silent mode so it only buzzed at incoming calls. Then she used her own phone to call it… over and over again… holding it against her clit… telling me how good if felt to feel my pink phone on her clitty. We both had a good cum moment together, thanks to my phone and her free hand.

Sunday afternoon was warm. Very warm. After arriving home from church, Missy let her parents know that Amanda was coming over to go swimming. Of course they were good with it. Daddy was REALLY good with it. Sinking that pool into the backyard a decade ago was one of the best investments he had ever made, in more ways than one.

As Missy and Amanda stepped out the patio doors toward the pool, mom caught them and said. “Make sure you girls use plenty of sunscreen, sweetie. Don’t want you girls to get burned.”

Amanda smiled at Missy’s mom and with what appeared to be the most polite smile and good-girl respect she could project she said, “Don’t worry. Neither of us wants to get burned, maybe just a little pink.” Missy cringed inwardly at Amanda’s daring reply. Outwardly she just smiled and giggled and grabbed Amanda’s arm trying to get her out of the house as quickly as possible.

Daddy was a different thing altogether though. The potential double entendre’ was not lost on him. He was certainly surprised, not really having ever considered the thought that Amanda could be THAT bad of an influence on his Missy. Yet, nobody would ever think that HE could have such thoughts either.

As the girls laid out by the pool, daddy found a strategic position which provided an obvious view of the TV and a less obvious angle to the pool patio area. When the girls jumped in the pool, he only had to swivel the chair to recalibrate his position so that he could also see the shallow end of the pool. He alternated his attention between the slow-moving golf tournament on TV and the arousing view in the backyard.

Mom laid down on the couch across the room from dad to take her Sunday afternoon nap. This delicate and limited freedom allowed him a bit more latitude on his viewing choices. As she drifted off, his mind drifted towards those two bodies in the backyard. The tinted windows only added further cover to his secret glances.

Amanda floated on her back in the shallow end of the pool. Missy sat on the bench step, the surface lapping just under the lower edge of her bikini top. Daddy’s eyes admired the view of Amanda’s perky, 18 year old, d-cup, teen titties bobbing just above then below the surface, her sheer yellow bikini top stretched to its limits.

Of course, daddy kept every naughty move secret, every forbidden leer hidden. There was not a thought he entertained or move he made or vision he pursued that did not include an kartal escort instant escape plan and plausible deniability. So, as he gazed at Amanda, he repositioned himself in his chair so that his hardening cock had room to roam without risk of his wife unexpectedly stirring and opening her eyes. He moved his hand down over his crotch, partly to shield his arousal as an additional level of security and partly to apply pressure to his shaft that helped fuel his growing lust.

As he enjoyed the view of Amanda’s body now lying on the deck, her pert, teen titties still pointed skyward, Missy began to move towards the steps in the shallow end of the pool, preparing to exit the cool, refreshing waters. She stepped in the line of daddy’s vision, for a brief instant blocking his view of Amanda.

He shuddered. He fought the temptation for only an instant. Then he allowed his eyes to follow her. Watching her move to the steps. His cock throbbing against the pressure of the palm of his hand. Her body swishing against the water as she moved to the lowest step, her hips rising just above the surface the of the water.

Daddy could hear his heart beating. He could feel it beating through his cock. His eyes no longer alternating from TV to pool. He was locked in now; all lust.

As Missy moved to the second of third steps, her knees surfaced. Her wet bikini bottoms glistened in the sun. And there, sweetly creased above and between her beautiful white thighs was the impression in the fabric of her bottoms… he swallowed hard… he grew even harder… as he strained to capture that image in his mind of his daughter’s smooth slit revealed in the seductive indentation her bikini bottoms offered. By the time she arrived at the top step, there was a word that confronted his mind. One word. One, simple word that he dared to think, to hope, to hear. PINK.

Sunday, May 10

Today Amanda was at her naughty worst. She knew daddy was watching out the window as we were swimming; or so she said. I don’t think he would do that. But she said she could feel his eyes on her. She tried to show off, but I told her to stop because my mom might catch her and then we would be in big trouble. But the real reason is because I don’t want her doing that type of stuff to daddy. It’s just not right. She should be happy to keep her attention on me! Besides, daddy would never do anything naughty like that. I told her so.

As Missy reread her latest diary entry, she decided that she needed to talk to Amanda seriously about this. She was getting a little tired of dealing with Amanda’s repeated and seemingly increasing fascination with her dad.

A few days later, Missy brought it up. “Amanda, we need to talk.”

“Uh-oh, sounds serious. Are you breaking up with me?!”

“No way!” Missy blurted out. “Just the opposite. I really, really like you. You are all I want.”

Amanda cuddled up next to Missy. “Okay then, what’s on your mind?”

Missy waded in carefully. “Well, it’s about my dad.”

Amanda instantly sat up and with a sparkle in her eyes and a knowing expression on her face she teasingly said, “Yesss?”

“Well, you know, I am a little uncomfortable with something.”

Amanda unconsciously licked her lips. She was certain that she knew what Missy was about to admit. She was confident. She was wrong.

“Amanda, sometimes you say things that make me feel uncomfortable.” Amanda nodding, hearing what she thought was the preamble to Missy’s long overdue admission to having taboo desires for her dad.

“It’s just that, well, I want to be yours, ALL yours.” Missy blushed, surprised at her own awkwardness.

Amanda leaned in with warm eyes and a snuggle of affirmation. “I want to be all yours too, sweetie.”

Missy responded. “Well, it’s just that this stuff about my dad kind of, I don’t know, get’s in the way.”

Amanda nodding knowingly, thinking she understood what Missy was trying to say. “It’s okay, Missy, I understand.”

Missy felt a rush of relief, shocked that she had barely said anything and yet Amanda was so willing to be so understanding. Missy fumbled with her words. “I know he is special and lots of women think he is sexy. But, I don’t want to see you… see him…” her voice trailed off as she trembled and began to whimper, dangling at the edge of her nerves and emotions.

Amanda stroked Missy’s hair to calm her fears as she spoke intimately to comfort Missy. “Oh sweetie, you are my pink and my only pink. But I understand. What you are feeling is not easy to deal with.”

Missy felt the warmth of Amanda’s words and intentions, even as she sensed a note just off key. She lifted her head away from Amanda’s embrace and said, “So, you won’t be that way about him anymore?”

Amanda’s hand stopped stroking Missy’s hair. In fact, just about everything that she thought had been moving in sync with Missy stopped. “Huh? Me? What way?”

Missy tensed up, “You know, the way you can be.”

Amanda flinched back, confused and a bit put off. “Wait a second. What are we talking about here?”

Missy, emboldened by what she believed was a meeting of their minds, spoke much more clearly now. “We are talking about you and daddy, how you sometimes do sexy stuff to flirt with him or tempt him.”

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