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The Show Ch. 02

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On Fridays, a few of the guys in the office usually got together and had lunch at the Old Raven, which was a popular bar and restaurant not far from work. I looked forward to Fridays because one of my favorite dishes, Shrimp Cannelloni, was on the menu and very few places served this very tasty food. The waiter brought our drinks and Bob told us a fascinating story that set my mind whirling with ideas. It seems that he and his wife were invited to a party last night by some friends of theirs. It was in a townhouse in the East 60’s and the host and hostess were a very lovely couple in their mid 40’s.

There were about 20 couples there when they arrived and it was a typical cocktail party until Bob happened to glance around the room about an hour later and noticed a young couple sitting on a loveseat against the wall seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. They were soul kissing and the guy placed his hand on her breast and you could see her quiver in response. A few other guests noticed them also and, at first, turned their backs because they were embarrassed for them but soon turned around to watch the spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

Bob told us that the couple really started to go at it and had the entire room staring at them. The guy had his hand under her skirt and was fingering her pussy while she opened his fly and took out an enormous piece of equipment which had the room abuzz and attracted everyone’s attention. The couple seemed oblivious to everything around them and started to undress each other right there in the living room. When they were naked, she pushed him down on the seat and kneeled between his legs and started licking his balls and cock shaft.

He said that they were really into each other and what they were doing and were enjoying every minute of it which was reflected in their faces and served to excite the guests even more. She was lovingly sucking his magnificent penis and they were looking into each other’s eyes as they took off to another world. When he asked her to switch places with him, she got up without hesitation and sat back on the loveseat with her thighs parted as she offered him access to her sexy crotch.

After he had been licking and sucking her pussy for a while, Bob said his wife walked over alongside him and rubbed her breast over his arm as she gazed at the sexy scene before them. It was then that he looked around the room and found that a number of couples had their hands on each other’s organs as they watched. The couple was really enjoying themselves and taking things sensuously and slowly building to a climax. They had the undivided attention of the entire room and Bob told us that he noticed that their hosts were nowhere to be found all during the event. The gal was a very attractive, natural blonde with an absolutely fantastic body and her partner was a tall goodlooking guy with an athletic build and a huge organ. They 69’d, fucked in a variety of positions and finally finished when he spurted his cum all over her body after she coaxed it out with her mouth.

Bob said that they had been having sex for about two hours and had captured the attention of everyone for all that time. After he came, they got up, picked up their clothing and left the room with every eye following them as they left. Then, after a few minutes, the host and hostess appeared and introduced the couple as entertainers who really enjoy their work and the entire room broke out in applause. The couple mingled with the crowd afterwards and handed out their cards to a number of people who asked. Bob said he talked to the gal and found out that they get $5000 for a two hour performance and seemed to be quite booked up.

He passed around the couple’s card and I made a mental note of the telephone number because all sorts of ideas were going through my mind. We discussed the event that Bob related and everyone agreed that it certainly would liven up many a cocktail party. Bob confided that his wife so was so turned on by what she witnessed that she gave him the best sex he’s had in a long time.

For the rest of the day, all I could think about was the charity show that Don and I had put on for our wives friends a short while ago and how much the women were turned on by it. Not only that, but our wives were also turned on by the experience and would bring it up constantly during sex. The germ of an idea started to form in my brain involving Tyko, Don and Suzanne and, by the time I reached home that evening, I couldn’t wait to tell Tyko about Bob’s story and then discuss my idea with her. After dinner, we sat down in the living room and I told Tyko all about Bob’s experience last night.

As soon as I finished, she reminded me about the sex show Don and I put on a few months ago but the fee was tremendous. $5000 for a couple of hours of great sex sounded fantastic to her and she laughingly suggested that we go into the business also. I told her that my thinking was exactly the same only I thought that having Don and Suzanne göztepe escort join us as a bisexual foursome, we could probably double the fee and put on one hell of a 2 hour show. In addition, when you did the math, if we could get 3 bookings a week, that would be $30 grand a week which is 15 thousand a week per couple…which isn’t hay…especially for only 6 hours of great sex, which as far as I’m concerned isn’t work at all. The two of us started to get excited by the possibilities and I called Don and Suzanne and asked them to please come right over as we have some exciting plans for a new business venture which includes them.

It didn’t take long before they arrived and I sat them down and told them the story Bob told me. When I finished, both of them remarked about how it reminds them of our previous show experience and I smiled and told them about our idea and how much money it could bring in for only a few hours of sex a week. I told them that as a bisexual foursome, we could offer a terrific show, that should appeal to the money crowd and once we’re in, there’s no telling how much we could earn for having our usual great sex with each other and getting paid well for it. Both of them said they wanted in and that we should get started laying the groundwork for our new business. At least we didn’t have to quit our day jobs, since our new business would be nights and weekends, at least until we saw how the new venture was turning out.

Next day at work, I talked to Bob and asked if he remembered the names of the host and hostess of that party he went to and he told me that it was Doris and Charles Malle. Malle was an heir to the cosmetics fortune and lived in a townhouse 2 blocks from us. I thanked Bob and whenever I had a few minutes free during the course of the day, I composed a letter which I intended sending to the Malle’s. It was a very business like letter enumerating the endless possibilities of exciting combinations provided by an attractive, well built, bisexual foursome at a very reasonable price who could either start spontaneously during a party or put on a show for them and their guests.

If interested, to please call and we’ll arrange a meeting in person at which time we can discuss the fee. When I got home, I showed Tyko the rough draft and asked Don and Suzanne to come over as I wanted to send the letter in the morning. They, as well as Tyko, approved of the letter and I put it in the computer and printed it out and got it ready for mailing in the morning. Don and Suzanne were excitedly talking with Tyko about the possibilities of our new venture when I joined them in the living room. Don mentioned that he had been thinking about a possible sequence of events that we could incorporate into our show to make the 2 hour act cover a number of interesting positions.

He said that, for instance, we could start off missionary style with each of us having sex with our wives and then starting to mix it up with Tyko and Suzanne working on each other while Don and I worked on each other. Then Tyko asks to be double fucked and Suzanne waits her turn. Then I fuck Suzanne while Don fucks me and Tyko feeds a dildo in and out of his ass. By this time the show should be over but we’ll have to go into rehearsals to time it all out accurately and after saying this, he gave us a shit eating grin complaining about long rehearsal hours involving such hard work. I told him that he’s right in the fact that we do have to rehearse so we know what we’re doing each step of the way and that it might not be a bad idea to start tomorrow night right here. We agreed on 8 o’clock and told Don to write down his rough plan so we had something to follow at least to start out.

I mailed the letter on the way to work with a prayer it would succeed in getting them to call since I knew we could start out with a number of bookings through their circle of friends alone. Then I got on the internet and bought some mailing lists of only extremely wealthy people in the tri-state area and refined the letter I had sent to the Malle’s. As soon as I received the lists in the mail, I planned on sending letters out and try and generate some interest in our act resulting in bookings. The day seemed to drag by and finally I left for home and Tyko and I had a quick dinner as we expected Don & Suzanne over for a rehearsal of our act. We had just finished cleaning up after dinner, when the bell rang and our new partners bounced in with all sorts of ideas to try out.

We all stripped and Don suggested that we start off making love to our wives. If it’s supposed to be a surprise, then one couple should start the ball rolling and start having sex while the other couple is part of the audience for a while until things start to get really hot. Then they should act like the performance is getting to them and they start having sex also. Then, while I am down eating Tyko’s pussy, Suzanne starts sucking my cock and Don feeds Tyko his organ to suck. We start istanbul escort acting out the steps as Don leads us through the routine he worked up. After sucking each other a while, our hands start to wander and Suzanne finds Tyko’s body as my hands find Don’s and we gravitate towards each other until Tyko and Suzanne are entwined in a beautiful 69 and Don and I are sucking each other’s organs also.

After that, Suzanne lays back and spreads her legs as I fit the head of my organ to her wet hole and begin fucking her as Don comes up behind me and feeds his thick cock into my anus and fucks me as I fuck his wife. Tyko squats down over Suzanne’s face and rubs her cunt all over her lips and nose. After that we switch positions as Don fucks Tyko while I fuck him and Suzanne sits on Tyko’s face. We all cum in this last position which ends the show at the 2 hour mark. If it’s to be a regular show, we all come out in our robes and are introduced one by one as we open our robes to display our equipment. Then we start on each other’s wives as before and follow the same pattern previously described.

The rehearsal went beautifully and all four of us got off as we usually did with each other and then they headed home as both had early starts in the morning. Tyko and I had discussed our mutual attraction for Don and Suzanne many times in the past and always looked forward to having sex with them as it was always so beautiful and satisfying. I absolutely loved Don’s gorgeous penis and could spend hours sucking the juices out of his balls just as Tyko loved burying her head between Su’s thighs and sucking up her juices also. I also found Su very exciting and satisfying and it made absolutely no difference how we mixed it up in bed as we had a great time regardless.

Soon after they left, Tyko reached for my semi-hard penis and worked her magic fingers over it until it was nice and hard and then announced that she would love a goodnight fuck which I certainly wasn’t going to refuse. Somehow, after a night of sex with others, we were always horny for each other and had to have sex before we went to sleep no matter how many times we had cum during the course of the night. We fell asleep right after we both came with my cock still inside her.

Next day I was quite busy and didn’t have a chance to think about anything other than my work and before I knew it, I was on my way home. We had just finished dinner when the phone rang and my heart leapt when the voice on the other end said it was Charles Malle and he would like to arrange an appointment for us to meet at his place and discuss the particulars regarding the letter I had sent to him. He asked if it would be possible for us to come over to his home tonight about 9 pm and I told him that I would have to check with Don and Suzanne first and call him right back. He gave me his private number and I immediately called Don and Su and told of them of Malle’s call. They agreed to go over with us and I called Malle back and made it definite.

The four of us arrived at his magnificent townhouse and were shown into a sitting room by a very attractive young maid who told us that Mr. Malle would be right down. A few minutes later a very distinguished looking gentleman with a full head of wavy grey hair and a big smile came into the room and we introduced ourselves. He told us that he and his wife enjoy having shows at their parties on occasion and mentioned that we were the first bisexual foursome he had ever heard of and the possibilities intrigued him. He asked how much we charged and when I told him the $10,000 fee for a 2 hour show, he never blinked an eyelash. He asked if we would remove our clothes so he could see what he was buying since he only wanted the best for his guests. As we stripped, he called his wife on the intercom and told her to come down and meet us.

Just as we removed the last of our garments, a very tall, attractive woman walked into the room and was introduced by Charles as his wife, Doris. She looked at us appraisingly and especially checked out our organs which were starting to fill with blood from excitement. I also noticed that she looked at both girls’ bodies with a great deal of interest and that Charles’ eyes were moving back and forth from my penis to Don’s with great interest. He asked if the girls would please get us hard so he could see how well we were hung and Tyko kneeled before me and Su in front of her husband and both started playing with our cocks and balls which had our organs at full erection in no time.

Both of them commented on how nice our cocks were and Doris asked if the four of us would consider entertaining some of their guests after the show is over. I told her that if they wanted us to have sex with the guests in addition to the show, it would cost double and she smiled and said that would be fine with them. Charles told us that he’s having a large group over at his place this Saturday evening and would it be possible for us to put on kadıköy escort a show and take care of whichever guests want to be taken care of. We had no plans for Saturday and I accepted immediately.

Charles told us that he would like us to put on a stage show and, after we got dressed, led us down the hall to another room which was really a small theatre for about 50 people with a stage at the front as well as a screen for movies. He told us that he would be introducing us to the audience and then we would start the show. He also mentioned that, after the show, he would like us available for any of the guests who might like sex with us. He wrote us a check for $10,000 and told us that we would get the other $10,000 on Saturday evening.

We were elated and couldn’t stop jabbering all the way home as we had booked our first appearance for double the fee and would be exposed to just the people that could afford our services, which hopefully would lead to more commissions in the future. Next day during lunch hour, Tyko and Su bought us white terry cloth robes and white terry sandals. On a whim, they had the store embroider “The Four B’s” on the right chest pocket of each one, after considering “The Four Bi’s” and deciding that was too graphic, so our act went under that name from then on.

We had a few nights to rehearse our act and get it down pat and by Saturday evening we were ready. We arrived at Malle’s house about 8 pm and were shown into a large dressing room just behind the stage where we undressed and put on our robes. Charles knocked on the door and greeted us and introduced us to a gentleman named William, who would introduce us to the audience. We discussed who he would introduce first and approximately what we would do during the introduction. I suggested that, as he announces our names, we could walk to the front of the stage and open our robes to show the audience our equipment and then walk back to stage rear alongside the others.

After the introductions, we would remove our robes and pair off on the king sized bed at center stage. It was a small theatre and the audience was very close to us as we walked to the front of the stage. Actually, the people in the front row could reach out and touch us easily. The stage was set low and the seats were inclined upwards so that everyone could see what was happening onstage.

When it was my turn to be introduced, I walked to the right front of the stage and opened my robe. I was immediately overcome by a rush of erotic feelings and my organ started to rise to the delight of the audience, who broke out in applause as it reached its zenith. An attractive, mature woman in the front row was gazing with unabashed desire at my thick erection so I stood in front of her and asked if she would like to feel it. She hesitated for a moment as she looked at the man sitting next to her but when he nodded his approval, she reached out and ran her fingers up and down the length and squeezed my shaft before letting it go. I continued holding my robe open and displaying my manhood as I moved stage left.

I encouraged anyone to feel my organ and as I got to the left of the stage a good looking young guy reached out and grasped my thickness in his hand and told me he wanted to get to know it better later and I smiled as I returned to the others. They followed my lead and displayed their wares to the audience and had a few people reach out and slip a finger into their pussy or grab a shaft and, by the time we were ready to start the show, the audience was in a very horny mood.

As the announcer left the stage, we removed our robes and I walked over to Tyko and took her in my arms as we kissed a deep soul kiss and ran our hands all over our bodies. Then Tyko suddenly dropped to her knees and began worshipping my erection, balls and anus with her tongue and lips. She was sucking on my balls as she stroked my shaft and I looked at the audience with glazed eyes as I gave myself up to my wife’s talented mouth and hands. I did notice a woman with her hand on her crotch rubbing it as she watched us and then I was lost in passion when Tyko took my cock into her mouth and I took off on a beautiful high. She knew when to stop sucking as she didn’t want me to cum just yet and stood up and led me over to the bed and lay down on her back with her legs spread wide.

She knew that I couldn’t resist the sight of her gorgeous spread and would have to go down and worship it and she was right. Her pretty pussy and tiny puckered asshole were framed by her gorgeous, sexy thighs and full ass and I lowered my face to her crotch with reverence. Her musky scent made my cock quiver as I dipped my tongue into her slit and between her petal like labia and tasted her magnificent flavor. I ran my tongue up to her clit hood and teased out the tiny button and took it between my lips and gently sucked it while running my tongue over it until I could feel Tyko’s body start shaking and knew she was about to cum.

I slid my tongue down into her vaginal opening and drove it as deep as possible while I pinched her clit between my fingers. I licked her passage and she stiffened and cried out as her orgasm struck and my tongue was rewarded with a flow of her juices which I kept lapping up long after her orgasm was over.

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