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The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Chapter 4 – Kayleigh

Do we really have the entire house to ourselves? We do and I fucking love it, but not as much as if Tara were here with us. She’s doing something very important right now and I know it’s going well. There was too much planning for it to go wrong and the wine is there to ensure everything stays on course. It better be going fucking well, since that resort is not cheap.

What does her pussy taste like? I can only imagine, but I’ll find out soon enough. Right now I’m naked, which is the way it should be. More importantly, so is Dillon and I’m waiting for him to get hard again. I know what he wants while we wait and it’s just a question of which room to use.

My hands are on his sculpted ass as I’m on my knees staring at his perfection. I love the way that he sighs from my touch almost as much as the sensation of my flesh on his. I press my lips to the top of his crack and press my tongue to taste him. There’s nothing special about the taste, but it’s the knowledge of where that crack leads that I yearn for and he knows it.

He’s pulling away from me, the bastard, and I see his soft shaft pointed toward my face. I know he doesn’t want me to suck it just yet, but more than willing if I’m wrong. His hands pull my chin up and grins above me. I know exactly what he’s thinking, since I have seen that look so many times before. This is the advantage of old lovers, we know each other very well.

Dillon grins a little wider as he says, “I’m going to Caoimhe’s room.”

Caoimhe’s room is where we go when we want to have a little fun and the house to ourselves. The three of us in bed and me pretending to be her. It’s fun to call out daddy while getting fucked by him, or mommy as she eats my pussy. Anywhere else in the house is for the act of making love, but in her room it’s about fucking. Role-playing is important after all and we take great joy in the play.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making love with them, but sometimes its nice to get pounded hard by that dick of his. He knows my body so well that he makes me feel wonderful no matter the pace and she does a good job herself when it comes to being a little more aggressive. My pussy drips with anticipation of what’s to come, even though it’s a different hole that going to get filled before too long.

I go to my bedroom and get the anal lube, since that’s closest to where I’m at. My pussy continues to drip, since I love him inside of me no matter the hole. As I leave my room, I double check to make certain it’s close to full. The last thing I want is to stop due to me getting a fucking bottle that’s empty.

I see him in her bed and carry my body to him. His knees are on her mattress and I once again find myself staring at his toned ass. I just love that part of him, well I love all of him, but this is the best view I can get. Well, almost the best view. That parts coming up very soon and I’m very wet.

I mimic her voice as best I can, which is pretty good considering the practice I’ve had. “Bend over for me, daddy.”

He turns over his shoulder to look into my green eyes and I can see the fire there. “What do you want to see, Caoimhe?”

I grin as the game continues. “You know what I want to see, daddy.”

He grins a little wider. “I know, Caoimhe, but I still want you to tell me.”

My grin matches his and I feel myself drip down my thighs. “I want to see your asshole, daddy.”

The game still continues on. “What are you willing to do to see my asshole, Caoimhe.”

I say in a playful voice, “Kiss your ass, daddy.”

He responds in an equally playful voice, but there’s something a little darker there. “What else is my daughter willing to do, Caoimhe?”

I let out a soft laugh as I say, “Lick your asshole, daddy.”

The games almost over, for now. “And what else is my daughter willing to do, Caoimhe?”

I can barely contain myself at this point. “Let you fuck me in the ass, daddy. Just the way you like. I know you want to fuck my ass, daddy.”

He spreads his knees as he turns forward and lowers his chest down. His hands reach back for his cheeks and I see it slowly spread before me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at Tara’s spread asshole, but I love looking at his.

It’s a little darker than hers and the ridges are a little more pronounced, but that’s only partly what I love about this view. I can see his balls dangling down, along with that amazing shaft of his. It still isn’t hard, but it will get there before I’m tired of playing this game.

My hands reach out for his balls while I press my lips in the very center. I love the smell and can’t hold back. My fingers move close to his asshole as my tongue presses through and he sighs for me. That wonderful hint of bitterness greets me as I start to encircle his asshole.

He calls out, “That’s it, Caoimhe, you know what daddy likes. You know what gets daddy’s dick hard for you.”

Yes I do, daddy, but my tongues a little busy now. I love the way his ridges feel as I explore ataşehir escort bayan each one and his sighs are becoming more intense with each passing moment. My fingers pull as my tongue presses in the center and more of that bitterness can be found. My tongue just can’t get deep enough for my liking and I wish it were a little longer. That’s fucking bullshit, since I wish my tongue were a lot fucking longer.

He lets out a moan and his voice is filled with the pleasure I bring. “Tongue fuck daddy’s asshole, Caoimhe.”

My tongue starts to move in and out as quickly as I can as my fingers pull him apart just little more. His moans are growing stronger as I feel his wonderful asshole around the tip of my tongue, but it isn’t deep enough. The bitterness is starting to fade and I still press on, since that’s what daddy want.

His voice sounds a little ragged. “Fuck daddy’s ass harder, Caoimhe.” I find the strength to press a little deeper and do my best to fuck him with all the ferocity I can muster. “That’s it, Caoimhe, fuck daddy’s ass just like that.”

My pace continues for countless minutes as he continues to moan out her name. The flavor is long gone, but the sensation of his asshole pressed around the tip of my tongue is still pleasurable. He won’t let me go like this forever, but I will never stop until the last of my energy forces my body to collapse.

He’s pulling his ass away from my face and I don’t want it to end just yet. My fingers are a little sore as he rises to his knees and I can see his hard dick beneath his balls. I want to force him back down, but daddy needs something else from me right now and daddy’s not a patient person.

I get out of bed and reach for the lube as he stands behind me. As I turn my body, his head is pointed at my eye and tempted to put it in my mouth, but that’s not what he’s waiting for. One of my hands pours lube over the top of his wonderful head as the other catches it as best I can. There’s going to be some loss of lube, since there always is, but it’s important to make sure he’s properly coated.

I set the bottle to the side and start to work the lube onto his wonderful shaft. The veins feel wonderful as my fingers pass across them. He lets out a moan as my hands continue their work and I still want to put it in my mouth.

I leave his thoroughly coated shaft behind as I get into bed. There’s no need to ask about the position he wants me in, since I know daddy very well. My knees are on the bed close to where his were and my face presses against her pillow. I can still smell her as I breath in deeply and my hands go back to spread my cheeks as best I can. It’s not an easy thing to do with lube, but there’s a technique that does work to a point.

Any other room and I’d still be fucking his asshole with my tongue, but this is daddy in here and he decides how long everything lasts when it’s just the two of us. I can feel the head of his dick press against my asshole, which causes it to tighten. That’s alright, since we both know it will give and soon I’ll feel the discomfort of entry.

He’s playing as he says, “Tell daddy what you want, Caoimhe.”

I take a deep breath and inhale more of her into my nostrils as I say, “I want you to fuck my ass, daddy.”

I let out a hiss as he enters and waits for a moment for me to adjust. Even in here he does this and I’m glad. To call this a discomfort is an understatement, but the pain will pass and soon he’ll be fucking me hard.

I call out when I’m ready. “Fuck me hard, daddy.”

He forces himself all the way in with one powerful thrust and I can feel his balls bounce against my pussy. His hands force mine away as he waits for my body to adjust. Even with the minimal pain, which came with that hard thrust, it feels amazing. I grunt out as my head hits against the board. He’s holding himself in deep and I wonder what he’s waiting for. That’s alright, since I get to feel every single one of his glorious seven inches.

There was a time when him forcing his shaft all the way inside quickly would have caused me to scream out in pain, but that was a long time ago and now I love the way his dick makes me feel inside. There’s a sense of fulness that only he can bring to that part of my body that I like, but the feeling of his balls slapping against my pussy is even better. I let out a moan to encourage him to get to fucking already and still he waits.

I force my ass back for added encouragement as I say, “Fuck me hard, daddy. Fuck my ass hard.”

He slowly pulls back and I can feel the emptiness he leaves behind. There’s an even more powerful thrust than the first time and again my head hits wood, but I hardly notice. I moan out a little louder as his balls hit perfectly and again he fucking stops.

His fingers squeeze my cheeks hard as he finally starts to fuck me the way we both like it. He’s pulling my asshole apart and I scream out for him. This feels so fucking good as his balls slap my pussy hard over and over again. escort kadıöy I love the sound they make against my pussy and scream out a little more for him.

I call out to encourage him. “Fuck me harder, daddy. Fuck my ass harder.”

His voice is guttural as his fingers pull a little more. “I love your fucking ass, Caoimhe. You just keep right on taking my fucking dick. Every fucking inch from daddy.”

His pounding starts to get harder and his grip is going to leave one hell of a mark, which is fine by me. It isn’t the first time it’s hurt to sit for a while after having our fun. The powerful slapping of his balls and the deep thrusts make me moan out in a new level of pleasure and I don’t want him to fucking stop, ever.

He’s starting to grunt out as he gets closer to that point of no return and my body responds to his. There’s nothing like the feeling of his cum being forced deeper into my asshole than his dick can reach and my hips press hard to meet his thrusts. The sound of the slaps are getting louder and so are my moans.

His hands tighten even more as he forces himself in as deep as he can get. I moan as the first shot reaches me and say, “That’s it daddy. Give me your fucking cum.”

Another shot deep within and I scream out his name. I haven’t lost the role and the only name he hears is daddy. Another thrust and another shot of heaven as he slowly fills my asshole even more and I love the that every twitch sends shivers throughout my body. Why the fuck can’t he stay hard after he cums?

The last of his shot has been given and he’s slowly pulling out. I can feel his cum follow him and wish he could stay hard forever. I would love to feel his cum forced deeper inside as he continues to fuck my ass, but that won’t happen and I feel the last of him pulling out of my asshole. Some of his cum drips out after him, but most stays inside and held in place by my now closed asshole.

I don’t even bother waiting to be asked as I move my body and stare at his softening shaft. It glistens from the lube and his cum, which causes me to grin up at him. My mouth parts as I look into his eyes and he presses it all the way inside my mouth. I gag a little as my throat gets stretched and my lips close tight at the base.

I can taste the bitterness of my ass and the saltiness of his cum as my tongue explores his softening shaft. He’s starts to slowly fuck my mouth to give me time to breath and our eye remain locked on one another. It may be my head that he sees, but it’s hers that he imagines and I have no problem playing this role.

He’s slowly pressing his dick in as he smiles down at me. “You know your daddy so fucking well, Caoimhe.”

I try to mumble my affirmative response, but can’t get a clear word out with his dick in my mouth. My tongue presses against his shaft and most of the bitterness is gone. He pulls back and my tongue works on his head as he continues to smile down at me.

* * *

19 Years Ago

She’s been rubbing it in again and being even more of a bitch than usual. Tara just can’t let it go and I’m starting to get pissed. It’s always Dillon this or Dillon that in bed. I’m sick of it, but can’t tell her to shut the fuck up.

Stress is the last thing she needs right now and I’m not about to say anything that could put either of them at risk. So I’ll take it, since it’s about making amends and I’ll deal with the bitchiness. Right now, she needs to relax and I have to let her be a fucking bitch.

Tara finally goes silent about rubbing in his size and I hope she’s getting tired of her game. I know he’s big, since it’s impossible to hide something like that. Does she suspect something? That would explain the extra level of bitchiness that she’s been all day. If she does, she’s wrong. There’s nothing going on, but does she believe it?

Tara changes the subject from talking about how good he is in bed to her body reacting to her pregnancy. “My tits are sore as fuck.”

I hide the smirk at the words of her discomfort and say, “I’m sure they are. What do you want me to do about it?”

Her voice is calm and her face remains that same shade of paleness that she’s always had. “Massage them for me.”

I search her face for the joke, but it isn’t there. “No, Tara.”

Her green eyes stare into mine as she says, “Why not?”

I cough a little at her response. “Because, I’m not Dillon.”

Her voice becomes a little more serious. “I know, you’re my sister and you moved in to help me. He’s not here, but you are and they fucking hurt right now.”

It’s got to be the hormones and I wonder if I can talk her out of this. If it weren’t for the pregnancy I’d tell her to go to hell, but I can’t. I don’t want to bring any stress and struggle to find a way to tell her no without risking her life, or the baby’s.

My sister may be the biggest fucking bitch in the world, but I don’t want to lose her. Especially if I’m the one responsible. I hope I can reason with her, since I really don’t maltepe escort want to touch her tits. She’s always been bigger, but not by much until now. Hell, I think they’ve gone up an entire cup size and I’m pissed. It’s just one more thing for the bitch to rub into my face.

Dillon is my only hope. “Is there any way he can come home now?”

She glares at me and I can’t stand that look. “He’s got a fucking project that needs to be finished today. I don’t want him to risk his job over this. Are you fucking him? Is that why you want him to come home early?”

My face turns several shades of red and I wonder if it matches my hair. “No! I would never…”

She cuts and I worry about the stress. “Prove it. Massage my fucking tits.”

Out of worry for her and to change the subject for her very wrong suspicion, I say, “Fine, Tara, I’ll massage them.”

Her glare softens a little and I don’t believe she thinks I’m telling the fucking truth. I have never been with him and she needs to know it. If massaging her tits will calm her and reduce the stress, then fuck it.

Tara holds my green eyes with hers as she searches for some hint of what she suspects. “Follow me to my room!”

It’s an odd request, which sounds nothing like a request. “Why?”

She smirks at my response as she says, “Because my bed is more comfortable than the floor. Let’s go!”

I follow behind her as we enter her bedroom, that same room I’ve heard them having their fun. From what I’ve heard behind that closed door, she isn’t lying about just how good he is. Tara’s the luckiest woman I know and not just because she married a good man. There are plenty of good men out there, but most don’t do shit in bed.

She removes her clothes, all of them, and I avert my eyes a little too late. “Do you really need to be naked for this?”

Tara laughs a little at my question. “Yes.”

An image of her pale ass floats in my head as she lays down and her nipples press up from her newly enlarged tits. I can’t look away, well I could, but have to see what I’m going to be massaging. So now I have her ass and her fucking tits permanently burned into my mind. Thanks a lot, you fucking bitch.

She lays on her back and I sit on the edge of the bed to force myself to do this and my loose shirt catches under my ass. I start to pull at it, but need to get up to free it. I don’t bother with bras and a loose shirt is the only way I can keep my nipples from showing.

She looks a little pissed. “Just take it off.”

I feel myself get a little more red as her words sink in. “My shirt?” She nods, but doesn’t say anything. “Why?”

Her eyes sharpen a little. “Because its just going to get in the fucking way.”

Her voice is hiding something, but I ignore it for the sake of her health and the baby’s. I groan out and say, “Fine.”

My hands quickly pull my shirt over my head and I can feel her eyes on me. I shrug off the sensation as I toss my shirt to the floor and only my shorts remain. It’s a little chilly without my shirt and I feel my nipples harden.

I get into bed with her, once again you bitch, and my hands reach out for her tits. How the fuck did she talk me into this? My hands reach her flesh and they feel hot under my cold fingers. Good, maybe next time she won’t ask. I know what a cold touch does and I’m glad she’s feeling that right now.

Instead of an end, she lets out a soft sigh as I softly massage her tits. My eyes move up to her face and she closes her eyes and lets me continue to work on relieving the soreness. I want to burn a different image into my mind, but her fucking nipples won’t go away.

She lets out another soft sigh. “A little harder.”

My fingers press down and I feel her flesh press through. I try to avoid her nipples, but can’t help hitting them on occasion. Every time I brush them, she lets out a soft moan and I wonder if she’s enjoying this a little too much. That can’t be it, since I’m her sister and she knows it.

Her lips let out another sigh as my fingers brush her fucking nipples and I just want to avoid them altogether. “Are you fucking him?”

My fingers press down a little harder out of frustration and her hard nipples catch between them. “No! I’m not fucking him, or anyone else. I don’t know what the hell’s gotten into you, but it isn’t happening.”

She glares hard at me and I know my answer hasn’t done shit to alleviate her suspicion. It has to be the fucking hormones, because my sister would never say anything like that. At least not in those words and I’m a little pissed.

Tara damn near spits out her demand. “Prove it.”

My fingers release her tits altogether and I stare into her accusatory eyes. “How?”

There’s no other words that I can think of to get this to end and it’s really hard not to tell her to go fuck herself. It’s the fucking hormones, I remind myself. Watch the stress and calm down. I take a deep breath as I wait for her response.

Her voice is oddly calm as she says, “Take off your shorts and spread your legs.”

This has gone to far. “No, Tara, I’m not going to do that. I’m not fucking him. That should be enough for you.”

She smirks as she says, “That’s what I thought. Get out of my fucking house. I’m going to kill him.”

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