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The Phillips Family Curse Ch. 01

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This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: The Branches Take Hold

If, as a man, I offered you the chance to spend some hot summer days at a beautiful lake house being the center of attention among a gaggle of women, that would sound pretty good, right? If I told you that those days would entail women, young and old, flirting with you, having them put their hands on you, speak solely in thinly veiled innuendo, shove their boobs in your face and point their asses at you, that would be pretty amazing, right? And if it became clear that you could have your pick of any one of them to take to bed, that would sound like a dream come true, right? Well not for me. No, it was a nightmare. Cause you see, it happened to me.

At my family reunion.

Let that sink in for a moment. It sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s true. It happened to me.

My name is Jesse, a normal dude from a seemingly normal family. A humble college sophomore with dreams of becoming a therapist. A regular guy with a decent job and a really cool girlfriend.

I wasn’t used to being the center of attention until recently. From high school up through the beginning of my freshman year of college I tended to blend into the background at times, and I certainly didn’t mind. I didn’t need that kind of pressure. But eventually it reached the point where I wanted to be on the receiving end of some attention from the opposite sex. That lack of attention was maddening. I wasn’t a bad looking guy. Just quiet. And I guess I just didn’t stand out enough in a crowd to get any real attention. It just reached a point where… it was just, I was tired of being alone.

College was a fresh start. A chance to reinvent myself. So I did. I mainly focused on working out, learning to take better care of my body and not let myself be ravaged by the wear and tear of college life. I felt like if I wanted to make change happen, I had to want to change. I had to change my mindset, my level of discipline, everything and that change had to start from within. If I could change one side of the equation maybe that would spur me to make other changes and just get out there and meet some people. And plus, I just wanted to get in better shape. And that’s never a bad thing. So I became a bit of a gym rat, going there every day, gaining a discipline I never had before. And it paid off in all the ways I could have hoped.

I got in much better shape, filling out and tightening up. And it paid off in other ways as well. I met my first real girlfriend, Sandy, at the gym. I felt sparks with her pretty quickly. We were in sync about a lot of things, both intellectually and philosophically, as well as physically. It didn’t take long from when we started dating before we began hooking up, and yeah, it was pretty awesome. I realized I had been really missing out… sex was fucking amazing!

Sandy made me feel good about myself and really brought me out of my shell. She was an absolutely gorgeous, lean, fit dark-haired young woman. She was a little bit older than me as well, which surprised me at first, but the more I thought on it the more it kinda worked for me. Physically, she was all I could ask for. Incredibly pretty, and sexy, with a tan complexion, a cute tight butt, and perky boobs. I was more of a butt man than a boob man, so I didn’t need a girl to have, you know, bulging mammoth boobs. Her B-cups were more than enough to satisfy me, but it was her ass that made me drool. She was gorgeous though, with a cute smile, and striking eyes. She also had an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor, which just added to her appeal. I didn’t know how I landed someone so attractive. I felt like I was succeeding beyond my level, but when I was with her she made me feel like the most beautiful man in the world. She said she loved my shaggy mop of hair, my sexy tan, my crooked smile, my boyish looks, my taut stomach, my cute butt and my thick nine-inch penis. I could always see the desire in her eyes, and the physical need from her body. She was as hot for me as I was for her, and she always told me that it was a shock to her that I had stayed single for so long, that she was amazed that she got to me first. My heart always filled with warmth for her when she said things like that.

She might be the one.

For college, I had moved cross-country. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who stayed corralled to his hometown his entire life. There was a great big world out there and I wanted to experience it. So, I had only really been back home for Christmas, and when I did I returned ataşehir escort bayan to my old ways, fading into the background as the big personalities of my family took over. I didn’t like that, how I reverted as soon as I was around my mom and sister and dad. It was soon after that that I really focused myself on working out, and it was during that process I met Sandy. Going home had been the old me coming back out, and I didn’t want that, so as summer break approached, I opted to get an apartment out here as opposed to going back home for the summer. I wanted to start new here and not go back there, at least as much as I could avoid it.

My family wasn’t exactly in love with this idea, but I eventually convinced them that this was best for me. But my mom was unbending on one point. I had to attend the Phillips family reunion.

This was a big deal in my mom’s side of the family. Once every ten years, my grandmother Helen would host this big reunion at her lake house. Family from across the country would attend. I went when I was a kid… and it was crazy. There were people there I didn’t know existed, cousins and aunts and uncles I had never met. Last time I was there, it was catered, and there would be boating on the lake and games and all sorts of stuff. Admittedly, it had been pretty fun before, but again, it was a thing from my old life where I fell into the background. My family was full of huge personalities and I would never stand out in a crowd like that. Not that I would have wanted to. I would have been happy to just get away from all that craziness, but Mom was insistent. This was the reunion for her side of the family, and it was a point of pride for people to compare their families and their accomplishments and all that kind of stuff. It was imperative for me to be there. Now, while it did press up against a planned trip me and Sandy planned to take together, I relented and agreed to attend.

How bad could it be?


I gave Sandy a soft kiss before stepping on the plane, dreading being away from her for so long. I know it sounds a bit juvenile, but I was kinda worried about how many chances I would have in the next few days to… take care of myself. I know it was only four full days, but to a college-aged male with a healthy sex-drive, that sounded like an eternity.

Now, I wasn’t flying home. Home wasn’t really near where the reunion was. My family was driving from home and I was meeting them on the way. They had a hotel room in the city I was flying into. My dad was picking me up from the airport. We would crash at the hotel room for the night, and then make the last part of the trip all together as one happy family.

My flight was getting in pretty late, which is why Dad was the only one to pick me up. I could sense the surprise is in his eyes as he looked at me, noting my filled out frame.

“Hey bud!” he said, pulling me into a hug.

“Hey Dad,” I replied, a little worse for wear after the long flight.

“You hittin’ the gym?” he asked.

“I’m trying. Just a little bit,” I replied with a smile.

“With all those college girls around you, I can’t blame you,” he said, elbowing me in the ribs lightly. I blushed a bit, not overly enjoying talking about this kind of stuff with my dad. “How was the flight?”

“Fine,” I began, shrugging my shoulders. “Just long.”

“Yeah, well, feel free to crash once we get back to the hotel room,” Dad began. “Your mom and your sister are probably already out cold.”

We retrieved my bags and Dad drove me to the hotel, which was on the other side of town. We picked up a quick bite to eat on the way back before arriving to the hotel room. The room was dark by the time we entered, and I saw the dark shapes of Mom and my sister in their beds. I was only given a weary greeting from my half-asleep mother as we entered. With the long day really hitting me, I changed clothes, slid into the bed next to my sister, and quickly fell asleep.


Despite the fact that I was the last to arrive, I was the first to wake up. I had trained myself to wake up early since I enjoyed working out in the morning. Our hotel was pretty small, so I ended up just running outside around the hotel and the neighboring businesses. It was as the first beams of light emerged from the morning darkness that I made my way back to the hotel room, re-entering it and finding it just as I left it, with everyone still asleep.

I took my morning shower, washing off the exertion of my work-out before, just standing in the water and letting it really wake me up as I relaxed and cooled down.

Finally, I stepped out, dried off, tied a towel around my waist and did my morning rituals. Combing my hair, brushing my teeth, etc. I was scrubbing the condensation off the mirror when the perfect morning silence was interrupted.


“Hey, hurry up! You’ve been in there forever!” My sister, Dana, called out through the door.

“Just escort kadıöy a minute.” I called out with my toothbrush in my mouth. I finished up with that and began cleaning my stuff up, and I was about to change when I was interrupted.

“C’mon, Jesse! Some people want to get ready!” Dana called out again.

“What is the freaking rush??” I replied, my temper flaring as I pulled open the door. There stood my sister, waiting impatiently, her lips twisted in an annoyed scowl. Behind her stylish, black plastic rimmed glasses, her eyes glared disapprovingly at me.

I guess my sister would be considered good-looking. Obviously, I never thought of her that way, but she always had her fair share of suitors. She had brown hair, like me, and it flowed down between her shoulder blades. She was decently tall, pretty fit, and she had assets where it counted. She was also very pretty, but her face often belied her natural demeanor. Namely, she was pretty much a straight-up bitch.

Dana and I never really hard a warm and fuzzy relationship. She was older than me, and she had been graduated from college and out of school for about a year now, so there was about a five year gap between us. Just enough of a gap as to where she was perpetually in the next stage of her life than I was. So, in her mind, being an older sister was an obligation, a crimp on her style. I was always friendly and patient with her, but she didn’t always return the favor. Her general mood with me was antagonistic, and as I got older that got more and more annoying.

As I pulled the door open, the steamy air escaped the closed room, passing over my flesh before heading outward, the heated air hitting my sister full-on, causing her nostrils to flare. At the same moment, she caught a glimpse of me, clad only in a towel tied around my hips, and her eyes widened in surprise as she took me in.

I suppose I looked a bit different that the last time she saw me. The thin layer of flab I once had was now replaced by taut muscle. Smooth edges were replaced with cut lines. My pecs had filled out, as had my neck muscles. My biceps were lean and taut. Yes, I had abs, a well-defined six-pack, and I even had that triangle of muscle pointing down towards my crotch. I guess I looked good, but I was never the type to look for any excuse to pop my shirt off. That being said, I certainly didn’t mind the increased attention my improved body got me.

So it must have been a bit of a shock for Dana to see her little brother this way. Nearly naked, except for the towel slung low around my hips. Skin still slightly slick with moisture, the little droplets of condensation running down my body, muscles glistening in the dim light of the hotel room.

The features on her face registered this shock, her default resting bitch-face softening, her lips parting, her eyes widening, her slim nose gasping at the heated air as goose bumps rose on her skin. Her pose became less combative, her crossed arms falling to her sides as she took a step back. She was still wearing her sleepwear, an old college t-shirt and some loose fitting pajama pants. She had her clothes for the day next to her, ready to go. She stood there, frozen, not saying anything to me.

“So…” I began, strumming my fingers on the door impatiently. “What’s the rush?”

“Oh, uh… sorry, I didn’t, uh, know…” she began, her eyes still looking me over. It was unusual to see her like this, on her heels. She was typically pretty assertive conversationally, and quite biting in her comments, which I had long grown impatient of, so I didn’t let up now that I had the advantage for once.

“Listen, I just have to dry off, grab my clothes and get dressed, so give me five minutes? Can you wait that long?” I asked sarcastically.

“Uh, yeah, okay.” she stammered, all fight having left her, backing away as I stepped out to grab my clothes from my luggage. I could feel Dana’s eyes glued to me as I bent over. She was clearly just being impatient, as usual. I stood with my clothes in hand as I looked into the room. The TV was on, and my dad was watching the news while lying in bed. I had just enough time to recognize that my mother wasn’t in the room when I heard the door behind me open.

My mom entered the room, two cups of coffee in hand. She had clearly just thrown on some decent clothes so she could go down to the breakfast area. Even as her son, it wasn’t tough to admit that it was hard for her to not look pretty, even though she was relatively fresh out of bed. She was a blonde and in her mid-forties. She had a very healthy lifestyle, working out and eating right. She wasn’t, like, a fitness queen, but she looked trim while still having curves.

My sister had inherited her genes from Mom, sharing similar frames, namely large breasts, a full butt, and long legs. But Dana didn’t inherit much else. While my older sister was a complete bitch, Mom was a lot more fun and lighthearted, always coming across like the nice Mom, but she had a twinkle in maltepe escort her eye that let you know she was capable of some fun and mischief.

She had thrown on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to run down to get the coffee. It was merely moments after stepping in that she noticed me, her son, barely clothed, skin still slightly moist from the shower. She couldn’t help but look me over, and then stammer out a quick greeting.

“Oh, uh, hi,” she said with a slight grin.

“Hi, Mom,” I said, pausing from my annoyance with Dana to give Mom a genuine greeting. I moved back towards the bathroom, passing a lost-in-thought Dana, who still stood next to the bathroom, eyes still following me before I shut the door.

And of course, when I finally exited the bathroom, wearing shorts and a button-up shirt, she wasn’t waiting right there ready to go. She had gone to her suitcase to grab new clothes, different from the ones she had before, leaving the bathroom unoccupied, after it was so necessary for her to get in there before.

“Bathroom’s open,” I called out to her, causing her to give me a weird look before walking past me, entering the bathroom with new clothes in hand.


The morning was a bit hectic as the four of us moved around each other at different stages of our preparation. I caught up with Mom a bit as she sipped her coffee. She worked in an office, so she caught me up on her work stuff. She also explained the logistics of the reunion.

The Phillips family reunion was really an event. It lasted a few days, where we would all be together, the whole family. We would have different food and games and events and all sorts of other stuff. A multi-day event designed to let our whole family catch-up. My grandmother had a big house, so some of us would be staying at her place, while others would stay at hotels nearby. We were staying at the house.

Mom kept giving me these weird looks, just like Dana did. At times she would be staring right at me as I talked to her, and at other times she would look down at herself, playing with the hem of her shirt, as if she was disappointed these were the clothes she had chosen to wear. I don’t know why, she looked fine, and plus I had seen her dressed far less formal than she currently was.

Since Dana was taking her sweet time in the shower, Dad threw some clothes on, and me and him went down to get breakfast, leaving the girls alone in the room.

Me and Dad ate as we caught up more and talked about guy stuff like sports and TV and movies, stuff like that. As we finished up, Dad went to throw some of our trash away, leaving me alone at the table. As I was left alone, I pulled my phone out and shot out a quick text to Sandy, even though it was doubtful she would be awake, due to the time difference.

“I miss you.”

Some of my friends told me I was suffering from “First Girlfriend Syndrome”, namely that since Sandy was my first girlfriend I was jumping all in, head over heels. That I was becoming soft. And it was probably true. I was smitten. And even though she was my first girlfriend, I honestly believed she might be the one.

And not only that, I already missed her, you know… physically. It had only been a day, but I missed her touch. I missed hearing her soft moan in my ear. I missed her lips. I missed her kiss. I missed her body. I missed her butt. I missed her gorgeous face. I missed how that feeling of intimacy, that freedom to be completely myself around her. I missed the lightning jolt thrill of being inside her.

I felt myself begin to get hard, and I tried to shift my thoughts away. To think about anything besides my sexy girlfriend. I didn’t know how long I could last without any form of pleasure. I would be at my grandmother’s lake house for four days. I would be surrounded by family during that time. I would be sharing a room at the house with Dana, so I wouldn’t ever really have any privacy. Could I go without jacking off for four whole days? For a 19-year-old guy, that would be a pretty tough task. I just had to stop thinking about sex or anything sexy until I got home. Shouldn’t be too tough, right?

“Jesse!” a voice rang out, grabbing my attention. There stood my sister, freshly showered, looking refreshed. And, unusual for her, she was smiling.

“Uh, hi.” I replied, a little surprised by her change of tone. And that wasn’t the only thing that was surprising.

She was dressed to kill. Barely dressed, to be more precise. She was wearing a thin, spaghetti strap purple tank top, which clung to her upper half. It was low-cut and hugged her large boobs, and it was readily apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her bronzed midriff was exposed, leaving her belly button on display. Down below, she had on some tight, denim booty shorts, which went barely below her butt, leaving most of her tan legs exposed. Her thin flip-flops completed the look.

“You do know we’re going to a family reunion, right?” I asked as she sat across from me. She simply smiled, which again, I have to stress, was pretty weird coming from her.

“A young woman’s always got to look good, dear brother.” Dana replied. “So, how are you doing? What’s going on?” I looked at her, my eyes expressing my confusion at her peppy tone. “What?” she asked.

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