Temmuz 17, 2024

The Party

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It was to be my first weekend without kids. It was to be my first weekend as a single woman too. My divorce had just been finalized and my children were going to their dad’s house for visitation. A good friend of mine, Mary invited me to her house on Saturday night for a small get together with friends. I really wasn’t looking forward to being home all alone so I quickly accepted her offer.

It ended up a nice little party with about twenty people there, laughing, drinking, and just having a good time. I had a little too much to drink and so Mary, and her husband Tom invited me to spend the night. I gratefully accepted.

Mary and I went upstairs to pick out some pajamas that I could borrow for the night. We entered their bedroom and quickly decided on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts that looked like they would fit me. I began to take off my blouse but I got a little dizzy from the alcohol and so I had to sit on the end of their bed to completely remove it.

Mary laughed, ” Do you need some help there Hon?”

“No I can get it. ” I mumbled embarrassed by my obvious drunkenness.

I stood up again and began to slide my jeans down over my hips. I again started to lose my balance and fell over on the bed, making a very loud noise.

“Here let me help you with those.” Mary laughed and began to remove my sneakers which I had stupidly forgotten to remove before trying to take off my pants.

Mary then helped me remove my jeans. She had me stand back up and just stripped them right down to my ankles and helped me to step out of them. Just then Mary’s husband entered the room! I quickly tried to cover up but had nothing to cover up with nearby so I did what everyone does in those circumstances, I tried to use my hands to cover up as much as possible.

What a day to not wear a bra, I thought to myself as I cupped each of my breasts trying to cover up most of them, fully aware that I was standing there in just my thong panties.

Tom stood there shocked for a few seconds and said, “Oops, I’m sorry. I heard a crash and thought something happened,” and quickly left the room.

I turned to Mary and said, “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

Mary giggled, “Don’t worry about it. I am sure Tom didn’t mind a bit.”

Mary slipped the T-shirt over my head and helped me into the merter escort shorts and we returned downstairs.

Tom was in the living room standing in front of the television putting a DVD into their player.

“How about a movie?” He asked, ” Feel like watching Wild Things?”

Mary turned to me waiting for me to answer. I was still very drunk and didn’t really want to go to bed for fear that I would be sick to my stomach.

I shrugged and said,” Sure, why not?”

Tom started up the movie and Mary and I sat on the couch leaving the chair for Tom. Tom then turned the lights off and sat in the chair diagonal from us.

We began to watch the movie and before long I was feeling the need to lay down. I curled myself up so that I wouldn’t be taking up too much of the couch and continued to watch the movie.

Mary then decided to lay down too. Instead of laying with her head on the couch though she turned and laid her head on my hip. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that it had been so long sense I had had sex, but I was feeling very horny. Mary laying on me like that wasn’t helping any.

Mary then quickly put her hand under her head and continued to watch the movie. After a short while I started to feel Mary move her hand but instead of taking it away, I began to feel her slowly and subtly begin to rub my ass. I was so horny and impatient that I began my own subtle movement to give her easier access to me. I began to slowly roll a little at a time onto my back.

Mary had gotten the hint and decided to not be so subtle any more. She pushed me the rest of the way onto my back and kissed me long and deep. I was in shock but I had no intentions of stopping her either! Mary positioned herself so that her legs were intertwined with mine and she began to rub her thigh against my pussy, basically dry humping me. She then took my hand and placed it on her breast! She was definitely not being subtle now!

I had never touched another woman intimately before. Her breast felt wonderful! Soon I was opening her blouse, anxious to feel what her bare breasts felt like. I was having trouble unbuttoning her blouse.

She pulled away from me and said, “Wait let me help you with that. Here you sit up too so we can both take our tops off.”

She nişantaşı escort helped me sit up and pulled the T-shirt off over my head. It was just then that I remembered about Tom. I turned to look at him. He was just sitting there watching us.

“Never mind him, he’ll only watch unless invited,” Mary said as she removed her blouse.

She had a very sexy black lace bra on. She then undid her jeans and slipped them off too! I was surprised to see how truly hot she was! She had on a matching lace thong . She wasn’t super skinny but she wasn’t fat either. She had a beautiful hourglass figure. I had never noticed it before.

Mary turned to me again and slipped off her bra. Her breasts were small but pert. She had big nipples for the size of her breasts and they were a beautiful light shade of red. Looking at them made my mouth water. She rejoined me on the couch and we kissed again.

This time she didn’t need to put my hands anywhere, they had a life all their own! I just had to feel those nipples. I began to squeeze her nipples lightly; teasing them to come fully out. Soon they were rock hard and I had to taste them. So I did. It was amazing her breasts were so soft, her nipples so hard. I was getting wetter and wetter, and hornier and hornier by the moment.

Mary was all over my breasts as well; sucking and nibbling them. Soon her hand was slipping into the leg of my shorts and up to my wet panty covered pussy. She teased me through my panties for several minutes. I knew that I had to have soaked them right through now. Then she finally slipped her fingers inside the leg band and right into my awaiting pussy. As soon as she touched me, I came. I came hard and I came fast.

Just as my orgasm subsided, I looked over at Tom. He was sitting on the chair still watching us, only now he had his cock out stroking it. He didn’t have a small cock but not very big either, probably around 6 inches give or take, with a nice thickness. He was completely shaved clean and had a nice pink color to his cock. Looking at it made me want to suck it, badly.

Mary stood up and slipped off her panties. She then bent down and pulled my shorts and thong off. So we were both now completely naked. Normally I would have felt a little shy and embarrassed but just then I ortaköy escort was too drunk and much to horny to think of anything else.

Mary immediately spread my legs open wide, exposing my very wet, bald pussy to both herself and Tom. She dove right in licking and sucking me like a mad woman. She teased my clitoris until it was fully engorged . Then just as she was sucking it into her mouth, she inserted two fingers into my dripping cunt. I felt the tension building in my stomach again and knew that I was about to cum again. I didn’t want to smother her but I could feel my legs tightening so I pushed them up, pushing my pussy harder into her mouth at the same time and exposing myself even more. I became to cum, crying out in ecstasy.

After my orgasm subsided I decided to return the favor and guided Mary onto the couch. I slipped her legs open as well. I had never eaten a woman before but I had every intention of ending that right now. I began to slowly lick her pussy lips, goading them open, exposing her clit a little bit at a time. After I had most of her clitoris exposed I began to tease it with my tongue and hot breath. Mary began to moan and try to push herself farther onto my tongue but I was enjoying the tease.

Just then Tom begged, “Please can I join you two hot ladies? My cock is so hard watching you.”

“What do you think? Should we let my husband join in the fun?” Mary asked.

I smiled,” Yes. I think I’d like to fuck him too!”

We didn’t need to invite him again. He immediately walked up behind me and knelt down. I knew I was going to get my wish.

As Tom entered me from behind, I buried my face into Mary’s waiting pussy again and began to really go at her licking and sucking her beautiful twat. I pushed back against Tom grinding myself against him hard, making his pelvis rub on my clitoris. Just as I was going to cum again, and this time all over Tom’s hard cock, I inserted two fingers into Mary’s eager cunt and licked her hard into a very hard orgasm.

Tom watching us both cum was all he needed, and soon he was pounding into me as hard and fast as he could. He began to let out a small growl like sound and then his cum exploded deep inside of me.

We all just collapsed into a heap of body parts for a few minutes; trying to recover our breath and a regular heart beat again. It was then decided that maybe we should all head upstairs to bed. I was told that I would not be using the guest bedroom after all and instead I slept right in the middle of Mary and Tom cuddling with them all night long.

The morning came and we awoke to find Tom was again ready for some fun… but that’s a story for another time.

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