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The In-Laws’ Visit – Part 1

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The In-Laws’ Visit – Part 1

I live with my husband in Delhi. My stats are 32-37-32. For the past 3 weak I have been having rigorous sex with my watchman, driver and gardener.

Since my husband was out of the city for 1 month the driver and others used to the stay the night in my bedroom itself. We drank , partied, danced, even called hookers and had sex with them.

It was turning out to be the best month of my life. We did sex in public and even once I took them to the mall with me where they acted as my husband and everybody in the mall had a weird look on their face as I was dressed in one piece which ended above my knees and was looking really sexy and they were dressed like beggars and looked ugly. They even groped my ass in all the shop to seduce the salesgirl and even kissed me and pressed my boobs publicly. In the foodcourt they slipped my panties down and started to finger me and I was so hot that I squirted there itself leaving the floor wet.

Now coming to the story My husband called me from Mumbai where he was staying with my In Laws and told me that they were coming for the next weekend. I was sad as all the action is going to stop. The day came I along with Raghav our driver went to pick them up from the airport. I was wearing a tight salwar and a short kamiz the modern types. During the way Raghav pulled down my kamiz and panties and started rubbing my clit and then inserted his hands in my boobs and crushed it hard.

He kept on doing it throughout the way and later asked me to suck his dick while he drove the car. We reached the airport. Now let me tell you about my FIL. He is a man in late 50’s well built and looks like sophisticated business man. My MIL was in early 50’s and she was also a modern sexy woman who wore western outfits and her figure was also in shape. She was wearing a cut sleeves shirt and tight trousers. One thing was certain my MIL didn’t like me.

The next few days were boring and the only exciting part was the way my MIL dressed. She used to wear transparent nightie’s, short pants, low cut t-shirts and maxi’s/ My FIL liked her being this way and often they used to kiss each other. They were one naughty couple I must tell you. I was turning desperate on the other hand. Kisna our watchman came regularly but could not get much action as my In laws were always around. At maximum he used to feel my body or used to give me a kiss or two.

One day He came frustrated and entered our house and as my in laws were taking a nap he picked me up without saying a word took me to my bedroom tore my maxi single handedly and took off my bra and panty and inserted his dick without and foreplay and wasting time. He did me for 20 mins and left taking my bra and panty güvenilir bahis with him. He did not say anything. I was lying on my bed satisfied with cum dripping from my pussy. I had forgotten that I had in law in my house as well. I quickly got dressed and prepared dinner.

During the night there was a knock at my door and it was FIL. He came and touched my thighs and felt them up. I was wearing a blue colour bra and shorts at that time with a half jacket. He said” Beti, why do u need strangers when your own family members can satisfy you?” I was shocked to hear that and his hand moved up and he started rubbing my pussy. I resisted him and asked what does he mean. He told me about about how he had watched me having sex with Kisna and blackmailed me. He added ” How would your husband feel my Darling Bahu?”

He again kept his hand on my thighs and started rubbing them. I had no other choice and I surrendered to him. Seeing this he took my jacket off and kissed my boobs over my bra and licked my stomach. He kissed my lips and began sucking on them. He was old but yet well built and suddenly he unhooked my bra and unleashed my melons out and started sucking on them. He was going at them like a madman. He certainly liked my body. Then out of no where he shouted out for his wife. My MIL came and she smiled. She said ” So this whore agreed”

She came near me and slapped me hard and kept on slapping me while FIL was sucking me. She pulled my hair and said “Sali haramzadi mere bete ko dhokha deti hai”. She pinched my nipples hard with her nails and meanwhile Sasurji pulled my shorts down and started licking my pussy. My MIL was Biting my lips and slapping me continuously. She looked hot that time. She was wearing a crop nighty with pajamas.

Now FIL stopped and got up kissed my MIL and took off her top as well and in no time we were all nude. My MIL began fingering me while FIL was banging her from behind. He cummed and collapsed and being an oldman needed rest. My MIL meanwhile again regained her agression and started spanking me and abusing me. She even made the hot cigaret touch my butt. I shouted in pain but she again slapped me. This time my FIL told her to stop it but she said” aise sluts deserve karti hai yeh sab”

My FIL was hard again and he started banging me. He kept fucking me for 15 mins and on the other hand My MIL was rubbing her pussy on my face. During all this she made me wear her panty on my face and kept constantly spitting on it.

My FIL on the other hand liked younger woman and he admired my beauty and fucked me the second time as well. My FIL was now tired and went to sleep and apologised to me on behalf of his wife and kissed me goodnight. My MIL certainly türkçe bahis didn’t like it but did not say anything. She got up and got a dildo and asked me if i ever had anal sex? I was virgin in my ass and she smiled and said this is going to be fun. She spat in my asshole and inserted the dildo. It was huge and I started shouting with pain but it had no affect oh her.

She kept digging it in my asshole till i squirted continuously for 3 times and when her hands started to hurt she stopped. My ass was destroyed by her. I was not able to get up. She came near me and gave a deep gentle kiss and apologised to me for being a bitch. She hugged me and slept that way itself. Our boobs touched while sleeping. The next day we got up. I was not able to walk properly. My In-Laws told me they had extended their stay for 1 more month and we will have lots of sex. I was delighted to hear that.I got excited from within after the extension. Last night was crazy with them. I still felt pain in my ass. We all got close and started sharing everything as days and the sex kept on getting steamier each day.

FIL had instructed us not to wear clothes when in the house and we used to roam around in our lingerie. My MIL had an awesome collection of bra’s and panties, she was one kinky lady after all. My FIL had started to fall for me and he had no shame about it. He used to sleep next to me and put sindoor in my maang and behaved like my husband but more of like my masters type. Half of the day went by in making love itself.

My MIL now became much gentle and saw her past in me. Somewhat she also started falling for me. Kisna our watchman also became part of this madness. He had a muscular body and use to often please MIL. We use to stay in our undergarments in front off all servants and their presence didn’t matter. My FIL sometimes used to enjoy watching me making out with Kisna but he used to not allow him to him fuck me.

One day when I was watching TV My FIL returned from his meeting and made me sit in his lap and we started casually talking as to how his day went and all other things couple do. He kept moving his hands over my thighs and stomach. He confessed that he loved my thighs very much , maybe because they were milky white and bulky. Meanwhile my MIL also came and sat there and our normal talks began. My bra was out and he hands were crushing my boobs and my MIL was telling about how they pass their tome in Mumbai.

She told me that they used to frequently go to the pubs and then my MIL used to enjoy with young people and FIL liked seeing her enjoy with unknown people. They told their past experiences and that made me realise what a kinky couple they are! I got turned on listening to this güvenilir bahis siteleri and then my MIL suggested why not hit some club in Delhi to which we agreed and got ready for the same.

After 20 minutes we were all dressed up. I wore a One piece which was backless and showed my navel and cleavage and just managed to cover my ass. My MIL one the other hand wore a Crop top and jeans. Wow she looked like a sex goddess. She was looking so sexy and could turn any man on. My FIL wore a jacket. While going down on our way to the lift we met two guys and when the saw us they jaw dropped and we both passed them a smile and they could not keep their eyes off us.

We decided to go to Hauz Khas and Raghav drove us. My MIL sat next to Raghav and I sat next to FIL on the backseat. My FIL went on me like a madman and started rubbing my pussy over my dress and I asked not to kiss me as it will crew up the makeup. Meanwhile my MIL was giving Raghav a blowjob while he was driving. My FIL made me lie down pulled down my panties and started to finger my asshole. He tongued my pussy and made me squirt. Now we had reached our destination. We adjusted our dresses and got out of the cars.

All 3 of us got down and my FIL tipped Raghav and asked him to stay in the car itself. Everyone on the street was watching us. We acted like couple and went in hand in hand and entered the club. After having drinks and stuff we decided to hit the dance floor. FIL kept touching my ass and squeezing it and left no opportunity to come closer to me.

My MIL was also enjoying not with us but with a group of 3 young boys who later I came to know studied in DU. She was surrounded by them and they kept their hands around her waist and one her back and stomach and felt her completely. My FIL on the other hand got tired and went to sit and I also went with him. While sitting my MIL signalled me to come and join them. I always wanted young boys attention and went and joined them. The 3 boys got more excited and honestly I was looking sexy enough to excite any one.

Our dance got seductive moment by moment and the boys kept feeling me and MIL . I could feel hands all around my stomach, waist , thighs and back. Suddenly a hand went inside my skirt and lowered down my panty. The boys acted naughty and started to finger me on the dance floor itself. I squirted out there itself. Then they went towards MIL and seeing the dim lights kissed her tight. They even sat with us on our table and kept fondling us.

Then my MIL indicated me and I knew it was time to leave. I could see the disappointment on their face. They wanted to fuck us but it was not safe. I & MIL were horny and as we reached home we fucked the ass out of FIL and the poor old guy could not handle it and we had to call Raghav to fulfill our lust. What a slutty experience it was.

Raghav slept with us . We slept nude and then Raghav got up and fucked off to his duty with FIL and me and MIL slept the day off.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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