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The Gift Box Ch. 04

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New Years Eve brought Eric, Emily, and Scott together for the first time since she had started sleeping with them both. Eric had formally mentioned to his son that his mother would like to share their bed with him, and he thought that since they were going out for the holiday festivities, Scott should join them, make it a three-some, in more than just one way.

Scott liked the idea, but was still very uncertain of what could happen. He knew how dedicated she was to his father, and wondered how she would divide herself between them. The thought of what may happen, caused a great arousal, and he spent the rest of his night pondering over the delicious thoughts of himself and his father, sharing the love and passion of his mother.

When they left the children in the care of Malcolm and Bridgette, Emily was unaware of her husband’s plans for the extended evening until the three of them arrived at the cabin. Emily had drunk plenty of champagne, along with other liquor, and felt extremely frisky. Scott had chosen to drink a bit during the evening because of nerves, and Eric, well, he wanted to be sober to enjoy what he had planned for his wife.

Eric carried her to the bedroom, and seductively undressed her, tossing her heels to the side, stripping her of her dress and panties, cursing her bra. She was all over him, as he knew she would be, the vixen she was when he let her get away from herself. Not that she wasn’t like that any other time, but there was a flair to her naughty side when she was drinking, and he liked it when she turned it loose.

He pushed her against the edge of the bed, toppling her on her back and pushed his face into her love-scented folds, taking advantage of her. She squealed as his lips connected with hers, and his tongue danced around her swells. She put her feet on his shoulders and her head against the bed and pushed into his face, making him grab her hips to hold her stead as he indulged on her wetness.

She was loose and free, moaning to him to make her come, pushing to him harder, bucking his mouth. “Oh yes Eric, yes! I’m going to come, make me, push me!”

She was pinching her nipples when she felt another hand on her body. It didn’t dawn on here that it wasn’t Eric’s at first, until she felt his hand on her leg, and another spreading her lips open. She suddenly looked up, focusing in the dim light, to see Scott kneeling before her on the bed. She was shocked, but the ecstasy that Eric was bringing her made her loose her mind and all train of thought.

Scott kissed her, slipping his tongue in her mouth, still teasing her nipples with his fingers. They were hard and protruding, as was his manhood, and he wanted to nurse her like he had some months ago. He broke the kiss and worked his way down her neck, forcing her to jerk in excitement into Eric’s mouth.

Eric wrapped his hands tighter around her hips, and continued to seduce her sex. Scott took advantage of her hardened nipple, sucking it into his mouth, taking in all of the areola and pulling up until the edge was just clenched in his teeth.

“OH GOD!” Emily voiced in a deep lusty moan, placing one hand on Scott’s head, pushing him to ataşehir escort her breast, and the other reaching to stroke his hardness. He continued, to suckled her softly, nursing her the way that pleased him, and worked back and forth between her supple mounds with his mouth and fingers.

She groaned in extreme pleasure as Eric worked her hardened clit, slipping his tongue up and down between it and her vaginal opening, which he had penetrated with his fingers, working them in and out of her.

It was suddenly all too much for her. Scott’s suckling her nipples, his hot breath on her body, and Eric, oh god Eric, was bringing her to elation. The combination of both men on the body was extreme and she soaked Eric, drowning him as she squirted all over his face and in his mouth.

She screamed out in pleasure to both of them, her heels digging into Eric’s shoulders, her hand gripping Scott, as her body floated from the bed in sheer pleasure. When she came down from the ceiling, Eric was gently licking her, teasing her, tasting her, and Scott was nuzzling her neck, whispering his love for her, thanking her for hers.

Eric pulled away when he knew Emily could take no more from him, and Scott pulled away, allowing Emily to catch her breath. She was staring at both men, very pleased. Still light headed, she lay back on the bed and continued to pant. Scott looked at his dad, who nodded a gesture, allowing him the privilege of his mother.

Scott’s rock hard rod stood ready as he slid over Emily, parting her legs, brushing against her soaked nether regions. He rubbed against her, lubricating his shaft with her wetness, looking upon her beauty, and placed himself at her opening, bringing her attention to him.

She looked at him and smiled as he leaned over her, taking her body in his arms, and slid deep into her. “Emily, I love you.” He whispered to her, softly kissing her as he began to move back and forth. His lips moved from hers and he went back to nipping her breasts.

Emily wrapped her hand around his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair and cried, “Oh Scott, my baby, yes, love me, love me!” She wrapped her legs around his hips and he drove harder to her. He felt a little awkward, wondering if his dad was watching them, but he was so into Emily, that he didn’t care.

Something passed between them, there was a glint in his mother’s eyes that he had never seen before, and he knew from then on, it wasn’t going to be the same with her. She pulled him to her, meeting his strokes and exploded a warmth that he had never felt from her.

Scott kissed her deeply, gathering her body close to his, feeling the heat build inside his body, ready to burst.

“Emily,” he looked at her, her lips slightly parted, her face angelic, “I want you to have me, I want to give you everything, show you the love I hold for you.”

“Yes Scott, yes.” she whispered, grazing his lips, gently slipping her tongue across the top of his mouth. She tightened all of herself around him, and pushed her body to him, feeling him jerk. He whispered softly, his voice that of desire, “Emily.”

“Yes, Scott, YES!” she exploded kadıköy escort against his legs and he let go of everything he had, his depths emptying out inside of her. He lay still, kissing her, tasting her, holding her, until he slipped from her body, and then rolled to her side. She held on to him, not wishing to let go. He looked around and didn’t see Eric, and was relieved.

Beyond their site, Eric had been sitting in the dark corner of the room, watching them together, seeing how beautiful his wife looked with his son. He had stroked himself so hard watching them that he had almost gotten off, but held back in order to take possession of his wife.

Scott left her alone as soon as he regained his strength, thinking she was asleep. He gathered his clothes, and slipped from the room, hoping not to wake her. Eric silently watched him, and when Scott was gone, he slipped into the bed with Emily. Knowing she wasn’t sleeping, he brought her attention to him, “Em, baby, did you like that?”

“Oh yes, yes Eric, it was beautiful. It felt so good.”

“Baby, are you ready for me now? I want to make love to you, my precious angel.” He started kissing her, and she tangled herself up in his hair, clawing into his back.

“Show me, show me that you adore me, finish what you started earlier, you know I can’t go with out you after you eat me.”

“Scott didn’t satisfy you the way I thought he would.” Eric stated in wonderment through her kiss.

“I told you a long time ago Eric, no on satisfies me the way you do. No one. I love you Eric, I love you. Make love to me, slowly, gently,” she looked at him, her eyes warm, melting him, “Eric, thank you for this, for allowing me the pleasure of both of the men in my life that I so truly love, but right now, I want to make soft, heated love with my husband. Eric…” her voice faded as he kissed her, taking all of her body with him, pushing down into her wetness, groaning at its heat.

It turned him on tremendously to sink into the warmth of her body, feeling the fervor of the passion that had been brought to her before. It gave him pleasure knowing that she longed for him, wanted him. Regardless of what was between her and Scott, she always wanted him.

She met his every stroke, their love making intense as always, she moaned in his ear as he gathered her against his body, grinding into her depths, making her wet him, wetting the bed, wetting his legs, crushing her thighs against his hips.

She was loud now, and he liked it when she expressed herself this way. All of her inhibitions gone, she forced up to him, clawing at his back, clinging to his body.

“Eric, my love, Eric, yes, take me, I’m yours, keep me!” she spoke between breaths.

“Em, I love you, god how I love you!” he forced himself into her once more and felt her body quiver beneath his, knowing it was close to the end for both of them. “Em, baby, I can’t hold back much more.”

“Don’t Eric, don’t, come, bring your heat to my body, yes, come baby, expel your seed, make me yours!”

“Emily, oh my precious Emily!” He looked at her, his beautiful wife, his only love, his soul mate, his life! bostancı escort bayan

“Eric,” she pushed into his hips, feeling his stiffness harden, as he was ready to explode,

“I want you, only you, I love you.” She tightened around him, and he let loose, filling her with his intensity, bringing her to the edge with him, spilling herself all over him.

He drew from her only from sheer exhaustion, and lay beside her, cuddling her to him. She stroked his chest, tangling his hair in her fingers, looking into his eyes, “Why did you allow Scott the privilege first?”

“Because it was something that you wanted.” He kissed her softly.

“Eric, I didn’t know that you would…” he put his fingers to her lips.

“We discussed it, and I agreed, and this was the only way I could think to do it. Besides, I found it quiet sexy to watch my wife full of lust and passion, to see what it looks like from Scott’s perspective. I’m glad I did.”

She rolled to her side against him, “Eric, what if…”

“No, tonight Em, it’s all about you, my love. I wanted to start the New Year off in pleasure and love, and You have given me both, as I have you, and now, I have been allowed the extended pleasure of seeing my beautiful wife enjoying herself in a completely different way, and it was beautiful. No buts, no what if’s, nothing but the pure love we hold with each other, and our son.”

They lay together, enjoying the passion of the moment, holding each other. Emily snuggled down into his chest, leaving a trail of damp kisses as she did. Eric roll to his back, brining her upon his chest, wrapping his arm around her. She smiled, kissing him, “Where is Scott?”

“I think he’s in the living room.” Eric looked at her, kissing her nose.

“No, I’m here.” his voice came from the same side of the room where Eric had been sitting earlier. “I decided if dad could watch from this view point, so could I. My god, I have to take a shower now!” he chuckled as he got up from the chair, wiping his hands off with the towel.

Emily reached for him, “No, right now, you are going to come lay with us, I need both of you with me, I need to feel the security of the men I love at my sides.”

Eric positioned himself to Emily, they faced each other, and Scott slid into the bed with his front side to Emily’s back, snuggling his limpness into her butt cheeks, kissing her neck.

“Yes, this is perfect, but you have to promise me, next time we do this, you won’t let me get drunk. I want to remember everything!”

“Yes Em, I promise.” he kissed her, putting his hand over her hip, drawing into her.

“Yes Emily,” Scott whispered into her hair, “I love you, so much.” he wrapped a hand around her chest just under her breast and snuggled into her.

They slept until noon, waking her up and making love to her again, only this time, she took control of her men, putting Eric behind her, while she wrapped her lips and tongue around Scotts throbbing cock. When he came, he moaned and she pursed her lips, drinking of him fully, clinching her walls around Eric, taking him with her as she came, feeling his cream shoot deep with in her body.

Scott left them alone after regaining some of his composure. Eric joined Emily in the shower for another heated round of oral sex, making her climb the walls. After a long rest, they ate a nice dinner, cleaned up the bedroom, and left the cabin.

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