Mart 24, 2023

The Family Pt. 01: Donna Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: Everyone in the story is 18 years old or older at all points. Any resemblance to any actual person, alive or dead, is just happenstance.

Author’s Notes: This story revolves around cuckolding, both non-consensual and consensual, with the humiliation of the main character. If this type of story is not a fetish you enjoy, please read something else.

The alarm went off, waking Donna up. She pushed her arm out under the covers and turned the annoying thing off.

I don’t want to get out of bed, she thought as she lazily turned over, her arm coming to rest on an empty spot instead of Chris.

I guess he got up early, Donna thought as she focused on the clock and realized she had slept past the time Chris needed to be in the office.

Forcing herself up, she showered and was going to get dressed when she remembered what Ralph had told her.

Fuck him, she thought, slipping panties on and reaching for her bra when her bravado ran out.

She could feel the tears running down her cheeks as she reluctantly pulled off the panties and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

After a simple breakfast, she began cleaning the house when the doorbell rang.

Maybe I can pretend that I didn’t hear it, she ideally thought, but much like the rebellion with the panties, she hung her head.

Moving towards the side door, she peeked around the corner and saw Ralph standing there, waiting on her to open the door.

Fuck, I forgot to unlock the door after Chris left, Donna thought as she ran to the door and opened it to a pissed-off neighbor.

Before he could say a word, “I am so sorry, Sir. Chris must have locked it on his way out,” Donna blurted out, her eyes fixed on the floor.

Ralph studied Donna for a few seconds, watching her fidget under his glare. Finally, Ralph raised her head, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

“I guess everyone can make a mistake, Slut. If it happens again….” He let her imagine what the punishment would be. It was always worse than anything he could think of.

Donna relaxed a little as Ralph walked around her and into the living room. She made to shut the door when she realized that the guy across the street was looking at her with a big grin on his face.

Shit, Donna thought as she blushed and quickly shut the door.

“Slut, where the fuck are you?” Ralph called from the living room.

“Sorry, I was shutting….” Donna said as she rushed into the living room.

“I don’t give a fuck what you were doing. Is this how you treat a guest? Letting them wander around, ignoring them?”

“Sorry, Sir,” Donna didn’t know what else to say as she stood in front of him, looking at the floor.

“I have a few things to do today, and I don’t have time for your lazy ass. Stand still. God, are you this fucking stupid?”

Ralph walked around her, groping her breasts and ass as he went. Then, from behind, he tried to push a finger into her pussy, unhappy that she wasn’t already wet enough for it to enter quickly.

Time to amp this up a little bit, Ralph thought. He walked over to the picture window facing the street. He saw Karl watering his grass and waved at him.

“Come over here and bend over Slut.” Ralph said as he turned back to face Donna.

Donna swallowed hard and walked over to where he was standing in front of the window.

She realized that anyone going by the house would see her nude in front of the window if they happened to look.

She nervously bent forward, her breasts dangling below her as she looked at the ground.

She is learning, Ralph thought, grabbing a breast, enjoying the firmness.

“Turn around and face the loveseat.”

Donna turned around, taking care to stay bent at the waist.

“Now spread your legs. Wider. Perfect. This is the position I want you in when I tell you to bend over. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ralph placed a few cameras behind her, capturing her from the rear and side.

Ralph walked in front of her. “Take my cock out and start sucking, Slut.”

Donna took her arms off her legs and held Ralph’s waist for stability as she unzipped his fly, reaching inside for his semi-hard cock.

Donna licked the head before taking it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around, enjoying the taste of Ralph’s precum as his cock grew.

She grabbed the base of the cock, sliding her hand slowly up and down the shaft as she jacked him off into her mouth.

Ralph was enjoying the blowjob when he noticed Karl standing outside the window admiring Donna’s ass as she sucked Ralph’s cock.

Moving her head back until everything but the tip of his cock was outside her mouth, Donna was surprised when Ralph grabbed a handful of her hair and started slowly fucking her face.

Ralph motioned Karl to come inside.

Donna held onto Ralph’s waist as he fucked her face. He was pulling out until just the head was in her mouth before slowly pulling her down until her face touched his istanbul travesti pants.

They both heard the side door open and close. In a panic, Donna tried to pull away, but Ralph was ready and held her hair firmly.

Pulling her against his pants and holding her there until she stopped fighting. Once he was satisfied, he started slowly fucking her face again.

“Hey, Ralph,” Karl said as he entered the room. Looking around, “The living room is much nicer than before. Feels almost homie.”

“Yeah, this slut has a better sense of design than the last one did, for sure,” Ralph responded, keeping the motion going with his hand on Donna’s head.

The two men continued talking like Donna wasn’t there, nude in the room, getting her face fucked by her older neighbor.

“So, how are things going? Are we going to have any extra tomatoes this year? Connie would love it if she could have a few homegrown ones. She absolutely hates the store-bought ones.”

“I should have some extra ones in a few weeks. I will bring them over when they are ripe.”

“Thanks. Hey, what are you doing this weekend? I was thinking about grilling out some steaks. Maybe you and Connie could stop by? It’s been a while, and I could use the company.”

“I don’t think we have any plans, so see you Saturday night around 6?”

“That works,” Karl commented as he walked behind Donna, running his hands down her sides before touching her ass.

Ralph laughed at the look on Karl’s face. “If you want to play with her, just ask.”

Karl looked at Ralph. His face was withdrawn and tense. “She is prettier than the last one that lived here.”

“The way she keeps her pussy bare reminds me of Sue,” Karl said, gently stroking Donna’s pussy.

“You can touch her, Karl.”

Ralph pulled his cock out of Donna’s mouth. “You don’t mind if Karl touches you, do you, Slut?”

The last thing Donna wanted was someone else to touch her, but she sensed from Ralph’s tone what the correct answer was.

“No, I don’t mind if Karl touches me,” Donna said quietly.

“Sorry, Slut. No one could hear you,” Ralph told her, pulling her upright by her hair.

She went to put her hand on Ralph’s to ease the pressure of hair being pulled but quickly dropped her hand when she saw his face.

Donna turned slightly and saw Karl.

He’s the old guy who had waved at me when he saw me close the door, Donna thought.

“You can touch me if you want, Karl,” Donna told him.

The humiliation of being forced to stand in front of a window and let Ralph fuck her face and tell a stranger, one she had no attraction to, that he could touch her body was almost overpowering. To add to her embarrassment, she could feel the saliva and pre-cum dripping from her chin onto her breasts, making her feel trashy.

“That’s awful nice of you, Slut,” Ralph told her as he pulled her head back down to his cock. “Open up. Good. Use your tongue. Perfect.”

Karl wasted no time. He ran his hands all over her ass before slipping them between her ass cheeks and touching her asshole.

Donna jerked but remained in position as Ralph continued to fuck her face slowly.

Karl dropped to his knees, pushing a finger inside Donna’s soaked pussy.

“This slut juices up better than the last one, too,” Karl commented, much to Donna’s chagrin.

Karl licked his finger, “Fuck, she tastes good.”

He leaned in and ran his tongue over her outer lips lightly before pushing inside, eliciting a moan from Donna.

“Whatever you are doing back there is getting her motor running,” Ralph said, laughing as he eased up on her head. Soon, Donna was doing all the work herself, fucking her face while Karl ate her pussy.

Karl pulled away before Donna could cum, his face soaked with her juices.

“Mind if I fuck her?”

“Go ahead. I was saving the first fuck until I asked you if you wanted to tag the slut. We’ve been kind of worried about you.”

Karl looked at Ralph for a few seconds, various emotions going across his face. Then, finally, he rested his hand on Donna’s ass, gently squeezing.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s been hard the last year, you know, with everything going on.”

“I know, brother. Sue wants you to remember the good times but keep living.”

“Thanks. Really you guys are too good to me,” Karl said, undressing.

Ralph pulled Donna off his cock again, turning her slightly so she could watch Karl undress.

Karl was a little overweight, and his body hair was primarily gray. Donna swallowed when he pulled his boxers off.

His cock is enormous, and it’s not even hard yet, Donna thought, panicking while thinking of that thing fucking her.

Ralph tightened his hold on her hair. Then, leaning close, he whispered, “Knock the shit off Slut. You will beg him to fuck you without whining or complaining, or you will regret it. Understand?”

Donna just nodded, resigned. “Oh my God, Karl, I can’t wait for that cock. Will you please fuck me?”

May have overdone travesti istanbul it, Donna thought as Ralph frowned at her.

Karl chuckled, “Sue used to say the same thing. She could be such a slut when she wanted to be.”

Ralph let Donna watch as Karl’s dick grew to its full size, smiling at her worried expression as Karl started rubbing the head against her wet slit.

Unable to wait any longer, Karl put the head of his cock inside her pussy, eliciting a moan from Donna.

Ralph let Donna go, walking around to the side so he would record Karl fucking her.

Holding her hips, Karl started moving in and out of Donna, stretching her pussy with his massive cock. He would push in a little more every few strokes until he bottomed out.

Ralph zoomed in as Karl pulled almost all the way out, Donna’s pussy clinging to his cock. Karl increased his speed until he constantly moved in and out of her body.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” Donna kept repeating, her mind on overload as Karl hit places inside her that no one ever had.

Her first orgasm surprised her. It was quickly followed by another until she couldn’t distinguish between them, her body shaking.

“I think she likes my cock,” Karl commented as he felt her squirt again. Donna’s legs were almost completely soaked at this point.

“Inside or on her ass?” Karl asked, getting close to cumming.

“Inside’s fine. She’s still on the pill,” Ralph told him.

Part of Donna’s mind caught the comment, How does he know that I am on the pill? Before she could dwell on that any further, Karl started shooting cum inside her.

“Oh, Fuck!” Donna screamed as she came again.

Ralph captured the moment Karl’s softening cock fell out of Donna and the river of cum that followed it. Karl staggered back and sat down on a chair. Without Karl holding her up, Donna collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

“Thanks for letting me use your new slut,” Karl said after catching his breath.

“You are welcome to fuck her anytime you want.”

Donna barely heard Ralph’s comment as she tried to get the world back into focus.

Ralph sat the camera back down and pulled Donna to her feet, using her right arm and hair to get her standing again.

“Ouch, take it easy,” Donna said as she struggled to stay on her feet.

“Did you tell me to do something?” Ralph asked, grabbing her face and squeezing it slightly.

“Sorry, Sir. I was just startled,” she said, trying to placate Ralph.

“You better remember who you are talking to, Slut,” Ralph told her. Then, pulling her over to Karl, he pushed Donna down on her knees in front of Karl.

“Thank him for fucking you and clean up the mess you made.”

Donna felt her humiliation deepen as she forced herself to say, “Thank you for fucking me, Sir.”

“Always happy to help a slut out,” Karl said. He reached down and stroked Donna’s hair as she sucked and licked his cock.

I can’t believe he got this inside me, Donna thought as she struggled to get the soft cock into her mouth.

She settled for licking the head and shaft before moving to Karl’s hairy balls. They felt so heavy as she lifted them to lick underneath.

Once she got the mixture of body fluids off them, she settled back on her heels, waiting for her next task.

Karl got dressed and looked back at Ralph as he stood over Donna.

“Sorry to fuck and run, but the garden won’t hoe itself,” he chuckled. “Maybe I can have the new hoe, hoe the garden sometime?” Karl laughed at his joke as he let himself out.

Ralph tilted Donna’s head up. “Anytime he wants a fuck, you are to drop what you are doing and let him do whatever he wants with you. I don’t care if the shithead husband of yours is sitting next to you. Find a way to make it happen.”

Donna let what he said sink in. She didn’t know what to say, her mind struggling with everything that had happened since they moved in. She saw that Ralph was waiting on her answer. “Yes, Sir,”

“Good, now finish what you started,” Ralph said, pointing to his semi-hard cock.

Donna put his cock in her mouth, sucking and licking until he was hard. Once fully erect, she grabbed his ass and pulled herself towards his body, burying his cock in her throat.

Fuck, she is getting better, Ralph thought as Donna fucked her face with his cock.

Donna moved faster, wanting this over as she felt cum leaking from her sore pussy soaking her legs.

Ralph grunted, grabbing the back of Donna’s head as he came, shooting the first shot down her throat. Then, he pulled her off his spuing cock, aiming it like a hose as he covered her face and breasts with hot cum.

“Stay just like that,” Ralph ordered her as he picked up his camera and took a few more photos. Then, satisfied with the pictures, Ralph dressed.

Donna stayed on the floor, leaning against the loveseat, pressing her legs together to keep the cum inside until she could clean herself up.

Ralph collected the video equipment and went into the kitchen to get a beer.

Walking istanbul travestileri back to where Donna sat, “I want you to go upstairs, shower, and find the sluttiest outfit you have, don’t bother to put on panties or a bra. “

Donna swallowed, wondering where this was going.

“Make sure to do your hair and makeup. Then, before you leave, put on your highest heels and walk over to my front door.”

Glancing at his watch, he looked at her. “Get your ass moving slut. You have half an hour. Don’t be late, or I may not let you wear any clothing next time.”

Donna panicked, realizing she may not have enough time to get ready, so she ran out of the room. Ralph chuckled as he walked over to the door and left.

When he walked in the door of his house, he went through the kitchen to the living room. His wife, Connie, was sitting on the couch.

“Well?” she asked, stretching, causing her large breasts to strain against her thin top.

“Just like we thought it would go, she should be here in about half an hour. If she shows up, we give her options and go from there. If she doesn’t, then we go over tonight and talk to her.”

Ralph walked up to Connie and pulled her top up. Festing his eyes on her perfect breasts while twisting her nipples before pulling them.

He watched as Connie arched her back, trying to reduce the strain. Then, finally, Ralph let her nipples go, tracing the curve of her breasts.

Chuckling, Ralph said, “My money is that she will ring the doorbell looking like a cheap whore,” he said, running a finger over her breasts, tweaking her nipples again.

“Later, my sweet, we have other things to do right now,” she told him, pulling him close for a kiss before pushing him away. Her comment reminded him that he needed to send a text.

Connie slid her hands into her yoga pants and lightly fingered her clit. Waiting for the new submissive they would play with always got her hot.

Not wanting to cum before she had fun, Connie pulled her hand out of her pants, pulled the top down, and picked up the book she had been reading to wait.

In his office, Ralph created a couple of short clips of Donna getting fucked by Karl. He included another one where Karl pulled out of Donna’s stretched cunt and the cum that flowed out of her.

He blurred out Karls’s face but left the rest intact.

Another short clip of Donna using her face to fuck his cock, along with some stills of her cum covered body.

That should do it, Ralph thought as he sent them to Chris.


Chris’s day had been crazy.

First, a new client needed documents created ASAP. Then, his boss pulled him into another project to pick up some tasks. All of this going on with the worry he had about Donna and his marriage.

He had just left the latest meeting when his phone dinged. Glancing at it, he saw that it was Ralph again.

Shit, he thought, dreading what new Hell Ralph would put him through.

Going to his office, he shut the door and sat down. It took a few minutes to work up the courage to look at the messages.

The first video was of Donna getting fucked in their living room. The video zoomed in, and Chris watched as a massive cock slid in and out of her body, her cunt clinging to the cock on each outstroke.

The camera continued rotating around to show her face as she came hard.

Shit, I didn’t think she would go this far, Chris thought, slipping his hand inside his pants to stroke his hardening cock.

The video continued with the guy fucking her, grunting as he shut his cum inside her married pussy. The end of the video happened directly after the softening cock fell out of her, removing the plug that had kept a river of cum inside. Once freed, the cum flowed down her legs from her gaping hole.

Chris didn’t think he could take another video without cumming himself, so he rushed to the restroom.

Safely inside the locked room, Chris pulled his cock out and started the following video while he slowly stroked his cock.

The next video was of Ralph getting a blowjob from Donna, although it looked more like she was fucking her face with his cock as Ralph stood there filming her.

This video ended with Ralph coating her face and breasts with his cum.

The picture Ralph had sent was of Donna relaxing against the loveseat, covered in cum from the two men she had fucked.

It was too much for Chris. He shot cum into the open toilet. Then, he cleaned up and went back to his office.

Before he could shut the door, Carrie caught his attention. “You ok, Chris?”

“Everything’s fine. Why?”

“You ran out of your office towards the restroom,” she said, smiling at him.

“Yeah, everything is ok. Just got busy working, and nature wouldn’t be put off.”

She chuckled, “Been there.”

Chris found himself distracted by Carrie. Her smile. Her laugh. Her figure.

Stop, Chris thought to himself, not wanting the train of thought to continue. He had enough problems without making Carrie one of them.

“Thanks for checking on me.”

“No problems, boss. Don’t forget you have a 2 o’clock with Martian.”

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