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Sexually Transmitted Expansion Ch. 00

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STE (a temporary moniker) is presumed to be a viral infection, the advent of which is sometimes referred to as the “expandemic”.The virus is rapidly absorbed through mucosal membranes, including the mouth, nose, lungs, eyes, stomach, vagina, urethra, and intenstinal walls. The latent period of the virus is approximately 12 hours, after which STE is communicable, and symptoms begin after approximately 24 hours, when stage 1 begins. The rapid onset of symptoms, desirability of many symptoms, and nature by which symptoms spread the disease make STE a significant public health concern. Patients are contagious indefinitely unless the virus successfully reaches dormancy.

Stage 1

Colloquially known as the “horny phase”. In which libido is massively increased.

Arousal Persistence

Once arousal is reached, it becomes nearly impossible to subdue sexual urges via force of willpower alone, and will subside upon successful climax. However, a phenomenon referred to as the “libido avalanche” causes sexual gratification to increase libido further, due to an as-of-yet unrecognized hormonal process, causing a positive feedback loop ever-increasing libido. Breast tenderness and increased sensitivity of erogenous zones are common.

The most significant danger of STE is the libido avalanche intensifying symptoms of stage 2 and stage 3, and causing permanent changes to one’s body. This is most significant in regards to Rapid Expansion Scenarios (RESes, which are detailed in the section regarding stage 3). If patients can avoid sexual stimulation entirely, be it intercourse with another or masturbation, during the first couple of stages, the majority of symptoms can be mitigated. It is important to note that sexual excitement (specifically the plateau phase) is just as dangerous as sexual climax, if not more, since it seems to contribute increasingly to the libido avalanche effect over time, and this process can last indefinitely, terminated only by climax, loss of consciousness, severe discomfort, or other extreme circumstances, given the difficulties in reducing arousal in patients with STE.


Those infected with STE are advised to stay away from electronic devices and social engagements in case of sexual temptation, as the first few orgasms are paramount to avoid. Working from home and remote learning, if possible, are strongly recommended. Thick, loose-fitting, modest clothing is recommended as well to prevent accidental physical stimulation. Ice baths have been successfully used to quell sexual urges, and research is currently being undergone for pharmaceutical intervention. In the most serious of cases, patients will forgo responsibilities entirely in search of sexual gratification.

Stage 2

Colloquially known as the “wet phase”. Symptoms are intensified by increased libido avalanche.

The “Wet Phase istanbul travesti

Stage 2 is most obvious in biological females, where a marked increase in vaginal lubrication occurs, whereas biological males will notice a massive increase (typically 2000% to 8000%, but outliers have been observed) in semen volume, as well as increase in muscle tone.

Sufficient arousal combined with the hormonal spiking present with STE can result in galactorrhea (spontaneous release of milk) in females. If the libido avalanche from stage one has progressed severely enough, along with nipple stimulation, patients can also experience rapid and potent lactogenesis (full milk production), which arousal will also accelerate, and can persist after sexual activity is ceased. Breast milk of infected individuals has an abnormally high viral load. Repeated consumption of an infected individual’s breast milk can cause a rapid onset of symptoms.

Individuals who have undergone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have noticed symptoms in line with their reaffirmed sex. Rarely, fully cisgendered females can experience the typically androgenic increase in muscle tone, and males can experience the estrogenic lactation symptoms. This is theorized to be related to hormone imbalances, anabolic steroid usage, and even gender dysphoria.

Aphrodisiac Pheromones

Despite the subject matter of human sexual pheromones being the subject of ongoing debate, an sharp increase in sexual attraction to individuals symptomatic with stages 2 and beyond has been recorded anecdotally and in laboratory settings, with the effect diminishing when airflow is not shared, indicating a strong aphrodisiac effect. It is worth noting that this does not “turn people pansexual”, as some have claimed, but rather, lowers inhibitions that one might otherwise maintain for social or personal reasons, and reveal latent preferences.


The greatest danger with stage 2 is the massively increased communicability potential; the viral loads present in the greatly increased bodily fluids, as well as the increased sex drive, pheromones, and decreased inhibitions make patients significantly more likely to spread the virus. The libido avalanche feedback loop is still a present danger to the patient, as well, and will intensify symptoms of stage 3.

Stage 3

Colloquially known as the “expansion phase”, in which sexual arousal causes, typically, the rapid growth of breasts, thighs, and buttocks in females. In males, the penis and testicles will grow. Somewhat less commonly, usually in those with severe libido avalanche and/or extreme sexual arousal, the abdomen, or belly, will swell rapidly. Similarly to stage 2, in rare cases, the typical expansion patterns for females will happen in males, and vice versa with females, for the same theorized reasons. All known stage 2 symptoms istanbul travestileri are also present in stage 3.

Exactly how the expansion manifest seems to depend primarily on two factors: on the individual patient’s biology, as well as frequency and location of sexual stimulation. Biologically, expansion appears to loosely correlate with an individual’s fat storage pattern on their body. The larger factor appears to be stimulation of erogenous zones — for example, if a patient receives stimulation on their breasts, expansion of breasts will be accelerated. Interestingly, this appears to have a psychological component, which is one of the leading theories for males with female-type expansion — preliminary research suggests that if a patient receives sexual gratification from having their breasts touched, it contributes toward expansion effects, male or female, but not in all cases. More research is needed on the effects with pregnant women.

Expansion rates

An increased proportion of dermal elastin appears to be the reason for rapid expansion without discomfort. The rate of expansion varies drastically per individual, with median rates of expansion in preliminary research appearing to be around 1-3 pounds per minute in individuals with mild to moderate libido avalanche. Expansion upwards of 7 pounds per minute has been observed in cases with high libido avalanche in laboratory settings. It is worth considering that laboratory settings are an inherently flawed environment for measuring something dependent on genuine sexual arousal, and individual reports have varied widely and are unreliable. The upper extent of expansion rate and size is currently unknown.

The expansion will generally subside over the course of several for typical cases with mild to moderate libido avalanche and expansion, and the median rate is one pound per six minutes, or ten pounds per hour. The extents to which an individual will grow is not boundless, but seems to vary widely per individual.

Rapid Expansion Scenarios

A patient that has multiple factors increasing their sex drive such as being aged 18-30, severe libido avalanche, naturally high libido, pregnancy, psychosexual disorders including sex addiction, or medications that affect hormones (including IUDs), can be at higher risk for what is referred to as a Rapid Expansion Scenario (RES). RESes can also be complicated by patients who are exhibitionists or masochists, and by the mere sexual novelty of the RES itself.

RESes are loosely defined as abnormally high rates of expansion, and atypical expansion (such as abdominal exansion, female-type expansion in males, and even the expansion of arms and calves), and complete recovery being impossible. Each and every RES carries the risk of irreversible expansion, which are resistant to weight loss and even surgical intervention, with travesti istanbul tissue appearing to grow back upon removal. The longer one takes to deal with an RES, the greater risks and extents of permanent expansion one faces.


Despite libido avalanche being a present danger in everyone with STE, oftentimes the best or only course of action in a patient experiencing an RES is immediate sexual release, so that the patient does not pose a danger to themselves or others based on the surroundings. Asphyxiation and traumatic injury have been recorded from RESes, and are the only potentially fatal complication from STE. Fortunately, even in those with severe sexual dysfunction, climax is typically significantly easier to reach during an RES, and can sometimes even be achieved without direct stimulation of sexual organs, depending on the individual. It’s advised that a patient with any cases of RES be taken in for medical observation. Patients who have repeated RESes are suggested to live with a willing sexual partner who can ensure that RESes are dealt with swiftly, as abdominal expansion can precent sexual stimulation in some individuals.

Non-RES Irreversible Expansion

In rare cases where sexual stimulation is impossible, climax cannot be achieved, but a RES is not triggered, irreversible bodily expansion has been observed in patients when left to grow over timespans of many hours or even days. As expansion begins to slow down and reach an individual’s threshold to where expansion slows, it is theorized that this triggers the same phenomenon of irreversible expansion as RESes, albeit on a much longer timeline.

Stage 4

Colloquially known as the “dormant stage”, in which the majority of the symptoms are no longer present. Virtually all patients carry varying degrees of permanent expansion, even with perfect abstinence throughout stages 1 through 3.


STE can have flare-ups, which are sometimes referred to as “blowups”, in which the patient effectively returns to a mild form of stage 3 until libido is brought under control again. The frequency of blowups and stability of stage 4 are dependent on the extent of libido avalanche, especially that of stage 1.

Safety and Prognosis

Patients in stage 4 can typically have normal sex lives until a blowup occurs, after which, sexual arousal should be avoided for at least 48 hours, otherwise a complete relapse into stage 3 is possible. As there is currently no test for STE, it is advised to be open and honest with your sexual partners, and to wait at least three weeks after a suspected contact with a carrier.

Concluding Remarks

Curiously, the expansion appears to violate conservation of matter, and dozens of pounds have been observed in a laboratory setting to manifest on a patient from seemingly nowhere. This occurs through an unknown mechanism that is still the subject of ongoing scientific debate and research. Hypotheses include drawing humidity from the air, rapid carbon fixation through a virus-algae complex, and even relativistic effects, converting heat, light, or vibrational energy to matter.

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