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The Drive Ch. 03

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We are well into our trip with my uncle driving and me in the passenger seat. Sitting in the back with Kayli is my brother and as I glance back she has her arms around him, giving him a deep passionate kiss. I slide over and cuddle with my uncle and lace my arm through his.

Next thing I see when I look back is Tobias taking off my cousin’s tank top. I reach up to adjust the rear view mirror as that I can see what they are doing without having to turn around. My uncle gives me a funny look when I readjust the mirror, so I whisper into his ear, “Tobias has Kayli’s tank top off and he is kissing and licking her breasts.”

He grins as I glance into the mirror and this time I see Kayli has taken my brother’s pants down as he sucks her nipples. She is pumping hard on his cock. She pulls Tobias from her breasts and drops down to her knees on the seat between his legs. She grasps his cock in her hand and starts lower her mouth around it. I can’t see how much of his cock she has in her mouth as I can only see her head bobbing up and down. Tobias just sits there with his hands beside him as Kayli sucks on his cock.

I start to rub at my pussy through my shorts. I can feel the outline of my pussy lips as they press tightly against them. I run my fingers up and down my pussy lips slightly tickling them as I watch my brother and cousin in the rear view mirror. I slide my hand down my shorts and rub harder at my pussy as my fingers separate my lips. I run my fingers up and down between my pussy lips until ümraniye escort I brush them against my clit. I start to rub hard at it when I hear my brother moan softly in the back seat.

I suddenly feel my uncle’s hand touching mine as he moves between my legs. I look out the windows and notice we have pulled off to the side of the road. There isn’t any traffic of the long stretch of road that we are on. I kiss at his lips as I leave his fingers to take over rubbing my pussy through my short. I break our kiss and lay my face against his.

“Your pussy is already wet Cynthia,” he whispers into my ear.

I feel his hand tug at the waistband of my shorts. I rise off the front seat as he pulls them down and I slip them off my legs. His fingers dig into my pussy and he slips two of them right up inside me as he licks at my ear. He runs his two fingers in and out of me for a while as my pussy sucks at them.

“Lick my pussy,” I whisper into his ear.

I move to the far side of the passenger door and lean against it as I part my legs. I look around to make sure no other cars have passed and stopped, there are none. I put a foot up onto the dashboard of the car and the other I drape over the seat. I feel my uncle’s fingers running over my thigh as he lowers his face between them.

My uncle takes his tongue and licks up and down over my pussy lips. I moan softly as his tongue touches my lips. He licks at them and then he parts them with his tongue. He starts to run his tongue kartal escort up and down between my pussy lips as I feel his finger mover over my clit.

I hear wet sounds coming from the back seat and I look to the back as my uncle probes his tongue deep into my pussy while rubbing at my clit with his finger. Kayli is now bouncing up and down on my brother’s cock. Tobias has his hands on her ass cheeks, pulling her up and down on his cock. He pulls her ass cheeks apart as he raises her up his cock. Kayli’s asshole looks almost like it is winking at me.

I moan when I see it. My uncle’s tongue and finger to my clit is bringing me to a strong orgasm and I put my hands to the back of his head, pulling him into my pussy as I buck up into his face. He drives his tongue deeper into my pussy and I see Kayli start grinding her pussy onto Tobias’ cock.

Tobias groans and Kayli covers her mouth against his as she rides his cock harder. She is bouncing wildly on his cock as Tobias grabs her by the waist and pulls her tightly down onto his cock. She stops her bouncing and just rocks back and forth on his cock for a while. She starts to ride his cock again and as she does, I see my brother’s cum running out from her pussy.

I moan loudly as my orgasm comes over me. My thighs start to shake as my pussy squirts its juices. I pull at my uncle’s hair as he removes his finger from my clit and replaces it with his tongue. He flicks his tongue at my clit wildly, driving me deeper into my orgasm. He maltepe escort then sucks my clit into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it as he sucks at it.

My eyes roll up into my head as my body squirms on the seat. My pussy convulses and I start to pee. I try to fight it, but I have no control. It is not a lot of pee coming from me, but it is enough to soak my uncle and the car seat. I start to regain control again as he removes his mouth from my clit. My thighs are soaked with my pee as it runs down onto the seat.

“Look what you’ve done,” I say as he sits up.

He looks at me and says, “Yes and I am not done quite yet.”

He smiles at me and I feel him slip two fingers back up deep into my pussy. I jerk and go back against the door as I feel his fingers touching at my G-Spot. I give him a scowl as I shake my head no. Then my look changes to one of wanting as I feel him curl his fingers against the spot.

My eyes close as my pussy convulses and sucks at his fingers as it starts to squirts again, only this time it is a fountain coming from my pussy. My body is jerking wildly on the front seat as I slide down until I am on my back with my legs against the ceiling of the car.

As my pussy squirts slow to just a dribble I open my eyes to see Kayli and my brother leaning over the front seat. They must have finished with their fucking and moved forward to see what is going on in the front seat. I just smile at them both as I turn to my uncle who is pointing up in the air. I follow his finger to see that my pussy has squirted all the way to the ceiling of the car.

I give him my evil little grin and ask, “Did I do that?”

We all get a good laugh and dress before getting back on the road and back onto our trip.

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