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Sorry if there are typos or mistakes, I might have overlooked some. Hope you enjoy any way 🙂 V.A.

Things started innocent enough, I’d see him every day in the elevator, he worked on the 18th floor and I worked on the 17th. At first, I’d see him every morning and we’d exchange greetings but that was it. Soon things progressed to standing shoulder to shoulder and lightly brushing our hands against each other. Eight months ago things progressed even more…that’s an understatement.

I know almost nothing about him other than he’s taller than I am, has honey brown eyes, shoulder length blonde hair and he can make me have the most amazing orgasms in the time it takes to go from the parking garage to the 17th floor.

I first saw him over a year ago, it was my first day and he helped me find the office I was working in. I was attracted to him but never had the nerve to ask his name or any other information. Other than a little flirting and a little touching, we were total strangers.

Things changed one night when we were both leaving work. The elevator stopped on my floor and he was standing towards the back, we both said “hi” and I proceeded to stand in front of him hoping to get in a little flirting before the long drive home.

On the ride down several others packed into the elevator and soon I was pressed against his right side, that’s when I felt his hand caress my bottom. At first I thought it was a mistake, he’d never touched my behind before. I didn’t move because I liked the feeling of his warm hand on my butt and decided to enjoy it while it lasted. As we exited the elevator he winked.

The next morning we arrived at the same time and entered the elevator together, we were alone. I stood on the right side and he stood on the left, as we arrived on the 1st floor people began to fill the elevator and soon he and I were standing close again. I felt both of his hands on my butt; he gently squeezed and massaged each cheek until we arrived at my floor. As I exited I turned to look at him and he smiled at me as the doors closed.

I walked to my desk exhilarated! I didn’t have a boyfriend and it had been over a year since I’d had sex so even the limited contact I had with him was arousing. I rushed through the day and took a late lunch, I was hoping to see “him” at lunch but I didn’t. As I left work that evening he was in the elevator again and again it was pretty full. I said hello and stood in front of him, I made sure to press my body against his. He put one hand on my left hip and pulled me to him tighter, I felt his huge hard-on pressed against my lower back.

As more people filled the already crowded elevator I pressed tighter and tighter against his body. I looked around and saw everyone was staring up at the numbers as we descended floors so I reached my hand around my back and began stroking his dick through his pants. He moaned softly and I felt his cock jerk under the pressure of my hand. We arrived at the parking garage and went our separate ways.

The next morning I was anxious to see him again, when I left the previous night I was so wet, all I could think about was the stranger in the elevator with the warm hands and the big dick. I entered the elevator and didn’t see him, as the doors began to close an arm slipped between them and parted them. It was him! He smiled at me and looked me up and down. I had decided to wear a skirt that day hoping he would do more than squeeze my butt. He immediately stood behind me and placed his hand on my butt.

As the elevator began to fill he gently pulled me to the back corner and slowly lifted the back of my skirt. I was wearing thong panties and he traced his fingers along the length of material between my cheeks before he slipped his index and middle finger under the material. I spread my legs slightly as he began rubbing my wetness around my swelling lips and clit. I closed my eyes as I felt his two fingers enter me and begin pumping in and out rapidly. As he finger fucked me he rubbed his hard cock against my lower back to the same rhythm of his fingers.

We were almost to my floor when my climax hit, my body shook against him as my juices flowed out of my pussy and all over his fingers. When I was done he slowly pulled his fingers out as the doors opened on the 17th floor. As I exited I turned to look at him, he was smiling and discreetly licking his fingers. My legs felt like jelly as I walked to my desk and collapsed in the chair. I couldn’t believe what had just happened!

I thought about him all day and couldn’t wait till that evening. As it turned out, I had to work late and didn’t see him when I left. I was disappointed but I looked forward to our next encounter…lucky for me it wasn’t a long wait.

The next morning I arrived an hour early because I didn’t want to work late again. I wore a skirt again and couldn’t wait to see him. As I approached the elevator doors I saw him walk up beside me. We both said good morning and entered the elevator, the building was closed but there were a few people arriving early as well. The minute the bahis firmaları doors shut he pulled me to him and slipped his arm around me, he slid his hand up my skirt and down the front of my panties. I moaned as his fingers slid into my wet pussy and climaxed before the 3rd floor. I could feel his hard-on pressing into my backside while he touched me.

No one else had stopped the elevator (thankfully) so he continued to slide his fingers in and out of my pussy till I climaxed again. When I was done he bent down and kissed my neck.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” He whispered against my skin.

I couldn’t speak! I nodded my head without thinking and immediately felt him press his cock against my back. He bent me forward and pulled my panties down to my thighs. I heard him unzip his pants and felt him press his head against my pussy then slide into me. We were already at the 7th floor so we fucked fast and hard. I came quickly as his long prick slammed in and out of me and soon I felt him swell as he pumped his hot cum inside me.

We finished right before we arrived at my floor. I pulled my skirt down and he zipped his pants as the doors slid open. I turned to look at him and he kissed me softly on the cheek.

“Until next time.” He said as I exited the elevator.

I walked straight to the bathroom and cleaned up before going to my desk and starting my day. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. Had I really fucked some guy I don’t even know…on the elevator no less? What was wrong with me!?!

Until a week ago we’d only flirted a little and already it had progressed to having sex in the elevator, I was shocked at my behavior. I didn’t know his name or anything about him but I was so attracted to him that none of that seemed to matter. I fantasized about him throughout the day and by the time I went to lunch I was wet and hoping to run into him again.

I walked to the elevator and pushed the down button, as the doors opened he was in the empty elevator car. I smiled and entered without saying a word. He was leaning against the left side of the car and I stood in front of him. He didn’t waste much time, he put his arms around me and pulled me to him. He began grinding his cock against my back and slipped his hands under my skirt. He rubbed my pussy through my panties and gently nibbled on my neck.

“Would you like to have lunch with me?”

I leaned against his body and murmured “yes”.

The elevator stopped on the 5th floor and five or six people got in so he removed his hands as we rode down to the parking garage. Once we arrived the other people walked to their cars and he directed me to his car. He drove a black SUV with dark tinted windows. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed up, he walked to the driver’s side and started the engine. He turned on the A/C full blast and leaned over to me.

“You felt amazing this morning; I’d love to fuck you again.”

He leaned closer and kissed me. His lips were soft and his mouth was warm. I parted my lips as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He tasted like spearmint. I sucked on his tongue and soon we were making out like two teenagers. His hands roamed all over my body and before I knew it my shirt was unbuttoned and he was tugging my bra below my breasts.

“Let’s get in the back.” He said between kisses. “I need to feel you again.”

He climbed into the backseat and folded them down, I climbed after him and we lay down side by side. We started kissing again and began to undress each other. We kicked our shoes off and tossed our clothes into a pile. We were both completely naked (except for his socks); he had the most amazing body. He was lean and muscular; I ran my hands over his body and stopped when I reached his throbbing cock.

I stroked him slowly and he moaned as he lowered his head to my breasts. He sucked and bit each nipple till I was dripping wet and he was leaking pre-cum. He climbed on top of me and I spread my legs, he entered me quickly and began pumping me hard. I could feel the car rocking but I didn’t care, the windows were dark and I was having way too much fun to worry about getting caught. He fucked me till I came, once I was done climaxing he pulled his cock out and straddled my chest.

“Suck me off!”

I greedily licked my cum off his prick and wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock. He thrust his hips and began fucking my mouth slowly while I rolled my tongue around his swollen head and up and down his long shaft. I could feel the veins rubbing against my lips and tongue as he continued to slide in and out of my mouth. I loved it! I was waiting for him to cum when he abruptly pulled out of my mouth.

“Let me see your pussy!”

I spread my legs wide and he slid down my body. He buried his face in my shaved pussy and began licking and sucking up my juices. He was moaning as he slurped up the fluid running out of me. I couldn’t take it any more, I came again and he growled like an animal as my juice squirt into his mouth. When he was done he lay next to me and kissed kaçak iddaa me. His chin was wet and his mouth tasted like my pussy.

“We’re not done yet, get on top of me.”

I sat up and was going to straddle his cock but he motioned for me to turn around. I turned and faced his feet and he pulled my behind to his face.

“Sit on my face!”

I straddled his head and he pulled me down to his waiting mouth. I moaned loudly as he slid his tongue inside me and began to fuck me with his tongue. I saw his cock jutting straight up and I leaned down to take him into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and began to suck him off while he performed the most amazing oral sex I had ever experienced. Within a few minutes I was gushing cum into his mouth and he hungrily drank it all.

He pushed my pussy off his face gently and scooted out from under me. I reluctantly released his cock and turned to look at him. He motioned for me to come to him, I crawled to him and he kissed me. It was a long slow and very wet kiss. As we kissed I straddled his legs and positioned myself over his still hard cock.

I slid down his long shaft and slowly rode up and down while we continued to kiss. It was strange to be fucking a total stranger in his car but for some reason I didn’t worry about it. I just wanted to keep fucking him until I couldn’t walk. The feeling of him sliding in and out of my tight pussy was too much for both of us and we climaxed together. I felt him throb inside me and swell inside me before he pumped his warm load in my depths. I gasped as I came harder and he continued to pump stream after stream of hot cum inside me.

When we were done I slowly eased off his lap and sat next to him. I was trying to catch my breath when he finally spoke.

“What’s your name?” he chuckled softly.

I had to laugh, we’d had sex twice and we didn’t even know each other’s name.

“Marissa, what’s yours?”

“Malcolm. It’s nice to meet you Marissa.”

We shook hands and laughed. We talked as we dressed, it turned out we still had 10 minutes left of our lunch hour so we went to the coffee house and got scones and two iced coffees. We sat at a table outside and talked while we ate, it was only 10 minutes but we tried to learn as much as we could about each other.

We drove back to work and headed our separate ways as the elevator dropped me on my floor. I waved at him as the door closed. I spent the rest of my day in a haze of sexual arousal just waiting to see Malcolm again. I had hoped that this afternoon wouldn’t be our last encounter. I liked him, I wanted to see him more and get to know him better…I hoped he felt the same way.

At 4:00 it was time to head home, I waited for the elevator, when the doors opened I half expected to see Malcolm there but he wasn’t. I walked into the empty elevator and rode down to the parking garage. As I exited the elevator and walked to my car I saw Malcolm leaning against my car. He smiled and walked to me, I slowed down as he approached. He slipped his arms around my waist and hugged me. I heard him inhale deeply as he buried his face in my hair.

“Would you like to have dinner tonight?” He asked as he slowly pulled away.

He still had my hand in his and was looking down at it while he waited for me to answer his question. I thought it was pretty silly being shy about it considering I’d let him fuck me before I even knew his name but I still answered.

“Sure!” I smiled at him as he looked up at me.

“Would you mind if I followed you to your place, this way I can drive you home after dinner.”

“That’s fine, I live about 20 minutes from here.”

He kissed me quickly on the cheek and walked to his SUV. I got in my car and started it; I pulled out and waited for him near the exit. He pulled in behind me and we headed to my house in Newport Beach. We arrived 40 minutes later, damn California traffic.

I parked in my driveway and pulled into my garage and he parked on the street. By the time I got out of my car he was waiting for me at the back of my car.

“You own this place?” he asked.

“Sort of, it was my parents house, when they passed away they left it to me. It’s kind of big for one person but I grew up here and couldn’t bear to move out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. My father died last year so I know it can be rough.”

It was sort of strange to be having this conversation with him after we’d had sex this afternoon. I didn’t know how to deal with this situation; I’d never had sex with a man before I knew him.

“Would you like to come inside? I’d like to change clothes.”


He smiled and my knees buckled. He has a great smile, full lips, white teeth and a soft tongue…

We walked in and I closed the garage door behind us. We went in through the kitchen and I could tell he was impressed. I was proud of my kitchen, I love to cook and you can tell by all the pans hanging from the pan rack above the island sink.

“Wow! What a great kitchen!”

Next I led him to the living room. I had a big screen kaçak bahis television and a huge sectional sofa. It was soft and very comfortable. I told him to have a seat while I changed. I walked to the back of the house to my bedroom and quickly disrobed. I put on a pair of black slacks and a silk tank top with a short jacket to go over it. I slipped into my heels and walked back to the living room.

As I entered the room he looked at me and his eyes widened. He stood and walked to me quickly; he scooped me into his arms and carried me back to my bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind us and pressed me to the closed door. We kissed and before I knew it I was out of my clothes and he was turning me around to face the door. I heard him unzip his pants and I spread my legs, he stood between my legs and I leaned forward as he pressed his cock to my pussy.

He thrust into me and started pumping furiously, we were moaning loudly as he fucked me from behind and soon I was cumming so hard I couldn’t think straight. I was making all sorts of noises and grunts as he thrust wildly.

When I was done he pulled out of me and half dragged me to my bed. He tossed me on the bed and stripped out of his remaining clothes. He pulled me to him by my ankles and turned me on to my belly. I got on my hands and knees and he climbed up behind me. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me so hard my teeth rattled in my head.

He started fucking me again with total abandon and I came quickly. He was slamming into me and I could hear his balls slapping against my clit, I pushed my ass up more and his balls tightened against my clit. I came again and felt him explode inside me. When we were both spent he collapsed onto my back and I fell on the bed with him on top of me.

“God that was great!” He said against my back.

“Yes, it was!” I panted back to him.

He rolled off of me and laid on his back looking at me. He put his arm across my back and started stroking my hair. I could tell he wanted to say something but I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.

“What’s on your mind, you want to say something so spill it!” I said with a smile.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings…” He stammered.

“Uh oh, when a guy starts a conversation like that it’s never good.”

“I just don’t know what you want from me, that’s all.”

“What I want from you? Well let’s see…we just met and we’ve already fucked three times. I’d say sex is a pretty good start with what I want!”

“Is that it?” He looked at me apprehensively.

“What do you think I want? A relationship?”

“I don’t know, some woman relate sex with love.”

“Well don’t worry, I’m not one of them. This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to enjoy sex with such total abandon, I think it’s because we’ve just met and don’t know all of the baggage the other person has.”

“You think so? You might be right; I’ve never been so into sex until I met you in the elevator. It’s all I’ve thought about, when you let me finger you that one day I just had to see how far you’d let me go.” He smiled widely.

“I’d like to keep things as they are for now. You know, just fucking every chance we get and maybe if we have time talk after.” I leaned over and kissed his soft lips.

“You’re amazing! I never thought I’d hear a woman say that!” He laughed.

I couldn’t help but laugh too, if my friends knew I had a fuck buddy they’d never believe it. I was always such a goody two shoes! Look at me now!

“Why don’t we order a pizza and eat in, we can fuck till they get here!”

I climbed on top of him and sucked him till he was hard again, I mounted his cock and started fucking him slowly while I grabbed the cordless phone from my nightstand. I ordered the pizza while I rode him and smiled down at him, I hung my breasts in front of his face and he quickly sucked and bit my nipples. I moaned softly and the guy taking my order stopped talking. When he spoke again I could tell he knew what I was doing, he said the pizza would be there in 45 minutes. Perfect!

I hung up and started fucking him faster, raising my butt and slamming it down as fast and hard as I could. We fucked for 40 minutes till we both came screaming each other’s name. As I rolled off him there was a knock on the door. I jumped off the bed and grabbed my purse off the sofa. I took out a 20 and opened the door naked. The delivery guy just stared at me with wide eyes.

I handed him the money and grabbed my pizza and closed the door before he had a chance to say anything. I carried the food to the kitchen and put in the oven on low to keep it warm. I raced back to my room and found Malcolm sitting on the side of the bed. I dove at him and knocked him onto his back, we kissed as I rubbed my cum soaked pussy on his limp cock. After several minutes he was hard again and we fucked.

We spent two more hours fucking our brains out until thirst and hunger forced us to eat. As soon as we’d consumed enough food to sustain us we fucked on my dining room table. I climbed in front of him and sat on the table, spreading my legs as I leaned back. He pulled me to him and slid into me. He spent the next 30 minutes grinding his long cock into me making me cum repeatedly; when he finally came I was in a stupor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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