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Teaching Tara Ch. 04

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Tara, collapsed on the couch behind her mother, the first experience of having her ass licked seemed to have blown her head. I continued to fuck my wife with my cock in her ass and a vibe in her cunt. Having come so much already to-day I knew it would be a while for me but watching my wife squirm and buck was always good.

I had been a bit straight laced about sex when we had met, but this glorious woman had taught me so much. And now together we could teach our daughter about the immense pleasure her body could give and get. I turned the vibe up to maximum and made sure the rabbit ears caught her clit. She bucked and screamed as an intense orgasm ripped her apart. Her ass muscles tightened and almost pushed my cock out of her.

Fuck I loved fucking this woman – always ready and responsive.

Somewhere on the edge of my concentration I heard the doorbell ring. Wonder what the guy hawking the internet would think if he could see into the room.

Tara, roused herself and squealed, “That will be Mike.”

I had forgotten that I had invited him back. Tara ran to let him in, tits bouncing.

“Holy fuck, looks like you are having a good day Tom.” Mike said as he came into the living room.

“Hard work Mike, but someone has to take care of these sluts. Wanna help me out here?”

I pulled my cock out of my wife’s ass and watched it gape for a moment. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone get out of their clothes so quickly and soon Mike was taking the vibe out of her cunt and lining up his cock.

Marion smiled up at him: “Hi Mike, so good to see you again.” She smiled wider when she saw how fat his cock was. “And nice to see you came prepared.”

“Nice to see you again Mrs S.” He began to rub his cock up and down her drenched pussy, before sliding it into her. Mike’s cock was much fatter than the vibe and I watched as Marion gasped as he fed it into her. He lay over her, and pulling back pushed in hard and deep.

“I .. think.. you.. should .. call … me … Marion!” she said as he pounded into her.

“Yes, Ma’am, Marion it is.” He was really fucking her hard and the pounding was making her travel up the couch until her head was against the arm rest.

“Daddy, can I sit on Mom’s face again?” Tara already had two fingers in her pussy, watching her Mom being fucked obviously worked for her.

“Of course baby.”

I watched for a moment more as my daughter lowered her pussy to her mother’s mouth but then I left them to it and went into the kitchen to find something to eat. I wanted to fuck my daughter again, but I was ravenous. I heard a muffled scream, I guessed Marion was coming again and that she was muffled by my daughter’s pussy. I cleaned myself up and raided the fridge.

When I got back Tara was eating out her mother and Mike was feeding Marion his cock to clean. I placed the platter of food on the bursa escort table and slipped my hand between my daughter’s velvet thighs, I found her huge clit easily and began to circle and tease it.

“That’s it baby, eat all of that cum out of your Mom’s cunt. Get every last drop. She tastes so good doesn’t she?”

She paused for a moment in her licking: “Oh yes Daddy, Mom, has such a sweet pussy.” She gave a few more licks, “I want to dive into it.”

Using my thumb, I continued to apply pressure to her clit and pushed my fingers into her hot wet pussy. I could feel her tightening.

“Next time you do that it will be Daddy’s cock in your pussy, fucking you as you eat your Mom. “

I concentrated on her clit and could feel her inner muscles begin to tremble.

“You want that don’t you? You want Daddy’s cock, you want it so bad.”

She tore her mouth away for a moment, “Oh yes Daddy, fuck me now, please, please. I want your cock inside me.”

I pushed her head back down to the warm wet folds of her mother. “Later baby, I’ll fuck you good and hard in a little while. Make your slut Mom happy first.”

Marion looked happy already, the glazed look in her eye told me she was enjoying her daughter’s mouth.

Mike and I sat and watched the show eating sandwiches. It was better than any porn movie.

“No hard feelings about last night?” he asked

I smiled and looked back at my girls “No, hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.”

“I’ll live.”

Tara and her mother were now cuddling on the sofa, four of the most glorious tits in the world on my couch and mine to do with as I pleased.

” You ladies want something to drink?”

It took a moment for Mike’s question to register with the sluts. He tried again, “Helloooo, I asked would you ladies like a drink?”

Marion answered “As long as you are not talking about pissing down my throat, then yes please.” Tara made a yugh face then answered “Same here.”

“My wife is always so tactful.”

“Darling I have always found it better to be straight up about these things.” She came and sat on my lap, her torn blouse still hanging from her shoulders and her skirt in a bunch around her waist, she still managed to make me horny.

“You remember that party last year, everyone thought pissing on each other was great fun. Until the hot water ran out!”

Coming back with drinks Mike said: “Sounds like an interesting party.”

“Mom, do you and Dad go to a lot of parties like that?” She was sitting on the floor beside us and I ran my hand through her hair.

“Some baby, we like to enjoy ourselves.”

“Would you bring me?”

She looked up all wide eyed and hopeful. She was as gorgeous as her mother, and I leaned over to kiss her. “Perhaps baby, would you like to?”

“Would I have to fuck old fat men?” She paused “Or old fat women?”

“Baby bursa escort bayan you have spent the day fucking an old man, your old Dad.”

She jumped up and put her arms around my neck, “Yeah but you are not fat.” She tried to run off, but I caught her.

“For that young lady, I will make you fuck every old fat guy I know.”

She giggled and sat on Mike’s lap.

We sat there, recovering and chatting easily when the doorbell rang again. Marion sprang off my lap trying to fix her clothes, she was the only one wearing any. “Tom, had you arranged a little entertainment while I was supposed to be away?”

“No, babe, I would have told you. I’m not expecting anyone.”

The bell rang out again as Marion tried to close her jacket over her ripped blouse.

“Don’t cover up on my account!” Pauline was standing in the doorway, “I figured you all may be busy so let myself in.”

On hearing her voice, Mike dumped Tara off his lap and knelt down and crawled to Pauline, “Good Afternoon Mistress, so happy you could join us.”

She ignored him and hugged Marion, “Hi Sis, having fun? And you my gorgeous niece,” she hugged then held Tara at arm’s length” you look liked you have definitely been having fun. Bet your pussy is sore.”

“Just a bit, but what an amazing day, thanks for the help Auntie Pauline.”

Pauline straddled my legs and sat down on my lap “And you brother-in-law,” She kissed me deeply “you got what you wanted, not annoyed by our little subterfuge are you?”

“I’m over it. Thanks for the push,” cupping her ass in my hands, I pulled her forward until I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my hardening cock. “I may have to thank you properly in a bit.”

“Can’t stay long, Susie and Nate are with Sam. But I couldn’t resist seeing how it had all worked out.”

“In that case, I had best say thank you now.” Putting my hand between us and pushing her back a bit, I slid my cock into her cunt.

“Always good to see you too bro, though I could think of more comfortable places to do this.”

“Couch or bed?”

“Bed I think.” She slipped my cock out of her wetness and headed upstairs, I kissed my girls as I passed and followed her. Mike padded on his hands and knees after us.

She had already discarded the dress by the time I got to the master bedroom, her body was not quite as nice to my eye as Marion’s, too toned, I liked women with a little give on them, but the woman knew how to work her cunt muscles and was always a pleasure to fuck.

Lying back on the bed, I watched as she straddled me again and slid my cock into herself. Pauline always liked to be on top.

“Slave, my ass, now!”

Mike got on the bed behind her and she lay down on me to allow him access to her ass. She moved slowly back and forth on my cock, as Mike licked and wetted her rosebud. I could feel escort bursa him begin to feed his cock into her ass and she sighed with pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Marion and Tara had joined us and were watching, each had a hand in the other’s pussy.

It was Pauline who set the pace, raising and lowering herself onto both our cocks, slowly stretching herself to accommodate us. She began to increase the tempo after a few minutes. I had my eyes closed, enjoying how she could ripple the muscles in her cunt, when I felt the bed sag and the heady musky scent of a pussy filled my nostrils, I opened my eyes, to see my daughter’s bald pussy being lowered onto my mouth.

“Auntie Pauline you look so hot!”

Pauline’s reply was panted: “A girl deserves a little stress relief after a day, baby.”

Pauline was now slamming herself onto my cock and each time she landed on me, my tongue would delve deeper into the pink wet pussy, my daughter moved slightly and I found her clit. Sucking it into my mouth and flicking it, my face was drenched in pussy juice as my daughter came on my face and her Aunt came on my cock.

Tara, my hellcat daughter, kept rubbing her pussy up and down my face, spreading her nectar over me, “Keep going Daddy, I am sure you can do better than that.” I could hear and feel her giggle.

Oh I see, this minx, who had made my life hell, was now demanding more orgasms. I knew just how to deal with this greedy, slut girl.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and spreading them began to lick at her ass, circling the inviting brown hole with my tongue, wetting it before pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good.” I could feel her hand was playing with her clit as I continued to fuck her asshole with my tongue. I replaced one of my hands with her free one and got her to hold her ass cheeks open for me. I sucked my index finger and then pushed it into the puckered hole.

“Oh my God, Daddy, Daddddy!” She screamed as she came again.

Her ass gave way surprisingly quickly and I made a mental note to ask her Mom just what sort of training she had been giving our daughter. Pauline was working Mike’s cock and mine hard, I was glad that I could last with her, but I could feel my balls beginning to swell with a load of cum for my sister-in-law’s pussy.

I changed fingers and used my middle finger in my daughters ass, working it in and out slowly, circling her hole, stretching it. Pauline was coming again and I could feel her juices running down my cock when she pulled up.

I pushed my thumb into Tara’s ass and felt her ass stretch over the wide knuckle. She was moving back and forth on it, fucking my thumb like it was a cock in her ass. Knowing I had released such a slut was too much and I could feel my cum rising, I raised my hips and pushed as deep into Pauline as I could, and then slammed two fingers into my daughters ass, and came heavily in sister-in-laws pussy. She milked me with those glorious muscles, taking everything I had and wanting more.

Glorious women in the Buchanan family, sluts them all.

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