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Love at a Distance

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“I’ll be right over”, I said over the phone to Yosh.

He was my childhood friend, and he had just gotten some beer and rented Trailer Park Boys so I went over to watch it. With me, came my friends Drayden and Alex. Though Yosh lived only about ten houses down, Alex insisted on driving there.

“Hurry the fuck up” I yelled, “I don’t want that jackass drinking it all.”

After lots of swearing, yelling, and various lewd gestures, we got there. Yosh, his friends Cliff, Niko, and Matt were there. There was also some girl I didn’t recognize. She was cute, but I thought nothing more of it at the time. We drank, some of the others smoked a bowl, and then we put in the trailer park boys and started watching.

I ended up siting right next to the girl, who I found out was named Jesse, on vacation from a Catholic boarding school for May long weekend. (Victoria day in Canada) For some reason I felt good that she was sitting there, though I didn’t really notice at the time. During the movie, everyone was talking and I got to know her a little better. We kept talking as people began to leave, or pass out, in various order. As I talked with her, I began to realize that not only was she cute, but she had a fucking perfect personality for me. At one point I stopped paying attention to the movie, just so that I could watch her. I looked away when she looked at me. She had beautiful eyes. Another 20 minutes or so went by, and I was almost asleep, when she put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.. I was so fucking surprised I almost pulled away, but I didn’t. I ran my hand through her hair and then put my arm around her. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was like this. Yosh was asleep. Alex and Drayden had gone home. Niko had gone off with Cliff somewhere, and Matt was passed out after like five Keiths and a lot of dope. It was just Jess, me, and an unconcious Matt. “Do you have $2 for the bus?” Jesse asked and awakened me from my revelry.


She swore,”Fuck!”

I chuckled,” “But I could give you a ride, I offered.”

“Really, tha’d be perfect,” she said.

So I drove her to some obscure house on the other side of town. “This is it,” she said.

I stopped and waited.

She got out of the car, “Call me, k.” and shut the door.

She was totally my kind of girl, and she obviously liked me as well. There were some problems though. One, I only had the weekend until she had to go back. Fuck. She was going to be in a different province. Fuck. She had no phone number at the school. Fuck. And no email. Fuck! I had one goddamn day. Son of a bitch.

I picked her up the next day so that I could make her last day as fun as possible before returning to boarding hell. After an awkward conversation with her mother, whom I gave every number possible to appease, we were on our way. Jesse, Drayden, Alex, and myself. We went to have a pizza at our local pizza place, and then off to the bowling alley. Even though I bowled the worst gave of my life, (Too many distractions) we headed to Tim Hortons for donuts. Then we ordered a pizza and went back to my house. We ate on the upstairs patio. Drayden and Alex left shortly after that, which left me alone with Jesse and my overly hopeful cat. Everything was perfect, almost too perfect. Fuck, her fucking mom called. She had to go home and pack. Fuck.

I took the longest way I knew back to her house. It took 3 minutes. Serves me right for picking to live in a small city. We pulled up at her house and I turned off the car. I think she could sense how tuzla escort I felt, cause she said, “I’ll be back in 2 months.” Then with an expectant smile, she said, “Another 2 months in room 317, with no roommates for company.”

Then, she kissed me. It was so unexpected, I didn’t respond at all. She looked a little hurt when she pulled away, and I realized what I had done. She turned and started to leave. Shit. I couldn’t lose her cuz of that. “Wait.” I said desperately. I got out of the car, walked over to her, and, using everything I had ever learned, gave her the best kiss I could possibly do. We stood there for what felt like forever, hugging each other. Then I left.

One unbearable week later, I decided something. I couldn’t wait another seven of them. I was going on a road trip, and I bet you can figure out where. I called over Drayden and Alex, but they refused to blow off school for a fucking road trip. So I was going alone. Oh well. 2 hours later, I jumped in the car with $100 worth of snack food, and was on my way.

I didn’t know how long I had been driving, but after a funny story involving several chickens and a pissed off farmer, (for another time) I arrived in Saskatoon. I read all the signs until one pointed me in the right direction. 17km out of the city, my car broke down. Fuck. It’s one in the morning, there is not one car on the road, and I had run out of food. So I started to walk. I walked endlessly, step after step until, holy shit, a car. Please, I wished inwardly. The car slowed and stopped right in front of me.

“Thank you so much,” I said as I got into the car.

“No problem.” Beside me sat a fairly attractive, average size Asian girl. “Hey, my name’s Karen,” she smiled. I introduced myself and told her that my car had broken down several kilometers back. “So, where are ya headed?” she asked.

“I’m trying to locate a certain Catholic Boarding School.”

Her eyes widened, “No way, seriously? That’s where I’m going” I wondered,

“How do you know it’s the same one?” Apparently a stupid question.

“How many fucking Catholic boarding schools do you think there are in Saskatchewan anyways?” Honestly, I had no fucking clue.

Finally, after seemingly endless driving, we found it. It looked expensive. Four floors, a massive garden, the place generated wealth. I knew 317 would be on the third floor, so I had no clue what to do. I turned as I heard the sound of clanking metal and saw Karen pull a fold up ladder, out of her trunk. She had planned ahead. “I can get you to the second floor, but after that you’re on your own.” We set the ladder up against a small balcony on the second floor, and Karen climbed up. When she reached the balcony, she did a series of knocks on the window, obviously some sort of code. (Women. Can’t they accept the fact that noone else would knock on a second floor window, making the code a pointless waste of time) Several seconds later, a girl answered. She smiled when she saw Karen but jumped when she saw me.

“Relax,” Karen said, “He’s here for someone else, he just needs a way to get in.” She moved out of the way and let the two of us in. Karen came up to me. “This is 217, so 317 is right above us!” She winked, “Good Luck”

I left the room, closing the door as quietly as possible behind me. I tiptoed my way through the hallway to the stairs. I pushed on the door and…Fuck. Locked. I looked to the other end of the hallway. It was shut too, and probably locked as well. Then the door opened behind me. It stopped when it hit me in the back. “Fuck.” tuzla escort bayan I turned around and saw a small brunette who had very long hair. She looked scared, so I backed up a little. Then she looked curious, “What are you doing in here?”

“I’m visiting someone,” I answered.

She laughed,”Oh, that kind of visit,”

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes,”because, visiting hours don’t go till three in the morning.” I guess that was kind of a stupid question. Then she turned around,”Follow me,” and she went back up the stairs. I followed her up the stairs, through the door, and instantly found room 317. I tried the handle. It was unlocked. I turned the knob and pushed open the door.

The room was dark, but I could make out bits of furniture here and there. There was a little table, a desk, and a bed, in which I could see a sleeping form. I went over to the bed and looked at the girl sleeping there. It wasn’t her, what the fuck? I needed to find Jesse. I put my hand over the mouth of the sleeping girl. Her eyes popped open, and she looked like she wanted to scream. She started to struggle. Fuck. I realized I had my pocketknife in my pocket. (Weird place for it) I pulled it out, flicked open the knife, and showed it to her. She instantly stopped thrashing, but tears started coming out. Poor girl, she probable thought I was going to rape her. I whispered,”Where is Jesse?” Her expression changed from fear to surprise. She regained herself as I put away the knife.

Then she spoke,” Jesse isn’t in this room anymore, she got moved across the hall, into 307.”

“Thanks”, “and sorry,” I added as I left the room.

I went across the hall to 307 and pushed open the unlocked door.

There she was, the reason I had come all this way. She was splayed out over the bed, with the covers half way down the bed, and wearing a sexy little nightie that barely covered everything. I didn’t want to wake her up so I quietly went over to the bed, got into my boxers, pulled the covers up over Jesse, and slipped into the bed next to her. I kissed her on the forehead and lay down. She rolled over so that her chin was on my shoulder, and her body was pressed up against my side. I reached around her and pulled her closer. She didn’t wake up but she squirmed closer. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning. Jesse was still asleep and I wanted it to stay that way, so I reached over and unplugged her alarm clock. 20 minutes later, she was still asleep. “Fuck this,” I thought. I reached down, and tickled her belly. She flinched away, but didn’t wake up. So I took another step. I reached down, and tickled her thighs. She squirmed away from my hand. She had the softest skin I had ever felt before. I couldn’t help myself. I moved my hand over, and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She opened her eyes. I squeezed her pussy in my hand, causing her to gasp. I rolled over on top of her. I assaulted her with a series of kisses. I moved my hand up to her trapped breasts, and gave them a light squeeze. She arched her back, and then looked at me. I reached my hand down and grabbed her ass. There was a knock on the door. “Shit, it’s the morning bed check.” She started getting up. I put on my jeans and shirt. “Just a minute.” She grabbed a skirt and t-shirt, which I guessed was her informal school uniform. She pointed to the closet and gestured to me. I figured out what she meant and hid in the closet. She went over and opened the door.

“Oh. Hey.” “Hi.” I recognized the voice. It was escort tuzla Karen.

“Is that guy still here?”

“How do you know about him?” She asked suspiciously.

“I picked him up on the way here, his car broke down,” she said, “And I also got him into the building. I was just checking, I’ll leave you two alone now.” I heard the door shut so I opened the closet. Jesse started giggling,

“I knew you were gay. Coming out of the closet.” I narrowed my eyes,

“Let’s see how gay you think I am after this.” I ran at her and started to kiss her passionately. I had come all this way and now it was going to pay off. She kissed me back as I lifted her onto her desk. I we made out on the desk until we paused to take off my shirt. I groped her through the t-shirt and she unzipped my jeans and pulled them open. We got off the desk and I shoved her up against a wall. While still making out, I slipped off her shirt and panties. I put my hand in her skirt and paused. She moaned as I slipped my fingers in, and then out. Over and over until she was soaking. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her pussy just out of reach of my cock, which was average size. (I’m not going to play it up) I put her on the bed, with only her little skirt on, and lay on top of her. She looked me in the eyes,

“Fuck me, fuck my little pussy as hard and as deep as you want. Make me scream.” I leaned in and kissed her soft, young mound. She arched her back, pushing her prominent little chest out at me. I reached down, and lowered my boxers. She lifted her skirt and adjusted her legs.

“Take me.” I shoved into her tight little pussy.

She screamed, “Oh God,” but it was a scream of pure ecstasy.

“Yes” She cried again. I slipped in and out as I fucked the love of my life.

“Harder, faster,” her body seemed to be saying. She was moaning every time I entered her. Then her pussy clamped down onto my cock. Her body shook as she climaxed all over the place. She gasped for air. I kept fucking her, and she kept moaning.

“I’m close, Jesse.” She looked into my eyes. I almost lost it right there.

“I’m on the pill. Cum in me. Fill me up with your seed.” That pushed me over the edge. I shoved in one final time, and unleashed myself into her soft little body, making her gasp loudly. I had never cum so much in my life before. I collapsed onto her. We just lay like that for several minutes. Then I rolled us sideways and squeezed her tight. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I brushed them away and looked into her eyes,

“I love you Jesse.”

When the weekend ended, I was forced to leave because I needed food, and I had to get back home. I waited until Jesse got back from classes to break the news to her. I gave her my cellphone,

“Here, you need this more than I do.” She took it and looked at me longingly.

“Call me as soon as you get back, k.” So I kissed her goodbye and then left.

The weeks went by, hanging out with my friends, with Jesse always nagging at the back of my mind.

“You o.k?” Alex asked one day.

“Ya, fine.”

I probably didn’t sound very convincing. Alex seemed to know what was going on cuz he said, “only two more weeks man.” And then walked off.

Two weeks later. No calls, no answers, I felt sick. All I did is sit on my porch with and drink, watching the world go by. At one point I actually had to go back inside as there were so many fucking people coming over to sell me stuff. I decided I’d taken enough shit that day, so I went to bed early. Dreamless sleep, as usual the last two months. Then my door opened and someone slipped inside. Then the shadow lifted up the covers and got in beside me. I grabbed Jesse and pulled her close. Then I closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

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