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Tara Exposed – Chapter 1

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Tara Exposed – Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Her clothes for the evening are on the bed. Tara steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel. Her skin is smooth with very pronounced tan lines. She just finished shaving in all the right places. She walks into the bedroom to see what Sean laid out for her. He had selected one of her favorites, a form fitting black halter-top that framed her beautiful, freckled shoulders perfectly. The next item is a cleavage enhancing black bra that will make the effect of the black halter even more alluring. Just below the top and bra is a short denim skirt.

“That’s new,” she thinks.

She picks up the skirt and inspects it. It can’t be more than 10 inches long. There are stylish rips and tears in various places throughout the denim. The back pockets are adorned with thick silver stitching and rhinestones that form a wing pattern on each side.

“These will definitely draw attention to my backside,” she thinks as she holds the skirt up to her waist.

“Sean, are you serious?” she calls out to the living room. Sean strolls in grinning.

“What do you mean?” he says. “I thought you would like the bling.”

“I love the bling, but this skirt is pushing the limits,” she replies. “This will barely cover the goods when I’m standing up and if I sit or bend over…”

“Isn’t that the point of this adventure?” he says with a laugh.

She’s blushing now even has she laughs a little with him. She’s conflicted. She wants to be seen. She wants to be exposed in public, but she worries about who might see her around town wearing such revealing clothing. It scares her and it turns her on at the same time. güvenilir bahis Sean sits on the edge of the bed and watches as she continues to take inventory. Her shoes are on the floor at the foot of the bed. They are five-inch high espadrille sandals. The wedge soles are wrapped with tan fiber and the narrow leather straps are painted silver. Sean has chosen well. These will look perfect with the adornments on the skirt. As she expected, there are no panties.

“You’ll need this too,” Sean says. He hands her a thin silver ankle chain. The letter H and the letter W dangle from the chain like charms. This is her “Hotwife” anklet and prior to this night she has never worn it out in public. She has only worn it to bed for Sean and for some of their many sexy photo sessions.

“Ok,” she says as she takes a deep breath. He is really pushing her out of her comfort zone tonight. She is suddenly terrified that she will run into a member of the School Board. She is the President and that could get awkward. The excitement of the exhibitionist adventure drives her to proceed. She puts on her bra, slips into the halter-top and then pulls the denim mini-skirt up low on her hips. Taking a seat on the bed she puts on her espadrilles and finally her anklet. She takes a moment to carefully adjust the anklet so that the H and W charms are dangling along the outside of her right ankle. They are clearly visible to anyone who might care to read them.

“Wow!” Sean says. “You look amazing.”

He studies her for a moment. Her legs are amazing, but with high heels on, they are nothing short of a miracle. He traces the line from türkçe bahis her anklet along her defined calves all the way up to where her sexy thighs disappear into the tiny skirt. He feels dizzy for a brief moment as he takes her in.

“Do I look like a hooker?” she says half joking half serious.

“You look like a sexy hotwife who is about to turn some heads in town,” he replies as he approaches her and pulls her into his arms.

They hug for a moment and then he gives her a kiss. His hands explore the hemline of her skirt. His fingers find her wetness just millimeters above the bottom of the skirt. She is excited and ready. “The doors are off the jeep,” he reminds her. “You should have no problem flashing as you get in and out of the jeep.”

“The jeep needs gas,” she replies.

“My first stop will be the gas station and from there I’ll head to one of the local shopping centers for some window shopping. It’s already 10:30 so my options will be limited. The 24 hour Super-Mart is probably where I’ll end up.”

Sean is fully erect at the thought of it. He wonders to himself how many lucky guys are going to see the show tonight. Tara grabs her purse and her keys and heads for the door. Sean follows her out to the driveway to see her off. He kisses her one more time.

“I love you, sexy,” he tells her.

“I love you more,” she replies.

She swings her hips just slightly as she walks away from him toward the jeep. As she climbs into the driver’s seat she faces him and positions herself so that he can see up her skirt as she swings her right leg and then her left leg into the floorboard. She’s certain he can güvenilir bahis siteleri see everything for a brief moment and the thought of it makes her blood run hot. She’s ready now. That was just a warm up. She winks at him as she starts up the jeep and backs out of the driveway.”

““I’ll keep you posted,” she calls out across the yard as she is pulling away from the house.

Sean is both anxious and excited. He can hardly believe that his beautiful wife is headed into town to expose herself to complete strangers and possibly a few friends. The thought of it gets him so hot that he can hardly contain the throbbing bulge in his pants. His imagination runs wild. He wishes he could be an invisible man for the evening. He wants nothing more than to ride around with her and watch her work her magic. He wants to study her methods. He wants to watch how she creatively finds ways to show herself off while pretending to be unaware that all of her beautiful clean-shaven goods are on display. He imagines her spreading her legs as she gets out of the jeep. Dropping things in the parking lot so she can bend over to pick them up. He thinks about how she might squat down to look at something on a bottom shelf in a store. Will she try on shoes? Will she sit on a bar stool and casually let her legs drift apart? His mind is racing. The erotic possibilities are endless. His hand subconsciously finds it’s way into his pants as the thinks about it. He grips his erection. He can’t believe how hard she makes him when she does this. Realizing that he is still on his front porch, he removes his hand from his pants and heads back into the house. Now he’ll have to wait for her to text him with updates whenever she successfully flashes someone. The k**s are all asleep. He goes to the bedroom and lays down to watch television, but his mind cannot be pulled away from Tara’s adventure.

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